Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 408
The speed at which Qin Yun was inscribing spirit runes on the talisman paper was too fast. This left many inscriptions masters speechless.

"If he's that fast, his precision won't be guaranteed!" One of the Inscriptionists said.

"This is too fast, it's like using a pen to draw a picture. It doesn't look like a spirit rune at all!"

"What is his level of precision?"

"It looks alright!"

Qin Yun held the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and could not help but speed up. This was mainly because he was too proficient in it. Furthermore, it was inscribed with low grade spirit runes.

On the other side, Chu Longjie was extremely slow. When he saw how fast Qin Yun was, he was given a fright!

In normal times, Qin Yun would inscribe high quality spirit runes majority of the time. It would be much more difficult to suddenly inscribe low quality spirit runes.

As for the low grade spirit runes, they were simplified spirit runes. Therefore, to Qin Yun, the low grade spirit runes were very simple.

In an instant, Qin Yun had completed an inferior lightning array talisman!

Chu Longjie was currently inscribing low rank Origin Gathering Spirit rune and he hadn't even finished half of it. However, his speed was normal.

"I'm done!" Qin Yun smiled and said, "I never expected there to be so much time left!"

Qin Yun completed it very quickly. The spirit inscriptions looked as though they were inscribed very well but he did not know how they were.

The elders of the Royal Clan were all secretly worried. Originally, they had thought that Chu Longjie had a good carving knife that would allow him to increase in precision and crush Qin Yun.

But right now, the spirit runes that Qin Yun had inscribed were extremely good. It looked extremely meticulous.

If Chu Longjie lost one more time, the Royal Clan would lose another 6 million purple coins! Adding on the three million purple crystal coins from before, it was almost 10 million!

It was obvious that gambling was the easiest way to earn money!

Someone said, "An inferior Lightning Summoning Talisman Array costs two thousand purple coins. With Qin Yun's speed, he should be able to create ten of them in two hours, right? 10 talisman arrays, that is 20,000 purple coins! Ten hours a day is equivalent to a hundred thousand purple coins, which is three million purple coins per month!"

Everyone was immediately amazed!

"Although the demand for the Lightning Summoning Talisman Array is not that great, with this amount of calculation, Qin Yun will only need to endure for a few months to obtain a large amount of purple coins!"

"I wonder how good his talisman arrays are. If they are really powerful, then this guy is going to earn big!"

A million purple coins, to many people, was a large sum of money!

Earning two to three million in a month and it was so easy too. This was something many people yearned for!

Chu Longjie worked really hard when he was inscribing spirit runes. With his speed, he could only create one every two hours. Even if they continued to produce, they wouldn't be able to earn much Purple Coins.

If Qin Yun really needed the Purple Crystal Coin, he would have definitely used it to set up a Royal Grade Spirit Array or to refine Royal Grade talismans to earn the Purple Crystal Coins.

Not only could he earn purple coins, he could also raise his inscription level.

Now, everyone could tell that Chu Longjie was greatly inferior to Qin Yun. It was a test between adults and children!

Xiao Yuemei also walked behind Hong Mengshu, playing with her sleek beautiful ponytail hair.

Hong Mengshu and Xiao Yuemei knew that Qin Yun was a High level Spirit Inscription Master. If it was a fair test, Qin Yun would definitely beat up Chu Longjie.

This was also the reason why Xiao Yuemei had forcefully pulled Qin Yun to fight. It was because she had made a huge profit!

Xiao Yuemei...From time to time, she would show her jade teeth and look at the few elders of the Royal Clan, causing their teeth to itch in anger.

They were all very worried because it was extremely likely that they would lose another six million purple coins.

At this time, in their eyes, Xiao Yuemei was a little fox who was extremely cunning.

Two hours were almost up and Chu Longjie had finally completed his task.

"Qin Yun, although you can complete it early, what we are competing on is not speed but quality!" Chu Longjie was still confident in himself. After all, the carving knife in his hand was a low-rank Xuan Artifact.

With the increase in precision, inscription's strength increased.

Qin Yun looked at the elder from the Divine Inscription Palace and said with a smile, "Senior, I'll have to trouble you to check the talisman arrays!"

"Those who want to know the result, come with me!" The old man carried the two talisman arrays down the stairs.

The colors of the two talisman arrays were of different depths, so it was easy to distinguish them and not confusing them.

Everyone immediately walked out of the hall and went downstairs. They all arrived outside the tower.

The people on the first floor, upon seeing so many grand characters, all followed them out and quickly understood what had happened.

Everyone formed a large circle as they watched the old man examine the lightning talisman arrays.

The first thing he examined was Qin Yun's talisman arrays. The elder took out a Thunder Accumulation Bead and placed it between the talisman arrays.

"Open!" The old man lightly shouted and the Lightning Summoning Talisman Formation suddenly flashed with electric threads. The sky also suddenly exploded with thunderous sounds. A fierce bolt of lightning struck down and struck the face of the Lightning Accumulation Pearl.


Qin Yun's Lightning Summoning Talisman Formation had attracted a total of four bolts of lightning. As for the talisman, it had turned to ash.

Within the city, the most important person was the Inscription Master. They were all bewildered.

Even the old man who was examining them was filled with shock!

This was because an ordinary low-grade thunder array could only attract two bolts of lightning. The best was only three bolts of lightning.

As for Qin Yun, he was able to attract four bolts of lightning.

This meant that the inscriptions he drew were of extremely high precision and were generally at the level of Xuan Inscription Masters!

Everyone knew that Qin Yun was not even twenty years old and that he could not be a Xuan Inscription Master!

The most shocking thing was the speed at which Qin Yun created the talisman array.

The Hong Ying Martial King frowned and said, "Shu'er, this friend of yours has a very high level of inscriptions talent. This is too astonishing!"

Hong Mengshu smiled somewhat complacently, "Father, now you know how bad that Chu Longjie is?"

"No, no, no. Chu Longjie is not that bad. It's just that Qin Yun is too amazing!" The Hong Ying Martial King said.

Chu Longjie and the elders of the Mighty Heavenly King's Sect all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces!

Next, he began testing Chu Longjie's lightning talisman arrays!


It was only two sounds!

Everyone let out a burst of emotions because the Royal Clan of the Mighty Heavenly King had lost again!

Now, there was no need to weigh him down. He already knew that the lightning gathered by Chu Longjie's Lightning Congealing Pearl was far inferior to Qin Yun's!

The elder was alarmed. After inspecting the item, he said, "Qin Yun's Lightning Accumulation Pearl weighs four jin. Chu Longjie's Lightning Ball weighs one jin, eight taels!"

"Hehe, the Royal House of the Mighty Heavenly King, you've lost again!" Xiao Yuemei smiled and skipped over.

The elder from the Royal Clan was so angry that he trembled. He could only take out his Purple Crystal Card and gave six million purple coins to Xiao Yuemei!

"Qin Yun, you cheated!" Chu Longjie was unconvinced

"Your skills are inferior and you accuse others of cheating? With so many seniors watching, if Qin Yun had cheated, how could they not know?" Xiao Yuemei said: "This was originally something you wanted : to challenge my brother. I remember you saying that my brother would lose miserably but now..."

As she said that, she walked to Qin Yun's side and said with a smile, "My brother did win nine million purple coins. Hahaha!! Thank you for giving us the purple coins!"

Chu Longjie had been pampered ever since he was young. Apart from his elders, everyone else had to respect him a bit. They had never been so stingy before.

Not only did he lose two times in a row but he was also mocked by Xiao Yuemei. This sort of humiliation was unprecedented for him, it completely ignited the anger in his heart!

"Stupid girl, I'll kill you!" Chu Longjie's face turned red, he suddenly roared and threw a punch towards Xiao Yuemei's head.

Only Qin Yun, who was beside Xiao Yuemei, had the time to make a move!

With a flash of a shooting star, his left arm condensed with the Heavenly Lion's Lightning Force as he punched towards Chu Longjie's fist!


In that instant of collision, a violent burst of purple gold lightning fire pierced through Chu Longjie's arm and shot out from behind his shoulder!

"Ahhhhhhh!!" Chu Longjie cried out in pain. His arm was split open and there was a large charred hole on his shoulder. Black smoke was coming out of that hole.

Chu Longjie's entire arm and shoulder was blown apart!

Everyone present began to cry out in surprise!

Chu Longjie, who was at the fourth level of the cultivation realm, had actually suffered such heavy injuries when he exchanged punches with Qin Yun. This was clearly the difference in strength!

"Qin Yun, you are ruthless!" An elder from the Royal Clan shouted in anger.

"Ajie only used his internal energy to attack and you condensed such powerful Dao energy! Are you trying to kill him?"

"See how I'll take care of you!" The Elder from the Royal Clan rushed over.

The elder from Divine Inscription Palace was already standing in front of Qin Yun. He said coldly, "You can't have fights happening within our city! Everyone saw that it was Chu Longjie who attacked the girl first. It was only natural for Qin Yun to stop him!"

The most surprising thing was that Qin Yun's reaction speed was too fast. It was inconceivable for him to gather such a terrifying power in an instant!

Chu Longjie was at the fourth level of the Martial Dao Realm. He also had armor but his body was still pierced through!

"Elder, you must avenge me!" Chu Longjie cried out in pain.

The previously arrogant and talented Chu Longjie was now in such a miserable state, it left many in awe.

Xiao Yuemei knew very well that Qin Yun had the title of "genius killer". Those self-proclaimed geniuses would not be able to remain cocky in front of Qin Yun for long.

The elder from the Mighty Heavenly King Sect pointed at Qin Yun and shouted, "Qin Yun, if you know your wrongs, come over and kowtow to Longjie and admit your wrongs. You will be compensated with five million purple coins! Otherwise, you will become the number one enemy of our Royal Clan and we won't let you off! "

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Apologize? Pfftt! I'm not afraid of you! If you have the guts, kill me here!"

"Qin Yun, you and the disciples of the Nine Extinction Gate are going to be our sworn enemy. Just you wait!" The elder shouted in anger.

At this time, Wei Zhongzheng's voice rang out, "Royal Clan of the Mighty Heaven, if you want to capture disciples of my Nine Extinction Profound Gate, our Nine Extinction Profound Gate will not let go of your disciples either!"

"Next, I, the headmaster, will use a hundred years to kill your Xuan realm martial artists. You all must be careful!"