Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 411
Qin Yun had wanted to see how his opponent would fight.

However, the battle had just begun. The people that were fighting the Totem Warriors were instantly sent flying. They were lying on the ground, unable to get up.

"What did the totem martial artist from the Mighty Heaven King Sect do just now?" Someone exclaimed.

"He only charged forward and did nothing. He sent the opponent flying!"

"What kind of power is it? It looks very mysterious!"

The sounds of people admitting defeat came from the martial stage.


The totem martial artist of the Mighty Heaven King Sect immediately obtained victory.

At this time, several totem warriors on the other platforms had also won!

The disciples that they were fighting were also very strong within the sect. But because they didn't have totems, their strength was far from being equal. Thus, they were immediately beaten into admitting defeat.

The speed at which a totem martial artist won was much faster than Qin Yun's!

Totem warriors had a very heavy hand. If the disciples that they injured didn't take a good rest for a year or two, then they wouldn't be able to recover.

Hong Mengshu said softly: "Brother Yun, they are really strong! All of them rushed forward and defeated the other party in a single blow... Especially the disciple who will fight against you, I can't even tell what method he used!"

Qin Yun said, "The Mighty Heaven King Sect's totem warrior is called Fan Haiteng. He is thirty years old and has seven spirit veins. His Martial Spirit and totem are unknown. Just now when he charged over, his body produced a force that released a powerful force."

"Therefore, the moment he went over, the force of impact followed him and blew him away!"

Qin Yun did not know whether the other party had used totem power or not. In short, the other party was truly very powerful.

The battle on the eight arenas had ended.

There were only two participants left in each group. These two would then battle and obtain first place in the group!

Fan Haiteng was standing on the martial stage. He was very tall, not too big. He had a beard on his chin and his eyes under his slanted eyebrows were cold with killing intent and pride.

He clenched his fists tightly as he watched the slowly approaching Qin Yun.

Qin Yun had just won nine million purple crystal coins from the Mighty Heaven Royal Clan. Furthermore, he had injured the youngest inscriptionist in the entire sect. This could be said to be the end of all pretense.

Fan Haiteng, as a disciple of the Royal House of the Mighty Heaven and also someone who possessed a totem, would definitely not show mercy to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun could tell from Fan Haiteng's eyes that he wanted to kill him.

Fan Haiteng and Qin Yun looked at each other. The two of them stood there silently.

Everyone could see that Fan Haiteng was filled with killing intent!

That gaze seemed as though it would kill Qin Yun immediately. Furthermore, it gave off a very powerful aura that gave people a strong sense of oppression.

As for Qin Yun, he stood there calmly!

It was impossible to tell anything from his expression. It was very normal.

Many people looked at Qin Yun and Fan Haiteng, the martial platforms. That was because it was the most interesting thing to watch.

"Haiteng, don't give him a chance to admit defeat! If you kill him, our elders will definitely reward you handsomely!"

"Qin Yun injured Longjie earlier. Now, you have to kill him to vent our anger!"

"Wei Zhongzheng is not here. If he were here, he could see how Qin Yun was crushed to death!"

"Why didn't that old fellow appear? Is he afraid of seeing Qin Yun die? "Hahaha..."

A few elders of the Royal Clan spoke loudly below.

They had lost face previously. If Fan Haiteng were to kill Qin Yun, they would be able to hold their heads up high.

Fan Haiteng said coldly, "I won't give you the chance to admit defeat. You are dead!"

Seeing that the eight arenas were ready, Mu Feng immediately rang the bell!

Along with the ringing of the bell, Fan Haiteng, who was clad in a black cloak, flashed past like a shadow.

Qin Yun also knew that when Fan Haiteng charged over, his body would emit a strong force of impact!

However, he did not expect that Fan Haiteng was still far away and there was a strong force pushing him over.

Unexpectedly, Qin Yun was pushed backwards!

Furthermore, the power was like a constant crashing wave. Wave after wave came crashing at Qin Yun's body.

"It's a Sea Totem!" Mo Mo in the storage space suddenly said.

Qin Yun was alarmed. He did not know much about sea totems but he knew that they were extremely powerful totems. He also understood why he felt like he was in the middle of an ocean.

From the very beginning, Fan Haiteng had used totem power!

"It belongs to the totem of nature!" Mo Mo said, "Although this totem is very strong, it's not that rare! Your Heavenly Lion Totem is much stronger than the Sea Totem!"

Qin Yun immediately executed Tsunami Technique, causing a tsunami of power that disrupted the totem power of the sea totem.

When Fan Haiteng came in front of Qin Yun, the sea totem energy he released had been disrupted. It could not take his life or send Qin Yun flying.

Qin Yun raised his hand and struck out with the Extinction Dragon Palm!

The angry roar of the dragon was accompanied by a flash of purple golden lightning, which then shot toward Fan Haiteng!


Fan Haiteng's body was pushed back to the edge of the stage by the palm attack.

At the same time, Hong Mengshu also shouted that she would admit defeat. She was no match for that Totem Pavilion martial artist. If she continued to fight, she would definitely be severely injured.

The other totem martial artists on the other martial stages had also ended their battles and obtained victory!

As for Fan Haiteng, the totem warrior, he did not crush Qin Yun. He had even been pushed back by Qin Yun!

Many of the seniors in the Martial Arts Practice Hall were in an uproar!

"To think that a Totem warrior is no match for Qin Yun!"

"Qin Yun's strength is too terrifying! He is only at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm! A third level martial dao realm with a totem was actually pushed back by him!"

"Isn't he a Dual Dao core? Could it be that even the totem martial artists couldn't defeat him?"

This commotion was because previously Totem warriors could crush other martial artists easily.

Even though they were both at the third level of the Martial Dao Realm and they came from prestigious sects, they were still defeated by totem warriors in a single exchange.

And not only did Fan Haiteng's attack not defeat Qin Yun, it did not even suppress him and sent him flying.

This was the shame of a totem warrior!

Hong Mengshu walked down from the martial stage and came to her father's side. Hong Yan was also here.

"Father, can Brother Yun's dual dao cores really fight against a totem warrior?" Hong Yan was also fine.

"I'm not too sure because the Dual Dao core is something rarely seen among totem warriors. A totem martial artist could be created by acquiring a totem but a dual dao core martial artist could not!" Even the experienced and knowledgeable Hong Ying could only shake his head.

Everyone was alarmed. Many of them felt that the Dual Dao core could not compare a totem martial artist, much less Qin Yun, who was at the second level of the Martial Dao.

Fan Haiteng was obviously angered. The murderous look in his eyes became even stronger as he took off his cloak.

Then he took off his clothes.

His entire body was covered in blue tattoos, making him look like a roaring sea. It gave off the illusion that a huge wave was coming its way, which was very frightening.

Everyone began to exclaim softly because they had finally seen the totem!

Qin Yun frowned and thought to himself, "Mo Mo, is my Heavenly Lion Totem really that powerful? Heavenly Lions are fire, Sea totems are water, no matter how you look at it, it's him who scares me!"

"The powerful Heavenly Lion does not fear fire, water, ice or thunder! Since Heavenly Lions were able to fight a dragon, they weren't afraid of any kind of dragon at all... So the Heavenly Lion and the Dragon are also natural enemies." Mo Mo said.

Qin Yun thought to himself, "But I can't use the powerful Heavenly Lion's Strength right now!"

"They can't use their powerful sea totem power either!" Mo Mo said, "Don't worry, I feel like he's no match for you!"

Fan Haiteng attacked again, his arms stretched wide, his body shaking as a violent wave surged out!

Crash! *

It was real azure seawater that transformed into angry waves. It was like a gigantic palm that struck at Qin Yun!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

When the martial stage was struck by the huge wave, it gave off a tremor, causing the entire martial arts practice field to feel a strong shock!

Everyone was shocked. The power of the Great Dao combined with his totem inheritance was really able to form a violent wave.

When the waves hit, Qin Yun's muscles and bones were filled with the power of vibration.

As the waves crashed down, the impact was repelled by the shock wave!

Therefore, the huge wave that looked like it was being violently struck only made Qin Yun bend his knees slightly when it landed behind him. He did not smash Qin Yun into pieces.

One had to know that the impact of such a powerful wave was able to tear apart a huge ship of the sea.

As for Qin Yun, he had withstood the attack!

Fan Haiteng was also surprised to see this.

If Qin Yun was at the fifth or sixth level of the martial dao realm, it would not be surprising to him that he could withstand his attack.

But Qin Yun was only at the second level of the Martial Dao!

Even Fan Haiteng could not help but suspect that Qin Yun's dual dao cores were close to the fourth level of the martial dao realm.

"If it was an ordinary fourth level martial artist, he would have definitely been killed by the huge wave!" Qin Yun's body was in pain as well. The impact from earlier was extremely intense.

He smiled and said to Fan Haiteng, "Didn't you say you wouldn't give me the chance to admit defeat? Right now, I seem to be able to admit defeat at any time!"

"The strength of a totem warrior, is this all? So the reason why they were acting so secretively was to scare people! "

"Don't be arrogant!" Fan Haiteng roared and waved his hands, forming a large expanse of seawater that covered more than half of the martial stage.

That gigantic clump of azure seawater, under Fan Haiteng's control, could transform at will. At that moment, it had transformed into a gigantic palm that came crushing down at Qin Yun.

The palm formed from seawater was as large as half of the martial stage. It was pressed down at a very fast speed and could not be dodged.

However, he was not pressed down to the ground!

Fan Haiteng roared again as he controlled the palm of the sea to grab Qin Yun.

The gigantic palm of seawater grabbed Qin Yun tightly and turned into a fist.

Everyone watched in astonishment as Qin Yun, who was in the palm of the gigantic seawater, truly struggled with all his might!

"You're dead meat!" Fan Haiteng laughed loudly and also charged into the palm of seawater.

He was as nimble as a fish in the water. In an instant, he arrived in front of Qin Yun and choked his throat!