Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 180

Xiao Xuan Qin leaned against the wall, the black miasma on her face slowly dissipating but now it appeared again.

She exclaimed softly in shock, "Qin Yun... I have another poison in my body!"

Master Wei slightly opened his eyes and weakly laughed: "This is another poison of mine. Xiao Xuanqin, you're dead for sure, die with me, hahaha.."

As he was laughing, his mind was destroyed by Qin Yun with a single palm strike!

"Qin Yun, you have mastered the art of soul refining. Everyone will know it. You will not have a good ending!" The old woman laughed bitterly, "You will definitely die miserably... "

Qin Yun went over and dealt with the old woman and the old man before burning them with fire.

Afterwards, he hurriedly carried Xiao Xuan Qin, walked to the room and placed her on the bed.

Not only was there black energy flowing under the skin of Xiao Xuanqin's face, there was also a black fog that was quietly surging under the skin of her entire body. It was a very strange poison.

"This is a poisonous inner force that has permeated through my entire body. I can't be saved anymore. Quickly kill me!" Xiao Xuanqin's eyes were filled with despair as she looked at Qin Yun. "If you meet Yue Mei and Yue Lan, apologize to them on my behalf..."

Qin Yun infused his inner force into her body and said, "Don't speak nonsense like that. You will definitely get better!"

"Don't send inner force in, it will infect your whole body!" Xiao Xuanqin was extremely weak as she anxiously asked softly.

Qin Yun tested the poison but he did not know how to force it out. He was not infected.

He discovered that the poison power was trying to enter through his inner force but was repelled by his Black Sun inner force.

"My Black Sun internal force has a strong suction force. It might be able to absorb this poison force and I won't be poisoned." His heart stirred, and he hurriedly circulated Black Sun Inner Qi to cover his palms. He then stuck it onto Xiao Xuanqin's arms and slowly moved his palms, discovering that the black energy would become dormant as he moved his palms.

Seeing that it was effective, he hurriedly pricked a small hole in Xiao Xuan Qin's palm and lured the black poison out of that small hole.

After drawing out the black gas, her arms became as white as jade. However, it did not last long before another wave of black gas entered her arms.

"The poison needle is still on you, no wonder!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth and said, "Aunt Xiao, please forgive me if I offend you. I'm saving you."

Even if Xiao Xuanqin was unwilling, there was nothing she could do; she could only close her eyes.

Qin Yun used his mind's energy to activate the Divine Imperial Art and remove the poison needle from her chest. Then, he used the Divine Imperial Art to surround the poison aura in Xiao Xuanqin's body with the special suction force from Black Sun Inner Qi.

The poison aura pervaded Xiao Xuanqin's entire body, so Qin Yun needed to lead the poison aura out of every part of her body. From time to time, he would touch her skin and touch her entire body. This was extremely disrespectful to a woman.

An hour later, Qin Yun saw that Xiao Xuanqin's face was as white as jade and had traces of blood on it. He heaved a sigh of relief before covering her with a blanket.

"Aunty Xiao, I, Qin Yun, swear to the heavens that I was seriously trying to cure the poison just now. I have absolutely no ill intentions!" Qin Yun said with a sincere expression. He did not dare to look straight at the emaciated beauty on the bed.

Even though he said that, he didn't offend Xiao Xuan Qin just now. He was extremely careful from the beginning to the end and didn't touch Xiao Xuan Qin in sensitive spots intentionally.

"Hmph, you just wanted to watch me take a bath!" Xiao Xuan Qin snorted.

"No!! I..." Qin Yun could not explain it clearly.

Xiao Xuanqin recovered a bit of her strength. Just now, she had nearly died, so she was very grateful to Qin Yun for saving her life. Furthermore, when Qin Yun touched her body, he did so through her clothes. However, thinking back, she felt extremely embarrassed. Especially when Qin Yun had touched her private parts a few times.

"I'm leaving, you'll be fine soon! I'm afraid you'll hit me when you get better." Qin Yun said with concern.

After all, Xiao Xuanqin was still in her thirties, so she was definitely a very chaste woman.

Just as Qin Yun was about to leave, Xiao Xuanqin shouted softly, "Wait!"

"I'm not waiting anymore. I'll be beaten to death by you if I wait any longer!" Qin Yun said with a wry smile.

"Why would I hit you? You saved me twice! Besides, you didn't do anything to me. Of course, you can't mention this to anyone else." Xiao Xuanqin softly said with a gentle tone.

Qin Yun walked to the bed and sat down. He asked, "Aunt Xiao, you should rest first. We'll talk after you get up!"

Just a moment ago, he was extremely serious about detoxifying the poison and now that he saw Xiao Xuanqin's beautiful appearance at such a close distance, he couldn't help but praise her in his heart.

Xiao Xuan Qin said in a low voice: "I'm almost fine, you turn around first, I'm going to change my clothes."

Qin Yun hurriedly turned his body.

When Xiao Xuanqin changed her clothes, she could not help but recall all the things that had happened to Qin Yun. First, it was said that his martial spirit had died and he had been deemed finished.

In the end, he was sent into the forbidden area and the forbidden area was smashed to pieces by the meteors. He was thought to be dead.

But now, Qin Yun had appeared here full of vigor and even saved her twice. He had even killed a person in the Martial Dao Realm and two ninth level Martial Body cultivators!

The most terrifying thing was that he had mastered the soul refining technique!

Xiao Xuanqin put on a purple robe and spoke with a clear and melodious voice: "You can turn around now!"

Qin Yun turned around and saw Xiao Xuanqin's elegant and beautiful dressing. He could not help but say, "Auntie Xiao, your dressing is really good!"

Xiao Xuan Qin laughed lightly: "You and Yue Mei are really compatible, you two little fellows always do things that even we adults don't dare to do."

Qin Yun coughed dryly and said, "There's actually nothing going on between me and Yue Mei. We are just good friends. The reason why news of me and her....the main reason is because she intentionally scammed me and wanted to use me to escape. I saw that she was pretty good girl, so I didn't expose her."

She also knew that Xiao Yue Mei was still a virgin.

She was somewhat angry and sternly rebuked him, "If you are still alive, why didn't you jump out earlier? Do you see what Yue Mei has done? Otherwise, she wouldn't have ended up like this right now!"

Qin Yun curled his lips and said, "What does that have to do with me? The reason why Yue Mei went around killing those guys, wasn't it because of a deep grudge? Sooner or later, she will be unable to hold it in. This is all because you elders didn't take care of her better. Furthermore, those old bastards from the Tian Xiao Empire, along with that beast Xiao Yanglong, have been thinking about how to sell her for a good price all day, so these kinds of grudges have been accumulated in her heart for a long time now."

"She can't help her own sister. She can only watch as her sister, who dotes the most on her, is sold. That's why she killed those guys to vent her anger."

When Xiao Xuanqin heard these words, she fell silent.

Qin Yun continued, "You saw it just now. The Tian Xiao Empire does not treat you women respectfully and they even wanted to give you to that beast, Master Wei... maybe they've been planning to sell you!"

Xiao Xuanqin sucked in a long breath before scolding with a smile: "Didn't you come early so you prepared to watch me take a bath? You still pretended to be a ghost to me? You little rascal, you sure are dishonest!"

Qin Yun scratched his head and chuckled. "These are all accidents. I had wanted to find you to discuss something secretly but who knew that so many things would happen!"

He smiled and said, "Aunt Xiao, Master Wei and the others have died. Everyone must have thought that you were the one who killed them. I'm truly sorry!"

"Damn brat, you can still laugh!" Xiao Xuan Qin angrily stomped her feet and said.

Qin Yun hurriedly retracted his smile and sat on a stool. He lowered his head and did not dare to look at her again.

Xiao Xuanqin suddenly recalled that Qin Yun had mastered the secret of the Soul Refining Technique. It was no trivial matter!

She sighed and asked, "You should have hated me and also wanted to kill me. Why didn't you make a move and even saved me?"

Qin Yun said, "I was born in the palace and knew that kinship was very precious to the children of the imperial family. Yue Mei has a deep affection for you. If she knew that I didn't save you, she would definitely hate me for the rest of my life."

When Xiao Xuanqin heard those words, the gaze she used to look at Qin Yun was much gentler. There was even a hint of guilt in her gaze.

Previously, she had been hated by Xiao Yue Mei because she had failed to save Qin Yun. After that, she was extremely upset. She also knew that her and Xiao Yue Mei's kinship was very rare and she didn't want to lose it.

Qin Yun came back to the main topic and said, "Auntie Xiao, the reason I came to find you was to inquire about the whereabouts of Yue Mei. No matter what, I must save her!"

Xiao Xuan Qin stared at him, and asked with a serious tone: "Answer me honestly, was the matter with Xiao Yu Tower done by you guys?"

Qin Yun nodded. "Yes!"

"You have the key?" Xiao Xuanqin asked again.

Qin Yun asked, "It's in my hands. What key is it?"

Xiao Xuanqin let out a light sigh and said with a surprised look on her face: "That's the key to the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb! If you wanted to enter the tomb, you would need to use this key to open the gate. And this key was also one of the Yue Lan's dowry items...In other words, whoever marries Yue Lan will get this key!"

Qin Yun never expected the Tian Xiao Empire to marry her off with something like this!

She saw Qin Yun's look of surprise and said, "Yue Lan has the Immortal Graveyard Diagram on her and it has a great deal to do with Yue Lan's mother. Right now, the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and the Yue Lan fused together. If he wanted to take the Immortal Graveyard Diagram, he would need the blood of Yue Lan's mother! Yue Lan and Yue Mei's mother were buried in the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb!"

When Qin Yun heard this, his body trembled in anger. He clenched his fists and asked coldly, "Does Yue Mei know about this?"

Xiao Xuanqin shook her head: "I'm not sure if they know either! I owed a debt of gratitude to their mother. If it weren't for their mother, I would have been sold long ago..."

"Yue Mei is in your Emperor's Palace, are you confident you can save her? Right now, it is not easy even to enter the palace, especially after the incident at Xiao Yu Villa.

Qin Yun felt that he could fly in but it would definitely not be that easy. The engagement was about to begin and the Tian Qin Palace was filled with experts!

Xiao Xuanqin took out a small box and handed it to Qin Yun. "This is Soulshake Powder! I have a total of two. I just used one and the rest is for you!"

Qin Yun had also seen how powerful the Soulshake Powder was. Once it was released, it could paralyze a Martial Dao Realm cultivator.

He took it and asked, "How do I use it?"

Xiao Xuan Qin said: "Just spread it out! There are ten antidotes inside the box. If you take one, you won't be poisoned by the Soulshake Powder for ten days."