Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 310
Xie Wufeng, Murong Daren and Huo Zhong all looked towards Yang Shiyue with pleading gazes.

They knew very well that Yang Shiyue was Qin Yun's teacher and a person that Qin Yun respected very much. Only she could persuade Qin Yun.

Yang Shiyue looked towards the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation and saw Qin Yun sprawled on the ground, enduring the incomparable pain. How could she not feel upset?

She saw Yu Heng standing not far away from Qin Yun. His face was filled with complacency as well as anger and indignation!

"Qin Yun!" Yang Shiyue suddenly shouted.

Zhuo Chuan and the others were immediately relieved when they heard Yang Shi Yue speak.

After Yang Shiyue shouted, she continued: "If you give up, you will have to crawl out of the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation and crawl out like a defeated dog! Are you able to accept being defeated in this way?"

When Qin Yun heard that, he issued an explosive roar and used his arms to prop up his body.

"No!" he growled.

"Then stand up and hang on till the end!" Yang Shiyue looked at Yu Heng coldly, "Never lower your head to those despicable people!"

Qin Yun screamed in pain as he tried his best to stand up!

However, at most, he could only kneel on the ground and prop himself up with his hands. He was still unable to stand.

Zhuo Chuan and company were dumbfounded. They were the ones who had made Yang Shiyue persuade Qin Yun to give up!

Unexpectedly, Yang Shiyue provoked Qin Yun and made him continue persisting!

Yang Shiyue knew very well that even she was unable to persuade Qin Yun. Therefore, she could only use it to motivate him and stimulate his potential!

"Even if the tree totem bestowed power to me, I can't hold on any longer. Am I really going to lose?" Qin Yun's current situation was different from before.

Last time, there hadn't been any external force that had attacked his body but this time there was a powerful killing array that constantly released a terrifying ice-cold energy that penetrated into his bones, wanting to destroy his body!

At this moment, his three vajra inner cores had been frozen!

It was impossible for his internal force to escape. His bones and lungs were gradually sealed in ice.

Qin Yun could still feel pain because he was not completely frozen. If he could not feel the pain, his body would most likely be crippled!

"Brother Yun, quickly stand up!" Xie Wufeng hurriedly shouted to encourage Qin Yun.

"Brother Yun, we must definitely kill Yu Heng. This fellow cheated and used some tricks, we definitely can't lose to a fellow like him!" Murong Daren also shouted.

They knew that persuading Qin Yun to withdraw was useless. They could only provoke him!

"Qin Yun, hurry up and get up. Although you have been expelled from Star Xuan Wu Academy, you will forever be the pride of our academy!" A student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy shouted loudly. His voice was hoarse and he appeared extremely excited.

"Qin Yun, all the students of our Star Xuan Wu Academy are supporting you!"

"Don't lose to those foul saints who cheat. Bring out your true strength and defeat them one by one!"

In the arena, many students from the Star Xuan Wu Academy were shouting and roaring...

Qin Yun could not help but feel his blood boil when he heard so many people encouraging him!

But... He was powerless because he had used up all of his internal energy!


He was pressed to the ground once again. The skin on his body had already been torn and was bleeding profusely!

"Qin Yun!" Yang Shiyue's heart trembled as she hastily shouted.

Qin Yun looked at Yang Shiyue and thought about how she was about to be forced to marry Xiao Yanglong without any path of retreat. She fell into an incomparable state of despair, as if she had already given in to her fate!

"Teacher Yang, I won't let you down!"

Qin Yun wanted to make himself stronger, to let Yang Shiyue see the hope of breaking free from the shackles of fate.

Suddenly, his ice-cold arm of a Heavenly Lion felt a trace of warmth...

"I need some energy!" Qin Yun was slightly alarmed and immediately lit up with hope. "There seems to be movement from the Heavenly Lion Totem!"

He released multiple strands of Mental Energy and it was like a transparent net that enveloped the center of the Spiritual Martial Palace! He then used the Nine Yang Spirit to crazily absorb the energy of nine suns!

Suddenly, the spiritual energy in the entire Spiritual Martial Palace surged as nine types of spiritual energy surged into Qin Yun's body!

"The power of a very strong primordial spirit, is he absorbing spiritual energy through his primordial spirit?"

"He only has one spirit vein, how can he draw in so many types of spiritual energy?"

"In his current state, he has fused spirit veins and primordial spirit, turning into the legendary primordial spirit vein. As for what will happen, no one knows!" Lan Huayu exclaimed.

"It is said that only people of some great bloodline can cultivate to such a state!" Zhuo Chuan was also very surprised.

Yang Shi Yue had also heard about the primordial spirit veins. It allowed the Spirit vein to leave the body with the primordial spirit!

Legend has it that it can even allow the Primordial Spirit Veins to extend indefinitely, enter the starry sky, enter the nine suns and directly absorb the energy of the sun, moon and stars!

Qin Yun did not know why but he had suddenly entered this state.

He could feel that the Heavenly Lion's Arm's Violet Thunder Martial Spirit was absorbing a large amount of spiritual energy from his body and channeling it into the Heavenly Lion totem tattoo!


Qin Yun's body suddenly surged with heat. With the roar of a heavenly lion, the array overflowed!

The Heavenly Lion Totem!

Everyone suddenly recalled that Qin Yun still had an extremely powerful and mysterious totem tattoo!

Totem tattos were something that could only be encountered by luck and not sought after. Many of the genius saints within the Blue Spirit Saint Palace wanted to obtain them but they had never had the chance!

"This is... the Heavenly Lion's blood from the arm has entered my body! What's going on?"

Qin Yun was alarmed as he felt waves of burning power from the Heavenly Lion's arm enter his body from his shoulder.

The reason why he was able to withstand the might of the Heavenly Lion Bloodline was because his Heavenly Lion Arm was a totem of a Heavenly Lion. Furthermore, it had entered the body of the Golden Fire Lion and been tempered by the Golden Fire Lion.

However, his body did not have the Heavenly Lion Totem nor had it been refined before.

But now, the Heavenly Lion's Arm had miraculously produced a Heavenly Lion's bloodline. It poured into his body. This sudden and powerful bloodline, it seemed as though it wanted to destroy his body. It was terrifyingly powerful!

The Heavenly Lion Totem was madly absorbing the Nine Yang Energy, forming a massive amount of Heavenly Lion bloodlines. They poured into every part of his body, as if they wanted to melt his bones!

"Once I die, the Heavenly Lion Totem will disappear as well. Could it be that the Heavenly Lion Totem was trying to let me live so that it could condense the Heavenly Lion's bloodline and infuse it into my entire body?"

Qin Yun knew that totems were sentient long ago.

The fairy inside the first bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit suddenly said softly, "Brother Yun, you must hold on. If you succeed, you'll have the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion!"

"Mo Mo, how do I withstand this? This bloodline of the Heavenly Lion is too terrifying... " Qin Yun said in pain.

When Xue Ziye saw the ground rolling, he shouted in shock, "Qin Yun... What happened to him? It's even more painful than before!"

"Qin Yun!" Yang Shiyue gritted her teeth as she looked with heartache at Qin Yun, who was rolling on the ground.

"The Primordial Spirit Veins he released are still here... Furthermore, a large amount of spiritual energy is entering his body, so why is this happening?"

Lan Huayu was also puzzled. He looked at Zhuo Chuan.

Zhuo Chuan had a serious expression. Although his eyes were full of worry, there was still a trace of envy!

This was because he could see that Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion totem was congealing into a Heavenly Lion Bloodline!

If one had the bloodline of an Ancient Heavenly Beast, their power would definitely be terrifying!

Only those ancient Bloodline Nobility Families could awaken this bloodline body.

Zhuo Chuan could not be sure how but he could probably guess, so he did not say anything.

He understood the matters of the Martial Desolate Land relatively well. Once a person possessed a bloodline, they would be eaten if they were left alone!

Thus, in the Martial Desolate land, the various families with bloodlines and legacies, even if they had conflicts with each other, once they learned that someone had eaten their bloodline, they would join hands to fight back.

However, there were no blood line aristocratic families here. Therefore, once those vicious bastards from the Blue Spirit Star Palace learned of this, they would surely have evil intentions.

Zhuo Chuan could not wait to run in and carry Qin Yun back to the Divine Inscription Palace. He was worried that the Blue Spirit Star Palace would notice if this continued.

"Something went wrong with the Totem martial Arts. Because it was used by force, the power of the martial skill would wreak havoc in his body!" Zhuo Chuan suddenly shouted, "Qin Yun, quickly sort out that surge of energy and channel it into the golden bone!"

The Vajra bone was the strongest part of his body!

When Qin Yun heard Zhuo Chuan's reminder, he endured the pain and channeled the Heavenly Lion bloodline into the Vajra Bone.

When the Heavenly Lion bloodline entered his bones, the pain lessened a lot. This was enough to let his torn muscles and Black Gold Meridian recover.

Qin Yun's pain gradually abated. The absorption of the Vajra Bone was extremely fast. His bone marrow had been transformed by the Heavenly Lion bloodline.

Within his body, the Heavenly Lion Blood could be formed by itself, gradually replacing the ordinary blood.

Everyone noticed that Qin Yun had gradually calmed down and immediately heaved a sigh of relief!

The entire audience suddenly burst into cheers. Many people praised him for suppressing his inner demons and not causing him to go berserk!

Only Zhuo Chuan knew that Qin Yun was fusing with the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion!

"Qin Yun, you have to believe that you can stand up!" Yang Shiyue shouted. When she saw Qin Yun's cracked skin, she was terrified.

"Brother Yun, don't disappoint us!" Xie Wufeng also shouted.

"Qin Yun, get up!"

Although Qin Yun had been expelled from the academy, they all believed that Qin Yun was the glory of the academy.

"Qin Yun, quickly get up!"

When the students saw Qin Yun lying motionless on the ground, they began to worry!

Qin Yun still had an aura and he was not dead. He was only crawling and not moving!

"I will count to ten, if Qin Yun can't get up, it'll be Yu Heng's victory!" The tall and skinny old man that was the host of the competition said loudly.

"One... Two..."

As the old man was counting, many people were shouting!

"Qin Yun, quickly get up!"

"If you don't get up soon, you're going to lose!"

"Your previous insistence was in vain!"

"You can't lose to a despicable fellow. Get up!"

Yu Heng looked at Qin Yun who was sprawled on the ground and snorted in disdain. He was feeling extremely unhappy because many people were encouraging Qin Yun!

"Seven.... Eight..."

Just as he was about to count to ten, Qin Yun slowly stood up!

Although his face was pale, it wasn't as painful as it was before.

When they saw Qin Yun stand up, the arena erupted into cheers!

Qin Yun stood up and appeared to have become stronger!

The current him seemed to be able to completely resist the power of the killing array!

Qin Yun clenched his fist and looked at Yu Heng with a sneer. "I'd like to see how long your armor can hold out for!"