Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 308
Qin Yun thought of Heaven's Pride Academy from before. It was a similar method.

What he was sure of now is that the number of martial artists entering the next round would at most be 50!

Of two hundred martial artists, one hundred and fifty people were going to be eliminated. This would be very tragic!

"I actually heard that there will be a change in the competition time! It might not be continuous every day anymore!" A blue-robed old man walked over and said.

This old man was the elder of the Eastern Palace, Shui Yihui.

Qin Yun had a deep impression of him. He was a very good person.

Shui Yihui wished very much for Qin Yun to join the Eastern Palace. He had also invited Qin Yun a few times but he had been rejected.

Very soon, the Spiritual Martial Palace became lively. More and more people came.

As soon as they arrived, they found out about their mentor's situation and were filled with anticipation for the third round.

Xie Wufeng and the others also hurried over to greet Yang Shiyue.

In the Blue Spirit Saint Palace, Yang Shiyue was also a very strong existence. Her mysterious Moon Martial Spirit gave her an unfathomable amount of power.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was engaged to Xiao Yanglong, many outstanding middle-aged cultivators would have pursued her.

"Where's Yue Lan?" In the Blue Spirit Saint Palace, Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan had a very good relationship.

"She's in seclusion! I don't know when she'll come out but she said that if she doesn't step into the martial dao realm, then she won't come out!" Yang Shiyue smiled and said: "This little girl has the same stubborn temper as you, the two of you are quite compatible!"

Qin Yun stuck out his tongue and thought about how Xiao Yuelan had treated him well. His heart felt warm as well.

Murong Daren said with a smile, "Xiao Yuelan had once fought with Ji Kailin. That's why she was so unconvinced and went into seclusion. She said that once she stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, she must ruthlessly beat up Ji Kailin!"

Huo Zhong said, "Xiao Yuelan could have won but she was stopped by some elders, so the result was not decided!"

Qin Yun looked at Ji Kailin who was not far away and said softly, "This fellow. He was so arrogant to me previously and he even secretly played tricks on me. Just you wait!"

"Please enter!" A tall and skinny old man wearing a gorgeous golden-blue robe shouted coldly.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue walked to the center of the Spiritual Martial Palace together.

"200 participants and 50 instructors have arrived!" The old man said loudly, "Next up, we will divide the forces. One instructor and four participants will form a group, a total of fifty groups!"

"Then, the four participants in each group will have to compete. Only one person will be able to pass and enter the fourth round together with the instructor!"

Everyone quietly listened to the rules of the third round of the competition.

Qin Yun sighed inwardly. In that case, he might not be able to stay with Yang Shiyue.

This was because they were all allocated by the host of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

The people responsible for organizing the martial arts competition were all from Ji Kailin's side.

Furthermore, they knew the relationship between Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue, so they definitely would not let them be together.

Many people thought so as well. Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were definitely invincible.

Everyone knew that back then, Qin Yun had been brought up by Yang Shiyue.

Qin Yun was able to grow because of Yang Shiyue's support and encouragement.

"The first group will have Instructor Yang Shiyue. The martial artists participating will be Qin Yun, Yu Heng, Gu Ruochen and Lei Qing!" The old man announced loudly.

The Spiritual Martial Palace suddenly surged with unexpected discussions!

Even Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue looked at each other in surprise. At the same time, they were secretly delighted!

On the outside, Lan Huayu, Xie Wufeng, Lan Fengjin and the other members of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace were all frowning. They didn't think that it would be that simple.

"They purposely lined up this division! Yu Heng's power is pretty good as a young saint and he's not weaker than Ji Kailin!" Xie Wufeng said coldly, "This way, only Brother Yun and Yu Heng will have the chance to win in their group!"

Lan Fengjin nodded and said "They purposely teamed up with Yu Heng and Qin Yun. They must have had the confidence to let him win! Are these guys going to secretly manipulate the competition?"

"If they go too far, I'll intervene!" Lan Huayu frowned and said, "I don't want the reputation of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace to be destroyed by the hands of these rats!"

Qin Yun did not know who Yu Heng was but he knew that it was not that simple!

Very quickly, they were divided into groups.

Ji Kailin and a few of the saints were in the same group. No matter how they came to this group, they would be able to win. They did not need to fight over each other.

As for Ji Kailin's group, his master was an old man who was dressed in luxurious golden-blue clothes from the Saint Palace.

The quality of his clothes was only a bit lower than Lan Huayu's. It was obvious that he was someone of high status.

After splitting up the teams, the host shouted, "Now, all the instructors will draw lots and decide the order of appearance! There are a total of 25 batches! Each batch will be divided into two groups!"

Even now, no one knew how the victors of each group would be decided!

However, he was sure that it wouldn't be a martial arts competition because he had said earlier that the final round of the martial arts competition would be held!

Yang Shiyue went up to draw lots, it was the 20th batch, moreover there was a word of ice written on it!

After deciding on the order of appearance, someone set up two circular flag arrays at a spacious area in the middle!

Each array was more than twenty meters wide.

"Add it all down and the participants of each group will be inside the flag array, undergoing either a test of ice or fire!"

"If you can last until the other three fall, then you can win! If they all fall together, then this group will be completely eliminated!"

These two flags seemed to be very terrifying!

Everyone was very curious and tried to guess what kind of array it was!

Lan Huayu's serious voice was suddenly heard.

"One is the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation and the other is the Flaming Soul Splitting Formation. They are both Royal Grade spirit formations! This is a killing array type. Even if it's a martial dao realm cultivator, if he doesn't escape in time, he will undoubtedly die within two hours!"

When everyone heard this, they sucked in a breath of cold air!

This was actually a terrifying killing formation that could trap a Martial Dao Realm cultivator to death!

"Of course, if four martial body ninth stage martial artists were to enter, they would be able to share the power of the killing array. They should be able to hold on for around one hour! You can rest assured that these two killing formations have not been sealed and you can go in and out at any time. If you can't handle it, you can run out but if you force yourself, there's only death waiting for you!"

Lan Huayu was also telling Qin Yun how terrifying the two killing formations were.

As for the other martial artists that were participating in this competition, after hearing just how terrifying these two killing arrays were, their hearts sank.

The first batch of people went up. There were eight ninth level Martial Body experts, including a middle-aged man and an old man.

Four people in each group entered the two Royal Grade Spirit killing arrays!

After they entered, the killing array formation suddenly opened!

The Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation had the least movement and only produced a burst of cold air but the martial artists inside were crying out the most miserably.

In the first few seconds, an old man couldn't take it any longer and jumped out.

In the middle of the Flaming Soul Splitting Array, purplish golden flames moved like ghostly and menacing fire clouds, appearing and disappearing from time to time, shrouding the warriors inside.

The four martial practitioners inside were also in a terrible state. They howled and howled again and again, all of them were burned to an extremely painful state!

Soon, there were only two martial artists left in the two killing arrays.


A middle-aged man inside the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation roared and then jumped out. He laid on the ground, panting, his face pale and terrifying.

This caused one's scalp to go numb. Many of the martial artists that were waiting to enter the killing array were frightened out of their wits.

Within the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation, a chubby middle-aged man had reached the end and not much time had passed!

"There are also benefits from being fat, it can resist the cold!" Someone exclaimed.

"The fire formation also has a result!"

Everyone looked over and saw that the Flaming Soul Splitting Formation had been closed. A tall and thin man was standing inside, his entire body was emitting heat and his face was filled with pain. His hair had been burnt off and he had turned into a big bald head.

Those who could last until the end were all quite strong.

Next was the second batch!

All of a sudden, the people from the second group ran out.

In other words, none of the four people in this group could make it to the next round!

The power of the two killing formations was very strong. A martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body would be able to endure for a while inside it, after all they are quite powerful.

In a row, 15 groups of people had already entered the killing array to undergo the smelting trial.

If there was one person in each batch that could last until the end of the killing array, then there should be 30 people that could win.

However, many people came out as soon as they entered, so up until now, only twenty people had passed the exam.

Yang Shiyue was very confident in Qin Yun because she knew that Qin Yun had grown up with great difficulty. He had experienced many hardships and was definitely not someone that those pampered saints could compare with.

Ji Kailin, who had been watching from the sidelines, suddenly walked into the middle of the arena and entered the lit up formation!

This immediately made many people look forward to it!

"Ji Kailin, Seven Spirit veins, Thunder Qilin Martial Spirit. It is said that he is at the peak of the ninth level Martial Body realm. If nothing goes wrong, it is extremely likely that he will enter the Martial Dao Realm within the next two years!"

"He grew up in the Blue Spirit Saint Palace! Since a young age, Lan Fengjin has also been in the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. Therefore, at such a young age, she has already stepped into the martial dao realm!"

"He really is a great person!"

The martial practitioners that were in the same group as Ji Kailin all felt that they were unlucky. They didn't have much confidence in front of Ji Kailin, so they directly gave up.

Thus, Ji Kailin didn't need to be tortured by the killing array to pass the first round of the examination. This caused many people to be extremely envious.

Everyone was very disappointed. They had originally wanted to see how strong Ji Kailin was!

"Humph, abstaining is not allowed, no matter what you say, you have to stand inside!"

"That's right, this isn't fair at all. He didn't even do anything before advancing!"

"There's no other way. In the competition organized by the Blue Spirit Saint Palace, they naturally have to ensure that Saint Palace wins!"

"Sigh, I hope that Qin Yun can compete with the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. Let's grind their arrogance!"

Many of the people present cried out in dissatisfaction. There were actually quite a few martial artists who hoped that Qin Yun could defeat Saint Palace!

When Ji Kailin saw that quite a number of people wished for Qin Yun to win, he gritted his teeth secretly. His eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred as he looked at Qin Yun.

The next two groups of martial artists are from Saint palace.

Since the martial artists in the same group as the Saints had given up, they didn't need to suffer the torture of the killing array to successfully advance.

Next, it was Xue Ziye's turn. She was also on the same team as a Saint!

She was a woman who would not easily admit defeat, so she did not give up!