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Chapter 80 Blue Star Palace

"Qin Yun, die! Only by handing your body over to Master Wei can his anger be quelled! " General Yuan brandished the large saber in his hand and was about to chop down when a gust of wind suddenly blew over, accompanied by the aura of a powerful demonic beast.


A tiger-shaped beast pounced and sent General Yuan flying!

It was the steel tiger!

It was none other than the eighth level Qilin steel tiger that Qin Yun had met with Ding Tianchun earlier!

Such a powerful demonic beast was not something that General Yuan could deal with.

Yan Yun was also shocked when she saw the Linghu Steel Tiger appear. She hurriedly let go of Yuan Yanying, turned around and ran.

But who would have thought that Yuan Yanying would swiftly pick up her long saber and chase after her with extreme speed, slashing out with her saber!


A big hole was cut open on Yan Yun's back. She slowly turned around and looked at the ice-cold Yuan Yanying in fear!

She had never thought that a weak girl like Yuan Yanying would actually kill someone, and even kill her!

Because in the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy, she had always bullied Yuan Yanying and used her like a maid. But now, she had been severely injured by a single slash from her!

Qin Yun was not surprised at all. After experiencing what had just happened, Yuan Yanying had already fully matured.


Yuan Yanying slashed at Yan Yun's neck again with her saber. She was completely beheaded. Her gloomy and terrifying expression made Qin Yun involuntarily think of Xiao Yuelan!

The steel tiger had already killed General Yuan, but it did not eat him.

When Yuan Yanying saw her father die, she suddenly sat on the ground with tears streaming down her face.

She cried and shouted at Qin Yun, "Quickly leave. I'll hold the demon beast back!"

After she finished speaking, she hurriedly stood up, tightly grasped her large blade, and stood in front of the Kylin Steel Tiger to protect Qin Yun.

Qin Yun looked into the eyes of the steel tiger. There was no intention to attack, so he relaxed.

That day when the Linlin Steel Tiger was injured, it was precisely the medicine that he applied. Since it didn't attack him now, it ought to be repaying the debt of gratitude …

He sighed and said to Yuan Yanying, "This tiger has a mind of its own. It won't attack you. You better take care of yourself!"

Yuan Yanying was just about to say something when she saw Qin Yun stepping out of the camp with Flaming Cloud Steps. She could only feel grateful and burst into tears as she recalled how she had let Qin Yun down earlier.

The students who had been separated also returned from the forest.

The moment they returned, the steel tiger let out a loud roar. That aura scared them so much that they trembled all over.

"It's the eighth stage beast, Steel Qilin Tiger! Since General Yuan is dead, it's a dead end even if we go over. Everyone, run! " A student shouted in shock, turned around, and ran.

They also saw Yuan Yanying, who was crying loudly on the ground, and thought that she was crying out of fear.

The dozen or so people ran far away in an instant. Qin Yun hid behind a tree and watched Yuan Yan and the steel tiger from afar.

A moment later, Yuan Yanying stopped crying and took out the fire talisman, burning all the corpses at the scene.

She seemed to be able to communicate with the steel tiger. She walked over and gently stroked the tiger's head before carefully riding on its back.

The steel tiger growled and carried her into the forest …

Qin Yun was slightly surprised as he sighed inwardly. He took out the Void Spirit Stone he had just seized and muttered, "There is another piece that was snatched away by the third prince of the State of Tianqi. Wait for me!"

He dashed through the forest, leaving behind many hidden records. At daybreak, he finally saw Yang Shi Yue.

Yang Shiyue's black clothes were slightly wrinkled, it was obvious that she had gone through an intense battle.

Seeing that Qin Yun was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's good that you're fine! I really didn't expect Master Wei to actually rob things! "

"Teacher, I took an ethereal stone from Wei Xuankun!" Qin Yun said with a laugh as he took out the Void Spirit Stone.

Yang Shiyue faltered slightly. She remembered that there were many strong people with Wei Xuankun. General Yuan was among them, yet Qin Yun had managed to reclaim the Void Spirit Stone.

She asked in surprise, "How did you get it? This is too dangerous! "

Qin Yun explained the entire process.

"Fortunately, no one knew that you killed Wei Xuankun and that Yan Yun had also died. I'm more worried that Yuan Yanying would say it out loud. I hope she won't forget her kindness."

After Yang Shiyue heard of what had happened, she couldn't help but sigh.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "I have obtained the Colourless Fruit of detoxifying Professor Ding. I can't help but admire his feelings towards the demonic beasts. If not for him asking me to let go of the steel tiger back then, I wouldn't be standing here right now."

Yang Shiyue nodded and smiled: "En, in the future, you must learn from him. In the Hua Ling Martial Arts School, there aren't many good teachers like him! Let's go, let's climb over those mountains and see the falling Star Palace! "

Qin Yun and Yang Shi Yue did not rest at all that night. They rushed to the mountain and began climbing it!

"We're pretty lucky to have encountered three types of stones." On the way, Qin Yun took out a piece of Heavy Spirit Jade and fondled it lovingly.

"Third Prince Tianqi, right?" As long as this guy is not dead, I will make sure he returns our Void Spirit Stone to him. Yang Shiyue immediately got angry when she thought of this, this was her first time getting robbed.

When they arrived at the mountaintop, Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were stunned by the scene from afar!

The stars were falling in great ferocity, but the Star Palace was preserved in perfect condition.

At the summit of the mountain, there was a large flat area with a palace built from a large amount of blue jade and blue brick, which was more imposing than any other imperial palace.

Under the light of the nine suns, the blue jade seemed to release bursts of blue light, giving it a luxurious and spectacular appearance.

One of the nine levels was the most eye-catching!

Every single floor in the tower was extremely tall and big. Although there were only nine floors, they were over a hundred meters tall. They were all made of blue jade, and as they glittered with blue light, they were grand and awe-inspiring.

"They're all at the gate!" Qin Yun said, "The President and company should be here as well!"

At this moment, quite a few people had already climbed over the mountain. Upon seeing the Star Palace, they all rushed down.

"Let's go over and take a look as well." Yang Shiyue said.

The two of them also quickly descended the mountain and headed for the entrance of the Star Palace.

… ….

In front of the gate of the Star Palace, all the experts gathered. Master Wei, Duke Yan and the others were among them.

Qin Yun also saw Duan Gan arriving.

The teachers of the three Black Level Martial Academies had all arrived. Liu Ning, who had lost the Giant Spirit King Hammer, was also present.

There were more than a hundred of them, including several dozen students.

"Qi Yong!" Qin Yun suddenly saw a person walking over from afar. It was the third prince of the Qiqi Empire, Qi Yong, who had snatched the Void Spirit Stone from him!

Qi Yong was carrying a bag on his back, and inside the bag was the Void Spirit Stone he had stolen!

The moment he saw Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue, he shouted anxiously, "Quickly protect me!"

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had always been very eye-catching, so everyone had seen them.

Just as Qi Yong's voice was heard, Yang Shi Yue flew over, and without saying anything further, she sent a palm slashing down, causing Qi Yong to fall to the ground, spitting out blood.

Everyone suddenly gaped, speechless!

Yang Shiyue didn't even give Qi Yong the chance to beg, and directly attacked!

An old official from the Qiqi Empire roared out, "Yang Shiyue, are you crazy?!"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was stopped by Yang Shiyue, "We discovered the Void Spirit Stone first, but it was snatched by Qi Yong, Master Wei, and the others! The other piece is in Wei Xuankun's hands, so their whereabouts are unknown! "

As she spoke, Yang Shiyue took out the Void Spirit Stone from Qi Yong's bag.

She was emitting a strong killing intent that prevented the people from the Empire of Qi from getting close to her.

Snatching a Void Spirit Stone was still a huge mistake.

Master Wei was also involved. Everyone immediately turned to look at him.

Master Wei immediately said angrily, "Don't spout nonsense. I've never seen any Void Spirit Stone! There is no such thing. Everyone, don't believe her! "