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Chapter 24 Bottleneck

Qin Yun stood at the edge of the dueling platform while Cui Hui stood in the middle.

He looked at Cui Hui and took a deep breath. Then, he sprinted forward and performed the Flaming Cloud Steps.

Flaming Cloud Steps could already create a strong impact when one was rushing forward. If it was combined with other martial skills to attack, it's power would be even greater.

Qin Yun, who was using the Cloud soaring Steps, rushed over. His entire body was surging with energy, like a dragon or a tiger. He had an imposing manner!

"It's the Cloud Soaring Steps from the Flaming Cloud Steps. I didn't expect him to learn it so quickly." When Dean Zhang saw it, he was slightly surprised. Only he could see it.

Qin Yun's legs suddenly surged out with an air wave as a roar resounded like the roar of a dragon!

When Cui Hui saw it, she scoffed. Just as she wanted to mock him, Qin Yun's speed suddenly increased. In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of her!


Qin Yun punched out as the winds from his punch whistled. The force was ferocious as it struck at Cui Hui's abdomen!

However, Cui Hui did not have the luck to defend herself.

She had thought that when Qin Yun attacked, she would instantly use her internal strength to resist because this would produce a certain amount of repulsive force. If she used it well, she would be able to blast someone flying.

However, she never expected that Qin Yun would suddenly become so fast!

While she was still stunned, Cui Hui felt a scorching air current hit her abdomen!


Cui Hui let out a cry of indignation and flew awkwardly out of the battling platform, landing heavily on the ground.

After the audience went silent for a moment, they burst into an uproar!

Cui Hui was sent flying!

This was truly unexpected!

"Thank you, Cui laoshi!" Qin Yun's teasing voice broke the silence, bringing everyone back to their senses.

Thank you?

Everyone could tell that Cui Hui hated Qin Yun to the bone. How could she give it up?

Cui Hui was speechless with rage. Her nails scratched the rigid stone floor, leaving behind a series of scratches!

"Qin Yun has passed the examination. He will be able to compete on stage in five days." Dean Zhang looked at Qin Yun with a strange glow in his eyes that was filled with praise.

Qin Yun received another Supreme Origin Pill and revealed a brilliant smile.

"Even if he gets ten pills, it's useless because he only has one spirit vein and can only absorb 10% of the medicinal strength." Wei Xuankong said in disdain but his eyes were filled with jealousy.

"Big Brother Kun, you're a lot more talented than him, and you're even a future great master of mystical marks" Yan Yun whispered, "You must teach this arrogant fellow a lesson."

"I will definitely teach him a lesson!" Wei Xuankong said coldly, his eyes filled with a sinister light.

Yang Shiyue chatted and laughed with Qin Yun as she left the Hall of Heavenly Lions and returned to the quiet bamboo forest by the lake.

"Eat a superior Yuan Pill first and then learn the Flame Light Fist. Your comprehension ability is really high and you will definitely be able to grasp it within five days. I think it is very likely that you will be the champion of the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet!" Yang Shiyue was filled with confidence in Qin Yun.

"Although the inner qi of a fifth stage martial artist is stronger than yours, you have the purple gold fire martial spirit which can make up for the difference. Later eat another yuan pill and refine them, your strength will increase a bit with your mastery of martial skills."

Yang Shiyue was extremely excited. If Qin Yun won first place in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet, he would definitely be the strongest freshman in the history of the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

If Qin Yun could get first place and enter the Heavenly Lion Lake, his strength would increase by another level!

As she thought of this, her heart was filled with anticipation!

Qin Yun was very happy to see Yang Shiyue so delighted. He was delighted as he said, "Teacher, can you help me find some books on mystical marks? I want to gain a deeper understanding of Inscriptionists and Inscriptions! "

Yang Shiyue suddenly let out a long sigh, and said: "Your comprehension ability is extremely high, if you had someone to guide you, you could have become an Inscription Master, what a pity. There aren't many Inscription Masters and the best Inscriptions are all considered precious treasures, so they won't be easily spread outside. For the time being, I don't have any ways for you to learn Inscription."

Qin Yun smiled calmly. "It's fine. I'm still young, so I might have a chance in the future."

Yang Shiyue nodded and said: "Yes, this kind of thing requires a certain amount of luck! I'll look for the book on inscriptions now so that you can learn more about it.

After she finished speaking, she went to borrow some books on mystical marks.

As for Qin Yun, he entered his room and consumed a yuan pill before he began cultivating.

While he was cultivating, he was thinking about how he had suddenly comprehended the Cloud Soaring Steps. Even now, he still did not know what had happened.

"Could it be that the spiritual power cultivated from the nine suns' spiritual energy has a higher comprehension ability?" Qin Yun felt that this explanation was the only plausible explanation.

When he was learning martial arts techniques, as long as someone gave him some guidance, he would be able to integrate it and then comprehend it on his own. Then, the profound difficulties would gradually become clear and transparent.

Sometimes, one would suddenly have a flash of insight and instantly understand.

"Right now, the most important thing is to refine a Yuan Pill!" Qin Yun was looking forward to the effects of the pill.

After cultivating the Black Sun Art to the Initial Stage, the medicinal strength of the pill was extremely fast. In just a day's time, the Origin Pill had been completely refined.

The Yuan Pill contained ten times more spiritual energy than the qi pill but there was no sign of a breakthrough after he absorbed it.

He used his Spiritual Power to check the inner strength of the Purple Gold Fire in his Dantian. He found that the inner strength inside his Dantian had become full and was on the verge of a breakthrough.

"My second inner yuan has reached a bottleneck! When Teacher Yang returns, I will ask her what is the key to breaking through to the fifth level." Qin Yun consumed a second yuan pill.

Previously, the superior Yuan Pill had been absorbed by the mysterious Vibration Inner yuan but now this one was being used to cultivate the Fire Inner Yuan.

After Qin Yun consumed the second superior Yuan pill, he frowned deeply and muttered "It's the same situation as before! How can I break through this bottleneck?"

He shook his head and decided not to think about it for the time being. He quickly went to take a bath.

A moment later, he came out of his room and saw several old, yellowed books on the table in the hall.

Yang Shiyue came back and helped him get a few old books on knowledge of mystical marks.

"How are the effects of two superior yuan pills?" Yang Shiyue asked.

It was dark now and she had just taken a bath. She wore a loose, light pink robe, and her shoulders and arms were covered in a translucent muslin. Her black hair hung down her full chest, making her look sexy and alluring.

The fifteen-year-old Qin Yun felt his heart flutter as he watched. After calming himself, he said, "I've reached a bottleneck. My inner yuan is no longer able to absorb and refine energy. I'm so full that I don't know what to do!"

With that, he picked up an old book and started reading it seriously.

"You need to improve your inner energy cultivation method." "You've learned the Black Sun Art at the small success stage and you need to master it further before you can use your inner yuan to absorb more energy!" Yang Shiyue's eyes moved and continued: "Under normal circumstances, with your small success rate in inner force technique, you should be able to step into the fifth level of the Martial Body realm. However, the reason why you are unable to break through is also because of the Purple-Gold Fire Martial Spirit."

Qin Yun nodded. He suspected that it was because he had a double martial spirit and double inner yuan that he was unable to break through.