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Chapter 142 Totem Inheritance

Chapter 142 - Totem Inheritance

Qin Yun was overjoyed to see the Golden Fire Lion awaken. He immediately asked, "Great Lion, then can my own blood flow into my left arm?"

The Golden-Fire Lion's large eyes blinked, and said, "Of course you can, once your blood enters your left arm, it will be turned into the Heavenly Lion's blood by the Heavenly Lion totem above! All in all, this arm can give you a lot of power. You yourself need to comprehend the power of the Heavenly Lion Totem Stone.

When Qin Yun was refining the Silver Lion Puppet, he realized that the Celestial Lion Totem was an extremely terrifying set of mystic patterns!

The Golden-Fire Lion continued, "I am a descendant of the Ancient Heavenly Lion Tribe. I possess a certain level of the Heavenly Lion's bloodline, so I can help you activate the Heavenly Lion Totem... "Totem, is the inheritance of the clan's memories. They are incomparably deep and profound, covering everything in their path. They are enough for you to study them for your entire life."

Xiao Yue Mei exclaimed: "So powerful …. Brother, how did you get it? "

"I've been soaking in the Heavenly Lion Lake for ten days and then the totem was on my arm. I'm not sure why it would appear." Qin Yun was also extremely curious. He looked at the giant golden lion and asked, "Great Lion, do you know?"

The Golden Fire Lion said, "You might have been soaked in lion's blood … "Our Heavenly Lion Bloodline has always nurtured such a heritage. For a Heavenly Lion Totem to appear on your body, it means that you have gained the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Lion Bloodline."

Qin Yun secretly felt for his left arm. Indeed, he could sense a strong ancient power concealed within.

Xiao Yue Mei was extremely mischievous, climbing onto the body of the Golden Fire Gigantic Lion, she laughed: "Lion, you also have a Martial Spirit, right? What Martial Spirit was it? Can you tell me? "

"Golden Sun Martial Spirit!" The Goldfire Lion said.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei were immediately alarmed. A Yang Martial Spirit was a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens!

Xiao Yue Mei was in disbelief, and asked: "Is that true? Your martial spirit is so strong, and it's even the bane of ghosts, but you were actually beaten so badly by the Spirit King! "

The Golden-Fire Lion was a bit vexed as it said, "I was at the critical point of my breakthrough and was disturbed by the Ghost King, causing me to be injured. That's why he took advantage of me." Then, he controlled my body and entered the depths of the Cloud Dragon River to wear out the power in my body! "

Xiao Yue Mei jumped down from the lion's back, took out her mirror and placed it on the Golden Fire Lion's fluffy belly: "Great Lion, relax your entire body, allow my martial spirit's power into your body, to feel your martial spirit … "Don't worry, it'll be fine, just consider it a small favor!"

"As long as there's no harm, it's fine. It's you who saved me. Just a small favor." The Golden Fire Lion laughed.

Qin Yun was secretly surprised. He knew that Xiao Yue Mei wanted to use her mystical Mirror Martial Spirit to imprint the Gold Sun Martial Spirit into her mirror.

Sure enough, the mirror in Xiao Yue Mei's hand suddenly glowed with a golden light, and after a moment, it disappeared.

"Haha …" If I succeed, I'll have a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens. " Xiao Yue Mei laughed happily: "When my spiritual force cultivation is more or less done, I will switch to the Gold Sun Martial Spirit!"

Qin Yun had two martial spirits, and they were both of high rank, but he was also very jealous of Xiao Yue Mei's Mirror Martial Spirit!

"Great Lion, what is your background? "You are very strong and know how to speak!" Xiao Yue Mei climbed onto the lion's back and asked: "And that Spirit King … How did you get targeted by it? "

The Golden Fire Lion said, "The Ghost King escaped from the Land of Buried Immortals. I'm mainly responsible for inspecting the Land of Buried Immortals and specifically killing the evil spirits that escaped."

The Spirit King had actually come from the Immortal Burying Grounds … In other words, the evil spirits of the ghost beasts also came from that place!

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei looked at each other with looks of shock.

Xiao Yue Mei asked anxiously: "Then do you know where the Immortal Burying Ground is? Can you take us? Isn't that place filled with treasures? "

The Golden Fire Lion laughed and said, "You have to cross the Cloud Dragon River. That is the Immortal Burial Grounds. There are a lot of treasures inside, but you can only take them by risking your life!"

After the Cloud Dragon River, there is still the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. How is this the Immortal Burying Ground?

"The entire Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is an Immortal Burying Ground?" Qin Yun could not help but ask.

The Golden Fire Lion said, "More or less! I don't know where the Immortal Graveyard is … In short, a lot of monsters and ghosts will accompany the funeral grounds. Right now, some will be revived and some will turn into evil spirits, so that place is extremely dangerous. "

Qin Yun had a portion of the Immortal Graveyard Diagram. If he gathered all of the Immortal Graveyard Diagram in the future, he might be able to find out where the Immortal Graveyard was buried. He needed to be very strong in order to make it. Otherwise, he would not be able to make it back.

The Golden Fire Lion stood up and said, "I'm going back. In the future, all of you must not approach the Cloud Dragon River in this area. It's very dangerous!"

Xiao Yue Mei leaped gently from the lion's back to Qin Yun's side. She said, "Great Lion, goodbye. I will miss you …" The next time we meet, I will be even stronger than you. "

The golden lion let out a long laugh, spewed out flames, burning the surroundings to clear the traces. It then started to run, disappearing into the darkness in an instant …

"These are their storage bags. They've killed over twenty ghost beasts in total." Xiao Yue Mei laughed, "They are all ours now!"

"Brother, you have to refine more Evil Suppression Talismans to protect yourself. If you encounter a strong ghost beast, the Evil Suppression Talisman will be very useful."

Xiao Yue Mei thought that the Evil Suppression Talisman was useless, but after seeing it with her own eyes, she was even more awed by the power of the Spirit Emblem.

Qin Yun clenched his left fist and felt the Heavenly Lion's power inside. He thought to himself, "If I were to use this arm to wield the Giant Spirit King Hammer, the power of the hammer would definitely be extremely great. It would be of great help to my artifact forging."

"Let's leave this place first." Qin Yun said as he carried Xiao Yue and took a Fire Cloud Step. He left through the air to avoid leaving footprints.

Xiao Yue Mei was now even more intimate with Qin Yun. She stuck close to him like a little sister.

They were far away from the Cloud Dragon River and had arrived at a mountainous forest area filled with dangerous mountains.

The mountain peaks of this region were all several thousand meters tall and shrouded in mist and mist.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei found a cave in a mountain that was as straight as a giant pillar. They went in to rest.

The entrance to the cave was located in the middle of the huge mountain, over 2000 meters above the ground. It was also very safe, even the spirit beasts and evil beasts could not easily reach it.

"I'm going to refine a few Evil Suppression Talismans. You can go play by yourself." After entering the cave, Qin Yun took out the furnace.

Xiao Yue Mei pouted and said, "You make me sound like a little kid … I also want to help you craft your talismans. "

"Alright, then you help me cut out my beast skin!" Qin Yun said, "Then, combine your Mental Energy with inner force and pour it into the hide."

Xiao Yue Mei nodded and began to help him very seriously.

Qin Yun used the beast skin he had previously cut to carve the Phantom Charm.

"Yue Mei, you still don't have a spiritual weapon, right? I'll help you forge one! " Qin Yun suddenly recalled that in battle, Xiao Yue Mei had used a semi-spiritual weapon's sword with many cracks on it.

"Alright, alright... The best method would be to refine a spirit artifact! " Xiao Yue Mei had wanted it long ago, but she was too embarrassed to ask. She knew that refining a spirit treasure was not easy, and it took too much time.