Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 211
Ever since Qin Yun entered the third district, he would occasionally hear the roars of beasts from afar. He raised his vigilance to the maximum because once he sensed the presence of a magical beast, he would be able to respond quickly.

"Is there a problem with the Soul Chasing Talisman? The direction that you are pointing me to is the direction to the second district, is Yin Sheng in the second district?"

Qin Yun looked at the Soul Chasing Talisman that was floating slowly towards the depths of the first town. He hesitated as to whether he should continue chasing after it.

"If it was at night, when I used my Shadow Force, the magic beasts would definitely not notice. Even if the second district has many powerful magical beasts, I can still hide and not be discovered.

Finally, Qin Yun made his decision to head to the second district.

In the night, he hid in the darkness and ran towards the second district.

He had originally wanted to enter the second district but after coming to the third district, he encountered quite a few powerful magical beast hordes. Because the magical beasts of the third district were generally more powerful, he hesitated to enter.

He now knew that Yin Sheng was in the second district and had no choice but to go.

Shortly after dawn, Qin Yun released his mental force. He sensed a magical beast's aura in the vicinity. It was a spirit beast!

"I have to leave this magical beast horde area as soon as possible!"

He quickly took a detour and when the sky was completely dark, he found a basement and hid in it.

After all, he only had the cultivation of the seventh level Martial Body. In broad daylight, he was unable to use the power of the Shadow. If a Magic Beast were to discover him, it would be extremely dangerous. Therefore, he had to hide during the day.

Most of the buildings here had a very deep basement, which was used to store food, wine and other items. It was very easy for him to find a hidden basement.

During the day, Qin Yun hid in the basement and spent his free time to create talismans.

The talismans he was currently crafting were all high-grade beast skin talismans. Only talismans of this level would be able to deal with a Class 9 Magical Beast.

It would take a long time and a great deal of effort to create a high-grade beast skin talisman.

Half a day after Qin Yun made the talisman, he suddenly felt a weak tremble.

He didn't mind and continued to craft talismans. Even if there was a lot of activity outside, since it was broad daylight now, it would still be dangerous to leave.

During the day, Qin Yun could not completely conceal his presence. If he encountered a magical beast with strong perception, he would easily lose his life.

When Qin Yun finished making the high-grade Body Securing Talisman, it was already night.

From the day until now, the faint tremors were intermittent. Especially now, the tremor was stronger than before.

"There should be a great battle in the distance but it lasted for such a long time. Could it be that two groups of magical beasts are fighting right now?" Qin Yun inspected the Beast Skin Body Securing Talisman. After confirming that there were no problems, he kept it.

He took out the Soul Chasing Talisman, determined Yan Sheng's location and immediately set off.

It was a pitch-black night. Qin Yun was like a fairy in the dark night. Like an incarnation of darkness, he perfectly concealed himself in the darkness and sprinted forward.

"Strange, I can feel that the earthquake is getting stronger and stronger. Am I approaching the location of the war?" Qin Yun looked at the churning clouds in the sky as he felt the wind. He secretly felt that Yin Sheng and company were likely fighting the horde of beasts.

His heart was filled with suspicion and anticipation. He quickened his pace, and started to sprint on the ground.

About four hours later, he heard the roars of beasts in front of him, so he quickly took out the soul chasing talisman.

Seeing the Soul Chasing Talisman shining, he was secretly delighted!

"As expected! Yin Sheng is right in front of me!"

Qin Yun kept the Soul Chasing Talisman and slowed down his speed. He increased his vigilance and approached the battlefield in front.

As they got closer, they could see bursts of sand and dust, accompanied by thick smoke and a very strong aura of a magical beast.

In front of them, in the middle of the thick dust and smoke, there would be flashes of light from time to time.

"It's a Martial Dao Realm cultivator and there's more than one!" Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. He never expected that Yin Sheng would be together with so many Martial Dao Realm experts. He also understood why Yin Sheng dared to make a move in the third district.

Qin Yun slowed down and took out the Soul Chasing Talisman. Once again, he determined the direction where Yin Sheng was.

After confirming that, he increased his speed and carefully ran over.

Very quickly, he entered the intense battlefield.

There was sand and dust everywhere and rocks and dirt were flying everywhere. The battle was extremely intense. This was because Qin Yun had managed to hide his presence better in the dark night.

"This team of theirs has at least three Martial Dao Realm martial artists. They should be dealing with a Spirit Demon Beast. Otherwise, there wouldn't be that much of a commotion!"

Qin Yun pondered as he released his mental force to discern the aura of Yin Sheng.

Soon, he had located Yin Sheng!

Yin Sheng and a few other warriors of the eighth or ninth level were fighting with the dog-shaped magical beasts.

Those dog-shaped magical beasts were two to three meters long, covered in leather armor and had a few meters long, large, thorny tail. They could easily shrink and move about freely as they lashed out.

Suddenly, a dog-shaped magical beast swung it's tail, shooting out large amounts of spikes!

The spike seemed to contain some kind of energy. After it was shot out, there were bursts of explosions!


In the blink of an eye, several nearby buildings collapsed, raising a cloud of dust.

Yin Sheng tossed out a few storm talismans, blowing the dust into the air. Then, a dog-shaped magical beast bared it's fangs as it ferociously charged forward.

Qin Yun tightly held onto a Body Securing Talisman but he did not make a move!

He wasn't confident that he would succeed and he was even worried that his companion would find out.

The dog-shaped magical beasts were both Class 9 Magical Beasts, so their sense of smell was extremely sharp. It would not be a good thing if he were to be targeted!

Right now, he still hadn't found a good opportunity to make a move, so he could only continue to observe.

Qin Yun, who was carefully observing, suddenly felt someone approaching. He was alarmed as he looked in the direction where the aura came from. He saw a youth dressed in silver armour.

Qin Yun had used Shadow Power to hide himself in the darkness but now, he seemed to have been discovered. This was also the reason why he was alarmed.

The silver-armored man was around twenty years old with a cultivation at the seventh level Martial Body realm. There was only one reason why he was able to appear here. He was on the same team as Yin Sheng and his status was not low either.

"Ghost beasts?" After the silver-armored man said that, he threw out a light golden net at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was alarmed. He never expected that the silver-armored man had actually discovered him. In addition, the net thrown over was also a pretty good spirit artifact.

Although he did dodge at the first moment, that net was simply too strange. It did not seem that big but when it was pressed down, it suddenly became very large and released the power of the barrier.

Qin Yun instantly traversed a hundred meters but was still trapped!

After he was trapped, the web gradually shrank and shot out bolts of lightning.

"General Yin, I caught a fish, hahaha!!" The silver-armored youth laughed.

"Prince, why did you come out? This is too dangerous!" With a face full of anxiety, Yin Sheng rushed over, shouting, "I'll take you far away from here."

That silver-armored youth was none other than the crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire, Ling Yuan!

Ling Yuan's arrogant face was filled with annoyance. He grabbed the web and brought Qin Yun with it, following Yin Sheng away from the battlefield.

After Qin Yun was trapped, he suffered an electric current attack from the web. Thankfully, his nether sun inner yuan energy released a disintegration energy that dispersed the lightning and weakened the power of lightning.

After Yin Sheng left the battlefield with Ling Yuan, he warned, "Crown Prince, we promised His Majesty that we would bring you here but you have to cooperate with us. Being away from the battlefield is the safest thing to do."

Ling Yuan threw the person in his hands onto the ground and laughed complacently: "Look, what did I grab? It looks like it's a person!"

After Qin Yun was trapped, the Shadow Force disappeared and he was exposed.

When Yin Sheng saw Qin Yun's face, his face was immediately filled with shock. Following that, anger filled his face as he shouted, "It's actually this fellow! It's them! They caused us to be attacked by the wolves and caused us to lose many warriors! "

After saying that, Yin Sheng kicked at Qin Yun with force. He praised, "The crown prince is really impressive. He's actually captured the bastard we've been searching for a long time!"

Ling Yuan looked carefully at Qin Yun's face and said in surprise, "He... He is Qin Yun! I've seen his portrait. That person is Qin Yun!"

Yin Sheng was stunned. He never expected that the famous Qin Yun would be in front of his eyes!

"Good, this is great! Hahahaha..." Ling Yuan laughed heartily. "As long as I kill Qin Yun, I will be famous! We have not come here in vain to boost the prestige of our Tian Ling Empire!"

When Yin Sheng heard this, he laughed before kicking Qin Yun again. He said, "What are you looking at? The crown prince of our Tian Ling Empire is the grandson of the head of the Ling Xuan Wu Academy."

Qin Yun looked at Yin Sheng, his eyes filled with killing intent. It was this fellow who almost killed Meng FeiLing and Sister Li.

Thinking of how Meng FeiLing looked so weak and injured, the anger in his heart surged!

"Hahaha, the strongest prince? And even married Xiao Yuelan? Now that you have fallen into my hands, you are nothing!" Ling Yuan laughed heartily and kicked Qin Yun ruthlessly.

Tormenting a famous genius gave Ling Yuan a sense of superiority and the more he thought, the more arrogant he become.

"Don't be complacent!" Qin Yun roared angrily as he tossed a flaming talisman out. It ignited a raging inferno.

"Haha, your tattered fire talisman can't even burn my high grade spirit artifact!" Ling Yuan laughed out loud and extinguished the fire with a palm strike.

Yin Sheng watched from the side as he occasionally kicked Qin Yun in laughter.

Qin Yun endured the pain from the kick and concentrated on the saber that had fallen far away!

He had just released the spirit essence saber through the hole in the net when he activated the flame talisman.

"The crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire? If you go against me, you'll end up just like Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng!"

Qin Yun looked at Ling Yuan's laughing face and gritted his teeth. He used Imperial Spirit Technique and used all his mental strength to control the spirit essence saber to fly over.

Yin Sheng had also noticed the quick rotation of the saber but it was already too late!

The saber spiraled over, swept past Ling Yuan's neck and beheaded him!

When Yin Sheng saw the head on the ground, both his legs went limp and he almost fell to the ground.

The crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire had died!

Ling Yuan had a very strong perception, so he could sense Qin Yun using the Shadow Force previously.

However, he had been too engrossed in his attacks on Qin Yun earlier. Furthermore, with Yin Sheng beside him, he had only let his guard down and did not notice the saber flying from behind.

Without Ling Yuan's control over the web, Qin Yun quickly broke free and quickly threw out a Body Securing Talisman, locking Yin Sheng in place!