Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 212
Yin Sheng felt that his body could not move. Suddenly, he recalled that Qin Yun was an Inscription Master. Furthermore, he had grasped a variety of high-grade Spirit Inscriptions. Now, he was struck with the power of a Body Securing Talisman.

When he saw that the crown prince's head was separated from his body and he was unable to move, he couldn't help but cry out, "Don't kill me!"

Qin Yun looked at Yin Sheng, whose face was filled with despair. He sneered and said, "You tried to kill us time and time again and I was nearly killed by you. How could I let you go?"

With these words, the spirit essence saber flew over, chopping down on Yin Sheng!

Qin Yun removed the storage artifacts from Yin Sheng and Ling Yuan and took out a few fire talismans. He threw them at the two corpses before leaving the scene in a hurry.

Not long after he left, an old martial dao realm practitioner came over and extinguished the flames. When he saw the corpses of Yin Sheng and Ling Yuan, he screamed out in anger.

Qin Yun quickly distanced himself from the intense battle but he still heard an angry roar from afar.

After he sighed, he thought to himself, "Luckily, I can run fast!"

The sky was about to brighten as Qin Yun ran continuously for a few hours before he entered the second district of the first town.

After entering the second district, he could feel that the atmosphere here was extremely terrifying. From time to time, the aura of a spirit beast would surge over.

The most terrifying thing was that occasionally, flying magical beasts would pass by in the air!

Before dawn, Qin Yun entered a collapsed stone building and hid in the basement.

"The second district is terrifying! There are more and more magical beasts and I don't know if there are any humans in this area." Qin Yun closed his eyes as he absorbed the Nine Yang Energy to accumulate and replenish his energy.

The spiritual energy in the second district was very dense, so many powerful martial artists were gathered in the first and second districts. It was said that there were also quite a few martial dao cultivators.

The First Town was not restricted by any empires, so it could be seen that it was not that simple.

It had to be known that for many empire, their greatest enemies hid in the first town.

However, none of these martial arts families dared to take revenge in the first town.

"Brother Li said before that there were some people who offended the Blue Spirit Star Palace and hid here. Even the Blue Spirit Star Palace was unable to deal with the first town!"

Qin Yun suddenly felt that the first town was not that simple. In particular, the first district in the center seemed to be hiding something.

After resting, he took out the storage bags of Yin Sheng and Ling Yuan.

These two storage bags didn't have any blood contract marks, so the others could take whatever they wanted.

"There are quite a few magic cores of the eighth or ninth step. Together, they can be exchanged for over a hundred million Xuan Points! It should be because they have been here for a long time in the first town!" Qin Yun looked at the magic cores in the storage bag as he secretly rejoiced.

The magic cores he had on him, in addition to all of these, could be exchanged for one hundred and fifty million, which was fifty million more than a bottle of Vajra Spirit Marrow.

He took out his tools and began to create talismans.

The Superior Grade Body Securing Talisman he had used before had significant effects. It was not a problem to deal with a martial artist at the eighth level Martial Body realm.

Right now, many magical beasts are running rampant in the second district but he no longer had those high-grade spirit marks on him, making him feel insecure.

At this moment, he had no choice but to hastily inscribe high grade spirit marks.

"At the very least, it can be of some use during critical moments!" Qin Yun was in a hurry to obtain the magic cores to exchange for Xuan Points so he wanted to enter the depths of the first town.

He was not aware of the situation in the second and first district but he wanted to come in and check out the situation first. He wanted to make sure that he was fully prepared before entering the second and first district.

An entire day had passed before Qin Yun finally finished crafting a high-grade talisman.

However, while he was resting, he suddenly sensed that there was a faint sound coming from outside the basement door!

"What's out there? Did a magical beast find me?" After feeling astonished, Qin Yun released a surge of mind energy to investigate the thing outside the door.

"There's someone outside!"

He felt that this was even more frightening than magical beasts.

Sometimes, humans were much more terrifying than magical beasts, for example, people like Yin Sheng.

Dong, dong, dong!

The person outside the stone door of the basement knocked heavily.

Qin Yun held onto a Body Securing Talisman as he anxiously tried to think of a solution. The person outside had the aura of the 9th level Martial Body. Even if he had the Body Securing Talisman, they would not be so easy to deal with.

"Is there anyone inside? I mean no harm! The others are all outside. When we passed here, we knew that there was someone below, so we came to take a look. We lacked a member, so we sincerely invite you to join us."

The voice outside the door was neither hurried nor slow. It sounded like the voice of a benevolent old man.

"How can I trust you?" Qin Yun clenched his teeth and asked with a deep voice. His voice was filled with vigilance.

"I have the cultivation of the peak 9th level Martial Body. If I truly have ill intentions towards you, do you think this stone door can stop me?" The voice laughed.

He knocked on the door and his tone showed his attitude.

Qin Yun remained alert as he used his mind energy to open the stone door. He kept a distance from the door.

After the stone door was opened, a skinny old man wearing a white robe stood there with a smile on his face and both of his hands behind his back.

"Young man, your mental strength seems to be quite good? Hello, I'm Old Tan!" The elder walked over and clasped his hands at Qin Yun.

"I am Ah Yun!" Qin Yun did not say his name. He was still suspicious of the other party.

Old Tan could also tell that Qin Yun was wary of him.

He smiled and said to Qin Yun, "I just told you the purpose of my visit! Now, let me tell you the details. Our team originally had five people but one of them suddenly left and brought about a very thorny problem for our team, causing us to be unable to cooperate."

He saw Qin Yun listening carefully and said, "Our team is at the ninth level Martial Body realm. I wonder what cultivation you are at?"

This was the second district. Without a certain level of strength, Old Tan did not dare enter alone, so he did not underestimate the youth in front of him.

"Seventh level Martial Body realm!" Qin Yun said, "My team and I are separated!"

Old Tan nodded and said no more. He was considering whether or not he should let Qin Yun join their team.

Qin Yun was only at the seventh level Martial Body realm, while Old Tan and his team were all at the ninth level. The difference was quite large.

After some thought, Old Tan said: "Can we wait here? I'll go up and discuss with my comrades. It's not that I'm looking down on you but with your cultivation, you should be well aware of the dangers of joining our team."

Qin Yun felt that if the other party was not bad, joining them would not be a problem. He could gain a better understanding of the situation.

He hurried after Old Tan: "Old Tan, I'll go up with you!"

It would be inconvenient to escape in this underground stone chamber but it would be different if you went to the top.

"Alright!" Old Tan smiled, then quickly walked over.

Walking out of the basement, they arrived at the first floor of the collapsed stone building. Although the top of the hall had collapsed, the hall on the first floor was not covered by huge rocks.

After Qin Yun went up, he saw two middle-aged men and a tall and thin old man.

They were all dressed in white like Old Tan.

The two middle-aged men looked quite similar, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. They were both tall and sturdy and seemed to be brothers.

The skinny old man had a face similar to the two men's, so with one glance, he could tell that they were the two middle-aged men's fathers.

Old Tan summarized Qin Yun's situation to the trio as they nodded their heads.

After the discussion, Old Tan revealed a satisfied smile and walked to Qin Yun's side. He said with a smile, "Ah Yun, this is Elder Zhou. Those two are his son, Zhou Da and Tuesday. They are all at the ninth level Martial Body realm and Old Man Zhou is very close to the Martial Dao Realm. He is the strongest amongst the four of us. Would you be willing to join our team?"

"Alright, I'll join!" Qin Yun could only plan on doing so. It was a good opportunity.

Old Tan and his team of four were very strong. If they were going to deal with him, they would have already done so. They wouldn't have been so calm and collected.

"I am Ah Yun!" Qin Yun walked over and clasped his hands at the Zhou father and son. "Elder Zhou, Brother Zhou, Second Brother Zhou, hello! Please take care of me!"

Elder Zhou smiled slightly, "If you join us, you'll be our comrade. Of course we'll take care of you!"

Zhou Da also laughed, "Young man, don't worry! Even though our team doesn't have a martial dao cultivator, we've killed a spirit beast before!"

Tuesday smiled and said, "Ah Yun, you're pretty lucky to have met our team. As long as you follow us, you'll definitely reap a lot of rewards."

Just the four of them alone were able to kill a spirit beast. This sort of strength was indeed very strong.

Qin Yun nodded and took out something to share with them.

Old Tan and the Zhou family's father and son were not very wary of Qin Yun. They were in the ninth level Martial Body realm, so there was no need to be afraid of a seventh level youth.

Furthermore, when they saw that Qin Yun had a storage artifact, they secretly suspected his identity but did not question him.

Here, everyone had a tacit understanding and didn't say their names.

The people in the first town were also like this.

"Seniors, all of you are in the 9th level Martial Body realm. Why would you allow me, a 7th level Martial Body, to join? Aren't you afraid that I will drag you down?"

Qin Yun was extremely puzzled over this. Seeing that Old Tan and company were outspoken people, he dared to ask about it.

Old Tan and Old Zhou couldn't help but laugh.

Elder Zhou laughed: "A Yun, you have to take on a very difficult mission if you want to join us. But don't worry, it's not a dangerous matter."

He winked at Old Tan.

Old Tan took out a meter-long cylindrical object. The inside was hollow and completely black, with golden rings at both ends. The outside of the cylinder was engraved with a spirit marks, while the inside was filled with a large fist and the inside of the cylinder also had a spirit mark.

When Qin Yun saw it, he immediately knew that it was an extraordinary spirit artifact. He could not help but reveal a look of alarm as he said, "This is at least a Royal Grade spirit artifact, right?"

Old man Zhou was slightly surprised and laughed, "Good eye, this is indeed a Royal grade spirit weapon called the Royal Spirit Cannon! The cannonballs we use are magic cores of the ninth step, they are able to inflict enormous damage to the spirit beasts after being shot."

Old Tan said with a stern face: "Ah Yun, this is for you to use! It is also the key for us to defeat the spirit beasts! Only when one's mental force is strong enough can they control and aim properly at the target!"