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Chapter 194 Qin Long Appears

Chapter 194 - Qin Long Appears

Qin Yun's eyes were firm as he looked at Xiao Yuelan and said, "Princess Yuelang, don't worry. I'm only temporarily divorcing you. Since you're mine, you'll always be mine!"

(TL NOTE : and with this the author ruined the entire MC character progression until now......)

Xiao Yuelan closed her eyes because she knew very well that Qin Yun would definitely do as Qin Zhengfeng said. If it was her, she could only do the same!

She said faintly, "I will be your wife for all eternity!"

Qin Yun took out a piece of paper and took a deep breath.

With the help of Empress Ye, Qin Zheng Feng stood up with a face full of pride, "Hahaha!!! Qin Yun, so what if you have the Heavenly Lion Totem inheritance? So what if your Mental Energy is strong? In the end, you are still at my mercy! Don't be complacent, you'll soon become even more useless than me, and I'll obtain your Heavenly Lion's arm. Hahaha!!"

Just as Qin Zheng Feng was laughing, a terrifying aura suddenly surged!

The Martial Dao Realm experts in the great hall was instantly shocked!

After the terrifying aura appeared, a golden light suddenly shot out and pierced through Qin Zhengfeng's body, pinning him to a pillar.

Qin Zhengfeng was nailed to the ground by a golden spear. He did not die but he was still painfully struggling!

When the Martial Dao Realm cultivators in the hall sensed this aura and saw this golden dragon spear, all of their faces paled in fright!

"Dragon King Spear!" Emperor Tian Qi was the first to shout.

"It's the Tian Qin's inheritance Xuan artifact, the Dragon King Spear!" Zhuo Chuan also shouted loudly.

"Who is it?" Empress Ye's trembling voice was filled with fear as she looked around.

"It's me!" This was the voice of the Emperor of Tian Qin, Qin Long.

Hearing this deep voice, the old official of Tian Qin's face turned ashen, his aged body trembling violently.

A golden-armored man wearing a red cloak walked into the hall.

Half of his face was covered by a golden mask. Under his thick eyebrows were a pair of eyes that were sharp and deep. His body exuded a domineering aura as he slowly walked to Qin Yun's side.

"Qin... Qin Long, didn't you die?" Emperor Tianqi exclaimed.

The person who had come was Qin Long. She had said two days ago that he had passed away but now he was here full of energy.

Xiao Yanglong also gulped. He had always thought that Qin Long was very weak and knew that Qin Long was injured. That was why he dared to bully Qin Yun. However, he never expected Qin Long to be of the Martial Dao Realm!

Qin Long looked at the trembling Empress Ye and said coldly, "Bitch! While my cultivation has gone berserk, you colluded with the treacherous officials to harm Xiao Yun and the Grand Preceptor. You still want to kill me? You didn't expect me to step into the martial dao realm, did you!?"

With that, he threw Ye Chang Chao's head out.

"That old dog Ye Chang Chao, even he wants to usurp the Qin family's position but he doesn't know how to write the word 'death'." Qin Long kicked his head in front of Empress Ye.

Empress Ye's body went limp and she sat on the ground. Her arm trembled as she pointed at Qin Zheng Feng who was nailed to the pillar and screamed, "Qin Long, he is your son. Do you want to kill him too?"

Just as Queen Ye finished speaking, Qin Long aimed a palm at the struggling Qin Zhengfeng and smashed him along with the pillar!

The people in the great hall were all dumbstruck!

Qin Long had actually killed his son in front of so many people!

"Qin Long, you...you are ruthless! Even the tigers don't kill their own child, you still killed your own flesh and blood!" Empress Ye was stunned for a moment before crying out. Her cries were filled with fear, as she knew that she was doomed to die today.

Qin Long's face was ice-cold. He looked at Empress Ye who had collapsed on the ground and said, "He wants to dig out the corpse of my beloved wife. This is a capital offense! Besides, he's not my son at all!"

What? Qin Zhengfeng was not his son!

Everyone immediately guessed that the empress was committing adultery or something like that. They felt that it was normal for Empress Ye to do something like this being such a wicked person.

Qin Long looked at Qin Tianyi in the crowd and continued, "My surviving sons are only Qin Yun and Qin Tianyi! As for Qin Zheng Feng and Qin Feng, they are not my sons! If I'm not wrong, they are all descendants of the Ye family. They came from the Ye family to pretend to be my son! Do you think that I don't know anything just because I've been cultivating for a long time?"

Qin Zhengfeng and Qin Feng were both descendants of the Ye Clan!

The crowd thought for a while and sighed. If Qin Zhengfeng successfully ascended the throne, the Tian Qin Empire would be theirs!

The Ye Family really had a good plan! Empress Ye completely crumbled as she cursed Qin Long crazily.

"Demon King Zhenren, your Meng Family is responsible for capturing all the members of the Ye Family and locking them up in the Heavenly Prison. I will slowly deal with them." Qin Long looked at Meng Fei Ling's table.

Demon King Zhenren of the Meng Family was an old man. He stood up with a few other elders from the other families and caught Empress Ye and the injured Duke of Yan, as well as some of the old officials.

The Duke of Qin was also here. Although he was Qin Long's younger brother, Qin Long knew about the conspiracy with the Ye family.

When the Duke of Qin saw the look in Qin Long's eyes, he hastily rushed towards the door. However, he had only taken a few steps when Qin Long sent him flying with a palm strike, causing him to cough up blood.

After that, the whole family was captured by the Demon King and the others.

After the Meng Family had captured these people, they hurriedly sent them to the prison.

The arrogance on Xiao Yanglong's face also disappeared. The main reason was that Qin Long was very strong and he also had the Dragon King Spear in his hand. Even the other Martial Dao cultivators of the older generation were wary of him.

"Although many things have happened today, it's not over yet. This is about Yue Lan. She just said that as long as someone defeats her, they can marry her." Xiao Yang Long slowly said, "There are still a few young elites from Blue Spirit Star Palace that want to challenge her."

Qin Yun had been injured by the Duke of Yan. He could not compete in a short period of time, so the only thing she could do was to fight on her own.

"Alright, you can continue." Qin Long said with an indifferent expression.

From the Blue Spirit West Palace side, a handsome man dressed in blue walked out and arrogantly entered the martial arena. He said: "Xiao Yue Lan, you and I don't need to use weapons to fight. I'll let you see whether or not I'm worthy enough for you!"

Xiao Yue Lan's expression was calm as she entered the martial arena, indicating for Zhuo Chuan to activate the array formation.

Xiao Yang Long laughed: "Yue Lan, this is the grandson of our Western Palace's Great Elder, Luo Yan. His cultivation is at the eighth level Martial Body realm, he possesses Six Spirit Vein and is about to step into the ninth level Martial Body realm. He is the strongest warrior under the age of twenty-five in the Western Palace."

The Blue Spirit Western Palace's Elder Luo had a smile on his face as he said, "Princess Yue Lan, Luo Yan is very outstanding. He is much better than Qin Yun. Qin Yun no longer has his inner yuan energy. He relies on cultivating his mind and arm. There are many unknown dangers that you should consider carefully."

"Don't spout such nonsense. It's better to beat me than to say anything." Xiao Yuelan coldly said, her heart not wavering in the slightest.

Yang Shiyue rolled her eyes at Qin Yun and muttered, "Yue Lan is so loyal to you. Just now, you rejected her so stubbornly. You really have no conscience."

Qin Yun stuck out his tongue and did not speak. He looked at Xiao Yuelan with concern.

"Royal father, you must also watch over yue lan. Don't let her get hurt." Qin Yun whispered to Qin Long behind him.

"Don't worry." Qin Long smiled.

After Zhuo Chuan shouted, Luo Yan attacked confidently. His steps were like lightning as he instantly moved to Xiao Yuelan's side and threw out a palm from the side, setting off a purplish-gold flaming rock as it flew over.

Xiao Yuelan waved her hand and released a ball of internal energy, wanting to block the flaming rocks. However, when her internal energy came in contact with the flaming rocks, it detonated the rocks!

With a "hong" sound, a large amount of purple gold flames burst out from the rock, covering the entire martial field!

If it were not for the protection of the flag array, the fire would have burned the entire hall!

Even with the flag array, the main hall was still steaming hot.

"This is a low-grade Earth Realm martial art, Fire Star Explosion!" Elder Luo laughed out loud and said, "Although Luo Yan has only just started, his mastery is already quite good!"

The other disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace also had expressions of surprise on their faces! It was only now that they realized that Luo Yan had started learning the Earth Level Martial Arts.

An Earth Realm martial art didn't have a certain level of mastery or guidance from an expert. If one were to recklessly learn it, there would be a great risk. This was what shocked many people.

There were many outstanding disciples in the Blue Spirit Star Palace but none of them had the confidence to learn Earth Level Martial Arts while below the Martial Dao Realm.

The flames within the battle arena, which was surrounded by the flag array, gradually died down.

The first one to appear in front of everyone was Luo Yan. He had his hands behind his back and was smiling proudly, as if he had won.

"Don't worry. Even if she is seriously injured, I will still marry her." Luo Yan's tone was indifferent as he glanced at Qin Yun with disdain.

He only wanted the Immortal Graveyard Diagram on Xiao Yue Lan's body. If Xiao Yue Lan's strength was damaged due to serious injuries, this would be the best for him. It would allow them to better suppress Xiao Yue Lan.

The flames had completely disappeared. Xiao Yuelan stood straight on the spot, her waist-high smooth black hair fluttering gently. She had not been burnt by the purple gold flames just now!

The most shocking thing was that the violent explosion just now did not cause her to take a single step back.

The gleeful smile on Elder Luo's face froze for a moment and shock filled his face.

Xiao Yuelan sneered. With a flick of her finger, a small ball of purple gold fire shot out from her fingertip. In an instant, it struck Luo Yan's shoulder!

Peng! The purple-gold fireball hit Luo Yan's shoulder let out a crisp sound and exploded into a small ball of purple-gold flames!

Luo Yan was sent flying, screaming in pain!

"Yan'er!" Elder Luo yelled out in panic.

After Luo Yan fell to the ground, the flames also went out but one of his arms was gone!

"Someone like you wants to marry me? And you still want to cripple me so that you can control the secret of me obtaining the Immortal Graveyard Diagram? In your dreams!" Xiao Yuelan's voice was cold, her murderous intent overwhelming.

As she spoke, she walked over to Luo Yan.

"Xiao Yuelan, quickly stop!" Elder Luo had already arrived at the side of the battling field.

"Yue Lan, stop!" Xiao Yanglong hurriedly shouted as well.

Luo Yan also knew that he couldn't beat Xiao Yuelan. Just as he was about to shout his surrender, Xiao Yueran lifted her leg and stomped down with great force, creating a "boom" sound.

Luo Yan, who was about to admit defeat, immediately cried out in pain!