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Chapter 78 Stolen

Chapter 78 - Stolen

Qin Yun had never seen Heavy Spirit Jade before, but he had heard of it.

This was a very precious ore. It was said that as long as a Heavy Spirit Jade the size of a thumb continued to heat up, it would gradually increase in weight, and could reach several dozen kilograms.

If the quality of the fire was higher, then the Heavy Spirit Jade would become heavier and stiffer!

Soon, Yang Shiyue also found a piece of Heavy Spirit Jade. It was for refining, so she gave it to Qin Yun.

This huge black boulder had already been completely destroyed by them, so they found a total of three pieces of Heavy Spirit Jades.

"Next is this rock!" Qin Yun looked at another boulder and said with a smile that was filled with anticipation. He swung the forging hammer and shattered it with a single strike. Following that, two points of red light burst out from within.

At that moment, Qin Yun and Yang Shi Yue felt a terrifying aura surging over as the earth trembled!

A powerful wave of inner strength surged over!

Yang Shiyue's expression changed as she quickly pounced at Qin Yun, sending him flying into the distance.

"It's Master Wei!" Qin Yun was infuriated.

Master Wei and the others had attacked them when they were here. From this, it could be seen that the two spots of red light that appeared from the stone were definitely very precious items.

After Yang Shiyue stood up, she immediately flew over to Master Wei's side.

Qin Yun rushed at the two red ores.

Wei Xuankong, Yan Yun and many youths rushed over as well. They surged with inner strength at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun had no choice but to retreat. If he was hit, even if he did not die, he would at least be crippled.

"Haha, Void Spirit Stone!" "What a big piece!" Wei Xuankun picked up a square stone that was emitting red light and laughed loudly.

"I got one too!" He was the third prince of the Tianqi Empire, and behind him were a few other powerful elders.

Among this group of people, the strongest was General Yuan, who was at the seventh level of the Martial Body realm.

With Yang Shiyue not here, Qin Yun did not dare to step forward. He could only clench his teeth and clench his fists as he watched them snatch away the two Void Spirit Stones.

This was especially so for Wei Xuankun and Yan Yun. They were extremely excited because they had stolen Qin Yun's item and it was a very precious Void Spirit Stone. They were overjoyed to see Qin Yun's angry expression.

"Brother Kun, Qin Yun is alone. Should we …" Yan Yun said in a low voice, her beautiful face full of viciousness.

Qin Yun had many good things on him, including the blueprints for the Giant Spirit King Hammer and a storage artifact.

This was a huge temptation to many people, and it was inevitable that they would feel the urge to snatch it away.

Qin Yun saw how Wei Xuankun and company's faces were filled with greed and viciousness. They gritted their teeth tightly …

At this moment, Master Wei's urgent shout came from the distance, "All of you, quickly retreat!"

Wei Xuankong and the others suddenly recalled that Yang Shishi had an extremely powerful Moon Martial Spirit, and its power was unfathomable!

When they stole the Void Spirit Stone, Yang Shiyue had already seen it. If she attacked Qin Yun again, as long as she was alive, she would definitely seek revenge at any cost.

Wei Xuankong and the rest of the group ran off, leaving through two different paths with Third Prince Tianqi.

Qin Yun waited for them to walk far away and looked over to Yang Shiyue. She was still engaged in battle with Master Wei.

Master Wei was an Inscription Master, and had quite a few spirit talismans on him, so he wasn't that easy to deal with.

"Wei Xuankun, just you wait. I will get my revenge!" Qin Yun rushed out of the gigantic crater and chased in the direction Wei Xuankun and company had retreated in. Along the way, he searched for traces of them.

Void Spirit Stones were the necessary materials for forging spatial spirit artifacts. They were extremely rare, and as long as one added a little bit and combined it with the spatial spirit inscriptions, one would be able to forge spatial spirit artifacts.

As for Wei Xuankun and the third prince, the two pieces that they had seized were extremely large. Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had discovered it first and it was something that belonged to them!

Qin Yun had secretly tracked Wei Xuankun and company the entire way, leaving behind a secret note along the way.

Those who secretly remembered that he and Yang Shi Yue came in and said yes, they could quickly find each other after preventing dispersal.

His tracking ability was very strong and he learned it from Ding Tianchun. Besides, Wei Xuankun and the others did not leave any traces behind when they left.

… ….

Deep in the night, Qin Yun traced an empty spot. Wei Xuankun and company were camping in this empty spot. There were more than a dozen of them.

The empty space was filled with trees that were dozens of meters tall. Qin Yun was hiding in them.

He observed carefully. Among these people were Wei Xuankun and Yan Yun, General Yuan and his daughter Yuan Yanying, and the rest were students who had good relations with Wei Xuankun. They were all in the fifth level of the Martial Body.

What Qin Yun worried about the most was General Yuan. He had a cultivation base at the seventh level of the martial body. Furthermore, he had gone through hundreds of battles and was very difficult to deal with.

Once he cultivated the Black Yang Art to the great perfection stage, he would be able to use his internal energy and spirit energy. He would be able to breathe through his pores, he would be able to keep his body temperature same at all time with the environment.

Not to mention a human, even a beast with strong spiritual sense would find it difficult to detect his existence.

He hid in the forest at the edge of the clearing and waited patiently on a big tree.

Suddenly, a person walked out from the tent. It was Wei Xuankun!

Yan Yun also followed him out.

Wei Xuankun arrived outside General Yuan's tent. After exchanging a few words with him, General Yuan walked out of the tent and followed Wei Xuankong and Yan Yun into the dark and quiet forest.

They were heading towards Qin Yun's direction!

Wei Xuankong and company entered the forest and stopped about fifty meters away from Qin Yun.

Qin Yun gathered his attention and listened to their conversation.

It was deep into the night and it was very quiet. Even though they were several dozen meters away, he could still hear the voices of Wei Xuankong and the others.

"General Yuan, Yuan Yanying's fiancé is Qin Tianyi. However, ever since he was injured by Qin Yun, I have never seen him appear in the Hua Ling Wu Academy. He must have been completely crippled!" Wei Xuankun asked in a low voice.

"It's all because of that little bastard, Qin Yun!" General Yuan scolded him angrily in a low voice.

When Qin Yun heard this, he could not help but feel infuriated. Back then, when the Grand Preceptor had cured Yuan Yanying of her strange illness, General Yuan had been extremely grateful. Now, he was scolding him in such a manner.

Wei Xuankong laughed sinisterly, "Now we have a way to prevent her from marrying Qin Tianyi!"

General Yuan was startled. He looked at Yan Yun and quickly asked, "What method?"

"It means that I want Yuan Yanying to be my concubine!" Wei Xuankun's words alarmed the faraway Qin Yun.

Yan Yun was on the side, but he could still say it out loud. Clearly, he had obtained Yan Yun's consent. There must be something amiss in this.

General Yuan's strength was too weak when compared to those aristocratic families. Although Yuan Yanying's talent was not bad, but she was not as good as Yan Yun. Their Yuan Family did not have the qualifications to attract Wei Xuankun and Yan Yun's attention.

"Why is that?" General Yuan was puzzled. He looked at Yan Yun in surprise and asked.

"This is my father's wish. With my father's support, the empress cannot say anything. After all, Qin Tianyi has already been crippled."

Wei Xuankun suddenly suppressed his voice and continued, "Mainly because my father has just obtained a miraculous cultivation art that only young men can practice. This cultivation method is a combination of Yin and Yang and needs to be combined with young women who have cultivated to the Inner Yuan! Yuan Yanying is still a virgin and can cultivate with me at the same time. Not only me, but she can also rapidly increase her cultivation."

Yan Yun, who was at the side, also laughed in a low voice. "After Brother Kun and I cultivated, we broke through to the fifth level of the Martial Body realm!"