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Chapter 130 Spiritual Energy Competition

Chapter 130 - Spiritual Energy Competition

Du Gui was a master of Mental Energy, and the martial arts he had were all very good.

To those who cultivated spiritual power, those cultivation techniques were extremely precious. If he could obtain it, it would strengthen his use of Mental Energy.

The other students were all extremely envious of Xiao Yue Mei!

Wu Youchen gritted his teeth as his eyes were filled with jealousy. He had spent a lot of effort just now to float the thirty-four God Soaring Stones in the air, which had made him the center of attention. But now, Xiao Yue Mei easily made over fifty God Soaring Stones float in the air, far surpassing him.

The reason why he had worked so hard just now was so that he could become the strongest. However, now that no one was looking at him, he felt very unhappy in his heart.

"I don't want it!" Xiao Yue Mei turned her face away, no longer looking at Du Gui, and snorted: "What if I use all my strength, and you don't give me your cultivation technique, wouldn't that be a waste of your strength? "Hmph, don't even think about lying to me!"

It was clear that she wanted this cultivation technique, but she didn't feel at ease.

Du Gui couldn't help but laugh and say, "Okay, okay, okay. As long as you use your full strength in the test, I'll give it to you."

Xiao Yue Mei turned her head, pouting, "Are you not allowed to lie to me?"

Du Gui laughed, "How can I lie to you? "Quickly take the test!"

Xiao Yue Mei took a deep breath, releasing her mental force.

Everyone felt a wave of cold air blowing in their faces. This was Xiao Yue Mei's mental influence!

There were only a hundred of them on the ground, and there were already eighty of them floating … She had done her best, to be able to reach this level.

Everyone present was shocked!

The most shocking thing was that the God Soaring Stone on the ground was still floating up. More than ten of them were still floating up.

Xiao Yue Mei's beautiful face was already pale. It could be seen that she was really using all of her strength to crazily stimulate her mental force.

"A hundred stones!"

All the God Soaring Stones on the ground were floating!

"It's done, it's done!" Du Gui was also very shocked as he quickly shouted.

He took out a necklace, walked over and smiled. "This is a little gift for you. It can help you quickly recover your mind energy. Take it with you!"

The necklace was sparkling and translucent. It was as if it was made out of crystal. It was extremely beautiful.

"So beautiful!" Xiao Yue Mei quickly took it and placed it on her neck: "Thank you, Teacher Du!"

After she wore it, her complexion gradually recovered. Her pretty face had a slight blush on it.

Du Gui laughed, "Let's wait for the Three Profound Academy's brats to finish their tests! "I'll give you a cultivation technique!"

Wu Youchen was in a hurry to get a cultivation technique. His voice was filled with disdain as he said, "There's no need to test them, is there? "It's such a waste of time. If they had been proficient enough, they would have entered the Black Level Martial Arts Academy a long time ago!"

"That's right, even if they pass, do they dare to go beat the ghost beast? What if he dies in there? "

A student of the Sky Profound Martial School shouted at the students of the Three Profound Academy, "You guys, if you're afraid of death, then don't take the test. If you pass the test, you will have to go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to beat up ghosts and beasts."

Although the students of the Three Mystical Academy were angry, after giving it some thought, they felt that it wasn't easy to deal with demonic beasts, so they all left.

They only wanted to be at ease and wait for the examination to arrive so that they could be in their best condition to take part in it. If he was hit by a ghost beast and was seriously injured, he could forget about passing the exam and entering the Black Level Martial Arts Academy.

Du Gui slightly frowned, but did not say anything. This was because there were still a few people who wanted to take the test.

Huo Zhong, Xie Wufeng, Murong Daren, and Qin Yun were going to be tested.

Firstly, Huo Zhong could only float fifteen God Soaring Stones, which was considered medium.

Mu Rong Hai was stronger than Huo Zhong, 17 stones!

As for Xie Wufeng, he was actually able to obtain twenty-eight stones. He was even stronger than many of the students from the Black Level Martial Academies.

"If you can get some pointers, your mental strength will definitely increase. Wait a minute, I'll also give you a cultivation technique." Du Gui could tell that Xie Wufeng had great potential with a single glance.

"Thank you, Teacher Du!" Xie Wufeng quickly expressed his gratitude.

Next, it was Qin Yun's turn.

When the students of the Black Level Martial Academy heard this name, they started whispering to each other …

"Qin Yun?" It should be that guy who caused so much trouble here a while ago! "

"That's him! I heard that when he was at the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition, Xiao Yue Mei even gave him the first place! "

"I've heard of this as well! Didn't Xiao Yue Mei's sister hate Qin Yun very much? As younger sister, she actually helped Qin Yun get the Profound Heart Grass! "

Xiao Yue Mei was here, and when she heard these words, she only let out a cold snort. It was because back then, the one competing with Qin Yun was not her. It was Xiao Yuelan in her stead!

Murong Daren had told Qin Yun to be careful of Xiao Yue Mei earlier, but now, he heard that Xiao Yue Mei had given him the Mysterious Heart Grass. He was impressed!

"Brother Yun, you almost became Xiao Yue Mei's brother-in-law!" Huo Zhong chuckled. His voice was especially loud, so everyone here heard him.

Xiao Yue Mei's face was expressionless as she looked to her side.

Du Gui looked at Qin Yun and said with a chuckle, "Kid, you are also a willful fellow. It's the first time in many years that we've made an exception for you to reject our invitation!"

"Anyway, I will definitely be able to enter the Star Black Martial School." Qin Yun chuckled, "Teacher Du, if I can float a lot of stones, can you give me an extra set of Spirit Power Cultivation Method?"

"Well... "It all depends on your test results." Elder Du laughed.

Wu Youchen, who was standing at the side, laughed disdainfully, "How strong can a guy from his branch be?"

"Ignorant fool, Qin Yun is an Inscription Master. Inscriptions require a high level of Mental Energy. No matter how poor his mental energy is, he is still better than you, you idiot!"

Wu Youchen was infuriated. He didn't expect that the students of the Three Mysterious Academy would dare to contradict him in such a way. Just as he was about to retort, he saw the God Soaring Stones floating in the air!

Several dozens of God's Stone were suddenly suspended in the air!

Just like Xiao Yue Mei, Qin Yun easily caused dozens of God Soaring Stones to float in the air.

Everyone took in a deep breath of cold air as they gasped in surprise!

This talent was almost the same as Xiao Yue Mei!

"The Inscription Master's Spiritual Force is really strong!"

"It seems like Qin Yun has yet to enter the Black Level Martial Academy and has yet to undergo the cultivation of his mind energy. He's already that strong!"

"He hasn't used his full strength yet!"

Mu Rong Jun laughed out loud. "With this level of skill, you can instantly kill most of the people from the Black Level Martial Academy, especially that frog at the bottom of the well who came from the Spirit Power Family. Now you know how stupid you are!"

Wu Youchen's face was filled with anger and jealousy. The difference between his mental strength and Qin Yun's was extremely obvious. They were on completely different levels.

Previously, Xiao Yue Mei had surpassed him in many aspects, but that was not a big deal. After all, Xiao Yue Mei's talent was still there.

However, at this moment, Qin Yun, the person whom he had looked down on, was far superior to him.

After a while, there were another thirty God Soaring Stones floating in the air. There was a total of eighty of them...

"I did my best!" Qin Yun said with a pale face.

Du Gui laughed and said, "Very good, very good … …"

"Despicable guy, he didn't do his best!" Xiao Yue Mei snorted.

Qin Yun's expression changed as he said with a wry smile, "I really did my best!"