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Although Lan Huayu was happy to see Qin Yun get up, he was also shocked and puzzled!

That was because that was the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation. Qin Yun could resist it for so long just by relying on his flesh and blood!

It wasn't just Lan Huayu who was surprised but many of the seniors of the Saint Palace were also shocked!

The reason why Yu Heng was able to resist the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation was because he had a special kind of defensive treasure armor. This was something that many of the older generation of Blue Spirit Star Palace could already guess!

Furthermore, Qin Yun did not do so. If not, he would not have been tormented to such an extent!

When Yu Heng saw that Qin Yun was still able to stand up, he sneered. "Qin Yun, I want to see how powerful the demonic arts you used can make you last!"

He naturally knew that Qin Yun had a terrifying willpower. Otherwise, he would not be able to stand up again!

The Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation was still operating non-stop. It released waves of cold wind that blew over the Spiritual Martial Palace, causing the temperature of the Spiritual Martial Palace to drop by a lot.

"Yu Heng, you can come out now!" A blue-robed old man suddenly shouted.

"No, I can persevere!" Yu Heng frowned and said coldly.

"Don't try to be brave. This is your limit. If you make a mistake, it will cause you a lot of damage!" The blue robed elder panicked and shouted angrily, "Yu Heng, quickly come out!"

Yu Heng looked as if nothing had happened but he had been called out in a hurry, causing many people who did not know the truth to be puzzled.


Yu Heng suddenly screamed and fell to the ground.

His body was instantly covered in frost and then he kept twitching non-stop.

Kacha! The surface of Yu Heng's body suddenly broke apart. That was the armor hidden under his clothes!

After the armor was broken, the surface of Yu Heng's body, which was covered in frost, began to crack.

"Yu Heng!"

The blue robed elder shouted loudly and rushed in, picking up Yu Heng and leaving the formation.

Yu Heng no longer had any breath left. It could be seen that under the strongest power of the killing array, he couldn't even withstand a single blow!

Everyone looked at the shattered armor on the ground and began to question it!

Yu Heng was actually wearing armor!

Lan Huayu hurriedly walked forward and closed the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation. He supported the weakened Qin Yun out.

He looked at Ji Kailin and the others, only to see that they had disappeared into the crowd!

"Let them run! The saints are all wearing protective armor. If we caught them, we can be sure that they are cheating!" Murong Daren shouted.

All of the candidates outside the Blue Spirit Star Palace voiced their doubts and anger.

"They are cheating!"

"Truly shameful. Blue Spirit Saint Palace cannot afford to lose? Don't hold a competition like this when you can't afford to lose, it's shameful!"

"Hmph, if not for Qin Yun holding on to the end, we would not have known the truth!"

"How despicable, to waste our time!"

The old man in charge shouted without batting an eyelid, "Next batch!"

Those who scolded the Blue Spirit Saint Palace were only a portion of those who came from other places. The disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace, with the exception of Murong Daren and a few others, all shut their mouths and did not mention this matter.

Qin Yun had successfully passed the third round. Yang Shiyue had also become his mentor and would guide him to enter the next two rounds.

"Are you alright?" Yang Shiyue held Qin Yun's wrist and probed the situation in his body through his pulse. However, she realized that there was an extremely active energy in his body.

"I'm fine!" Qin Yun shook his head. Having fused with the Heavenly Lion bloodline, his body had become impervious to ice and fire.

The most powerful part of the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation was it's cold power but it was useless against him. It was only the strong pressure from the formation that made it more difficult for him.

"It's good that you're fine!" Zhuo Chuan walked over and said with a smile, "The totem tattoos are truly amazing. You've been able to hold on for a long time!"

Qin Yun nodded and did not mention the matter. He could also tell that Zhuo Chuan knew about the Heavenly Lion bloodline.

"There's still more than four hours until the Inscription Competition this afternoon. Will we have enough time to participate?" Lan Huayu asked.

"There's time!" Qin Yun nodded. He felt that he had recovered quite well.

"I'll take you to heal!" Yang Shiyue pulled Qin Yun out of the Spiritual Martial Palace.

Qin Yun brought Yang Shiyue to Lan Huayu's grove and arrived at his own wooden house.

"I will channel inner strength to help you recover faster!"

Yang Shiyue and Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the bed, facing each other, their palms pressed tightly against each other.

"Teacher, there are many despicable people in the Saint Palace. You'd better be careful in the future!" Qin Yun said as he looked at Yang Shiyue's beautiful and gentle eyes.

Yang Shiyue smiled gently: "Don't worry, I can protect myself!"

Qin Yun nodded before asking again, "Has Xiao Yanglong decided to get married to you?"

Speaking of this matter, Yang Shiyue's expression changed and asked in surprise: "How did you know?"

This was what Qin Yun had overheard in the Beastman Mountain Range! He also overheard that Xiao Yanglong wanted to use Yang Shiyue as a cultivation furnace to cultivate his demonic arts!

"Teacher, when exactly is your wedding?" Qin Yun asked again.

"When the celebration of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace is over, we'll begin..." Yang Shiyue let out a soft sigh, sighing helplessly and sorrowfully.

Qin Yun was also very clear that Xiao Yanglong had used some methods to threaten Yang Shiyue.

As long as Xiao Yanglong was still alive, Yang Shiyue could only resign herself to her fate.

"So fast?" Qin Yun was somewhat indignant.

Yang Shiyue nodded slightly and revealed a sad and beautiful smile. "Qin Yun, there's no need to feel sad. Regardless, I'll be your teacher in the future and your friend as well!"

"En!" Qin Yun's eyes suddenly turned resolute. It was as though he had decided to do something.

"I am also very happy to see you grow so powerful. You and Yuelan will definitely be able to create a new world in the future!" Yang Shiyue smiled with satisfaction, it was a beautiful and sad smile, "Once Yuelan comes out, she will be the youngest martial dao realm artist in this borderland!"

Qin Yun fell silent.

He had an arranged battle with Xiao Yanglong and at that time, he said that two years would pass but he now decided that he would challenge Xiao Yanglong ahead of time!

More than two hours later, Qin Yun had completely recovered!

This was mainly because he was wearing a light inscription equipment. Furthermore, Yang Shiyue's purple moon inner force had a strong recovery ability.

"So fast!" Yang Shiyue smiled: "Looks like you can step into the martial dao realm within two or three years!"

Qin Yun hurriedly took out the Earth Realm martial art, Star Steps. He handed it to Yang Shiyue and said, "Teacher, this is an Earth Realm martial art. I have never learned it because I don't dare to act recklessly without someone to guide me?"

Qin Yun was able to cultivate the Fire Cloud Steps to perfection but the strongest "Teleportation Meteor" required a large amount of supreme inner force. It consumed a great deal of his energy.

If he could master Earth Realm martial arts, as long as he used his inner strength, he would be able to move faster and have better agility.

Yang Shiyue took the book and hurriedly read it carefully.

"I need some time for analysis and annotation. Can you wait?" Yang Shiyue was quite excited when she saw an Earth Level Martial Arts. It wouldn't be easy for her to obtain an Earth Level Martial Art.

Even if one stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, if one wanted to obtain Earth Level Martial Arts, they would have to put in a lot of effort.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Of course we can wait! Although movement skill is my weakness, such things cannot be rushed!"

"Alright, I will definitely analyze this as soon as possible. After that, I will make a good annotation and use the most concise method to guide you in!" Yang Shiyue continued to read the book seriously.

Qin Yun did not disturb Yang Shiyue as he walked out of the house and went outside.

He sat alone on the stone bench, looking at the fairy in his storage space.

"Little beauty, is it a good thing for me to have the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion?" Qin Yun asked.

Mo Mo was the High Priest of the magical fairies. Even though she looked like a small child, she had lived for a very long time and was very familiar with the matters regarding totem tattoos.

Mo Mo charmingly said, "Of course it's a good thing. This is something that many humans and magical beings yearn for! If you were in the Magic World, a person with Heavenly Lion's bloodline like you, everyone would want to eat you. Even if you take a sip of the soup, it would be greatly beneficial!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he felt discomfort throughout his body. He said with a wry smile, "Many people would want to eat me? This doesn't seem to be a good thing!"

"As long as no one knows about it! Needless to say, the magical beings in the Magic World, even some of them want to obtain the power of bloodline, they want to eat a bloodline martial artist like you!"

This made Qin Yun even more alarmed!

He secretly rejoiced that this matter had not been discovered by the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Although Zhuo Chuan knew about it, he covered it up for him.

Yang Shiyue was studying the Mysterious Star Steps in her hut. Qin Yun greeted her outside the door and headed for the Inscription Hall.

In the afternoon, the Inscription Hall would hold the third round of the Inscription Competition.

The content of the great competition would only be announced when the competition was about to begin. This was also a great test of an Inscription Master's ability to adapt.

Qin Yun was dressed in silvery-white clothes as he stepped into the Inscription Hall with a glowing expression.

Everyone was secretly surprised to see him recover so quickly. It seemed that he was fine.

No one knew how difficult it would be to enter the third round.

But one thing was certain, it would not be as deadly as the martial arts competition this morning!

Yang Shiyue did not come to watch Qin Yun's inscription competition. It was rather strange.

Qin Yun entered the arena and sat beside Lan Fengjin, just like last time.

There were 100 inscriptionists participating in the third round.

When the old inscriptionists came in, they did not look at Qin Yun. They mainly felt somewhat ashamed.

After the first two rounds, Qin Yun's level of inscription was extremely obvious. Furthermore, he was a high-level inscriptionist. This made the old inscriptionists unable to lift their heads.

Of course, there were a few high-ranked inscriptionists from Blue Spirit Star Palace who still disdained Qin Yun.

They only felt that Qin Yun had decent capabilities but it was difficult for him to defeat them in a competition between high-ranked Inscription Masters.

When everyone arrived, Lan Huayu began to announce the start of the match and then explained the rules of the third round.

"The third round is a test of the spell formations. You will not have to lay them down but break them through!" Lan Huayu said, "You need to break through an array formation within the specified time!"

It would take time to set up the formation and it would take a long time to break it.

However, this sort of competition wouldn't give an Inscription Master too much time. The goal was to test the true strength of an Inscription Master.

Lan Huayu waved his hand and a dozen middle-aged people in blue robes walked over.

These middle-aged men in blue robes brought out a few small tents, which they opened wide and placed in the middle.

The blue tent wasn't very big and only one person could enter. If one looked carefully, they would know that the material used to make the tent was not ordinary. It was made from animal hide mixed into bone steel and was engraved with many spirit marks.