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When the matter of rewards was brought up, Lan Fengjin also felt very dissatisfied. She said, "Blue Spirit Saint Palace shouldn't lack this kind of reward, right?"

Lan Huayu laughed and said: "Of course not! The third round had a reward but it would be distributed together with the fourth round. If he wanted to receive a reward, he would have to perform well in the fourth round. You'll know when the time comes!"

Yang Shiyue chuckled and said, "Qin Yun, if you want that mysterious reward, you will have to work hard in the fourth round! As your mentor, I will also receive a reward!"

"Teacher, please teach me the Mysterious Star Steps now!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

"You just returned from the Inscription Competition. You don't need to rest?" Yang Shiyue asked.

"No need, I'm in high spirit's right now!" Qin Yun smiled.

Following that, Yang Shiyue entered the wooden house with Qin Yun and began explaining the basic aspects of the Mysterious Star Steps.

As for Lan Fengjin, she was going to practice breaking that seal array. She had suffered a huge setback, so she had to get up at this place.

Inside the wooden house, Qin Yun was attentively listening to Yang Shiyue explain him martial arts.

Yang Shiyue said: "The Mysterious Star Steps is very strange. When used, it will be different depending on the martial spirit's in the martial artist's body."

"For example, I have the Moon Martial Spirit. During the day, when I use the Mysterious Star Steps, I can only use it to speed up my movement. But at night, with the moonlight shining down, I can sense the moon, causing my body to be absorbed by the moon, making it easy for me to fly!"

"I have the Purple Thunder Flame Martial Spirit and the Vibration Martial Spirit. What effect would it have if I were to use the Mysterious Star Steps?" Qin Yun was immediately filled with anticipation.

"I don't know. You'll have to master the basics before you know it." Yang Shiyue smiled: "For the entry level of the Mysterious Star Steps, one must have obvious movement characteristics. I can only confirm my movement technique's characteristics at night."

Qin Yun nodded and continued listening to Yang Shiyue talk about the difficulties of the Mysterious Star Steps.

The Mysterious Star Steps was an Earth Realm martial art that only martial dao realm could use.

As for martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body realm, it was unavoidable that they would consume a large amount of energy when they used Earth-rank martial skills. Furthermore, they would also need to use supreme inner force.

After hearing that, Qin Yun had a rough understanding of the situation.

After that, he started to coordinate with the incantation and mobilize the power of the inner core to flow throughout his entire body before attacking his legs naturally.

He repeatedly tried to familiarize himself with this process.

At night, Yang Shiyue also went outside to practice the Mysterious Star Steps and she diligently increased her own strength.

Qin Yun practiced all night and in the morning of the second day, he continued practicing. It was almost noon when he finally had a short rest.

This was because the fourth round of the inscription competition was going to take place in the afternoon.

The fourth round of the martial arts competition would begin in three days but the inscription competition would not stop.

"Qin Yun, I won't go to watch inscription competition. I know that you will definitely perform exceptionally!" Yang Shiyue made a plate of delicious dim sum to show her encouragement.

Qin Yun happily ate it as he nodded his head repeatedly.

After he finished eating, he, Lan Fengjin, Lan Huayu and Zhuo Chuan went together to the Inscription Hall.

There were only twenty-five Inscription Masters participating in the fourth round, causing the wide field to become extremely deserted.

Those who could make it to the fourth round were all at a very high level.

Amongst the participants, only Qin Yun was at the ninth level Martial Body realm. As for the others, they were all high-ranked Martial Dao Realm Inscriptionists.

Most of them were from Blue Spirit Star Palace, while the others were from the Xuan Level Martial Academy or the Divine Inscription Palace.

The young Qin Yun seemed out of place when competing with a group of old inscriptionists.

This proved that Qin Yun's level of inscriptions was much higher than that of most high-level inscriptionists.

"The fourth round of the Inscription Competition will once again test the Inscription Master's mastery over spirit inscriptions and familiarity with spirit artifacts." Lan Huayu said, "When an Inscription Master is refining, it is inevitable that some mistakes will occur. The most common mistake is when inscribing spirit marks, which will cause the spirit artifact to become useless."

"However, this kind of abandoned spirit tools can be repaired and this will be a great test of an Inscription Master's skill."

"This round of the competition is for everyone to repair abandoned top quality spirit artifacts."

"Everyone can be at ease, the areas where the abandoned spirit tools went wrong are all the portion of the bright lines. As long as everyone is able to fix the portion of the bright lines that went wrong and let the top grade spirit tools come back to life, then they will be able to enter the final round!"

"The inscriptionist who has successfully repaired the most top grade spirit artifacts will obtain the special inscription of our Blue Spirit Palace. This is a very special inscription!"

The reward for the fourth round was indeed very generous. It turned out to be the legendary Star Inscription.

The surrounding people who had lost the battle were all heartbroken, wondering why they hadn't entered the fourth round. Otherwise, they might have been able to obtain the Star inscription!

Because of this, it became very lively in the Inscription Hall.

Qin Yun was no stranger to Star Inscriptions!

Within the mysterious inscriptions, other than spirit marks, Xuan marks, Dao marks, there were also some other special marks, such as star marks, moon marks and Sun marks.

Star marks were a common type of special inscriptions. Even though they were common, there weren't many powers that had them.

As for the Moon Mark and Sun Mark, they were even rarer.

What ability did the star marks have? No one knew because it was special and mysterious, many Inscription Masters yearned for star marks.

"In order to obtain the Star mark, one must repair the most amount of top grade spirit tools. If everyone can repair only one top grade spirit tool, then no one will be able to get this reward!"

"The time limit is four hours!"

Four hours. This was the longest period of time in several rounds. From this, one could see how difficult it was!

Qin Yun was looking forward to the fifth round's rewards.

If the reward for the fourth round was Star Mark, then the reward for the fifth round would definitely be better than the Star Mark!

He had high-grade spirit marks, Xuan marks, Dao marks but no star marks. Therefore, the star marks are extremely attractive to him.

Lan Huanyu took out many top grade spirit weapons, a total of fifty to sixty of them. Most of them consisted of swords and sabers and some of them were hammers and spears.

"My friends and I have been holding these for years, we made mistakes while carving the bright lines. We could fix it but the mistakes we made were special, so we kept them, reminding ourselves, reminding our disciples, telling them not to make our mistakes. Now, we will take them out for everyone to try and see if they can be repaired."

Lan Huayu had the participating Inscriptionists go pick the top quality spirit artifacts.

Qin Yun also picked one of the abandoned artifacts. Holding it in his hand, he found that it was difficult to tell what had gone wrong.

When he injected his internal energy into the spirit tool, he discovered that it was extremely unstable inside the spirit tool and the spirit tool was also unable to absorb and release even more energy.

Like many Inscription Masters, Qin Yun chose the larger ones. This would make it easier for him to observe the spirit inscriptions on them.

If it was a relatively small spirit artifact, the spirit inscriptions inscribed into it would also be extremely dense and would not be easy to observe.

What Qin Yun chose was a light red broadsword. The bright lines on it's surface were extremely domineering and the carvings were very good. It was obvious that it was lightning and fire.

After the Inscription Masters had chosen their spirit artifacts, Lan Huayu announced the start of the competition!

Even though the twenty-five Inscription Masters picked out some spirit weapons, there were still many top grade spirit weapons on the long table. If the Inscriptionists were able to complete quickly, they could go back and picking other items.

At the start of the match, the Inscription Masters were all in a hurry to find the wrong spirit marks on the spirit artifact.

Qin Yun used his mind energy to scan the gigantic light-red blade over and over again as he carefully searched for the wrong spirit mark.

Finding the wrong spirit mark consumed a lot of time. Once found, he would be able to quickly start to repair them.

This kind of competition was a test of an Inscription Master's experience in inscribing spirit marks.

Inside the storage space, Mo Mo knew what was going on outside as she said, "Brother Yun, if I can get out, I'll be able to help you find the mistake in the spirit mark very quickly!"

Qin Yun also knew that Mo Mo had such abilities. He said with a smile, "It's fine. I'm also testing my standards! If I have the chance in the future, I'll definitely ask you to help me repair my spirit artifact!"

Repairing spirit artifacts was also a skill that an Inscription Master had to possess.

Qin Yun's mental force was extremely strong. Even a high-ranked inscriptionist in the Martial Dao Realm might not have his strength of mental force.

After a careful sweep, he quickly discovered that there was a mistake with the spirit inscriptions!

He picked up the special carving knife for the competition and injected his blood soul energy into it, attempting to repair the spirit mark that had gone wrong!

Lan Fengjin who was outside the arena could not help but say in surprise when she saw Qin Yun begin using the carving knife, "Did Qin Yun find the mistake so quickly? I've tried to help grandfather repair this kind of spirit artifact that had failed inscription before and it wasn't that easy to find the wrong place! It will take a long time to find the wrong place!"

Zhuo Chuan nodded his head: "Indeed, searching for the wrong spirit mark would take a lot of time and it won't be that easy! As for Qin Yun, it seems like he has already found it!"

The eliminated Inscription Masters were also watching the match from outside the arena, all secretly amazed.

It was Qin Yun's first time repairing this kind of failed artifact. He had to rely on the knowledge he had gained from the books to try it out.

He never thought that his mental force would be so useful. He simply followed the flow of the bright lines on the blade and soon found the wrong place.

"I don't know who carved it. The level of detail was not high and there were several places where the power of the Blood Soul was insufficient, resulting in the entire spirit mark to become fragmented after it was completed."

As Qin Yun pondered, he used a carving knife to carve the problematic spirit marks according to the original inscriptions.

The power of the Blood Soul was equivalent to ink. Without enough power of the Blood Soul, the inscriptions were like brushes without ink.

"He really found the wrong place!"

When Zhuo Chuan saw Qin Yun seriously inscribing the spirit marks, he said in shock, "Even the Inscription Master who forged the spirit artifact would find it difficult to find the mistakes. How did he do it?"

It wasn't just Zhuo Chuan who was bewildered, even many of the older and higher level Inscriptionists were the same.

They secretly suspected that Qin Yun had grasped some powerful secret arts.

Lan Fengjin's eyes flickered with joy. Qin Yun was her master. She would be able to learn such a skill in the future. His mental strength is extraordinary and his comprehension towards inscriptions is also extremely high!