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Chapter 120 Spirit Armor Talisman

"Run!" I'll stop them! " Xie Wufeng shouted anxiously as the sword qi around his body surged, charging towards the group of students and iron men.

"NOO Boss!!! …" Qin Yun shouted.

"Cut the crap, all of you run! Go back and tell Dean Bai!" Xie Wufeng shouted sternly, "Don't worry about me, if you don't leave quickly, then no one will be able to!"

Mu Rong Jun was cursing the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace. They were here to save people, but now they were being attacked.

Xie Wufeng was very strong, he could actually block the incoming waves of inner strength!

"Let's go, Boss Xie has backup plans!" Huo Zhong shouted.

Qin Yun clenched his teeth. He could only trust in Xie Wufeng's strength!

He secretly swore in his heart that if anything happened to Xie Wufeng, he would definitely not let this group of bastards off.

Qin Yun and company quickly retreated from the area and split into three paths as they ran.

Behind them, there was an iron man chasing.

They had to return to the Three Mysterious Academy as soon as possible and inform Dean Bai of this matter!

… ….

Qin Yun was alone as he ran deep into the forest in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. The ironmen behind him were chasing him closely …

"Damned iron man, watch me destroy you!" If we can get rid of them, we can at least dissect them! "

He had sparred with Iron Man many times before and was well aware of his power. As an Inscription Master, he also wanted to refine one.

However, iron man blueprints were very rare. The forces who controlled them would not leak them out.

"In my last match with the iron man, I didn't use a forging hammer, so I was unable to break through his defenses. If I use the Giant Spirit King hammer, I should be able to defeat him!"

Qin Yun took out the Giant Spirit King Hammer. As he ran, he suddenly jumped and flipped in mid-air. As he landed on the metallic man, he raised the hammer high into the air.

Upon seeing that someone was attacking from a high altitude, the iron man immediately sent his arm flying. Like an arrow, he shot at the descending Qin Yun.

Qin Yun struck the iron man's arm and sent him flying. He circulated the King Kong's inner strength as he executed the Six Xing Long Styles. The sledgehammer struck the iron man's body!

"Boom, boom, boom, boom ~ ~ ~"

Thunder, thunder, thunder, light, landslide, falling star!

He had only made five moves, yet he had already created many dents on the iron man's body!

The iron man's head was also flattened. The trees within a radius of twenty to thirty meters were all shattered by the shockwave, and the soil on the ground was blown away by the wind!

"Try the sixth stance, Heaven Collapse!" Qin Yun held the hammer with both hands and struck it at the iron man that had just stood up. The roar sounded like the sky had collapsed and the earth was cracking!


The Giant Spirit King smashed down on the iron man's body, creating a large amount of sparks. The shockwave was like the roar of a giant, shaking the heavens and shaking the earth; it was incomparably fierce.

The body of the iron man was severely deformed by the blow, and sunk into the ground.

"We've finally gotten rid of this idiot!" Qin Yun took a few deep breaths before pressing his hand on the iron man's body. He infused his powerful spirit into it to investigate the insides of the iron man.

"There is a strand of consciousness!" It should be this strand of consciousness that is controlling the iron man. " Qin Yun sneered and used his primordial spirit to wipe away the wisp of consciousness.

The twitching iron man suddenly stopped as well.

He retrieved the iron man's arms and a head and stored them in his storage space before continuing on his way back to the Three Mysterious Mansion.

Qin Yun had exchanged blows with the iron man countless times. He knew the iron man like the back of his hand.

Thus, when he fought the iron man with a forging hammer, he could naturally strike out with the six moves of the forging dragon and strike the iron man's vital points.

"Ironman's must be very expensive, those idiots actually gave it to me for nothing!" Qin Yun used Fire Cloud Steps to destroy Flaming Cloud as he ran through the air.

… ….

After running for an unknown amount of time, Qin Yun finally saw the valley that was surrounded by a gigantic mountain!

These days, Dean Bai had been waiting patiently in the plaza in the middle of the valley for people to return.

Suddenly, he saw a figure in the sky. Upon closer inspection, it was Qin Yun.

When Qin Yun saw Dean Bai in the sky, he quickly dove down.

While he was still in midair, he shouted, "Dean Bai, quickly go and save Eldest Brother Xie! He's in danger!"

"What's going on?" Dean Bai could tell that Qin Yun was extremely anxious.

Qin Yun quickly explained what had happened to Dean Bai in a simple manner!

When Dean Bai heard this, his face was filled with anger. He immediately soared into the air and headed in the direction that Qin Yun had mentioned.

Dean Bai was extremely fast, so Qin Yun could not keep up. He could only stay in the Three Mysterious yard for the time being and wait for Huo Zhong and Mu Rong's return.

Both of them were being pursued by iron men. Thankfully, they knew enough about iron men so Qin Yun was not too worried.

"These bastards from the Blue Spirit Star Palace are really lawless. What do they take us for?" Qin Yun returned to the stone house. He was still feeling a pang of anger.

Especially when he recalled the middle-aged teacher's expression. He had no enmity with him, so he wanted to chop off their arms just for the sake of transferring them onto those Blue Spirit disciples!

"I need to refine a formidable talisman!"

Qin Yun suddenly remembered that he could craft medium-grade or even high-grade spirit runes!

Rank six beast skins could be used to refine mid-grade spirit runes.

However, he felt that the mid-rank spirit talisman was not strong enough because it was unable to deal with a martial artist at the seventh level of the Martial Body realm.

"Bone Talisman, Armor Talisman …" "It's a talisman forged from beast bones and armor. The body of the Black Flood Dragon that we killed earlier was covered with many scales and bones, which is more than enough for me to refine.

He took out a piece of Black Jiao Scale Armor. This piece of armor was the size of a washbasin and very thick. It contained a very powerful energy.

"It's too big, we have to make it smaller!"

Qin Yun took out the furnace and burned the scales until they turned soft. He then folded them and forged them a few times. After he had refined them to the size of a normal talisman paper, he began inscribing spirit patterns.

"Engraving two spirit talismans is a mid-grade spirit pattern!" After taking out the carving knife, Qin Yun thought about it once before beginning to carve.

He had refined a few storage spirit artifacts, and the difficulty of inscribing them was even greater at that time, but none of them had been too difficult for him.

Right now, inscribing two spirit markings on the scales was an easy task.

In just two hours, he had completed a mid-grade spirit rune.

Because the talisman was made from scales, it could be injected with inner strength!

"If I infuse inner force into it, it will definitely be even stronger." Qin Yun grabbed the talisman and infused the Diamond Inner Qi into it. It took a full hour.

"Is the talisman in my hand comparable to a high-grade talisman? "Even if it's a high grade spirit talisman, it cannot heavily injure a 7th level Martial Body!" He remembered that when Cui Hui had used the top-grade thunder talisman on the Scaled Steel Tiger, it had been able to inflict serious injuries.

However, he felt that a human's defense wasn't as strong as the Linghu Tiger's. If he were to face his mid-grade spirit armor talisman, even if he wasn't seriously injured, he would surely receive a great deal of damage.

Huo Zhong and Mu Rong were still not back yet, so he continued to refine the mid-rank Beast Armor Charm.

After a day had passed, he had refined a total of ten mid-grade spirit armor talismans.

"Brother Yun, Brother Yun!" Mu Rong Jun shouted loudly as soon as he came back.

When Qin Yun heard his voice, he hurriedly came out and saw Mu Rong Daohong and Huo Zhong return together.

"Brother Yun, it's good that you're fine … You've notified Principal Bai? " Mu Rong Jun was relieved.

Qin Yun sat on a chair and frowned. He was extremely worried as he said, "The moment I return, I told him about it. After he finished listening, he flew off in anger. I wonder how Eldest Brother Xie is doing now. "

"Don't worry, Boss Xie is very strong. With the light pattern equipment you refined on his body, nothing will happen to him!" Huo Zhong said, "In the past, when we were in danger, he often let us go first."