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When the elders saw how Qin Yun rebutted them, all of their faces were filled with rage.

That was because they all felt that as long as one was a member of the younger generation, no matter what, one would have to be respectful to them. Even if they were in the wrong, the juniors would still have to respect them.

As for Qin Yun, the junior in front of them, being so rude to them was something that had never happened before.

Du Gui was naturally aware of Qin Yun's temper. He also felt that it was wrong for the elders to use their seniority to show off. They relied on their strength and seniority to look down on him.

"Qin Yun, quickly hand over that magical fairy. If you continue to contradict me, I'll immediately expel you from Star Xuan Wu Academy." Elder Zhang sneered.

It was the first time Qin Yun saw such an old looking person in the Star Xuan Wu Academy. It was obvious that he was an elder who had lived for many years. Although he was reaching the end of his lifespan, his strength and power were great and his status and seniority was very high. Therefore, they had a lot of power in the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

"That fairy is dead. It should have starved to death! I was originally very angry when I bought such a dead thing, yet you all want to take it back with such a vile attitude, I am even more angry now."

Qin Yun did not want to leave the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so he could only endure it. He took out a beautiful pair of wings that he had swapped out with Mo Mo.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the crystal wings on his palm.

"You... How dare you kill that fairy!" Elder Zhang shouted in anger.

"How did I kill it? It was obviously because you guys were reluctant to feed it and that it was starved to death. I don't have any demon beast crystal eggs to feed it, so it died. What can I do? you think I spent more than one billion Xuan Points to buy this fairy just to kill it? Are you all crazy enough to think I'd do something stupid like this?"

"If the magical fairy were still alive, I would have returned it back to you long ago. I would have regained over a billion Xuan Points and a few magical beast crystal eggs! I've been swindled and I've suffered great losses. Who am I to seek justice for?"

Elder Zhang's expression became extremely ugly as he said angrily: "Little bastard, hand over your jade token. From today onwards, you will no longer be a student of our Star Xuan Wu Academy! We don't have students like you!"

Qin Yun was also infuriated. He took out his identity token and slammed it onto the ground. "An academy with old villains like you is filled with smoke and miasma. I don't want to be a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy."

"You really piss me off!" In his fury, Elder Zhang raised his hand and was about to attack.

Du Gui hurriedly went to block Qin Yun behind him and shouted, "Elder Zhang, it is not right for you to personally expel student from the Academy. According to the rules of the Academy, one must pass through the dean. Since the dean is currently in closed-door training, we should wait for her to come out before deciding anything else."

Elder Zhang sneered, "Dean? When she sees me, she has to treat me with utmost respect. She would approve of me even if I kicked a guy like Qin Yun out. Furthermore, it was Qin Yun who caused us to lose a High Priest of the magical fairies. That was an enormous loss. Now that it is dead, there would be no more high priests. There are only a few in the entire species and most of them are already dead."

Pan Dawei said, "That fairy was something that you had agreed to auction back then. Everyone knows this and this action had nothing to do with Qin Yun! Furthermore, we have indeed starved that fairy for many days. When Qin Yun obtained it and could not to feed it, it would indeed starve to death."

"You all... You two fellows, how dare you oppose me..." Elder Zhang was even more infuriated.

"I'm just speaking the truth. I'll tell the dean the same thing when the time comes." Pan Dawei was also aware of Qin Yun's strength. A seventeen year old child was able to forge many storage spirit artifacts. Just by this fact alone, his status was no less than those aggressive old fellows.

The elders beside Elder Zhang also detested Qin Yun very much. However, they did not make a sound.

"Elder Zhang, we will throw Qin Yun out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy right now." An old man walked over, about to grab him.

"Wait!" Qin Yun shouted before looking at Pan Dawei. "Elder Fatty, I heard that as long as you are a Prodigy certified by the Divine Inscription Palace, you will be able to freely enter and exit the three Xuan Grade Martial Academies, right?"

Pan Wei nodded his head: "That's right, this is an agreement between us and the Divine Inscription palace!"

"From what I know, Qin Yun is only a beginner level Inscription Master." A blue-robed old man sneered: "Only intermediate level Inscriptionists can freely enter and exit the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy."

Qin Yun sneered and took out a dazzling golden badge. He said, "I'm a high-ranked Inscription Master. I should be able to freely enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy, right?"

A golden badge! This was indeed a high-ranked Inscription Master's badge!

Those old men had lived for such a long time and they also knew of high-ranked inscriptionist. They often came into contact with high-ranked inscriptionists, so they were naturally very familiar with these insignias!

Only high level Inscriptionists could have this. Moreover, once they had it in their hands, they could release a dazzling golden light to prove that it was a genuine badge!

Du Gui, who was at the side, was completely dumbfounded!

Now, he finally understood why Qin Yun could help him forge items so quickly. It was because he was a high-ranked Inscription Master!

Pan Dawei had previously accepted Qin Yun's storage pouches so he knew his artifact forging standards very well. However, he never expected that he would have reached the level of a high-ranked inscriptionist!

The old men stared in shock!

They could not help but feel regret in their hearts. They knew very well what it meant for Qin Yun to be a high-ranked Inscription Master at the age of seventeen!

This meant that the potential of the Dao of Inscriptioni was enormous!

"Hmph, from now on, I have nothing more to do with the Star Xuan Wu Academy! I won't stay long in a place with old villains like you!" Qin Yun kept the badge and entered the tree hole.

They finally understood why Qin Yun said he did not care about the Star Xuan Wu Academy. With his identity as a high-ranked Inscription Master, he was extremely popular wherever he went.

"Seniors, thanks to your blessings, such an outstanding Inscription Master has ended up hating the Star Xuan Wu Academy to this extent! I will definitely inform the dean about this matter." Pan DaWei sneered and flew away from the forest.

Old Zhang and the others all had unsightly expressions on their faces.

Although it was their fault, they would never admit it. They stared angrily at Qin Yun's tree hole before leaping into the air and leaving Treasure Forest.

Du Gui hurriedly entered Qin Yun's tree hole and saw Qin Yun sitting in the hall.

"Teacher, I've troubled you." Qin Yun sighed and said with guilt.

"It's fine! It was all those old fellows who were in the wrong. I couldn't help you stay."

Du Gui smiled and patted Qin Yun on the shoulder. He said, "You brat, you have long been a high-ranked Inscription Master. I'm proud to have a student like you!"

"Teacher, there are old thugs in the Star Xuan Wu Academy. I'm very worried about Little MeiLian." The reason why Qin Yun did not leave immediately was because he wanted to meet Qi Meilian.

"Don't worry about that! Little Mei Lian's teacher isn't someone that those old thugs dared to provoke. I am a little worried that the little beauty Lian would be brought away by her teacher to travel through the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range." At this point, Du Gui's face was full of worry.

Qin Yun began to worry as well. However, he was very open-minded. "If she's strong enough, that's nothing! She definitely would not want Little MeiLian to be harmed. If she did not have complete confidence, she would not traverse across the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. If she is able to bring Little MeiLian across the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, it would not be a bad thing for Little MeiLian."

"That's true! Crossing the Cloud Dragon Mountain you will reach Martial desolate land. There are many martial dao sects and their martial arts are flourishing. It is very beneficial for those with good potential. But it also means more competition." Du Gui said.

Qin Yun did not know when he would be able to meet Qi Meilian, so he could not continue waiting like this.

"Teacher, if little MeiLian comes to find me, tell her the situation. I told her not to worry about me and to properly cultivate with her teacher, that we would have a chance to meet again in the future." Qin Yun was planning on getting a magical beast crystal egg so that Mo Mo could finish it in one gulp.

Du Gui nodded. "I will tell her! What do you plan to do next? To be honest, what I can teach you is more or less done. With your perception, you will definitely be able to master the Spirit Concentration Kill and the Imperial Spirit Technique."

"I plan to walk around. Maybe I should go to the main hall of the Divine Inscription Palace and stay there for a while." Qin Yun said, "There are quite a number of resources in there which are of great help to me."

Du Gui knew of the duel between Qin Yun and Xiao Yanglong and hoped that Qin Yun would win.

After bidding farewell to Du Gui, Qin Yun went to the center of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. He came to the Xuan Points Hall to look for Pan Dawei.

Pan Dawei hurriedly rushed to the VIP lounge when he found out that Qin Yun had arrived.

"Qin Yun, what are you looking for me for? If I can help you, I will!" He was not as short-sighted as those old guys.

"Elder Fatty, do you have a Spirit Beast's magic core to help me?" Qin Yun asked, he wanted one to feed Mo Mo.

"There are three more! You want them?" Pan Dawei took them out as he spoke.

Qin Yun took out two top-grade Body Securing Talismans and said, "Elder Fatty, these two are top-grade Body Securing Talismans. They will be of great help to you in locking down spirit beast."

"Alright, it's time to exchange it!" Although Pan Dawei was alarmed, he did not doubt the power of Qin Yun's Body Securing Talisman at all.

This was something that could be refined with high-grade Body Securing Marks and it was even a bone talisman. The might of this talisman could be predicted.

He was still astonished. Qin Yun was actually able to create a top-grade spirit bone talisman.

Having obtained three spirit beast magic cores, Qin Yun felt a lot more at ease.

"Elder Fatty, we'll meet again next time. Thank you very much for your help and for all the help." Qin Yun clasped his hands at Pan Dawei and said with a smile.

"You're welcome! I also benefited greatly from working with you." Pan Dawei laughed: "For an interesting young man like you, I was just lucky to meet you!"

"That's right, Elder Fatty, if a little girl named Qi Meilian is here, I hope you can take good care of her." Qin Yun smiled and said.

"No problem!" Pan Dawei knew that Qin Yun would not stay in the Star Xuan Wu Academy for long. After all, he had offended a few doyens.

Qin Yun left the hall and hurried out of the Academy. He was flying in the air above the Myriad Star Lake.

As he flew over the Myriad Star Lake, he saw the lake below him and thought of the Crystal Palace at the bottom of the lake. There was a powerful dragon bull and the mysterious daughter of the witch, Xie Qirou.