Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 426
Qin Yun carefully probed his surroundings but he did not discover anyone.

"Seems like this palace has been abandoned!" He still had to leave. He had to find out where he was right now.

It was clear that this was not the ancient garden where the three Desolate lands met but a different place.

Qin Yun entered the palace. It was cold inside, extremely cold.

"Is anyone there?" he shouted.

His voice carried with it a trace of trembling power as it echoed within the palace.

After he finished yelling, he immediately became alert, worried that someone would suddenly start attacking.

After a moment, there was no movement.

Qin Yun could only carefully walk around the palace. It should have been very beautiful. There were artificial mountains, waterfalls, ponds, gardens and pavilions. There were an innumerable number of classical buildings. However....it's all broken now.

"It shouldn't be too long ago!" He picked up a withered herb in the garden and was slightly surprised. "It looks like it's only been a few decades!"

"A few decades ago, this should have been a place filled with people and many herbs!"

The reason Qin Yun had entered the ancient garden was to find the medicinal ingredients needed to detoxify Feng Honglan. Now, he had arrived at this damned place.

"Is this an ancient garden or not? Is Little Lu and the rest in this damn place too?" Qin Yunxin had asked this question countless times but he could not get any answers.

This dilapidated palace was the only clue Qin Yun had. Therefore, he could only scour the entire palace bit by bit to find some clues.

After two days of searching, he finally entered the core of the palace formation. It was a stone house at the southeast side of the palace.

The core of the formation was where it maintained the operation of the formation.

After Qin Yun entered the core, he took out two glowing stones and illuminated the gigantic underground hall.

After the illumination, he couldn't help but be shocked.

"They are all Moon and Star runes!"

Qin Yun suddenly felt that the Moon rune was very familiar. It was very similar to what he had obtained at the Inscription Gate.

This caused him to fall into deep thought.

The Star and Moon runes of the Inscription Gate were obviously related to this place.

His Mysterious Pill Scripture must be connected to this place as well.

"Could it be that Lan Xiao has been here before?" Qin Yun thought to himself as he walked out of the core of the array.

When he walked out of the stone house, he suddenly saw a black shadow flash by. It scared him so much that his heart started to race. He immediately entered a state of combat.

"Who is it!" Qin Yun shouted.

The black shadow suddenly appeared for a moment and then disappeared.

Qin Yun hurriedly ran out and jumped to the top of a building. With a frown, he surveyed his surroundings.

After searching for a while, the black shadow appeared again, slowly behind him.

Qin Yun also sensed something behind him. Turning around, he realized it was a small, wrinkled old lady with tanned skin.

After being frightened, he hurriedly retreated. "Old granny, who are you?"

The old woman was very powerful. Although the body beneath the black robe was small and thin, the terrifying force made Qin Yun feel extremely powerless.

"I am the general director of the Guanghan palace!" The old granny looked carefully at Qin Yun and muttered, "I seem to recognize you...Aren't you that immortal king or something?"

Qin Yun was taken aback as he said with a smile, "Grandma. You have recognized the wrong person, I am not some immortal king! Right now, I am at the Martial Dao Realm!"

"I can't remember wrongly. You're that whatever immortal king you are and you often come to the Guanghan palace to meet with the young palace master. I remember you!" The old granny said with certainty.

"Ah? Then, is your Young Palace Master a man or a woman?" Qin Yun was also baffled.

"Of course it's a girl!" The old granny smiled and said, "You are that immortal king, I can't be wrong!"

Qin Yun sat on the roof and no longer bothered with the issue. He could now tell that the old granny had gone insane.

"Grandmother, when was this palace destroyed?" Qin Yun asked.

"It has been destroyed for more than 20 years! Except for me, they are all dead!" The old granny took out a portrait and could not help but tear up, "My poor Young Palace Master, I was the one who brought her up but she died in the end!"

Qin Yun went over and looked at the portrait. He was immediately dumbfounded.

The person in the portrait was no one else but Yang Shiyue!

He suddenly thought of reincarnation.

Yang Shiyue was exactly the same as the woman in the portrait, it was highly likely that she was reincarnation of that Young Palace Master!

Qin Yun also thought of himself. That old granny had said that he was an immortal king or something....

He stopped thinking about it. He could not believe that he had a past life! He had no memory of this at all.

"Grandmother, does this Young Palace Master have a Moon Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course! This is the moon, all those born here have a Moon Martial Spirit!" The old granny said.

This gave Qin Yun quite a shock. It made him stand up abruptly. The place he was at was in fact the moon.

Now, he was even more worried about how he could return to the Martial Desolate Land.

"Grandmother, have you heard of the Nine Desolate Land's Martial Desolate Land?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"Of course I've heard of it. Isn't that a place where mortals live? Why do you ask?" The old granny put away the portrait.

"Can you tell me how to get there? I have urgent matters to attend to!" Qin Yun asked anxiously. He wanted to leave this damned place as soon as possible.

"There are several transmission arrays here. One of them can be used to teleport over but it's damaged!" The old granny said.

"It's fine, I'll go and fix it!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted as he hurriedly said.

The old granny quickly got up and flew in a certain direction. Her speed was extremely fast.

Qin Yun immediately gave chase and shouted, "Grandma, wait for me!"

The old granny snorted, "You, immortal king, should be much stronger than me. Why are you so slow?"

Qin Yun smiled bitterly because he was not some immortal king but just a mortal.

"Grandmother, have you ever heard of reincarnation and rebirth?" he asked, after chasing his slowing grandmother.

"Of course I have. This is a very normal thing! However, not many have succeeded in reincarnating!" The old granny sighed.

"What do you mean by successful reincarnation?" Qin Yun asked politely.

"Are you really an immortal king? How come you don't even know this?" The old granny frowned, "The successful reincarnation is to preserve the memories of an entire lifetime after the reincarnation!"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of Xie Qirou. She had mentioned that she had reincarnated and she had even brought down the painting and the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

"Did I fail my reincarnation?" He thought to himself.

The old granny pointed at the few seats in front and said, "There's a teleportation formation in each of those short mountains!"

Qin Yun nodded before asking, "Grandmother, I'm from the martial Desolate land. I've seen a girl who is exactly the same as Young Palace Master but she can't remember anything."

When the old granny heard this, she came to a sudden stop. She grabbed Qin Yun by his shoulders and shook him excitedly. She shouted with ecstasy, "That is Young Palace Master. There can't be any mistake... In such a damned place like Martial Desolate, it's extremely difficult for a mortal to awaken their Moon Martial Spirit!"

"But her reincarnation failed!" Qin Yun muttered.

He had seen people who could awaken a Sun Martial Spirit before. According to the records, there were many people who could awaken a Sun Martial Spirit but the number of people who could awaken a Moon Martial Spirit was extremely few. It was indeed strange.

"She did not fail. She still has her Moon Martial Spirit!" The old granny said excitedly, "It might just be that the memories won't awaken that quickly!"

Qin Yun's heart was in a mess. He never thought that Yang Shiyue would have such a powerful past life.

"So, Grandmother, do you have anything to give her? I'll go to the Martial Desolate land and bring it to her!" Qin Yun was also wondering, how did this old granny survive? While everyone in the Guanghan palace had died.

The old granny quickly took out a large black pearl and handed it to Qin Yun. She said, "Give this to her. It's something our palace master left behind before she died!"

"What is this?" After receiving it, Qin Yun felt a chill.

"Black Moon martial spirit! This is the strongest Moon Martial Spirit!" The granny's words astounded Qin Yun.

Qin Yun could tell that the black pearl in his hand was not the Soul Sealing Pearl. It was a large pearl formed from a martial spirit!

"Grandmother, I won't hide the truth. This one who accidentally entered this place from the Martial Desolate Realm is not that whatever Immortal King!" Qin Yun sighed. "Then, do you still believe me?"

Only then did the old granny react, frowning, "Could it be that you failed your reincarnation as well? Then how did you get here?"

Qin Yun took out his ancient garden pass and said, "I ran in through a bridge with this pass!"

"This token... It's that woman's!" The old granny said in astonishment, "The witch is good friends with our Palace Mistress, that's why she has this token and is able to freely enter and leave this place!"

Qin Yun immediately understood. There was a high chance that the item in the Nine Yang Divine Spirit could have been placed by the Witch!

But why was she sealed? Moreover, the items placed inside could be considered to be rather ordinary items with regards to the status and identity of the Witch.

Since the Witch was Xie Qirou's mother and the Witch was on good terms with the Mistress of Guanghan palace, then Xie Qirou must have known about Yang Shiyue's past life!

Qin Yun thought along these lines of thinking. Suddenly, he realized that Xie Qirou must have recognized that person as well. It was most likely the Immortal King from his previous life!

"Big sister Grand Preceptor hid a lot of things about me!" Qin Yun previously had such a feeling.

The old granny sighed, "Even you died. It can be seen that the calamity that happened back then was too great!"

"Grandma, I'm still alive!" Qin Yun curled his lips before asking, "What calamity is it?"

The old granny looked at the sun in the sky and said, "The nine suns are out of control. One by one, the Sun Souls left the nine suns. They landed on the moon, causing many experts from the Immortal Desolate lands to come and snatch them away, turning this beautiful ancient garden into ruins!"

Qin Yun recalled the incident at the Myriad Star Lake where he met Dragon Ox at the bottom of the lake. Dragon Ox had once said that the nine suns' souls in the Nine Suns were completely separated from the Nine Suns.

In other words, the moment the waves rose up in the Myriad Star Lake was the last time the one of the suns' soul was separated!

"Those bastards, they made this place into a mess but they couldn't find the sun soul. They've truly troubled us!" The old granny said angrily.

"Is the Sun soul still here?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.