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Chapter 79 Demon Arts

Qin Yun's heart was in turmoil. He never expected to see such a cultivation technique.

He felt that this matter was definitely not that simple!

Wei Xuankong looked at the sky and said, "At this time, the full moon is at the peak of yin. Her training with me is just right. General Yuan, if this matter is successful, you will have my father's support. The Duke of Yan will also secretly help you, allowing your strength and position to increase rapidly."

"Alright!" General Yuan thought for a moment before agreeing with a joyful expression on his face.

Qin Yun was not surprised. For the sake of his position, General Yuan had even done ungrateful things. It was not strange for him to betray his daughter.

After the discussion was over, General Yuan quickly returned to the camp to find Yuan Yanying.

Wei Xuankun and Yan Yun walked behind him. Seeing that he did not have the Void Spirit Stone with him, Qin Yun did not make a move to alert them.

"Brother Kun, after you've finished gathering Yuan Yanying, your cultivation will definitely increase greatly. If nothing unexpected happens, you will be able to cultivate the Heart Sutra and then dual cultivate with me." Yan Yun sneered, "That slut Yuan Yanying, after you've collected and mended her, she will become an old and ugly woman."

When Qin Yun heard this, he secretly drew a gasp!

This method of harvesting was a genuine demonic art!

Back then, Duke Yan had slandered Qin Yun as someone who cultivated demonic arts. He had said that Qin Yun was unforgivable.

However, at this moment, the granddaughter and grandson-in-law of the Duke of Yan were cultivating a vicious demonic art.

Qin Yun could see through this group of hypocritical people. Every single one of them spoke of righteousness while they secretly were filled with evil.

… ….

Late at night, the sky was filled with stars, and a round moon hung in the sky.

Everyone in the camp was resting as Qin Yun snuck into the camp and carefully approached Wei Xuankun's tent.

General Yuan had already told Yuan Yanying that Yan Yun was looking for her, and told her to go to Yan Yun's and Wei Xuankun's tent on her own …

In order to facilitate this matter, General Yuan called the students out from the other tents and had them patrol the surrounding woods.

After Yuan Yanying entered a large tent, she asked with a smile, "Sister Yan Yun, what's the matter?"

The moment she entered, she saw Wei Xuankun, bare-chested, with an evil grin on his face. Beside him was Yan Yun, her beautiful face full of malice and sneer.

Yuan Yanying's heart skipped a beat. She realized that something was wrong and was about to leave when Yan Yun rushed over and pulled her to a bed.

Wei Xuankun smiled sinisterly as he threw himself at Yuan Yanying on the bed!

"Little bitch, you're mine tonight!" Wei Xuankun grinned sinisterly.

Qin Yun frowned when he heard her speak from outside. He looked at the bright moon in the sky and took out a ghost blade. He grasped the handle tightly and waited for the opportunity to attack.

"Ah... Let me go, what are you doing? Father, father, save me … " Yuan Yan cried out anxiously.

She was only at the fourth level of the Martial Body. As for Yan Yun, she was at the fifth level of the Martial Body while Wei Xuankun was at the sixth level.

"Hahaha …" Wei Xuankun grinned fiendishly.

"Be more honest with me, and cooperate well with Big Brother Kun!" Yan Yun cursed as she slapped Yuan Yanying's beautiful face until it was red and swollen.

Yuan Yanying did not cooperate. She struggled and cried in despair.

She could tolerate anything else, but she couldn't stand her father betraying her …

"Bitch, what part of my Big Brother Kun isn't better than Qin Tianyi? What are you resisting for? " Yan Yun scolded.

"You heartless animals. Even if I die, I won't let you sully me!" Yuan Yanying's voice was filled with grief and pain.

At that instant, she seemed to realize many things. She suddenly recalled how hopeless and helpless Qin Yun was when his spirit veins were crippled by many old officials.

Now, she finally felt the same way. Recalling how she had alienated Qin Yun, she felt an incomparable sense of guilt. It made her even more heartbroken!

At this moment, she had nothing to live for. The only regret was that she did not apologize to Qin Yun …

Yan Yun held down the crying and struggling Yuan Yanying. Just as she was about to tear off her clothes, she heard a ripping sound!

It wasn't that her clothes had been torn, but that a hole had been cut open in the tent. A figure flew into the tent!

It was Qin Yun!

When Yan Yun and Wei Xuankun saw Qin Yun's face and wanted to resist, it was already too late!

Qin Yun's ghost head broadsword slashed at Wei Xuankun's chest like the wind. It was a Wave Breaker form of the six forms of Wind Slasher Fist!


A gash had appeared on Wei Xuankun's chest, and blood was spurting out from it …

He widened his eyes as he looked at Qin Yun. Boundless hatred surged in his heart. He felt that death was in front of him and the person who sent him to his death was none other than the Qin Yun he hated to the bones!

What made Wei Xuankun the most furious was that the panicked Yan Yun actually abandoned him and fled from the tent!


Wei Xuankun's eyes widened as he fell to the ground and died in a pool of blood!

Qin Yun looked at Yuan Yanying who lay on the blanket and sighed softly. Then, he rummaged through the tent and quickly found a bundle.

There were not only Void Spirit Stones inside, but also a few translucent fruits. These were the Colourless Fruits needed to detoxify the poison in Ding Tianchun's body!

He was now certain that it was Master Wei and his son who had poisoned him!

Yuan Yanying had already put on her clothes. Seeing Wei Xuankun dead in a pool of blood, she appeared very calm.

When she looked at Qin Yun, her expression turned complicated. It was filled with guilt and gratitude!

"No need to thank me! I'm just trying to get the Void Spirit Stone back. Furthermore, Wei Xuankun is a villain who cultivates devil arts. If he wants to use the technique of replenishing energy against you, I will do so on behalf of the heavens. "

After saying that, Qin Yun walked out of the tent. The moment he walked out, he saw General Yuan and Yan Yun outside.

Yan Yun pointed at Qin Yun and shouted, "It's him … He killed Brother Kun! "

Yuan Yanying also walked out. When she saw General Yuan, she shouted angrily, "Father, why did you do this? to actually cooperate with them to defile me! "

"It's all for your own good. Leave quickly and let me kill Qin Yun!" General Yuan said coldly before glaring at Qin Yun. He asked angrily, "How is Young Master Wei?"

"Dead!" Qin Yun said indifferently.

Yuan Yanying rushed in front of Qin Yun as she cried, "If you want to kill him, kill me!"

Qin Yun did not waste any time with them and took the opportunity to escape while using his Qing Gong.

However, General Yuan was no pushover, so he immediately chased after him to stop him.

"Father, let him go!" He saved me! " Yuan Yanying immediately wanted to go over, but was caught by the malevolent Yan Yun.

Yuan Yanying gritted her teeth and fought crazily with Yan Yun. However, she was blocked by the inner force that Yan Yun had released!

Yan Yun said coldly, "General Yuan, Brother Kun has already died. If you do not kill Qin Yun today, Master Wei will definitely not rest until you die!"

Wei Xuankun was dead, but Yan Yun was surprisingly calm!

This made Qin Yun secretly exclaim in surprise. He believed that because Yan Yun cultivated in demonic arts, her temperament had changed!