Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 351
Previously, Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei had encountered a Golden Fire Lion beside the Cloud Dragon River.

The giant lion had said that it's clan was responsible for protecting the Immortal Graveyard.

When he thought of this, he was no longer surprised.

He was only surprised that there was such a powerful Heavenly Lion hidden in the immortal tomb.

"Impossible, impossible...." Wang Tian Shi shook his head continuously, "This immortal tomb has existed for tens of thousands of years, it's impossible for there to be anything alive inside. Furthermore, it's such a powerful beast!"

The dragons circling in the night sky also roared non-stop!

The ground suddenly shook as a black shadow jumped out from the tomb!

It was indeed a Heavenly Lion. However, it's body was completely black and compared to the dragon, it was much smaller. it's body was only a few dozen meters long!

However, this black Heavenly Lion was extremely valiant. With a leap, it unleashed the Heavenly Lion's Roar towards the dragon in the air. The explosive roar shook the world!

The ground around the tomb suddenly rose and fell like a monstrous wave!

The Xuan realm warriors, all of them had faces of fear. That terrifying power seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth!

Qin Yun, who was lying on the altar, felt his blood boil. This was the authentic Heavenly Lion's Roaring At Heaven. It was extremely terrifying!

"It's the Ghost Lion King, the legendary Heavenly Lion that lived in the Land of Immortals! Now it has turned into a ghost beast!" Wang Tian Shi shouted.

The Ghost Lion King flew high into the sky and brandished it's claws. It transformed into a gigantic black claw that was over a hundred meters long and reached towards the dancing dragon.

It was the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw!

This Ghost Lion King was fighting with a dragon!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The dragon was not to be outdone. It swept it's tail across the Ghost Lion King and continuously roared at the same time, causing lightning to shoot out from it's mouth!

As the Ghost Lion King roared, it too spat out a black flame, attacking the lightning!

This battle between the dragon and lion seemed to shake the heaven and earth. It was extremely intense!

"While the Ghost Lion King is holding the dragon back, we have to quickly enter!" Wang Tianshi quickly shouted.

Although Jian Xuanzi was fearful of the strength of the dragon and the Ghost Lion King, their passion towards the immortal treasures made them fearless as they all rushed towards the tomb.

However, just as they were about to rush over, a beam of golden light shot out from the huge tomb!

"Has the immortal treasure appeared?" Jian Xuanzi exclaimed in surprise.

Sure enough, something flew out from the tomb!

It was a cauldron that burned with golden flames and was several meters tall. After flying out, it gradually became smaller, until it was only two meters tall.

It was a square cauldron with four lion heads on four feet. The cauldron was covered with lion totems and it's ears were also two open lion heads!

When Qin Yun saw the cauldron, he immediately felt a sense of regret!

Of course he could see that this was an extremely powerful cauldron but it was going to fall into the hands of Jian Xuanzi and the bunch of bastards!

"Yes!! It's the Dragon Suppressing Furnace of the Heavenly Lion!" Wang Tianshi exclaimed, "Quick, bring it over!"

Jian Xuanzi's face was filled with ecstasy as he used his own strength to condense a purplish-gold light belt and wrapped it around the Dragon Cauldron.

"This is an ancient dao tool, quickly refine it with your blood essence!" Wang Tianshi hurriedly cut his wrist and infused his mental power into the blood, releasing it into the Dragon Cauldron.

The other old men at the Xuan Marital Realm also let out their blood to refine it!

Qin Yun, who was tied to the sacrificial altar, was astonished!

Although he was a high level inscription master, he didn't know that they needed to use this method to subdue the ancient Dao device!

A Dao Artifact was above a Xuan Artifact!

As for the ancient dao tools, they were even more terrifying. The refining methods and various dao inscriptions they used were all lost.

Furthermore, the totem of a Heavenly Lion carved on the Dragon Cauldron was even more incredible!

"Although we are letting out our blood to refine it, whoever spills out more blood will own the Dragon Cauldron!" Jian Xuanzi coldly said: "If anyone obtains it, no one is allowed to steal it!"

The reason why everyone wanted to bring out the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron was so that they can risk their lives to obtain it!

The Dragon Suppressing Cauldron was suspended in the air and it kept on spinning to absorb the blood of the Xuan realm!

As soon as they opened the tomb, something like this flew out, giving off the impression that there was something inside.

While they were refining the Dragon Cauldron, the scarlet tower that had been separated from the middle started to slowly close!

The Immortal Graveyard closed!

"Don't worry, the little ghost is still here!" Master Wang looked at Qin Yun and said with a chuckle, "Thankfully, we did not kill him earlier. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to open the immortal tomb!"


The Dragon Cauldron suddenly shook and a scorching gale burst out. As it spun, it constantly sent out balls of fire that flew everywhere.

Suddenly, the lid of the Dragon Cauldron was opened and a large ball of red flames gushed out from within!

"Be careful! The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron is attacking us! This fellow is a Dao weapon and he has his own will!" Jian Xuanzi shouted.

The ball of red flames flew out and headed towards the sacrificial altar.

"Not good, it wants to destroy the altar! To destroy the only way into the tomb!"

Just as Master Wang finished speaking, the ball of fire came smashing at Qin Yun.


A large wave of fire burst out, blowing up the altar and splattering out a fiery and stiff rock!

"The altar and the kid are gone!" Jian Xuanzi exclaimed.

"The sacrificial altar was so sturdy but it was actually blown up in an instant!"

The one who was the most shocked was still Wang Tianshi.

Jian Xuanzi said: "Don't worry about it for now, let's take down the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron first!"

At this moment, the other warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm also joined in. They released their blood essence to suppress the irritable Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

Qin Yun was hit by the ball of flames but did not feel any injuries. Instead, he was wrapped up by the ball of flames and sent flying into the distance with the surging force.

"I'm saved!"

Qin Yun was lying in a crack on the ground. At that moment, he was still in the large pit where the gigantic tower was.

He fell into the torn crack.

Qin Yun touched his body and was astounded.

"Motherfucker, that isn't a flame. It's...the soul of the Dragon Suppressing Furnace of the Heavenly Lion, it is the most important item of the Dao tool! It actually flew out on it's own!"

He looked at his own Nethersun Dao Core inside. The soul was like a small cauldron, hiding inside his own Dao Core!

"Even if they could obtain the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron without a soul, it would only be a relatively sturdy piece of metal!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted before crawling out of the crevice.

The Ghost Lion King and the dragon were still engaged in an intense battle, causing all sorts of noises to envelop the area.

The violently shaking earth never stopped.

Qin Yun crawled out of a crack and saw that Jian Xuanzi was beaming with smiles. That was because he had obtained the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

"Let's leave first! No matter if the Ghost Lion King wins or the dragon wins, both of them will attack us!" Wang Tianshi's face was grim as he watched the battle between the dragons.

Jian Xuanzi immediately took out a large beast skin and spread it out with many people.

Qin Yun took a look and immediately knew that it was a teleportation array!

"This fellow actually has this kind of thing. No wonder they were so calm!"

Qin Yun cursed. He hated Wang Tian Shi and Jian Xuanzi to the core, those people who had captured him for a sacrifice.

Jian Xuanzi and the others in the Xuan realm and over twenty people in the Spirit realm were all standing on the huge beast skin.

"Let's pour in our energy and activate the transmission array. One, two, three!!" Jian Xuanzi shouted.

When Qin Yun saw that the teleportation nexus was about to open, he hurriedly took out a Spirit realm Dao Core and flew into the air.

"Quick, look!! It's that little brat, he's not dead yet!" An old man at the Spirit realm shouted.

"Great, capture him! He might even be of use in the future!" Wang Tianshi exclaimed in surprise.

"Go to hell, you bunch of animals!" Qin Yun threw the Spirit realm Dao core in his hand with all his might.

Because of the great battle between the dragon and lion in the sky, the auras between heaven and earth were tyrannical.

As a result, they were unable to sense that it was a dao core and didn't even know what was flying towards them!

When the Dao Core came close, Jian Xuanzi hurriedly exclaimed: "It's a Dao Core from the Spirit realm, it's going to explode!!!"

As for Qin Yun, he hurriedly used the Blue Spirit Profound Robe and instantly shoot out with meteor steps and leave the deep pit!


A loud sound exploded out from within the crater!

When that energy wave reached a hundred miles radius, it caused a massive amount of dust to fly into the air!

Qin Yun was sent flying far away by the shockwave as well!

Fortunately, he was able to run fast. He did not suffer any injuries at the core of the explosion.

After the intense explosion, Jian Xuanzi, Wang Tianzi and the others were all near the huge pit!

They were floating in the air, looking at the huge crater that had collapsed beside the Scarlet Towers. Their faces were full of fear!

"That little bastard, he actually has a Dao core of the Spirit Martial Realm!! How did he get it?" Wang Tianshi was fine but he was also in an extremely sorry state.

And those at the Spirit realm were more or less all injured.

Fortunately, there were a few Xuan Martial Realm warriors who tried to protect them!

However, that precious transmission array had been destroyed!

Jian Xuanzi roared: "The teleportation formation that my ancestors passed down... I want to skin that kid alive!"


For some reason, the Ghost Lion King stopped fighting with the dragon and charged forward!

This scared the Xuan Martial Realm warriors into fleeing in all directions!

When a great disaster was about to befall them, they all flew away. The moment the Ghost Lion King came down, they would run as fast as they could.

The Spirit realm martial artists complained continuously because those in the Xuan realm ran very fast and they could not catch up.

"That little bastard, he killed us!"

"Damn brat, you destroyed the teleportation formation and alerted the Ghost Lion King. Otherwise, we would have returned safely!"

"If this kid is still alive, we must get even with him!"

The powerful martial practitioners that were fleeing cursed Qin Yun in their hearts.

Qin Yun, who was fleeing, cursed in his heart.

He had nearly been sacrificed and he had just casually lost a Dao core for revenge.

After running for a few days in the forest, Qin Yun gradually distanced himself from the immortal tomb.

He was only at the Martial Dao Realm. It would be dangerous for him to travel alone, but he couldn't care less.

At this moment, it was dark. Qin Yun used his Shadow Force in the night as he hurried on his way. Thankfully, Zi Qingcheng had given him a direction previously so that he would know where Martial Desolate was.

Travelling in the night, he was the safest because the Shadow Force allowed him to hide in the darkness.

Just as dawn was about to break, Qin Yun was about to rest when he realized that the artifact spirit within the Nethersun Dao Core was trembling slightly!

"Could it be... Is the Dragon Suppression Cauldron in the vicinity? This cauldron was obtained by that old bastard Jian Xuanzi, is he in the vicinity?"

Qin Yun's heart thumped as he hurriedly came to a halt.