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Xiao Yanglong saw that Xiao Yue Lan was deep in thought and was secretly pleased. He coldly asked, "Yue Lan, answer truthfully. Have you seen the other contract?"

Seeing that Xiao Yue Lan didn't answer, Elder Luo smiled slightly: "Princess Yue Lan, my grandson is very outstanding. If you marry him, you will definitely be very happy, there is no need to worry about other things."

Xiao Yanglong laughed, "Elder Luo, from now on, we are relatives!"

Elder Luo nodded, "Don't worry, I will definitely make you satisfied with the betrothal gift. Although we used more than 400 million crystals to purchase the contract, we have a solid foundation, so the betrothal gift will definitely not disappoint you!"

"Wait a minute, the other contract was in hands of Xiao Yue Mei. She told me about it before!" Qin Yun suddenly said.

His words caused a stir because Xiao Yue Mei had already been captured by the Tian Xiao Empire and was locked up somewhere.

Xiao Yue Lan looked at Xiao Yanglong, her voice incomparably cold as she said: "Call Yue Mei out, get her to take out another contract book for me!"

She was also feeling baffled because Xiao Yue Mei had never mentioned the matter to her elder sister. However, since Qin Yun had said so, she believed it to be true.

"Yue Mei has committed a heinous crime and is being held in Tian Xiao Prison. In order to release her, we must obtain the consent of all the ministers here." Xiao Yanglong said with a sneer, "Yuelang, you are so foolish. Qin Yun was lying to you. He knew that Yue Mei could not come here, so he said that deliberately so that you would not hold a grudge!"

Qin Yun pointed at Xiao Yanglong with the chicken leg in his hand and said, "Don't spout nonsense. Although Yue Mei cannot come, her storage bracelet is here! When I first gave her the storage bracelet, I saw her putting the contract book inside. Later on, this storage bracelet was snatched away by you, the elder brother and then it was destroyed and returned to me. Then I gave her a new one!"

During the Three Xuan Academy's assessment, everyone had seen Xiao Yanglong return the storage bracelet to Qin Yun. The other contract book was actually inside!

"I fixed that broken storage bracelet but I can't open it! Xiao Yuelan is the sister of Yue Mei. If she drip blood into it, it should be possible to open it." Qin Yun handed the bracelet of holding to Xiao Yuelan.

Xiao Yanglong wanted to snatch them but Zhuo Chuan, Duan Qian and a few other powerful Martial Dao Realm cultivators stood beside her.

Everyone could not help but rejoice in their hearts. If Xiao Yanglong had not returned the bracelet of holding to Qin Yun, the marriage between Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan would have definitely been annulled!

Xiao Yue Lan received the bracelet of holding and hastily dripped blood into it. As expected, she discovered a contract book inside and immediately took it out. Just like the previous one, there were two bloody marks on it.

Actually, the two contract books had been in Qin Yun's hands the entire time. However, they had fused together and separated after soaking in water. One of the contract books had it's back soaked in water and revealed the secret passageway in the Tian Qin Imperial Palace.

After separating the contract book, he placed it in a bracelet of holding and passed it over to Xiao Yuelan, this was a trap that he had prepared beforehand.

When Xiao Yanglong and Elder Luo saw the contract, they were completely dumbfounded. They knew very well that Qin Yun had purposely taken the bait from the very beginning.

Qin Yun chuckled before sitting down to continue eating the chicken leg.

Everyone immediately felt admiration for him. He had actually made Blue Spirit West Palace suffer such a loss!

Yang Shiyue heaved a sigh of relief as she secretly admired Qin Yun.

Murong Daren immediately gave Qin Yun a toast with a smile.

Elder Luo stood there in a daze. The wrinkles on his old face were trembling in anger, as if he was going to erupt at any moment!

450 million crystal coins were gone just like that. They had been completely cheated by Qin Yun!

Xiao Yanglong was infuriated but he also calmed down gradually, and said: "Yuelan, take out the contract book and burn it!"

Xiao Yuelan was no longer as nervous as she was now and her expression was full of pride as she coldly said: "My marriage, I make the decision myself. I don't want to be manipulated by anyone."

Xiao Yanglong said, "Don't be willful. Do you really want to marry a fellow like Qin Yun? You saw how despicable he is! Not only did he make a move on Yue Mei, he even made a move on Qi Meilian and he even coveted the beauty of his teacher, Yang Shiyue... You need to be clear because you have an engagement with him, so your reputation will be greatly affected."

When Qin Yun heard this, he was somewhat unhappy but he did not say a word. He only smiled slightly at Yang Shiyue.

A few people nodded before they began discussing Qin Yun's various faults. Here, there were many people who envied him.

Xiao Yuelan heard everyone's discussion and sank into deep thought.

Xiao Yanglong was very satisfied with this result and said, "Yuelan, I know that you want to borrow Qin Yun to escape and that you are only using him. Once you have overcome this crisis, you will definitely throw him off, right?"

Xiao Yuelan did not speak and the crowd did not know what she was thinking at this moment.

Xiao Yanglong looked at Qin Yun and said with a sneer, "Did you see that!? She's using you. Do you really think she wants to marry a piece of trash like you? You don't have a martial spirit, only a single spirit vein. You don't have a future... Of course, if you had enough crystal coins, there would be a turning point. That's why you're willing to go all out to swindle other people's crystal coins."

Qin Yun did not say a word as he continued eating his food.

"Yue Lan, take out the contract!" Xiao Yang Long said: "I guarantee that once you marry into the Blue Spirit Western Palace, you will definitely live a good life."

Xiao Yuelan said, "No! Since you want to use me as a transaction in exchange for generous benefits, then think of a way yourself! "

Xiao Yanglong's expression hardened, and said: "I can promise you that once you marry Elder Luo's grandson, Yue Mei will be safe and sound."

Everyone secretly took in a deep breath. Xiao Yanglong had used this move in the end, using Xiao Yuemei to threaten Xiao Yue Lan!

Xiao Yue Lan took a deep breath, and said: "Before I promise you, I want to meet Yue Mei first!"

Xiao Yanglong was in a difficult situation because Xiao Yue Mei, who had been secretly sent into the Tian Qin palace, had suddenly disappeared. Even his mother, Empress Xiao, was missing.

Qin Yun coldly laughed, "She might have already been rescued. Xiao Xuanqin has soul shaking powder in her hands!"

Xiao Yanglong had guessed correctly. He had been saved by Qin Yun!

"I can't see Yue Mei, so I won't agree!" When Xiao Yue Lan saw the change in Xiao Yanglong's expression, she was secretly happy. Just now, she had already seen the expressions of Qin Zheng Feng and the Empress.

Just as she had guessed, Yue Mei was being imprisoned into the Tian Qin palace but she was no longer there.

Xiao Yanglong frowned but he was furious in his heart. It was obvious that he wanted to slap Xiao Yuelan. It was a pity that he couldn't do anything in this kind of situation.

He was Crown Prince of Tian Xiao. A martial artist in his thirties would not easily be defeated.

After taking a deep breath, Xiao Yanglong looked at Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan is only using you.. even the two of them are using you, so you can use them as well."

"How about this, you write a marriage annulment certificate and divorce Yue Lan. I will give you a generous sum of crystal coins."

Divorce Xiao Yuelan on the spot? All the people in this great hall were slightly amazed, praising Xiao Yanglong's excellent methods!

"If you write the letter, I'll give you 450 million crystal coins!" Xiao Yang Long said with a loud voice, his face was filled with a pleased smile, "If you were to obtain more crystal coins, it would be enough to raise your cultivation."

"Alright, I'll write!" Qin Yun picked up the pen and began writing the contents of the letter of annulment.

When Xiao Yanglong saw it, he laughed loudly and said, "Yue Lan, did you see that!? This kind of guy is so despicable. For the sake of crystal coins, he doesn't even care about face anymore. It's fortunate that you didn't marry him!"

Qin Yun had finished writing the letter of annulment and just as he was about to sign, Xiao Yuelan actually took out a sword with a 'shua' sound!

The speed at which she drew her sword was extremely fast. No one could see how she had managed to pull it out but the tip of the sword was already at Qin Yun's throat.

The speed at which Xiao Yuelan struck out with her sword caused many powerhouses to be incomparably shocked!

Especially the table beside her — Hou Xingfeng and Xie Wufeng were both sword users, so they were the most surprised.

When everyone saw Xiao Yuelan's murderous aura, they felt that she had been infuriated by Qin Yun!

With a sword in hand, Xiao Yuelan said coldly, "Qin Yun, before you sign your name, I need to tell you something."

Everyone felt that Xiao Yuelan would definitely say that Qin Yun was not worthy of her. She wanted him to give up on his intentions or humiliate Qin Yun. This was something that everyone loved to see.

"Speak!" Qin Yun said impatiently.

"If you sign the letter, then you're looking down on me, Xiao Yuelan. This is a great insult to me! Whoever insults me shall die! "

Xiao Yuelan's ice-cold words that contained endless killing intent caused everyone present to be stunned!

What was going on? Could it be that Qin Yun was not allowed to divorce her? She had to do it herself? That must be it!

"Alright, then come and divorce me. I don't have any objections since I've asked you to come along with me before." Qin Yun handed the pen over. He also believed that Xiao Yuelan wanted to end the engagement from her side.

Qin Yun felt that it did not matter anymore. As long as he signed the contract, Xiao Yanglong would give him crystal coins. How much was his face worth? The things he got were the real deal. In any case, he was already like a dead pig that wasn't afraid of boiling water!

Xiao Yuelan did not accept the brush and instead looked coldly at Qin Yun. She said coldly, "I, Xiao Yuelan, am a person of good faith. When I was young, I promised my mother that I would never break my promise to marry you!"

"Even though I, Xiao Yuelan, am only a little girl, I will do as I say; I will never be able to change my words. Unlike some people, who can sell anything for their own benefits." She glared at Qin Yun before looking at Xiao Yanglong.

Xiao Yuelan's words caused everyone to be in disbelief, they all thought they had heard wrongly!

Xiao Yuelan was actually going to marry that trash, Qin Yun!

Qin Yun also suspected that he had misheard. A string of 'vulgarities' resounded in his heart.

He bit the tip of his tongue and confirmed that he was not sleepwalking. Then he seriously asked: "You want me to marry you?"

"Yes sir!" Xiao Yuelan's reply was very resolute, her voice cold and sonorous.

Qin Yun took a deep breath and asked, "What if I don't marry you?"

"Those who insult me will die." Xiao Yue Lan coldly spat out these words, tightly gripping the sword in her hands: "If you sign the letter now, I will immediately kill you!"