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Chapter 98 - Alchemy Competition

The spirit inscriptions required for the water gathering array were all basic spirit inscriptions. It was relatively easy to obtain, so Qin Yun had mastered these spirit inscriptions very early on.

He had set up a great formation like the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array before, so it wasn't difficult for him to set up a simple water gathering array now. He would be able to set it up very soon.

After carving the spirit lines on the beast skin, Qin Yun only needed to lay down the purple crystal coin or an ordinary crystal coin according to the marked location to activate the array as energy.

At the side, Duan Qian was watching with secret surprise. This was because Qin Yun was extremely quick and skilled at drawing spirit formations, and he also had extremely good imprints.

He nodded and praised, "This Water Gathering Formation is very good!"

Qin Yun activated the array and soon, sparkling and translucent spiritual water condensed and dripped onto the wooden basin in the middle.

"You have passed the Inscription Master certification. I'll make you a Primary Inscription Master badge right now!" Duan Qian laughed. "You're the youngest Inscription Master our Hall has ever seen!"

Qin Yun only smiled slightly and did not seem excited.

Duan Gan took out his emblem and began carving Qin Yun's name. He was extremely excited!

A fifteen-year-old Inscription Master, even in the history of this region, never once had there been a person like this before, let alone the Hall of Inscriptions.

When he saw the calm smile on Qin Yun's face, he sighed inwardly.

After five years of hard work, not only did the crippled crown prince step into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm, but he was also an Inscription Master. Such talent was something only Xiao Yuelan could match up to.

"Qin Yun, in two days, our Mysterious Pattern Palace will host an alchemy competition. You should attend as well!" Duan Gan had already engraved the emblem and had Qin Yun bind it with blood.

Qin Yun asked while dripping blood, "Alchemy Tournament? I've never heard of it! "

Duan Qian laughed, "You might not know, but among the Inscription Masters, this is an extremely famous competition. When the time comes, all sorts of famous masters will be participating, so you must definitely come."

"What's the main competition?" Qin Yun's heart stirred as he hurriedly asked.

"Forging... It was to forge the most basic iron into spiritual iron. If it's a high level Inscription Master, the quality of the spirit iron forged will be better. " Duan Qian laughed, "Master Wei has already won the championship twice in a row."

"Master Wei is participating too?" Qin Yun's eyes widened. Although Master Wei was a treacherous and malicious person, he did indeed have the skill to forge artifacts. If not, there would not be so many people worshipping him just because he was bragging.

Duan Qian nodded. "Only Inscriptionists can participate. You are already an Inscription Master, so you can participate." This was the once a decade grand meeting of the Mysterious Marks Palace. Master Wei only became famous because he got first place in two competitions. "

Qin Yun nodded slightly. If it was a martial arts competition or something like that, the person he was competing with would only be at the fifth or sixth level of the martial body. He had confidence in winning.

With a person like Master Wei participating in this Alchemy Competition, he did not have much confidence.

Upon seeing Qin Yun's lack of confidence, Duan Gan said with a smile, "It's only smelting spirit iron! You are not much worse than them! "

Qin Yun had quite a good foundation in forging. However, he had never compared himself to anyone else, so he did not know how good he was.

"Mm, after this competition, I can also have a more detailed understanding of the other Inscription Masters." Qin Yun nodded.

… ….

Over the next two days, Qin Yun practiced smelting spirit iron.

In the process of smelting spirit iron, the ordinary iron ore would first be placed into a furnace with alchemy engravings on it. The engraver himself had released the flame, and then he would take out the burned iron ore and repeatedly beat it with his hammer.

During the forging process, the impurities would be removed and the inner strength would be infused to forge spirit iron.

A thousand Jin of iron ore needed to be refined into a thumb-sized spiritual iron ingot. This was the standard for the size of a spiritual iron ore that had been passed down since ancient times.

If you need a bigger piece of Spirit Iron, then use multiple small Spirit Iron ingots to make a larger piece.

Qin Yun had struck many of these spiritual metals in the Hall of Wonders long ago. Finally, he fused the spirit iron with the demon beast bone and forged it into higher grade bone steel.

To an Inscription Master, alchemy and forging were skills that had to be proficient in.

"The heavier the same size of iron ingots, the higher the quality of the ingots. The Alchemy Competition should be based on this standard, right?" Qin Yun weighed the Spirit Iron ingot he had made. A small piece weighed more than ten pounds. It was two to three pounds heavier than the Spirit Iron ingot he had bought at the Hall of Wonders.

After two days of blacksmithing practice, his confidence had increased by quite a bit. With the Purple-Gold Fire, he could also improve a lot when smelting metals.

… ….

… … Mysterious Pattern Manor was bathed in the warm morning sun.

A new day had arrived. Today was the day of the once a decade Alchemy Competition. The day to be held!

Inside the dignified and solemn hall, over fifty Inscription Masters were standing in a neat row.

They were all Inscriptionists from several countries, and most of them were elderly. There were only about a dozen middle-aged people, and not a single one of them was young.

The Inscriptionists were usually extremely arrogant, but when they arrived at the Inscription Hall, their arrogance was retracted.

The alchemy competition that was held once every ten years was extremely important to them.

If he could get first place, not only would he gain more fame, he would also receive rewards.

A reward that even an Inscription Master would take seriously was definitely extraordinary!

Especially this year, it was said that the Blue Spirit Star Palace would send someone to participate!

"I think there are more than 20 inscriptionists in Blue Spirit Star Palace." An old man said in a low voice.

"Not much! It looks like the Blue Spirit Star Palace is the same. There are only 20 people in the entire Star Palace? " Another old man disapproved.

Master Wei said with a sneer, "The ones sent by Blue Spirit Star Palace to participate in the Alchemy Competition are all between twenty and thirty years old! How many young inscriptionists can there be in our countries? Not a single one! "

Not a single one?

This caused all the middle-aged and elderly Inscriptionists to suddenly feel a huge difference in strength!

"Therefore, we cannot lose to those young people. It will be very humiliating!" A black clothed elder laughed.

Blue Spirit Star Palace's Inscription Master had arrived!

A group of people walked in in in a majestic manner and were all dressed in blue.

Although they were all expressionless, their arrogance was obvious.

On the other hand, an older man looked at Master Wei with a smile and nodded his head.

Master Wei also walked over with a smile and greeted Zhang Xuan with a polite greeting.

Everyone was secretly envious and jealous when they saw how good his relationship was with the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Master Wei looked at a young man who was about seventeen or eighteen years old and said with a smile, "I presume that this is the Star Nangong Clan's genius with strange engravings, Liang Shuijin? To be able to become a Primary Inscription Master at the age of nineteen, that was truly admirable! "Today, I am fortunate to finally be able to see Young Hero Liang in person. He is actually so handsome and has an extraordinary bearing. He truly deserves his reputation!"

Liang Shuijin smiled, full of pride, and replied: "Master Wei is also a master with strange patterns that many elders admire. I have heard a lot about him."

As they were chatting, Master Wei suddenly saw Qin Yun walk in. Immediately, his smile froze.

"Isn't that Qin Yun?" When an old tattooist saw Qin Yun, he shouted in alarm.

Everyone immediately turned to look at the door, and upon seeing a gray-robed, handsome youth walk in, the hall immediately fell silent.