Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 238
Inscribing spirit marks was an extremely easy task for Qin Yun. Especially when he was only carving ordinary spirit marks, the process was much easier and smoother.

Zhuo Chuan watched from the side and felt somewhat displeased. He felt that Qin Yun would not need many years to surpass him in the dao of inscription.

"Kid, you really are a monster. You actually finished refining a high grade spirit weapon so quickly! Many high level Inscriptionists would need at least several days or even over ten days to complete it. If they want to create something more refined, it would take longer." Zhuo Chuan looked at Qin Yun and sighed.

Qin Yun held the carving knife and began carving spirit marks in a fluid manner. It was very natural and smooth as he drew on the hard surface of the knife. It was as though he had used a brush to draw on paper. It looked extremely easy.

The main reason was that he had the power of the Nether-sun Flame within his Blood Soul Power, so he could easily inscribe spirit marks when he touched the blade. There was no need for him to use the blade's tip at all.

This was also the reason why he was able to use a medium-grade carving knife to carve high grade bone steel.

Zhuo Chuan was also surprised. Although he did not say it, he knew that Qin Yun's Blood Soul Energy is extremely terrifying. If not, he would not have been able to inscribe on high grade bone steel with a medium-grade carving knife.

"Qin Yun, you better exchange for a good carving knife. That way, no one will suspect anything." Zhuo Chuan reminded Qin Yun as he said solemnly.

"Yes, I will find time to refine one for myself." Qin Yun said with a nod. Because he trusted Zhuo Chuan, he was not afraid of Zhuo Chuan seeing the strangeness of the Blood Soul Force.

"You need a blueprint for the carving knife. Do you have a blueprint?" Zhuo Chuan asked.

"Not yet!" Qin Yun also understood the forging process of a carving knife. He needed to follow the instructions in the diagram strictly in order to create a good carving knife.

Zhuo Chuan said, "I have high quality carving knife drawings here, do you want them?"

"I don't need it for now. When I need it, I'll come here and look for you." Qin Yun said with a smile.

Several hours later, Qin Yun finished carving the spirit marks. A high-grade spirit saber was completed within a few hours.

Zhuo Chuan received it and took a look. He exclaimed, "The quality can be considered to be extremely good. Being able to refine this kind of quality in such a short period of time is truly not easy."

Qin Yun smiled. "Then, how many crystal coins can this blade sell for?"

"Around 20 to 30 million crystal coins! Every aspect is good but because you used ordinary spirit inscriptions, there is no other way for this to shine, so this is the price. As for the other high grade spirit tools, they are worth only over ten million crystal coins." Zhuo Chuan said.

Qin Yun successfully passed the second round of examinations. Finally, he had to create a high-grade Spirit Array. This was very easy for him.

He decided to create a Qi Drawing Array with the skin of a Class 9 Magical Beast. It is round in shape and about two meters wide. The Qi Drawing array is mainly used to suck in nearby energy. For example, if there was a dense amount of spiritual energy nearby or other types of energy were present, they could be channeled through the Qi Drawing Array.

There were low-rank and medium-rank Qi Drawing Arrays as well but they were far inferior to the high-rank Qi Drawing Array.

High-grade Qi Drawing Array is one of the more commonly used high-grade Spirit Array. The strongest part is that it could attract Spiritual Qi and condense tiny Spiritual Beads in the heart of the array.

Zhuo Chuan could tell at a glance that Qin Yun was going to create a Qi Drawing Array and secretly agreed. During the assessment, it was more convenient to evaluate the quality of the formations that were commonly used.

Qin Yun was able to create a complicated array like the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. Therefore, it only took him a few hours to create a relatively simple Qi Drawing Array.

"Good, you've passed all. You're now a high-grade Inscription Master!" Zhuo Chuan couldn't help but sigh. Although he'd personally witnessed the birth of a sixteen year old Senior level Inscription Master, he still didn't dare believe this to be true.

Zhuo Chuan finished forging a high-ranked Inscription Master badge and gave it to Qin Yun. He said with a smile, "Even at the Martial Desolate land, it will be difficult to find such a young high-ranked Inscription Master! Your innate skill in the use of inscriptions is simply too astonishing."

The deeper one's comprehension of the inscriptions is, the more naturally and perfectly one could carve them out. To be able to fuse multiple different sets of inscriptions together without interfering was the importance of talent.

Many Inscription Masters were unable to go up a level because they couldn't handle the fusion between many sets of spirit inscriptions, causing a lot of disturbance. These mistake ridden inscriptions couldn't absorb energy and failed to be stimulated and couldn't carry out the work assigned.

Qin Yun took the golden emblem as he beamed. "I'm now a high-ranked Inscription Master. I really didn't expect it!"

Zhuo Chuan laughed and asked, "Qin Yun, can you sell me the saber and spirit array you have forged? I will buy it for 50 million!"

"I'll give it to you, no crystal coins!" Qin Yun felt that Zhuo Chuan was a good person. He would definitely be able to help him in the future.

Zhuo Chuan said: "You bought the Energy Consolidating Spirit Pill earlier and used up all the crystal coins, don't bother being polite with me, take out your crystal card."

Qin Yun made sense when he thought about it. He did not even have a single crystal coin on his crystal card. Furthermore, he still owed Lan Fengjin three hundred million.

"Then I won't hold back!" Qin Yun took out his crystal card and handed it to Zhuo Chuan. He asked, "Great Elder, what do you want the things I forge for?"

Zhuo Chuan smiled and said, "Keep it as a souvenir. Perhaps in the future, when you become an extraordinary Inscription Master, I will sell your saber and spirit array. Then, it will be of great value."

Qin Yun took the crystal card and stuck his tongue out. He said with a smile, "I wonder when that will happen! Great Elder, I'm going back. I'm a student of the Heaven's Pride Academy now and I'm leading my teacher around. This isn't good, so I have to rush back."

"Then I won't send you off. Be careful on your way!" Zhuo Chuan nodded and smiled.

Qin Yun returned to his suite and saw Lan Fengjin practicing very seriously to inscribe the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array's spirit marks.

"Sister Lan, what do you see here?" Qin Yun took out a golden circular badge and said with a smile.

"Truly powerful. You are even younger than me. Even high level Inscriptionists are rarely seen in the Martial Desolate land." Lan Fengjin sighed.

Qin Yun felt that Lan Fengjin's identity was not simple. To have such high talent meant that she was definitely not an ordinary person.

"Let's go back!" Qin Yun was very satisfied with his trip to the Divine Inscription Palace. He had also gained a lot.

"I'll return after I finish inscribing this set of spirit marks." Lan Fengjin said.

Qin Yun walked over and watched her inscribe spirit marks. He said with a smile, "Sister Lan, your techniques are not bad. You have a deep understanding of the inscriptions. You have grasped them so quickly."

"Kid, are you making fun of me?" Lan Fengjin gave a light snort. She knew that her innate talent in inscriptions was far inferior to Qin Yun's.

The strange talisman that Qin Yun had helped her forge, he was so quick to grasp the spirit marks.

"No way, I'm praising you!" Qin Yun chuckled.

Lan Fengjin rolled her eyes at him as she continued to seriously carve spirit marks. Right now, she was only carving spirit marks on the animal skin and not actually creating the Spiritual Array.

More than two hours later, Lan Fengjin was finally completed. She left the mountain with Qin Yun and returned to Star Xuan Wu Academy.

After two days of travel, Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin returned to the Heaven's Pride Academy.

When they returned, they saw Xue Ziye sitting in the hall with a pale face.

When Xue Ziye saw Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin return, she hurriedly stood up. However, her body was on the verge of collapse. With a single glance, he could tell that she had been severely injured.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin were secretly alarmed. One had to know that Xue Ziye's martial spirit was extremely mysterious and unique. It could quickly heal injuries, so even if she was severely injured, she could recover as long as she rested.

"Ziye, what happened? Where's Huo Zhong and the little guy Murong?" Lan Fengjin quickly went over and supported Xue Ziye.

"Sister Lan, we...we met powerful opponents in the arena. We didn't know that they used secret techniques to severely injure our Martial Spirits, causing them to be cut off from our bodies." Xue Ziye's expression was dejected as he almost cried, "Huo Zhong and Murong, both of them were severely injured and were sent to other places to be treated."

Martial Spirits were very important to martial artists. If they lost their martial spirits, it was equivalent to destroying them. Xue Ziye was a very strong woman. If she wasn't so desperate, she wouldn't be grieving so much.

Lan Fengjin quickly went to check on Xue Ziye's martial spirit. With a grave expression, he said in a low voice, "Nangong's absolute art, Absolute Soul Palm, an Inferior Earth Ranked Martial Technique! A person who could learn such a technique have a very high status in the Nangong Imperial Clan. Was this person in the Heaven's Pride Academy as well? As far as I know, there is no such person in the Heaven's Pride Academy!"

"That person isn't from the Heaven's Pride Academy. I don't know if he is from the Blue Spirit Star Palace or not! He looks very young, his name is Zhou Zhonghui." Xue Ziye bit her lips and asked, "Instructor, can my Martial Spirit recover?"

Lan Fengjin told her to sit down and walked back and forth in the hall with a solemn face.

"Zhou Zhonghui is indeed from Blue Spirit Star Palace. He is a very talented disciple of the Nangong Family. However, when he was twelve years old, he was imprisoned because he killed more than ten outer disciples! I didn't expect him to be released right now. He was only locked up for six years."

She came to Xue Ziye's side and sighed, saying, "I will help you think of a way to heal your Martial Spirit's injuries. For the time being, you don't have to worry too much. However, this will require some time. It might take a few years before that senior is able to come out."

"If you can really restore my martial spirit, then a few years won't be a problem!" Xue Ziye nodded, relieved.

"Xue Ziye, can I inspect your Martial Spirit? Something went wrong with my martial spirit before, I want to see what's wrong with yours." Qin Yun said.

Xue Ziye quickly nodded her head.

Qin Yun received her consent and placed his hand on Xue Ziye's lower abdomen. He pressed down with some force and released his mental force to investigate Xue Ziye's inner yuan.

He closed his eyes and focused his attention on her inner yuan. Soon, he saw the situation within Xue Ziye's inner yuan.

It was a powerful purple cloud but it was extremely messy and did not take any shape at all.

A normal martial spirit would be condensed into a group!

When Qin Yun saw Xue Ziye's inner yuan, he was extremely shocked. This was because her inner yuan was purplish-gold in color. Her scattered martial spirit was also purplish-gold in color. This meant that Xue Ziye's martial spirit was a purple gold martial spirit!