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Previously, Qin Yun had been warned by his father that he had to hide his Heavenly Lion totem properly.

In the Martial Desolate Realm, there was some totem pavilion that specialized in plundering totems, totally lawless.

"Of course I can!" Mo Mo said, "This is not difficult!"

Qin Yun immediately jumped onto a tree and released Mo Mo.

It was noon. Although the sun was bright, it was obscured by the treetops.

However, the sunlight was still able to squeeze through the gaps between the leaves and shine on the totem on Qin Yun's lion arm.

The Heavenly Lion totem on his arm was mighty and domineering.

And at this moment, it was being slowly wiped away by cute Mo Mo, with a very small hand.

The Heavenly Lion Totem Tattoo was still in Qin Yun's arm. However, under the control of a secret art, it had been hidden beneath his skin.

"I must hide my Heavenly Lion Bloodline! Unless absolutely necessary, we must not be exposed!" Qin Yun was secretly alarmed when he thought of Jian Xuanzi.

Jian Xuanzi was shouting that he would eat all of him just because he had the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion!

Mo Mo laughed charmingly: "Brother Yun, since you yourself have experienced the power of the Heavenly Lion bloodline, others will definitely think the same way! For many martial artists whose strength is limited, obtaining this bloodline is the way to obtain even greater strength!"

Qin Yun nodded. "The bloodline of the Heavenly Lion is extremely important to me. I cannot lose it! After all, it acknowledged me as it's master!"

It was because of the Heavenly Lion bloodline that he obtained the Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

Previously, Jian Xuanzi and the others who were at the Xuan Martial Realm had to spend a lot of effort in order to forcefully refine the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron.

As for Qin Yun, he had received recognition the moment he came into contact with the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

Mo Mo carefully inspected Qin Yun's arm. After confirming that the totem tattoo would not be discovered, she nodded in satisfaction.

Afterwards, she also hid the dragon and tiger totem on the surface of his heart inside his heart. This way, even if someone discovered his Vibration Martial Spirit, they wouldn't be able to see any totem tatto.

As for the tree totem inside the Nethersun Dao core, it was well-hidden.

Lan Chen was at the Spirit Martial Realm. Even he was unable to detect it.

Qin Yun thought of Lan Chen's large bald totem and said, "That idiot Lan Chen, if he exposes his totem, isn't he afraid of the Totem Pavilion taking it away? Or did he not know of the existence of Totem Pavilion?"

"I don't know him! If you see him, you can remind him!" After helping Qin Yun hide the totem tattoos, Mo Mo entered the storage space.

Qin Yun continued on his way and said, "Mo Mo, there might not be any beast crystal eggs left in the desolate land. What will I be preparing for you to eat?"

"Well... We'll see when the time comes! Your dragon beast crystal eggs are enough for me to eat for a while!" Mo Mo said.

Qin Yun jumped down from the tree and continued on his way.

After two months of traveling, Qin Yun entered a different region.

Here, he also saw many traces left behind by humans.

In other words, he was very close to the Martial Desolate.

This area must be where many warriors of the Martial Desolate land would come to hunt for beasts.

Qin Yun was secretly excited. He was finally going to the Martial Desolate where martial arts were flourishing!

After a few days, Qin Yun finally walked out of the forest and came to a flat prairie.

"Is this Martial Desolate?" Qin Yun looked at the nine suns in the sky and realized that the nine suns' aura was indeed much richer than that of the borderlands.

If he went to some special place, the Nine Sun Energy would be even denser!

Qin Yun greedily breathed in the air here. He was extremely eager to experience the difference between the martial desolate land and borderland.

He walked out of the grassland and came to a barren mountain. There was a road here that many people walked out of because they often walked.

"There should be some cities outside the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range! After all, this place is very close to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and there must be many hunters here.

Qin Yun's guess was extremely accurate. He followed the mud path and soon saw a city without city walls.

Generally speaking, large cities without walls were quite chaotic and unmanaged.

Qin Yun felt that with his strength, he would not be at a disadvantage in a place like this. Hence, he walked in with ease.

In a place like this where fish and dragons mixed together, it was easier to ask about certain things.

A person like Qin Yun, who had just arrived at Martial Desolate, knew nothing about it. If he were to inquire about it in a proper city, it would definitely arouse the suspicion of many.

However, things were different here. A simple tip of a crystal coin to the waiter would allow him to quickly inquire about the matters of the Martial Desolate.

Qin Yun changed into a more ordinary gray robe. He wore a bamboo hat as he entered the city.

Walking on the road, he quickly found out that everyone here traded purple coins!

"My crystal coins are all in the crystal card and they're all white crystal coins!" Qin Yun cursed in his heart, "The prices for this Desolate land are truly different!"

He had also heard from Lan Fengjin that because of the location of the Martial Desolate, many purple coins had formed in the earth.

However, Lan Fengjin didn't tell him that most people traded purple coins here.

In Qin Yun's storage space, he only had a few dozen purple coins. It was rather shabby!

If it was before, this would be tens of thousands of crystal coins, enough to eat and drink for a long time.

"It seems like I should join a better sect first. I should be able to obtain a lot of resources and understand more about martial arts and the Desolate land!"

Qin Yun guessed that Zi Qingcheng and Lan Fengjin might very well be in the Moon Profound Valley.

Xie Wufeng, Huo Zhong and Murong Daren had followed Lan Huayu and the others to the Martial Desolate Land. They might even join a sect.

"Yuelan, Teacher Yang and the rest should be in the Moon Profound Valley!" Moon Profound Valley's Old Lady Du is not bad, she stood up for me, although she did not succeed in the end, it is still very rare for her to have such determination!"

"I wonder where Yuemei and little Meilian are!"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of the fact that the Divine Inscription Palace was also filled with people from Martial Desolate land. He could go to the Divine Inscription Palace first!

Xiao Yuemei and Xiao Xuanqin had followed Zhuo Chuan to the desolate land. If he could find Zhuo Chuan, he would know Xiao Yuemei's whereabouts.

Qin Yun spent a few purple crystal coins and asked a few children about it. He also knew that this ruined city did not have any Divine Inscription Palace branch.

Only a Xuan rank City had branch of Divine Inscription Palace.

If he wanted to enter a Xuan rank City, he would have to spend 100,000 purple coins to purchase a year's pass.

In Martial Desolate land, there were Spirit rank City, Xuan rank City and King rank City.

Even for a Spirit City one would need to spend 10,000 purple coins to purchase a travel pass.

Thus, in this sort of crappy city, the people that gathered were all rather poor.

If one was an inner court disciple of a Xuan sect, they would be able to enter a spirit city and a Xuan city for free with the sect's movement badge. However, one would still have to spend millions of purple coins to buy a passage to enter a king city.

Qin Yun could not even enter a spirit city, much less a Xuan city!

However, he wasn't worried about earning purple crystal coins because he was an Inscription Master and he also had a lot of refining materials in his storage space.

He had only an initial understanding of this mysterious Martial Desolate.

If he wanted to understand more, he would have to explore more.

Although Qin Yun had arrived at a dilapidated city, there were still some places of a higher grade.

Many of those who entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range were either wealthy hunters or disciples of the sects. When they came in and out, they naturally had to rest here.

At this moment, Qin Yun had arrived at a ten-story tall metal building called Great Phoenix Restaurant.

He sat down on the first floor and ordered some food.

The dishes here were all demon beast meat. A plate cost more than ten purple coins and it was the lesser one at that!

Qin Yun ordered two or three plates and used up all the purple crystal coins in his hand. He only found out after counting!

"I still have a few inferior spirit artifacts. I should be able to sell them for a bit of Purple Crystal Coins!" Qin Yun sighed and picked up the dish to try it.

At the table next to them, an old man sighed and said, "Several Xuan sect members entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to search for the grave. They suffered heavy casualties. Of the experts of the Spirit realm, more than ten died!"

"Isn't it a dragon actually came out? Only a Martial King would be able to deal with it!"

"It is said that several Martial Kings are discussing about going to slay a dragon!"

"After so much discussion, there still hasn't been any movement. Maybe they're already scared!"

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. If a Martial King were to make a move, he might really succeed. He had seen that dragon before. Although it was very strong, there was still a limit.

Back then, Jian Xuanzi had fought it for quite a long time. It was clear that the dragon's strength was on par with a Martial King!

The realm of Martial Kings was one realm higher than the Xuan realm. If a few Martial Kings joined hands, they would be able to slaughter that dragon!

"The Martial King of a Great Martial Kingdom originally said that he would go but now he hasn't even made a move. He's most likely afraid."

"Why did he have to speak? Now he has lost face!"

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed when he heard that.

A martial king controlled at least one king level city, ten Xuan level cities and a hundred spirit level cities.

Only on this scale could it be called a Martial Kingdom.

Thus, a Martial King would definitely not use empty cannons so easily. If he did not do what he said, then others would laugh at him.

Just as the table was bustling with conversation, a man in black robes at the corner slammed his hand on the table.

"Don't talk nonsense! The Hong Ying Martial King of our Hong Wu Country has already entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and will be back soon after slaying the dragon! Then place the Dragon Head at the city gates of Hong Wu Royal City!"

That man in black was wearing a straw hat and looked very young, as well as very small.

His eyes were filled with a sharp aura and his entire body was filled with an inborn arrogance.

Those experienced and knowledgeable seniors could tell at this moment that this skinny man had an extraordinary identity!

"Yo, so you're a member of the Hong Wu royal family?" Someone laughed disdainfully: "Look at how certain you are, you seem to be very clear about this! If you had known better, you wouldn't be sitting here drinking!"

This restaurant was not bad but the quality of the first floor was rather low.

"Can't I save the purple coins?" The petite youth looked at the middle-aged man with a cold expression, as if he was not in a good mood. He then released the power of the Great Dao, which was filled with heat.

Seeing that the fight was about to start, many people stood up and hurriedly left.