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Chapter 17 Xiao Yue Lan

"This is so strange, where did all Qi from the pill go? The Inner yuan is so big, where can it hide?"

Qin Yun was very puzzled. The two pills did not increase his internal Qi.

Using the Nine Sun Spirit he absorbed the nine types of spiritual energy contained within the qi pill but it didn't improve inner qi at all.

"let's eat another two and see what's going on!"

Qin Yun could only give it a try. This time, he had to observe carefully. If he saw the situation as before, he would know the reason.

The Qi Hua Pill contained a large amount of spiritual energy. During the process of absorbing the spiritual energy, he wouldn't feel hungry nor would he feel the flow of time.

Deep in the night, the sky was filled with stars. The scorched land finally regained its rest and fell into silence.

Qin Yun was in his room refining the Energy inside Pill.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes with a happy expression. He muttered to himself, "So that's how it is!"

The two pills he had taken this time still did not increase the inner qi in his inner yuan, but his heart was filled with excitement.

He finally understood the reason!

Qin Yun had just discovered that there was another inner yuan within the dantian!

This was the second inner yuan that had just been formed!

After he had awakened the purple gold fire martial spirit, his internal energy had turned purplish-gold in color. However, the second internal energy he had developed was black in color!

The inner yuan was formed because of the mysterious Black Vibration Martial Spirit!

The Vibration Martial Spirit was a legendary martial spirit. Naturally, he needed his own internal force to protect his body. Therefore, after Qin Yun consumed the Qi Pills that contained a large amount of spiritual energy, he began creating black colored inner yuan subconsciously.

"Great, this time the black vibration Martial Spirit given me hidden benefits. It is hidden within the purple gold inner Qi. Although it is small in size, it is very powerful."

Qin Yun placed his hand on a table and secretly circulated his inner Qi. As it surged out from his palm, it produced a shockwave that shattered the table into pieces.

"What would happen if the inner Qi of fire and the inner Qi of vibration were combined?"

Qin Yun could only think for a moment. He did not dare to do anything rash because it would cause a huge commotion.

The black martial spirit was too strange, he didn't want others to know about it.

"The four qi pills did not allow me to break through, but allowed me to condense my second inner qi and inner yuan. The inner Qi released by the second martial spirit is even stronger. The inner Qi of the two martial spirits can be used together and the Purple Gold Fire can also absorb the second inner Qi."

Qin Yun gave it a try. Indeed, it was possible.

Activating the inner qi from the two Inner Yuan and letting them out; this was the equivalent of a fifth level Martial Body!

The standard of the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm was to let the inner Qi out of the body and surround it!

When one reached a certain level of cultivation in the Inner Qi and the Inner Yuan, they could let the Inner Qi out of the body and they would be at the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage!

In terms of individual inner yuan, Qin Yun was at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. However, if he used the inner Qi from the two yuans, he would be at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm!

"Even if I test my inner force, I can only detect the fourth stage." Qin Yun was very satisfied with the effects of these Pills. It allowed him to form his second inner yuan.

(TL NOTE : so here is my understanding. Inner Yuan can hold martial spirits, they can hold more than one marital spirits. but cultivators who have more than one martial spirit can decide to create another inner yuan with another martial spirit as base. the benefit of creating another yuan with another martial spirit is that then cultivator would have another whole reserve of inner qi that has the element of that martial spirit. in case of Qin Yun one of his yuan holds inner qi with purple gold fire element and another one holds inner qi with black vibration element. also martial souls have some form of sentience which will be discussed later, so when he started absorbing pills, his black rank legendary spirit decided it did not want to share home with a 'mere low class' purple gold spirit and created it's own yuan. or more precisely it influenced qin yun's subconscious to create a new yuan for it. thus he was first confused about disappearing energy but later found out about the new yuan."

Early in the morning, after Qin Yun woke up, he went to the small hall and saw a big table full of breakfast. It was prepared for him by Yang Shiyue.

"Hurry up and eat!" Yang Shiyue asked, "Have you broken through?"

Today, she was wearing a light purple skintight dress. In her faint and charming manner, there was a kind of noble temperament. Her curvaceous and graceful body also made her appear sexy and charming.

"No!" Qin Yun shook his head. As he ate the delicious snacks, he admired the beautiful woman in front of him.

"It seems that it's a problem with the Spiritual vein. You only have one Spiritual vein, so you can only absorb one type of Spiritual Qi from the Pills." Yang Shiyue let out a faint sigh, her pretty face was full of helplessness.

She had originally thought that Qin Yun would be able to absorb more of the Pill's spiritual energy by awakening his purple gold fire martial soul. However, the results were the same.

"After eating breakfast, I will accompany you to the Martial Arts Pavilion to choose your martial arts before guiding you in your martial arts training." Yang Shiyue only had Qin Yun as her student and naturally wished for him to become an outstanding fighter.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door of the garden outside. When Yang Shiyue walked over to open the door, she was shocked and hurriedly entered the house.

"Teacher, who's here?" Am I in trouble? " When Qin Yun saw Yang Shiyue's expression, he felt somewhat worried.

He had severely injured Ye Weixuan and Yan Zhongming and thought that the two families had come looking for him.

"It's Xiao Yuelan! She's right outside the door!" Yang Shiyue's face was full of shock and suspicion as she asked: "She asked me to come and ask if you want to see her?"

Qin Yun was still chewing on something when he heard that it was Xiao Yuelan. He could not help but be stunned!

The heaven's daughter of the Tian Xiao Empire, Princess Yue Lan, who possessed the Seven Sun Spiritual vein, had personally come to find him!

"Why is she looking for me? Does she want to humiliate me? " Qin Yun hurriedly swallowed a dessert. He was extremely conflicted as he found it difficult to decide whether to meet Xiao Yuelan or not.

"I don't know!" Yang Shiyue softly sighed, "This is your own matter, you can decide on your own."

Qin Yun had the legendary talent because of the Nine Sun Spirit Vein, as well as the twin Martial Spirits with two inner yuan. He wasn't too far off from Xiao Yue Lan's Seven Sun Spirit Vein and legendary martial spirit.

This made him immediately brimming with confidence. He said, "Let her in!"

"She has advanced to the eighth level of the Martial Body realm. She is only one year older than you. This is truly amazing!" Yang Shiyue sighed and then went to invite Xiao Yuelan in.

Qin Yun's heart jolted once again. Xiao Yuelan was only sixteen years old, but she was already a martial artist at the eighth level of the Martial Body Realm!

It won't be long before she can advance to the ninth stage and she'll definitely be as powerful as Yang Shiyue!

The old officials and generals of the imperial court were also only at the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Body Stage. They were already so arrogant.

If that were the case, it was highly likely that Xiao Yuelan would be able to step into the Martial Dao Realm realm when she is still very young!

The moment Xiao Yuelan entered the hall, it felt like a cold wind had blown over. It caused Qin Yun to shiver! Her body was emitting a faint fragrance and it was accompanied by a cold aura. It was very special.

Xiao Yue Lan wore a bamboo hat and black tight clothes. She was as tall as Yang Shi Yue. Although she was only sixteen, her beautiful curves were comparable to Yang Shi Yue's.

Xiao Yuelin slowly took off her bamboo hat. Qin Yun finally saw the face of the girl from heaven. Her look was not disappointing.

She wore her long hair into a ponytail and dressed up very simply. Her beautiful white face was very beautiful but it was also filled with cold frost. Her entire body exuded a cold and aloof aura. It was unknown just what she had experienced to become so cold.

What surprised Qin Yun the most was that the girl was one year older than him. Her cold eyes occasionally exuded killing intent.

Xiao Yuelan had one hand on a black scabbard hanging around her waist, holding onto the hilt, causing her cold and proud self to carry a somewhat domineering and untamed charm.

Yang Shiyue was also a cold beauty but she had a charming, gentle and beautiful side. She usually looked cold but as a teacher, she had to be cold and strict in order to intimidate the arrogant students.

As for Xiao Yuelan, she was completely ice-cold and her killing intent was not concealed at all. Just a young girl, she gave off an extremely dangerous feeling!

Xiao Yuelan sized up Qin Yun with her bright and beautiful eyes that occasionally exuded killing intent.

Qin Yun suddenly felt a great pressure when he was stared at by a pair of eyes that exuded killing intent. It was a mental pressure!

The moment he saw Xiao Yue Lan, he forgot the taste of the dim sum he had eaten before, as well as getting an indescribable suffocating feeling!

It wasn't because of Xiao Yue Lan's suffocating beauty but because of her cold killing intent!

"Are you here to kill me?" Qin Yun asked slowly.

(TL NOTE : From here on i will not edit the "Yang spirit vein" phrase. As i have said in chapter 1 yang spirit vein or sun spirit vein is same thing, yang here means sun. now i know that yang spirit vein in a female sounds very odd and unnatural but you must understand the fact that these veins have direct connection to the nine yang or nine sun of this world, thus the name yang spirit vein. it has nothing to do with male or female.)