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Chapter 82 Star Palace Disciples

Yang Shiyue was just watching by the side. There was no need for her to interfere in such matters. Furthermore, she wanted to see how Qin Yun would teach the loathsome Du Yayuan a lesson.

Du Yayuan did not expect the person in front of him, who only had a bloodline, to dare mock him. This was because there were many powerful experts here, so it was not good to help. After all, he did not know who Qin Yun's backer was.

He could only sneer and mock, "A guy from your line of descent should be despised in the first place! You thought that you had painstakingly trained to the fifth level of the martial body, but you did not know that your foundation was weak. I hate people like you who should honestly accept their fate but feel conceited and proud! "

"Why? Are you unconvinced?" "I'll give you ten years. After ten years, you can come challenge me. If I lose to you, I'm willing to be your slave. Hahaha …"

Qin Yun sighed gently and said, "There's no need for ten years. Let's do it now!"

Duan Qian hurried over and whispered, "Qin Yun, they are disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace. Their strength is unfathomable!"

Du Yayan smiled and said, "Young man, listen to the advice of your elders obediently. I can wait ten years for you!"

Qin Yun shook his head and said, "Ten years is too late. A person with a shameless mouth like yours can only live two years at most. I'm afraid I won't be able to wait for that day, let's do it now, I can't wait to smash your dirty mouth! "

The Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples roared with laughter because in their eyes, the bloodline's Qin Yun could not even withstand a single blow. He had actually said such arrogant words.

Everyone was secretly anticipating the match between Qin Yun and Du Yayan.

Under normal circumstances, everyone believed that Qin Yun would definitely win.

But now, he faced off against a disciple from the Blue Spirit Star Palace who had inherited the true martial arts legacy of Lan Xiao. His talent was definitely not ordinary, and he could even rival a seventh level Martial Body.

The middle-aged man from Blue Spirit Star Palace chuckled and said, "Young people are all like this. Let them spar when they are young. This way, you'll be able to see the strength of our Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"Then don't blame me for being impolite!" Du Yayuan sneered proudly and charged straight at Qin Yun.

A golden mist flowed out from his arms, condensing into two golden blades, one look and it was obvious that he had a Golden Blade Martial Spirit.

This was a Martial Spirit that was not weak. Moreover, its inner energy was strong and overbearing. It caused many old people at the 7th or 8th Martial Body level to secretly sigh in admiration.

Du Yayuan came over and hacked down with his blade-like palms. In the blink of an eye, he hacked down with a speed so fast that it caused people to shiver. This was only the cultivation of the sixth level of the Martial Body!

What was astonishing was that Qin Yun's speed was not slow either. Furthermore, he had used his hand as a blade to block Du Yayuan's dual blade strikes!

Such a swift and powerful counterattack made even Great Master Wei and Duke Yan exclaim in their hearts.

Du Yayuan never thought that this person who only had one bloodline in front of him would actually have such an impressive martial skill. He was able to block his confident attack.

Without waiting for Du Yayuan to strike a second time, Qin Yun's palm struck out. His inner force surged out as he slashed out. With a 'shua' sound, the blade's energy splattered.

Crash! *

Du Yayuan's blue robe had been torn apart by Qin Yun's Wind Slasher Saber, leaving a long bloody wound on his chest. He had actually been struck!


In the instant that Du Yayuan was alarmed, Qin Yun struck out with Flaming Fist!

The Flaming Punch landed on Du Yayuan's mouth and sent out a burst of flames. His teeth were shattered and he vomited blood. His face was badly burned!

Everyone could not help but be astounded. Qin Yun had only used a single hand from the beginning to the end to injure a Blue Spirit Star Palace disciple. From this, it could be seen that his strength had improved greatly.

The blue-robed middle-aged man was also surprised. Previously, he had looked down on the warriors at the edge of the Nine Desolate Domain and thought that they were only mediocre. But now, his disciple had been defeated by them.

"Insolent! It's only a simple spar, yet he's actually so ruthless!" In order to regain his face, the blue-robed middle-aged man flew over and quickly rushed at Qin Yun. He punched out.

No one had expected that, as an elder, he would actually make a move against a junior!

Qin Yun felt a powerful suppressive feeling. Anxious, he punched out.

His fist instantly turned into an iron fist that burned red. An explosive light shot out like an arrow towards the blue-robed middle-aged man!

"It's the Great Perfection Stage of the Flame Light Fist. The fist weighs a thousand Jin, and the burst of light is like an arrow!" Principal Zhang exclaimed.

Qin Yun had only been in contact with Flaming Light Fist for a short while, but he had already learned Perfection.

The others were also shocked. Although the Blazing Light Fist was only a high-grade martial skill, it was not easy at all to cultivate it to the great perfection stage!

Qin Yun's fiery red iron fist was extremely terrifying. When it collided with the blue-robed middle-aged man, his face was filled with shock!


The two fists collided, producing a loud sound as the shockwave rose up into the air!

The sleeves on Qin Yun and the blue-robed middle-aged man's arms were instantly torn apart. The flesh on their arms was lacerated.

The blue-robed middle-aged man had the most severe injuries on his arm. One could even see the exposed bones!

This scene left everyone dumbfounded!

Especially when a golden thread appeared on Qin Yun's arm that was split apart. It was especially shocking!

Someone exclaimed, "That is a dark yellow meridian. The Mysterious Heart Grass has allowed him to cultivate the Black Yellow Heart Sutra and cast it into a dark yellow meridian!"

This was also the reason why the Mysterious Heart Grass was so valuable. It was because it could help a person cultivate the Mysterious Yellow Heart Scripture.

Even if his muscles were severely injured, the meridians in his body would not break because of this.

Although Qin Yun's arm was heavily injured, his meridians were not broken. He could still circulate his inner force and quickly heal his injuries, allowing his muscles to quickly heal. At the same time, he could suppress the pain and stop the bleeding.

Yang Shiyue came beside Qin Yun and looked angrily at the blue-robed middle-aged man. She shouted coldly, "Do you believe that I won't kill you now?"

Du Yayuan sat paralyzed on the ground with a face full of fear. The clan members he had looked down on were actually this terrifying.

"Everyone, let's discuss this properly! There's no need to make things difficult for these outer sect disciples. They are only responsible for helping you cleanse the world. "

An elegant old man dressed in a white robe floated out from the door. He had a face full of smiles, and he looked kind and amiable.

When the old man came out, Principal Zhang and Yang Shiyue both frowned. It could be seen that this scholarly old man was very strong.

"I am the Third Elder of the Eastern Palace, Shui Yi Hui from Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

He bowed to everyone in a very polite manner, then looked at Du Yayan and the group of people, and said: "They are from the Western Palace! As they are closest to the door, they were the first to exit. "

"So it's just a bunch of watchdogs. No wonder they look down on us!" Yang Shiyue sneered, her words made those few people look angry.

Shui Yi Hui looked at Qin Yun and said with a smile, "My friend, you are quite strong and your martial arts are quite impressive as well." Come, come, come, this is what you deserve! "

He took a book from the blue-robed youth and was about to give it to Qin Yun.

"No need, they've already given us the Blue Spirit Star Palace's martial arts." Qin Yun raised the ball of paper in his hand and opened it. There were a total of two of them. Each of them had an obscure incantation written on it.

Shui Yi Hui shook his head and laughed, "That was Grandmaster Lan Xiao's silly work. He used it to tease us. "He even said that he was the one who created the most powerful martial arts. It took us several thousands of years to realize that we were being played."

Qin Yun kept the ball of paper and looked at Yang Shiyue. He said, "Teacher, let's go back first. We still have important matters to attend to!"

He had previously obtained the Colourless Fruit from Wei Xuankun, so he had to quickly cure Ding Tianchun and his son.