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Chapter 89 Star Yang Heart Sutra

Qin Yun had twin martial spirits, so he could cultivate and produce two elemental energies.

Within his purple gold fire elemental energy, there was also a black vibrating elemental energy, as if the core was at the heart of the fire elemental energy.

At this moment, there was a white mist flowing on the surface of the black elemental energy.

This was what Qin Yun had just cultivated.

"What is this thing? Could it be a special type of energy?"

He focused his mind to manipulate the white mist.

Unexpectedly, the white mist ran out of his dantian and entered his golden heart.

Then, like a dancing white ribbon, the white mist slowly rose from his chest.

It could become very long, at least 10 meters long.

"My perception of spiritual energy is getting clearer and clearer. This white band of light seems to be able to strengthen one's perception of spiritual energy!"

Qin Yun was secretly delighted before he attempted to control the beam of light to penetrate the Heaven Punisher Tower's wall. Immediately, he managed to escape!

The moment the beam of light left him, he seemed to have suddenly gone from a dirty place in the air into a pleasant mountain forest!

He finally felt the spiritual energy that he hadn't felt in a long time!

Even Qin Yun could not believe that an inner force cultivation technique, after reaching perfection, would have such a miraculous strength.

Looking at the white belt of light, he was extremely excited, "I remember a book that records that the inner force was cultivated to perfection, allowing the inner force to give birth to spiritual force … Elemental soul!

"When you train your inner force to the perfection stage, you will be able to form your primordial spirit. Will you be able to leave your elemental energy?"

Even if Yang Shiyue was this proficient in cultivation techniques, she had never cultivated it to the perfection level, so her understanding in this area was not that deep.

The primordial spirit could easily pierce through the incomparably sturdy wall and insanely absorb the nine suns energy from outside.

Qin Yun's two elemental energies were frantically breathing. Like a cow drinking, they absorbed and refined the spiritual energy.

He did not wake up until late at night, when the nine suns had become thinner.

"When the nine suns go down the mountain, the spiritual energy will gradually become thinner. Even if your primordial spirit was to swim out, it would not be able to absorb much spiritual energy."

Just as he was about to retrieve his primordial spirit, he suddenly felt a strange energy.

"What is this energy?" Apparently, this energy is different than the spiritual energy of the nine suns! It was late at night outside. Was it the power of the moon? "That's not right, teacher has the Moon Martial Spirit, the spiritual energy isn't like that!"

After he shook his head, he suddenly thought of another possibility.

Astral spirit energy!

The night was filled with stars.

Although there were also stars during the day, they were blocked by the sunlight, so they couldn't see much, let alone feel the spiritual energy of the stars.

"It's a self-created technique by Grandmaster Lan Xiao!" Qin Yun suddenly recalled the cryptic chant.

Star Mantra, Sun Monastery, Stable Heart, and Spirit Concentrating Star!

"Starlight, can be understood as the stars meditating, and the sun is the sun watching. What are you looking at? Look at the stars? Could the stars have something to do with the sun? This was equivalent to another type of spiritual energy. A firm heart means a firm mind. A spirit will condense the heart into a star, and a spirit will condense the heart into a star? "

He felt as if he was trying to comprehend something, but he could not grasp the crux of it.

"Meditation. To absorb the power of the nine suns and form the stars. One must have a strong mind in order to condense one's spirit into a star."

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and used his primordial spirit to absorb the star aura.

"Nine Yang Refinement, Stars Refinement!" In the Primal Chaos Universe, when the Astral Souls were illuminated by the nine suns, they would meditate and cultivate their spirit, condensing their Astral Souls to form a star!

"The starlight passes through the stars to absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy and the pure spiritual energy that it refines can directly absorb the astral energy and refine it into spirit. There's no need to use the nine suns' spiritual energy anymore!"

Through his primordial spirit, Qin Yun was able to absorb the Astral Energy and further confirmed his understanding.

"Yang Refinement Body, Star Refinement Spirit, and Star Yang Complementarity. Let's just call this the Star Yang True Scripture!" I am currently training in the 'Star Training Spirit' section, and the other section should be the 'Yang Refinement Body' section. "

Qin Yun felt his spirit constantly strengthening as he secretly rejoiced.

The people from Blue Spirit Star Palace had truly given him a supreme skill in the art of internal energy.

Qin Yun smiled inwardly and said, "Perhaps it's because of the passage of time. Back then, the method that Lan Xiao Martial King used to write down his cultivation technique was different from the one he has now. That's why it's more difficult to understand."

"It's also possible that it's not easy to cultivate an inner force cultivation method to the acme of perfection. Therefore, the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace have not been able to comprehend these two chants for many years."

He couldn't completely understand it either, so he could only get a general idea of the direction.

The short chant was exactly like this. It was just a simple introduction. The rest depended on one's own performance, relying on one's own comprehension to walk down one's own path of martial arts.

This way, everyone would be able to walk on a different path of martial arts, which was why there had been so many martial arts in the past few years.

After a night of cultivation, his mental strength had increased by a lot, and he would soon be able to form his Soul Scripture.

During the day, he had practiced his Yang Body Refinement technique. It was a bit longer than Star Refinement's incantations.

"The nine suns are different, the divine abilities are myriad, the Sun God's soul flies, and the divine abilities enter the body." He was completely confused as he read and recited. Although it was not as difficult as training one's spirit during the night, there was no direction for him to go.

Until noon, he still had nothing to gain, so he could only give up.

"This can only be suddenly comprehended after a certain period of time. Just like last night, I need an opportunity." After Qin Yun understood what was going on, he no longer bothered with it. He placed it aside and let nature take its course.

Now that he was able to comprehend Star Refinement, it could be considered a huge harvest.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yun spent half a month in the Heaven Punisher Tower.

Ever since he had comprehended Star Refinement, he would release his Primordial Spirit every night to absorb the Astral Qi and use it to cultivate his mind for more than ten days.

In the sky above the Heaven Punisher Tower, the stars were shining like the sea, calm and beautiful.

Inside the Heaven's Punishment Tower, Qin Yun could not see the resplendent sea of stars. However, he could clearly sense the boundless and mysterious sea of stars through his primordial spirit.

Every time he had this feeling, his mind would fluctuate.

Because he felt that he was as insignificant as dust in front of the sea of stars, like a drop in the ocean, and that a sense of inferiority and powerlessness would surge into his heart and give birth to an inexplicable sense of desolation.

Whenever these emotions appeared, he would always be able to steel his heart, withstand the invisible attacks, and continue to absorb spiritual energy from the stars.

Ever since he was a child, he had experienced many different kinds of hardships. He had long since cultivated an incomparably firm heart, and firmly believed that through hard work, he could shake the will of the heavens!

In the chants, there was a reference to "peace of mind".

This was because the further one cultivated, the more one could feel how terrifying the Star Sea was. It was all for resisting the grand aura that came from the ancient Star Sea.

"My heart is like the stars!" Qin Yun opened his eyes as a glint flashed in his eyes. He looked like two bright stars.

He had finally cultivated the Soul Scripture!

The Soul Scripture was like a starry river shining with starlight, connecting with the golden heart and the tiny stars in the brain.

"Spirit Star, I've succeeded!"

It was very dark all around, but under the cover of his powerful mind, he was able to capture all the tiny grains of sand clearly!

Not only did Qin Yun cultivate the Soul Scripture, he also used the Xingyang Heart Scripture to form his mind into a star. This meant that the strength of his mind energy would far surpass that of others.