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Chapter 16 Winner

"I will keep my word!" When Ye Weixuan saw Qin Yun agree, he was delighted.

He is very confident in his family's Thunder Fist. After all, it is a Spirit Level Martial Skill, so how could he not have confidence?

An old man below the stage shouted, "Class 9 and Class 11, begin!"

The moment the elder's voice faded, Qin Yun and Ye Weixuan charged at each other with great speed. They were both using the momentum from their sprint to increase the power of their punches.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched the dueling platform. Qin Yun and Ye Weixuan were freshmen, but the duels were very exciting!

What was shocking was that Ye Weixuan's right fist, which was full of veins popping out, suddenly overflowed with thunder and made a crackling sound.

At a glance, one could tell that the inner Qi of the lightning was extremely strong. Cultivating the Thundershock Fist had already reached a certain level.

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Qin Yun and Ye Weixuan charged over and roared at the same time. Both struck out with their fists.

When the two fists collided, Ye Weixuan's fist flashed with lightning. As for Qin Yun's fist, a pale golden flame gushed out!

Flames billowed and burned on Qin Yun's fist!

It was a flame formed from inner Qi!

When the people beneath the dueling platform saw Qin Yun strike out with flames, they cried out in alarm!

To be able to produce such a strong flame, it meant that the inner Qi was released through the Martial Spirit.

From the flames, it could be seen that Qin Yun had cultivated his inner force cultivation method to the Initial Stage!

Qin Yun's inner Qi far exceeded Ye Weixuan's weak inner Qi of lightning!

Ye Weixuan was enveloped by a searing wave of air. He knew that Qin Yun's internal energy was extremely powerful but it was too late despite the fear in his heart.


The two fists finally met. Flames flew in all directions as light exploded!

Ye Weixuan screamed miserably. His entire body was covered in flames. He was thrown out of the stage by the powerful force and fell to the ground!

A teacher rushed forward to extinguish the flames!

Ye Weixuan's arm was charred black and had a charred smell. It could be considered as crippled. Unless precious pills were used, it would be difficult to cure.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Ye Weixuan's miserable appearance. They couldn't believe that he was defeated by the Spirit Tiger Fist from the rotten streets!

Qin Yun had only obtained the Black Yang Art from Yang Shiyue yesterday and had cultivated it to the Initial Stage overnight. Without a master yet, the inner qi and the Martial Spirit merged perfectly and released a strong flame.

Such perception could also be called a martial arts genius!

Upon seeing how Qin Yun was so heaven-defying, many disciples from famous sects felt their eyes turn red with envy!

"Qin Yun of the ninth class wins!" The elder had presided over many freshmen battles and Qin Yun had shocked him the most. If not for the fact that he only have one spirit vein, he would definitely be an absolute genius with a boundless future.

After Qin Yun walked off the stage, Dean Zhang walked over with a chuckle and handed two boxes to Yang Shiyue.

"This is the reward for the battle. Forty purple coins can be exchanged for forty thousand crystal coins!"

"Also, there are four mid-grade Spirit Pills, the Qi Hua Pill. You must go to the Martial Arts Pavilion to choose high grade Martial Skills yourself."

The two portions of resources were shared solely by Qin Yun!

The students in the defeated class were so jealous that their eyes turned red.

One person owning two classes' worth of resources alone, even the older students who were spectating felt their eyes grow hot with envy.

Originally, because of the student group change, Yang Shiyue was filled with anger. Now that she saw Qin Yun win two rounds in a row, her anger was completely gone.

"If it wasn't for their class change, you wouldn't be able to enjoy so many resources by yourself! Forty purple coins is nothing at all. The main thing is that the two high grade martial skills and the Qi Pills are more precious, so you must cherish them well. "

Her beautiful eyes coldly stared at the students who had just transferred over. Her cold and complacent gaze was filled with ridicule and disdain. At the very least, she was proud of herself.

"Teacher, I'll return the twenty purple coins to you." Previously, Qin Yun had borrowed twenty thousand crystal coins from Yang Shi Yue. He never expected to be able to pay her back now.

Purple coins and ordinary crystal coins both contained special spiritual energy. This kind of special spiritual energy could be used to set up a formation or as fertilizer for growing spiritual medicines. It had a wide range of uses. The crystal coin was obtained by mining a crystal mine. It was a square piece the size of a fingernail.

"I'm in a good mood today. There's no need to return the favor. It can be considered a reward for you!Oh right, you're the only one in the dorm. It will be convenient for me to guide you if you moved in to live with me!"

"This... That's not good! " Qin Yun was embarrassed. He felt somewhat embarrassed.

"Let's go!" said Yang Shiyue as she held Qin Yun's hand and lead him out of the training grounds.

A large group of students at the back watched them leave, holding hands. Their eyes were practically about to burst into flames from their jealousy!

As for those students who had changed classes, they were all so angry that they vomited blood.

If not for their shift change, Qin Yun would not have had such an opportunity.

It was because of them that Qin Yun had managed to obtain two exclusive resources and the appreciation of the beautiful teacher. All of this was caused by the empress!

The Queen had helped Qin Yun to such an extent. She was like a mother by relation! How was this enmity with Qin Yun?

However, in the palace, when the empress heard of this, she was so angry that her nose was crooked. She had thrown away everything in the room.

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Qin Yun followed Yang Shiyue to a lake in the southern part of Hua Ling Wu Academy. Next to the lake was a large expanse of grass. There were many large and small mansions built and these were the residences of the teachers.

Yang Shiyue's house was located in a bamboo forest. It was extremely quiet. There were fake mountains in the courtyard, ponds and pavilions; it was elegant and cozy.

Yang Shiyue brought Qin Yun into the living room and said "Release your inner Qi to its strongest, let me see."

Qin Yun took a deep breath and released his strongest inner Qi into his palm.

Yang Shiyue's long, shapely eyebrows knitted tightly. The situation on Qin Yun puzzled her greatly and she found it very interesting. This was the first time she had observed a person possessing a purple martial spirit at such a close distance.

She asked doubtfully, "Could it be that the purple gold fire martial spirit is going to make up for the fact that you only have one sun spirit vein? Right now, your inner qi is very strong, almost comparable to the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage! If you eat those four qi pills, you'll have a high chance of breaking through to the fifth stage."

"Really?" Qin Yun was very happy. If he could step into the fifth level, the freshmen who entered the Hua Ling Wu Academy with him would be left far behind.

"Don't be too happy too early. Jiang Lang who has the Sonic Martial Spirit is not someone to be trifled with and is also a very vicious person! The brains of the two students who fought against him were damaged by the sound wave. Yang Shiyue's face was serious, the Jiang family is also a great power in the Tian Qin Empire."

Qin Yun secretly took note of it as he said with a nod, "If I meet him, I'll definitely be careful."

"Eat the Energy Pill first and don't go to class in the future. After all, you're the only one in my class, so it's a lot more convenient to teach you here." Yang Shiyue gently smiled like a blooming white flower. It was obvious that she was in an extremely good mood.

"I'm going to train!"

Qin Yun could not wait any further. He hurriedly entered his room and swallowed two Pills in one gulp.

"The Qi Hua Pill contains more pure Nine sun energy than the Pills i ate in tian qin castle. I can absorb it all through the Nine Sun Divine Spirit."

At that moment, Qin Yun realized even more how great the impact the spirit vein had on his cultivation.

The effects of the same type of pill were vastly different when compared between those of one spirit vein and those of nine spirit veins.

After consuming two qi pills, he thought that his inner Qi would improve by leaps and bounds. However, when he was halfway through refining, he discovered that the inner Qi entered his inner yuan and disappeared.