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Chapter 96 - Ye Qingfeng

Qin Yun had already matured and was about to head for the Three Mysterious Academy.

With his strength, he would definitely be able to stand out and successfully enter the Black Level Martial Academy. Thus, Qin Yonghe was able to relax and explore the mysterious Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

"Great Grandfather... Well, don't you have anything else to give me?" Qin Yun scratched his head and said with a chuckle.

He felt that since Qin Yonghe had been the Principal for so many years, he would definitely be very rich.

"If it was earlier, it would have been better. All the resources in my possession have been taken away by the Blue Spirit Star Palace!" "Back then, the founder of the Hua Ling Wu Academy came from the Blue Spirit Star Palace, so I couldn't say much."

Qin Yun, who was originally overjoyed, was immediately extremely disappointed.

When Qin Yonghe saw Qin Yun, he laughed heartily. "Don't worry. I still have something for you. Take it!"

Qin Yun took it over and looked at it. It was fifty purple coins, equivalent to fifty thousand crystal coins. He kept it with a look of disgust. The legs of the mosquitoes were also meat. It was better than nothing.

His disdainful expression caused Qin Yonghe to scold with a smile, "You little brat, are you not a inscriptionist? I want to ask you something."

"You should not be lacking in martial arts. Inner force cultivation method... Do you want the 'Qin Spirit Art'? "

"No need!" Qin Yun had the Stellar Sun Heart Sutra and it was much better than Qin Lianfeng's. It allowed him to walk on his own martial arts.

He did not lack any martial skills. The Tsunami Technique he had just obtained was one of the highest grade Profound Rank skills.

Qin Yonghe took out a letter and said with a smile, "Take this letter and go to the Mysterious Marking Hall to pass it to Duan Qian. Tell him to arrange for you to go to the Three Profound Academy."

There seemed to be a close relationship between the Mysterious Pattern Palace and the Black Level Martial Arts Academy. The Mysterious Pattern Palace would often help the Black Level Martial Arts Academy with their work.

Qin Yun followed Qin Yonghe out of the cave and came to the top of the gigantic mountain. He looked at the nine scorching suns in the sky.

Qin Yonghe's face was filled with yearning as he lightly said, "The most mysterious thing is still this Nine Suns. Back then, the old Headmaster once said that if one could pry into the secrets of the nine suns, they would be able to obtain the power of the nine suns. "

"Of course, with my current strength, I would not even dare to think about it. At the edge of the Nine Desolate Land, we are currently in a dire situation where the spiritual energy and resources are scarce. Because of the environment, we have to pass through the dangerous Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and head to the Martial Desolate Land. That is where the martial way is flourishing and shining."

"Great grandfather, you must be careful inside the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range!" Qin Yun was extremely reluctant as he whispered.

"I have enough strength, you don't have to worry about me. We'll meet again in the Martial Desolation Realm … See you later!" Qin Yonghe laughed out loud. Stepping on the fiery cloud, he disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yun was in a depressed mood. After sighing gently, he calmed his mood and bid farewell to President Zhang. He thanked him for his care over the past few days.

After that, he left the Hua Ling Wu Academy and headed towards the Imperial City's Mysterious Pattern Palace.

… ….

"Father, I hope to see you again!" Qin Yun thought to himself as he walked through the forest.

He really hoped to see his father at Xiao Yuelan's and Qin Zhengfeng's engagement ceremony in a few months' time!

Qin Yun did not walk on the main road. He chose to walk through the forest for safety's sake.

However, after running through the forest for more than two hours, he suddenly felt weak waves of spiritual force!

He had been extremely sensitive to spiritual force ever since he'd turned into a star.

"Someone has the intention to kill me!" After sensing it, Qin Yun leaped up, broke through the dense foliage and into the sky. Then, he began running with the Fire Cloud Steps.

"Who could it be that came with me from the Hua Ling Martial Arts School?"

Intuition told him that he was a person with extremely powerful strength — at least, he was at the 8th level of the Martial Body realm.

"Don't even think about escaping!" Sure enough, a shout came from the forest and a huge tornado suddenly appeared.

A howling tornado appeared, rising to the skies and sweeping up the dust!

The world suddenly turned dark. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Violent winds howled, as if hell had suddenly descended upon the world.

Many of the hundred-meter-tall trees in the forest were uprooted and torn apart along with the sand. It was an extremely horrifying sight.

Qin Yun, who had taken to the air, resisted the terrifying attractive force and constantly took steps in mid-air. However, he could not escape.

"This guy has the Wind and Thunder Martial Spirit, it's too scary!"

At that instant, Qin Yun was alarmed. He was swept into the heart of the tornado and collided with many of the torn pieces of wood. He was struck by violent bolts of lightning as his body was in extreme pain.

A moment after he was dragged into the tornado, he was captured by a middle-aged man in a purple robe.

"Brat, it's as easy as flipping my hand to catch you alive! Haha …" The purple-robed man laughed heartily as he grabbed Qin Yun by the neck. He infused surges of violent lightning energy into the lightning bolt.

"It's you... The queen slut's big brother! " Qin Yun immediately recognized the face when he saw it.

This was a martial artist at the peak of the ninth level of the Martial Body. His name was Ye Qingfeng!

"You only saw me when you were young, but you still remember me, haha … You want to fight against our Ye Family? You don't even know if you're dead or alive. "

Ye Qingfeng grinned fiendishly as he increased his strength. He channeled more lightning energy into Qin Yun's body, causing his body to tremble violently as he screamed.

At the moment of his despair, he suddenly sensed two extremely familiar faint auras. However, he could not think of who they might be.

"Who is it?" Ye Qingfeng suddenly turned his head and saw a black shadow pounce over. It was a huge tiger covered in black scales, its speed as fast as lightning.

As the huge black tiger pounced over, it bit towards Ye Qingfeng's neck!

Ye Qingfeng made an extremely quick evasion, but a large chunk of flesh was still bitten off his chest, and a large chunk of flesh was torn off his shoulders by a pair of sharp tiger claws!

He was at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm, yet he could not withstand the attack of this demonic beast!

This kind of vicious beast was absolutely terrifying. Even when Qin Yun landed on the ground and fell limply to the ground, he was petrified with fear!

He recalled what Ding Tianchun had said, that a truly powerful demon beast could even destroy an empire!

"Steel Kylin Tiger... But it has turned black! " Qin Yun recognized the Kylin Steel Tiger's friendly gaze and suddenly stood up. He took out an inferior Giant Spirit King hammer and fiercely hammered the fallen Ye Qingfeng with the "Falling Star Style".

The shock inner force and the flame inner force merged perfectly and violently and smoothly poured into the king hammer, activating the inner strength and penetrating Ye Qingfeng's chest.

That strand of inner strength left a large, bloody hole in Ye Qingfeng's chest. After which, it continued to pass through the ground, creating a deep, small well on the ground.

When the half-dead Ye Qingfeng saw Qin Yun gently caress the head of the steel tiger, great resentment and indignation arose.

Since he had stepped into the ninth level of the Martial Body realm in his middle years, his talent could be said to be superb. Now that the Blue Spirit Star Palace had descended, it was highly likely that he would be promoted to the Martial Dao Realm in the next few years.

But now, he had fallen here. He could not help but hate his sister very much. Why did he have to provoke Qin Yun!

Ye Qingfeng had died, and his eyes were filled with unwillingness ….

"You saved my life again!" Qin Yun rubbed the Linghu that had its head lowered and was filled with deep emotions.

Previously, he had only casually let go of the steel tiger, but he had been saved twice because of this!

"Have you advanced to become a ninth level demonic beast?"

Qin Yun remembered that Yuan Yanying had followed the Linghu Steel Tiger back then …

He immediately looked around and saw a young girl wearing beast skin clothing floating over. She looked slovenly, but was extremely beautiful.

This young girl was Yuan Yanying!