Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 210
Qin Yun quickly finished forging a Soul Chasing Talisman. After activating it, the Soul Chasing Talisman overflowed with light and floated in a particular direction.

"Over there!"

After he put away the Soul Chasing Talisman, he immediately set out and traversed through the ruins.

"It seems like there aren't many magical beasts in the fourth district. I wonder how the third disctrict is like?" After Qin Yun ran out of the ruins, he carefully ran along the empty street.

During the day, he would hide inside an abandoned house to refine beast skin talismans.

"The Body Securing Talisman should be relatively easy to use but I wonder what rank of talisman is needed to lock down a Class 8 Magical Beast?" What Qin Yun was currently crafting were mid-grade beast skin spirit talismans.

In order to make the Body Securing Talisman more effective, he drew two sets of Body Securing marks and a set of Strong marks on a small piece of beast skin.

"It seems like I have to start trying to create high grade spirit talismans!"

Qin Yun produced a middle-grade beast skin spirit talisman. He mused that if he wanted to create high-grade talismans, he would need the beast skin of a Class 9 Magical Beast.

After he finished making the beast skin talisman, he injected his vajra Inner Qi into it. This method was to allow the beast skin talisman to reach it's best condition.

When refining the beast skin talisman, from the beginning he had to prepare the beast skins by puring inner qi and the effect of using Vajra inner qi was the best. The beast skins that Yang Shiyue had helped him with were all pretty good.

After this was done, he would infuse the Vajra inner strength and let the beast skin accumulate enough power until it was full. This way, the energy of the spirit marks would be even stronger when the spirit talisman was activated.

It could be said that the mid-grade leather talismans that Qin Yun had created were of the best quality.

In order to ensure that the beast skin spirit talisman was of the highest quality, Qin Yun would need more than half a day to create one. After all, it was meant for him to save his life.

Without his other members, he wouldn't be able to deal with Class 8 Magical Beasts so easily.

Five days had passed.

Qin Yun hurried on his way at night. Following the guidance of the Soul Chasing Talisman, he entered the third district!

"Yin Sheng is in the third district? This fellow should have found quite a few companions!" Although Qin Yun did not know much about the third district, he knew that this was the third district because the houses here were better and the spiritual energy was dense.

At night, the first town was shrouded in the faint light of the stars and moon. This did not prevent Qin Yun from disappearing into the darkness.


A loud noise suddenly came from afar, making Qin Yun secretly rejoice.

"Yin Sheng should be over there! If he were to fight against magical beasts, I would be able to take advantage of the chaos and attack him." In the half a day that Qin Yun had entered the third district, he did not discover any demonic beasts. However, the third district is very large, so there must be a magical beast horde hidden here.

Qin Yun carefully approached the area in front of him where the battle was taking place.

After he went over, he could clearly feel the aura of Yan Sheng's inner force. Other than Yan Sheng, there were also seven other martial body eighth or ninth level martial artists.

"The Tian Ling Empire does have some power!" Qin Yun pondered to himself. Previously, there was a Martial Dao Realm cultivator and another was at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm. There were also quite a few at the eighth level. Indeed, they could claim themselves as an empire.

However, their luck wasn't very good. When they became an empire, the magical beast horde arrived.

"The Tian Ling Empire must have taken advantage of the invasion of the magical beasts and annexed the other small countries. They were supported by the Lin Xuan Wu Academy, which is why the other small countries joined them."

Qin Yun approached the intense battle. Yin Sheng and company were dealing with a small magical beast horde. There were more than ten Class 8 and 9 Magical Beasts in the horde. They had sharp teeth and they were a group of three to four meter long Taurus.

"Could it be that the magical beast squad that was out on patrol was ambushed by Yin Sheng's group?" Qin Yun hid in the darkness and slowly approached a martial body eighth level cultivator.

The battle here was extremely intense and the atmosphere was extremely chaotic. A cultivator that was focused on battle would never be able to discover Qin Yun, who had blended in with the darkness!

Qin Yun took out a middle-grade Beastskin Body Securing Talisman and threw it at a middle-aged man who was at the eighth level Martial Body realm.

After the Body Securing Talisman was activated, a transparent and colorless energy surged out, enveloping the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was suddenly unable to move and his face was full of fear.

"Roar!" A golden bull roared like a tiger and charged forward. it's horn pierced through the body of the middle-aged man and then it bit off the flesh of his body.

At that moment, Qin Yun also took out a knife. He began using the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique on the meat eating Taurus before using the Six Style Wind Slayer to hack apart the Taurus.

"It worked!"

Qin Yun successfully killed a Class 8 Magical Beast. He was secretly delighted.

Subsequently, he used the same method to deal with Yin Sheng's other companions, killing four of them in a row. Adding the Demonic bull from before, he obtained a total of three Demonic bulls of the eighth step and one Demonic bull of the ninth step.

"Let's retreat!" An old man at the ninth level Martial Body shouted.

Yin Sheng also felt that something was off. They were originally here to suppress the demon bulls but now they had lost four people. If this went on, they would definitely be annihilated.

Qin Yun quietly hid in the darkness. Seeing the demonic bulls chase after Yin Sheng, he quietly followed.

After more than two hours of chasing Yin Sheng and the rest, they finally stopped. There were still ten demonic bulls here, one of which was of the ninth step while the other nine were all of the eighth step.

Qin Yun stopped as well and hid near the demonic bulls. He was conflicted over whether he should give it a try and kill them because they were more or less injured. In particular, the ninth stage demonic bull's injuries were appalling.

"If Big Brother Li and the others were here, then we could easily succeed!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth. He did not know if he could handle so many demonic bulls.

He counted the number of Body Securing Talismans he still had. He had twelve in total.

"Throw out ten at once and freeze all the Demon bulls! Judging from the situation, if I cannot lock down most of the Demon bulls, I can only give

The demonic bulls were all gathered together and did not separate.

He took a few deep breaths and released ten Body Securing Talismans, covering all of the Demonic Bulls.

After the Body Securing Talisman exploded, all of the Demonic Bulls immediately noticed it. They all wanted to move but they couldn't. A strange force restrained their bodies.

Even the Demonic Bull of the ninth step couldn't move!

"Just as I expected, the Demon bull was injured and it's power was greatly reduced. It was unable to break free from the Body Securing Talisman."

Qin Yun took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer and rushed out. He channeled all of the netherflame inner yuan energy as well as the thunder and fire inner yuan energy of the Heavenly Lion's arm into the Giant King Spirit Hammer.

After absorbing the Vajra inner strength, the alchemy and berserk patterns inside the Giant King Spirit Hammer became even more berserk, whistling and letting out a deep roar that shook the ground.

"Forging Dragon Fifth Style, Falling Star!"

Qin Yun aimed a powerful strike at the Class 9 Bull's head and smashed it down. With a "boom", a furious blast of lightning and fire erupted, piercing through the head.

The ninth stage Demon Bull had been killed with a single strike of his hammer!

Qin Yun took advantage of the imposing aura and struck down at the heads of the other demonic bulls with his hammer. Using the Forging Dragon fist, he destroyed a number of heads with a single strike!

The power of each strike shook the earth, tearing cracks in it!

All the Demonic bulls fell to the ground dead. Qin Yun was gasping for breath as his heart was filled with excitement!

"I got rid of these Demon bulls!"

He looked at the Giant Spirit Spirit hammer in his hand and still found it hard to believe. Even though he didn't use all of his internal energy, he was extremely nervous just now and exerted everything he had.

After keeping the demonic bull corpses, Qin Yun hurriedly found a place to replenish the majority of the inner strength he had expended earlier. The Demonic Bull he hunted was worth more than twenty million Xuan Points.

Right now, the magic cores in his hands could be exchanged for eighty million Xuan Points.

After he rested, it was already morning. He continued to refine the body securing talisman!

"It's good that i am an Inscription Master!" Qin Yun recalled the effects of the Body Securing Talisman on the demonic horde and could not help but sigh once again.

A Class 8 Magical Beast, as long as it was immobilized by this kind of Body Securing Talisman, would basically not be able to move at all.

"If I meet a Class 9 Magical Beast in good condition, then my Body Securing Talisman won't be of much use and I can only deal with those who are injured." Qin Yun was even more eager to craft the high-grade Body Securing Talisman.

However, he did have the Stage Nine demon beast hide.

"Let's try using this beast skin!" Qin Yun took out Class 9 Magic Beast Bull's skin.

The hide was golden and it was as thick as a brick. It was very tough and it felt like a hard stone.

Qin Yun used the Giant King Spirit Hammer to beat up the thick demonic skin. Through the heat produced from the Alchemy Inscription, he refined it into a thin piece and used his Vajra inner force to deal with it.

"Sure enough! The skin of a magical beast is the same as the skin of a monster beast, that's great!" Qin Yun could not help but laugh. In the future, there would definitely be a lot of this beast skin. It would be easy to purchase.

After refining, it would become a very precious and useful beast skin talisman.

In order to be able to inscribe high grade spirit inscriptionss, one needed to inscribe even more spirit marks. Moreover, they also needed to carve Origin Gathering Marks alongside other spirit marks to store up a large amount of energy in order to make the power of the spirit marks even stronger.

Right now, he needed to carve two sets of Body Securing marks on both sides of the beast skin. He also needed to carve Origin Gathering Marks and a set of Body Securing Marks inside the beast skin.

When he was refining the Giant King Spirit Hammer, he had also engraved spirit marks within the material. Thus, he had a certain level of experience in this aspect and would not be difficult for him.

The main reason was that at such a small location, it was the most difficult to inscribe so many spirit marks without mixing up the different ones.

He had spent an entire day and night to refine a high-grade beast skin talisman!

"It is indeed difficult to forge!" After Qin Yun succeeded, he was very tired.

Originally, in this kind of environment, it was necessary to reserve a certain amount of internal energy to prevent other sudden situations.

And because Qin Yun was too engrossed, he used up all his internal energy in a single breath in order to create a high-grade Body Securing Talisman!

Lying on the ground, he blamed himself. He shouldn't have been so willful.

Fortunately, there were no unexpected situations. He could recover after resting for two hours. Then, he continued to pursue Yin Sheng while it was dark.

"Yin Sheng, you'll die by my hands sooner or later!" Qin Yun's body overflowed with Shadow Power and naturally blended into the darkness.

He used the Soul Chasing Talisman to continue tracking Yin Sheng.

On the way, he also discovered several powerful magical beasts but luckily he was not discovered by them.

Facing such a powerful magical beast horde, not to mention him alone, even those in the Martial Dao Realm might not dare to go up.

"Magical beasts really do mainly eat humans. Sometimes, they also eat other beasts, so magical beasts and other beasts have to be on guard against each other."

Qin Yun saw broken pieces of the demonic beast bones on a street. They were all leftovers from being eaten.