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There was a moon pattern on the Xuan Artifact! This meant that this was no ordinary Xuan artifact!

Even if it was an ancient Xuan Artifact, it was still rare to see a Xuan Artifact with a Moon rune.

Xuan Artifacts of this level were also specially given to Xuan realm warriors of high status to use in the ancient times.

Qin Yun already had the Xuan rune. Although he had yet to grasp it, he had seen it before. He could tell in an instant.

"You are all Xuan Inscriptionists, it can't be that you don't recognize the Moon rune, right?" Qin Yun smiled.

"It can't be a Moon rune! Even if it is an ancient xuan artifact, it would never have the moon rune on it!" A Xuan Inscription Master refuted.

"Brat, you are only deliberately mystifying! Although we don't have the Moon rune, that doesn't mean that we can't recognize it! If even we can't recognize it, then it's even more so for a brat like you!"

"It's not some moon rune at all, it's only a higher level Xuan rune!"

The few Xuan Inscription Masters retorted repeatedly.

Qin Yun had thought that these Inscriptionists would be able to recognize the Moon rune.

But now, looking at their expressions of such certainty, they were sure that they really did not recognize the Moon rune!

"The general director of this Inscripton Palace should also be here, right? Just ask him to come and appraise it, what do you think? " Qin Yun said, "If it's really a Moon rune, what would you do?"

Xiao Yuemei and Hong Mengshu could only look on in surprise. This was a domain they were unfamiliar with and they didn't know how to interrupt.

"The General Manager of the Inscription Palace is very busy. Why would he come here to appraise a small matter so casually? If you can call out to him and identify it as a Moon rune! Then, each of us will compensate Princess Mengshu with one hundred thousand purple coins and it will be our fault!" The white-clothed old man said.

Hong Mengshu frowned and said, "The General Manager of the Inscription Palace is indeed very busy. Even if the Xuan City's City Lord comes, he might not be able to make him appear!"

The white robed old man laughed coldly, "Young man, did you hear that? Now, when you say that this is a Moon rune, it is simply a one-sided speech. You are merely trying to refute us!"

Qin Yun was rendered speechless. He never expected that the level of these inscriptionists were so poor.

Here, there was an old man in charge of supervising the scene. He was the same old man who had just brought them in.

Qin Yun looked at the elder and asked, "What does your general director usually do? Can you let him appraise it? We will also give him a certain amount of purple coins as compensation!"

The Inscriptionists immediately roared with laughter.

"How could the Head Supervisor of the Inscription Palace have his eyes on your purple coin?"

"Ignorant brat, you are still showing off in front of us!"

"That is simply a Xuan rune that is a bit more profound, not some Moon rune!"

The old man from the Inscription Palace sighed, "Little brother, it is indeed very difficult to invite the general director out! Unless... He wouldn't come out unless there was something he was interested in. Normally, he would be refining talismans or something like that and normally, nothing would be able to alarm him."

Qin Yun took out a piece of paper and quickly drew some strange lines on it. He said, "Old grandpa, please do me a favor! Give this piece of paper to him and have him come here!"

The old man from the Inscription Palace was also a Inscription Master but he was only a Senior Inscriptionist. He had some understanding of the Inscriptions.

He looked at the piece of paper that Qin Yun handed to him and frowned deeply. "This strange lines.....very special, it is not just any rune... what kind of runes are these?"

"Little brother, please wait a moment. I'll go find the general director right now!" The old man left in a hurry.

Xiao Yuemei said to the group of Inscriptionists: "You old swindlers, you actually dare to swindle the ninth princess of her purple crystal coin, your courage is really not small!"

She quickly blocked the door and continued, "Don't be in such a hurry to leave. We'll talk when the general director arrives!"

Those few Xuan Inscriptionists were quite calm.

The white robed old man mocked, "It's one thing for the general director to come! Furthermore, the Mystic Moon Saber must have Xuan runes on it, I would definitely not recognize it wrong!"

"Come on! Stop fooling around here!"

"Young people nowadays, how can they be like this? They look down on us seniors so much!"

Qin Yun said, "I'm very curious. Have all of you never seen the Moon rune before?"

When he asked this question, those Spirit and Xuan rank inscriptionists suddenly began to stutter.

"Well... I've seen it before!" A Xuan rank Inscription Master said.

"I've seen it too. Although it's not complete, I've seen it before. I can also determine that the inscriptioins on the Mystic Moon Saber are not the moon runes!"

Afterwards, the Inscription Masters here all claimed that they had seen the Moon rune before but they all claimed that they had only seen a small part of it.

"The Moon rune is indeed strange. When I saw it, it was already so profound that it made me absent-minded!"

"Although it is an Inscription, it is very special. The dao within it can't be compared to a simple Xuan rune!"

"Not bad, not bad. Moon runes are extremely rare. Being fortunate enough to see one, it can also be considered luck!"

"I've only seen a few moon runes and it has already increased my comprehension of the dao of inscriptions. I've truly benefited from it!"

These Inscription Masters continuously praised the Moon rune's magic.

Qin Yun had experienced the highest level of nonsense. Now, he was certain that none of these Inscriptionists had ever seen a moon rune before.

Suddenly, the aura of the Xuan realm neared, causing the people in the hall to quieten down!

Most likely, the only one who could reach the Xuan Martial Realm in the Inscription Palace was the general director!

Sure enough, a middle-aged man wearing a black robe and holding onto a piece of paper walked in quickly.

"General director, that strange rune was drawn by this little brother!" The elder from the Inscription Palace said as he pointed at Qin Yun.

"Kid, where did you get these strange runes?" The general director looked at Qin Yun and hurriedly said, "By the way, I'm the general director of this Divine Inscription Palace. My name is Mu Feng!"

Mu Feng was quite chubby and had a large belly. No matter how you looked at it, he didn't seem like a powerful Inscription Master.

When the Head Supervisor really came, it caused all the Xuan and Spirit rank Inscriptionists to hurriedly step forward and pay their respects. Their hearts were all filled with extreme shock!

Hong Mengshu was also secretly surprised as she glanced at Qin Yun. As a Martial King's daughter, she was naturally experienced and knowledgeable.

However, she had never heard of such a powerful young man. With just a casual drawing of a strange rune, he had caused the general director to rush over in a hurry.

Qin Yun looked at Hong Mengshu and said with a smile, "Ninth Princess, show your saber to the general director. He will definitely be interested in it!"

Hong Mengshu quickly walked over and passed the Mystic Moon Saber to Mu Feng.

Mu Feng smiled as he took a look at it. His face was instantly filled with shock as he exclaimed: "This blade....this blade.... the moon rune, the ancient moon rune!"

The faces of those Inscriptionists were full of shock!

On the Mystic Moon Saber, there was indeed a moon rune!

"General director, the strange engravings on that piece of paper are the moon runes on this blade! Although it is an Inscription, I believe you will definitely be very interested in it!" Qin Yun said.

"Not bad, not bad! Moon runes are extremely rare and even if it's an Inscription, it's still valuable for further research!" Mu Feng smiled as he looked at Hong Mengshu and hurriedly said, "Ninth Princess, right!? I also heard that Martial King Hong Ying had bestowed upon a little girl the title of King of Gamble. This blade is yours, right? "

Xiao Yuemei quickly said: "Head Supervisor, Big Sister Mengzhu asked these Inscriptionists to help repair the Mystic Moon Saber. They are quite powerful, they said they could possibly repair it."

"They also asked Big Sister Mengzhu to give them two hundred thousand purple coins. They said that even if they couldn't repair it well, they wouldn't return the purple coins!"

(TL NOTE : Yuemei continues to call her Mengzhu which sounds like Mengshu but means Dreaming PiG!! i did not directly write dreaming pig for the reference.)

Mu Feng smiled as he looked at the few Inscriptionists. He frowned and asked, "Can you really repair this blade?"

Those few Inscription Masters were all sweating profusely all of a sudden!

"This... we.....we thought that the inscriptions on it were only Xuan runes, so we thought that we could try to repair it!" An old man quickly explained.

"It's true that we made a mistake, we didn't recognize the moon runes on it!"

"General director, you should also know that the moon rune is extremely rare. It's normal for us to make a mistake!"

Mu Feng snorted as he said: "Even if it is only a Xuan rune, you all are unable to repair it! Don't you see how the internal dark lines are damaged so badly?"

"You're all Inscriptionists, you can't even see this much. That would only embarrass our Divine Inscriptions Palace!"

"All of you, hand over your badges. In ten years, you will start from the entrance examination for the Inscription Master, the beginner's Inscription Master examination!"

The few Xuan Inscription masters were all dumbfounded, their faces full of fear and trepidation.

"Please forgive us, general director. We really didn't mean it!" The white clothed old man shouted anxiously.

"You did it on purpose! Bullying us who are not knowledgeable, you wanted to swindle us for our purple coins!" Xiao Yuemei snorted.

These Xuan and spirit rank inscriptionists' faces turned green from fright and their intestines turned green from regret!

That was the Moon rune. If he studied it carefully, it would indeed be of great help.

Who would have thought that the Moon rune would actually appear?

The Inscription Masters was also surprised that Qin Yun could recognize the Moon rune!

And the one who was most surprised was still Hong Mengshu. This was because Qin Yun had never taken a careful look at the blade from beginning to end! Not only was he able to recognize that it was a moon rune, he was able to remember it very quickly and draw it all at once.

Xiao Yuemei said: "You guys previously said that you would compensate Big Sister MengZhu with ten thousand purple coins each. Quickly hand it over!"

Those few Inscriptionists could only obediently give the purple coins to Hong Mengshu. They were suspected of cheating the Ninth Princess and this was a huge matter.

Mu Feng smiled coldly and said, "Quickly take out your badge! It's fine for you to misjudge inscription but you actually plan on deceiving people who cannot understand inscriptions. This is going against the spirit of our Divine Inscription Palace!"

"We, the Inscription Palace's certified inscriptionists, will never do such a thing!"

The few Inscriptionists could only pass their badges to Mu Feng and leave in a dejected manner.

The other Spirit Inscription Masters did not dare to stay. They were worried that they would not be able to keep their badges safe. That was something that would give them a great deal of convenience.

"Little friends, let's talk about this blade somewhere else!" Mu Feng chuckled before hurriedly bringing Qin Yun and company to a luxurious hall on the fifth level of the Divine Inscription Palace.

Mu Feng smiled as he said to Hong Mengshu, "Ninth Princess, this blade of yours is simply unable to be repaired. I hope you can understand this!"