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When Qin Yun was inscribing spirit inscriptions, he had done it out of instinct but he could always do it well. It was because of his talent.

In about two hours, Qin Yun had successfully repaired a top-grade spirit artifact. He was the fastest!

But now, there was less than half of the time left.

As for the other Inscription Masters, they could barely repair one top grade spirit weapon.

In other words, the end result would be that everyone successfully repaired a top grade spirit weapon and the fight was a draw.

In this way, there wouldn't be a first place position!

Tie meant that no one could obtain the special star marks of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace!

At this point, many of the Inscription Masters inwardly cursed. They just wasted time just now because it wasn't easy to repair top grade spirit artifacts.

A high grade Inscription Master would usually only refine high grade spirit weapons and would never attempt to repair a top grade spirit weapon.

Right now, they were all trying to rush the ducks into the fray, forcing themselves to give it a try.

In the end, those Inscriptionists who could successfully repair top grade spirit weapons were definitely the ones with the best Inscription potential.

Murong Daren humphed and said, "Blue Spirit Saint Palace is really tricky. They said they will give out both the third and fourth round rewards. They are very generous but they only drew a big cake that can't be eaten!"

Huo Zhong said, "Brother Yun's progress is the fastest. Now, we can be sure that he will definitely enter the fifth round!"

Lan Fengjin sighed lightly, "If I were to enter this round, I would also be eliminated. It must be said that after these few rounds, we can clearly see that Qin Yun's talent in inscriptions is extremely terrifying. After all, he's still so young!"

Zhuo Chuan promptly nodded his head and said, "This kind of monstrous talent exists even in the Martial Desolate land but it's also rarely seen."

Qin Yun began repairing the second top-grade spirit artifact.

As an Inscription Master, he was extremely interested in Star Inscriptions. He really wanted to see a set of Star Inscriptions to see if they were as powerful as in the legends.

The weapon that he chose was a relatively short sword. It was completely blue in color and flowed with a light blue radiance. It was extremely exquisite. The material used was close to the Royal Grade Bone Steel. Only then would it appear light blue.

"The Inscription Master who refined this short sword has an extremely high level of skill. It is very likely that it was forged by Lan Huayu. In other words, this sword will not have too many mistakes." Qin Yun looked carefully at the short sword.

When Lan Huayu saw Qin Yun choose the short sword, he also smiled slightly. It was indeed forged by him.

"That's a top grade spirit weapon that Grandpa refined." Lan Fengjin said in a low voice and also recognized it.

A Blue Spirit Star Palace inscriptionist said, "Holy shit, Qin Yun chose a top-grade spirit artifact refined by Elder Lan. It's extremely difficult to find a spirit artifact forged by a master like that, even though it's very rare!"

"That's right. Even Lan Huayu might not know what went wrong."

"When Grandmasters were forging spirit artifacts, they had to be very serious and profound to inscribe spirit inscriptions. If they didn't reach the corresponding level after inscribing spirit artifacts, they wouldn't know where the mistake was!"

Most of the people currently discussing were Inscription Masters. The others didn't know a thing about the inscriptions and were just there to watch the show, listen to the discussions of the Inscription Masters and gain a bit of insight.

Zhuo Chuan nodded and said, "It is indeed so. After I fail to forge a spirit artifact, sometimes it is very difficult to find the places where I made mistakes in my spirit inscription. Because I am very sure that my inscribing was perfect but after it is finished, I am unable to awaken it."

There was a reason for Qin Yun to choose such a spirit artifact that was forged at the Grandmaster level.

That was to try his luck. If he only made a slight mistake, then he would only need to fix a small amount of mistakes and he would be able to fix the spirit artifact.

"Elder Lan, are you sure that the mistakes are in the bright portion of the Inscription? This is a top quality spirit artifact. If there really was a mistake, it wouldn't be easy for others to discover it."

One of the old inscriptionist couldn't find mistake for a long time, so he asked with a puzzled expression.

"It's very simple. If there's a mistake with the Dark lines, then inject enough power into the item. Whether the item is damaged, it's very easy to see!"

"The spirit artifacts that you want to repair have all been tested by us and are capable of absorbing a powerful amount of energy. None of them have been damaged by energy. So the Dark line part isn't a problem, the problem is the bright line part!"

Because this was a top-grade spirit tool, many high grade Inscription Masters had never come into contact with it before. They would only be suspicious if they didn't understand it well enough.

There were some Inscription Masters that were unable to find any mistakes in the inscription yet Qin Yun was able to repair a spirit artifact. This difference in strength was enough to cause others to sigh in admiration.

Qin Yun held the blue short sword tightly. With a muffled grunt, he released a powerful internal energy that poured into the short sword.

When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, because that Internal Supreme Force was very strong!

The short sword had absorbed a large amount of Internal Supreme Force and was slightly trembling. Qin Yun took the opportunity to mix his mind energy into the sword as he searched for a blockage inside the sword.

After the short sword absorbed the energy, only the three sets of lines did not light up. This meant that the mistake occurred at the point where the core of the three groups of lines intersected.

There were many sets of spirit inscriptions inscribed into top quality spirit artifacts. Some of them overlapped with each other and if they didn't light up, then it meant that there was a mistake with these sets of spirit inscriptions.

Now, Qin Yun could eliminate the majority of the inscriptions and search for the ones that were not lit up.

The other Inscriptionists saw this and followed Qin Yun's instructions. However, they failed. The spirit inscriptions on the spirit artifacts did not light up, meaning that there was a problem with all the inscriptions.

When they saw this, the Inscription Masters all went to change the top grade spirit artifacts to select the ones refined by the masters. This way, there wouldn't be that many mistakes in the spirit inscriptions.

Through his unique mental energy, Qin Yun quickly found where the mistake is. Indeed, it was an inconspicuous intersection where the three sets of bright lines met with each other.

The main reason was that when the spirit marks intersected, the process of intersecting would destroy the structure of the other spirit marks. As long as the damaged spot was fixed, it could be repaired.

The hourglass continuously leaked out sand as time slowly passed by!

The participating Inscriptionists were all sweating like rain. They were extremely exhausted and were frantically using their mental power to repair top grade spirit artifacts.

"It's over!" Lan Huayu looked at the hourglass and suddenly shouted.

Qin Yun hurriedly put down the short sword in his hand. He had successfully repaired it but it was not perfect. It only made the bright lines dim and light up. He did not know if it was a success or not.

"An Inscription Master who hasn't succeeded in repairing the spirit artifact, please leave as you wish!" Lan Huanyu shouted.

There were a total of twenty Inscription Masters that had left the arena!

In other words, only five Inscription Masters had succeeded!

Of these five Inscriptionists, two of them wore dark blue robes. They were Inscriptionists from the Blue Spirit Star Palace. The other two were clad in golden-blue robes. They were from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

And then there was Qin Yun, a young man who had entered the final round. Such talent made everyone exclaim once again!

"All of you can only repair one top grade spirit artifact and tied at first place. So you can't get the Star Mark, you can only enter the fifth round!" Lan Huayu said indifferently.

"Is the criteria for successfully repairing a spirit artifact to make the bright lines light up?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes!" Lan Huayu nodded. "I will closely examine the spirit artifacts you have repaired."

Lan Huayu walked up and inspected each of their repaired top-grade spirit artifacts.

The spirit inscriptions on it could all light up but they were a bit dim and wasn't repaired very well. This type of top quality spirit artifact was rather low quality and couldn't be sold for a high price.

"Very good, your level is quite good, to have the qualifications to become a Spirit level Inscription Master!" Lan Huayu laughed and said, "It doesn't matter if there are no rewards. After the fifth round, the rewards will still be very rich!"

"Elder Lan, you haven't tested the short sword!" Qin Yun shouted softly.

"What? Have you finished repairing that short sword?" Lan Huayu was shocked.

The inscriptionists looked at Qin Yun in shock as they looked at the short sword in front of him!

If he could successfully repair two of them, he would be able to get the first place, and he would be able to obtain the Star Mark!

Lan Huayu controlled the short sword through the air and it flew over. He gripped the sword hilt and poured energy into it. The many sets of lines on it all lit up!

Qin Yun had truly succeeded in repairing the second spirit artifact!

Star marks. He had obtained the Star marks of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace!

It was said that there were only a few star marks in the Blue Spirit Saint Palace and they were considered treasures. Without permission, one could not pass on them!

Now, an outsider could actually obtain a Star Mark!

This was something that even Blue Spirit Star Palace's Inscription Masters were incomparably envious of!

Qin Yun grinned and said, "Elder Lan, Star Marks!!"

"This..." Lan Huayu also didn't expect that someone would be able to repair two top grade spirit weapons within four hours.

Clearly, Qin Yun had met some luck in repairing the second spirit artifact. However, his own standards were not bad.

Otherwise, no matter how lucky he was, without sufficient ability, he wouldn't be able to grasp the opportunity.

"You won't go back on your word, right?" Qin Yun asked with concern.

Lan Huayu smiled awkwardly, "Of course not....However... But..."

Suddenly, a large group of people arrived. The people walking in the front were four very powerful old men. Among them was an old woman.

These are the palace masters of the four palaces!

Furthermore, Xiao Yanglong was among this group of people. He was following behind Palace Master Yang of the Western Palace!

The palace masters of the four palaces suddenly appeared here. It was obvious that they had been watching the show from within the room of the Palace.

However, no one knew that their appearance at this moment was definitely related to the star patterns.

The old woman said, "Qin Yun, in order to obtain the Star Mark, you must join our Blue Spirit Star Palace! Only by becoming a disciple of the Star Palace would one be able to get the Star Mark. It's not that we don't want to give it to you, it's just that you have to follow this condition!"

"I am the Palace Master of the Eastern Palace. Yuelan and Shiyue have both cultivated in our Eastern Palace before entering the Saint Palace. I guarantee that you will cultivate well in the Eastern Palace. With your talent, you will definitely be able to obtain a large amount of resources!"

The other three Palace Lords were secretly unhappy. The Eastern Palace had obtained Qin Yun and it was without a doubt that they had obtained a treasure. As long as they nurtured him vigorously, they would definitely benefit the Eastern Palace greatly in the future.

"Fine, I'll enter the Blue Spirit Palace sooner or later." Qin Yun looked at the Palace Lords and sighed.

The Palace Master of the Eastern Palace faintly smiled: "Welcome to our Eastern Palace, disciple!"

Qin Yun looked at Palace Chief Yang and said, "I had previously said that I would challenge Xiao Yanglong and seize his chief disciple spot! Therefore, I want to join the Western Palace!"

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