Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 382
Qin Yun looked angrily at the falcon and company as he said coldly, "They stole the ninth princess' possessions. In order to prevent retaliation, they tried to to exterminate us all!"

Yue Yi immediately said angrily, "There is no such thing!! You are slandering people! It was clearly you as a follower who wanted to snatch Princess Mengshu's treasure, which is why you attacked me so viciously."

"You are very strong. We are not your match and you even killed more than 10 people!"

The falcon replied hurriedly, "We are all men of status. How could we rob the princess of her possessions? Oh right, you must have killed the Ninth Princess, otherwise she would have returned long ago!"

Hu Haojun added, "We can't go against the entire Hong Wu Country for some treasures. Besides, she's a woman, how can we do that? It doesn't make sense for you to be lying!"

The Little Falcon King, Yue Yi and Hu Haojun were all disciples of famous sects.

Yue Yi was also the son of a Martial King. He definitely knew what would happen if he killed the princess of another country, so he would definitely not do such a thing.

Song Jindong looked at Qin Yun and shouted, "What else do you have to say for yourself? The princess is dead, you will die a hundred times without being able to suppress the anger of the Hong Ying Martial King!"

Song Jindong lifted Qin Yun and threw him out.

Yue Yi and the others let out a sigh of relief, thinking that since Hong Mengshu was dead, only her follower was still alive.

"Now, I will kill you and avenge the princess!" Song Jindong charged at Qin Yun. With a roar, he punched out.

As the city lord, Song Jindong was in the Xuan realm. Naturally, his strength was very terrifying. When he punched, the entire city lord's residence was shaking.

Qin Yun, who was lying on the ground, hurriedly released the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron to block the way!


Song Jindong threw a punch at the Dragon Suppression Cauldron, sending it flying far away and crashing through a few buildings.

The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron had only neutralized the force of the punch but Qin Yun was still affected by the force. His body felt like it was being heavily pressed down, causing him to vomit a large mouthful of blood!

"Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron!" Mu Feng shouted in surprise, "You are Qin Yun!"

As Mu Feng spoke, the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron returned and hovered in the air above Qin Yun.

"That's right, I'm Qin Yun!" Qin Yun did not have the strength to fight back against a Xuan realm cultivator.

Mu Feng smiled and hurried over to check on Qin Yun's injuries. He began circulating his energy to treat them.

Song Jindong's fist was broken and blood flowed out. He was angry but at the same time, he was also shocked!

Qin Yun, who had made the Sword Profound Mountain into a sorry state, was actually here!

When the young falcon and company learned of Qin Yun's identity, they immediately understood why his follower was so terrifying!

It turned out to be the second level of the martial arts realm!

"City Lord Song, do you know that Mengshu has a grandmother?" Qin Yun immediately said when he saw Song Jindong walk over with a furious expression.

Song Jindong stopped when he heard that. With a shocked expression, he said, "Of course I know. Describe her attire and appearance!"

Qin Yun hurriedly described Hong Mengshu's sinister grandmother's appearance to Song Jindong.

"After the ninth princess and I entered the shuttle, we were struck by the black mountain's exploding flames and fell into the lava. Afterwards, I escaped with her and a friend. At that time, she also took out a jade pendant to contact that grandma!"

"As soon as her grandmother appeared, without saying anything, she flew away with her. After resting and recuperating, I rushed back to Jade Xuan City!"

Song Jindong looked at Yue Yi and the others and shouted, "You're lying to me?"

"No!! No! It's possible that all of this was fabricated by Qin Yun!" The expressions of Yue Yi and the rest had already turned into one of extreme fear.

Song Jindong quickly shouted, "Open the City Lord's Mansion's Great Formation and don't let anyone out! We'll wait for the Ninth Princess's return!"

Under Mu Feng's care, Qin Yun's expression turned better.

"Old Song, if you accuse someone wrongly, you have to compensate them! Look at how much he has suffered!" Mu Feng smiled as he spoke, occasionally glancing at the Dragon Suppression Cauldron.

The engravings on the Dragon Cauldron were all totem runes, which made it extremely attractive to the inscriptionists.

Everyone present sized Qin Yun up seriously.

Qin Yun was an influential figure and was wanted by the Sword Profound Mountain for a bounty of a million purple crystal coins.

Although there was a portrait in the Sword Profound Mountain, it was quite sloppy portrait of Qin Yun. It was hard to tell who was who.

And at that moment, they saw Qin Yun. He was very handsome but also very young. There was something out of the ordinary about him.

Although he was an extraordinary genius, he wasn't arrogant at all. On the contrary, he was extremely polite, neither humble nor arrogant.

Song Jindong didn't say anything as he walked back and forth with his hands behind his back. Right now, he could only wait for Hong Mengshu to return.

He was naturally very clear that Hong Mengshu's grandmother was also a top figure and rarely appeared. Since Qin Yun could see her, it meant that this was most likely true.

If Qin Yun were to meet Hong Mengshu's grandmother, she would definitely be taken away and would definitely still be alive.

If Qin Yun really wanted to kill Hong Mengshu and his grandmother appeared, he wouldn't be able to survive either!

Qin Yun looked at the group of people and found that they were unexpectedly very composed.

In the hearts of Yue Yi and the rest, they were extremely uneasy and filled with fear. They were extremely worried that Hong Mengshu would return.

If Hong Mengshu was still alive, then they would have to die.

Qin Yun controlled the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron to land on the ground, allowing Mu Feng to observe it with a smile.

The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron could be big or small. Under Qin Yun's control, it became taller than half a person.

The cauldrons had lion heads engraved on it, the legs of the cauldrons also had lion heads and the sides of the cauldrons were covered with totem runes of the Heavenly Lions.

The entire cauldron was golden in color and emitted bursts of radiance. It was as if a golden flame was burning within it; it was extremely domineering!

"Put it away first!" Mu Feng said to Qin Yun.

With a thought from Qin Yun, he stored the Cauldron.

"Without the cultivation of the Xuan Martial Realm, it would be hard to use this cauldron! Inside the cauldron, there is no longer the power equal to the Xuan Martial Realm. If not, when Old Song punched out earlier, he would have been seriously injured!" Mu Feng said with a smile.

When everyone heard this, they quietly sucked in a breath of cold air. The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron was too terrifying!

The City Lord's Mansion also had many warriors of the Spirit realm and Martial Dao realm. This was the first time they saw Song Jindong bleed.

When Song Jindong's punch landed on the Dragon Cauldron, he was injured. However, the Dragon Suppression Cauldron was completely unharmed!

Today, everyone had witnessed the terror of the Ancient Dao Artifact and understood why the Sword Profound Mountain wanted to take it back.

Mu Feng observed as though he could see the totem runes on the Dragon Suppression Cauldron. However, he remained silent. It was evident that he was very cautious about the totem runes.

Although Mu Feng was chubby with a large belly, he was very intelligent and was very knowledgeable. He knew Qin Yun's talent well and knew that he was incomparable to those geniuses.

He also knew that Qin Yun was hiding his Inscription talent, so he was especially good to Qin Yun.

More than two hours later, the cry of a Spirit Crane could be heard in the sky.

Everyone looked up and saw a girl wearing a simple yellow robe. She had a pair of long ponytail, looking petite and charming.

It was Hong Mengshu!

When Song Jindong saw Hong Mengshu return, he immediately let out a sigh of relief and looked towards Yue Yi and the others!

The face of the Little Eagle King and the others also turned ashen!

Now, everyone could tell that what Qin Yun said was true!

Everyone was shocked. The young falcon and his men were way too daring!

He actually dared to encircle and attack the ninth princess in the territory of the Empire of Hong Wu's Jade Xuan City!

Sometimes, when a few youngsters gathered together, they would actually do many bold things.

Hong Mengshu rode on a crane and flew in from the entrance. When she saw the injured Qin Yun sitting on the ground, she hurriedly asked, "Uncle Song, what is going on? Who injured Brother Yun?"

Song Jindong took a deep breath. "It's me!"

"Uncle Song, why did you hit him?" Hong Mengshu walked over with a pained heart to check on Qin Yun's injuries.

"Meng Shu, I'm much better! There was a misunderstanding..." Before Qin Yun could finish his sentence, Song Jindong had already leaped to the side of the young falcon and struck him with his palm.


The body of the young falcon exploded into a cloud of blood!

The thick smell of blood permeated the air, causing many to tremble in fear.

"Don't kill me..." Hu Haojun cried out.

Song Jindong struck out with his palm and Hu Haojun also exploded into a mist of blood!

Yue Yi immediately fell limply to the ground. His face was filled with fear as he cried out involuntarily, "My royal father is the martial king of Yue Wu Country. If you kill me, he won't let you off!"

"Even if your royal father wants to kill the ninth princess, he has to die! Our Hong Wu Country has never been afraid of Yue Wu Country!" Song Jindong said coldly as he struck his palm towards Yue Yi.

Crash! *

He did not turn into a mist of blood but into pieces. This was because he had a rather strong defensive equipment that was able to offset part of the force.

Of course, he was completely dead!

"Uncle Song, that middle-aged man used a hidden poison weapon to deal with me!" Hong Mengshu pointed at a middle-aged man and angrily shouted.

Song Jindong immediately went over and shattered the middle-aged man at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm with one palm!

"And this, this, that..." Hong Mengshu pointed at one and Song Jindong went over and killed one.

The other disciples of the famous sects were all worried that Hong Mengzhu's chaotic fingers would kill them, so they all ran far away.

More than ten youths were of the Martial Dao Realm. They were all killed by Song Jindong and turned into blood mist.

Those famous disciples from everywhere had witnessed the outcome of the attempt to kill the Ninth Princess. Even Yue Yi, the son of the Martial King, had been killed instantly.

"Qin Yun, I was in the wrong. I apologize!" Song Jindong walked towards Qin Yun and bowed.

"City Lord Song was too worried, which is why he acted impulsively. I am fine now, so let's just let this matter pass!" Qin Yun smiled.

Song Jindong nodded and said, "If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to the City Lord's Mansion to seek shelter. As long as I, Song Jindong, am still alive, I will not let you get hurt!"

"Then, I'll thank the City Lord for his care!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Although Song Jindong was very reckless, he still kept his word. Furthermore, he would not go back on his words even if he said it in front of so many people.

He had killed Yue Yi. This could be considered a huge matter, so he had to report to the imperial city before he left in a hurry.

As for Hong Mengshu, she pulled Qin Yun and returned to the Divine Inscription palace with him.

Mu Feng was astonished when he knew that Brother Yun was Qin Yun. Furthermore, he had the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron. Thus, his attitude towards Qin Yun was even better.

The moment he returned to the Inscription Palace, he welcomed Qin Yun enthusiastically with all sorts of emotions.

"Chief Supervisor, Brother Yun is a high-level Inscription Master. With his age, what level is he at in the Martial Desolate Realm?" Hong Mengshu asked.