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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Author:Ordinary Magician

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Updates:Chapter 1020 Genius? Or Madman?


Author Introduction: Is he the reincarnation of a Pill God? Or is he a fusion of spirits? A youth whose Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone were all stolen – Long Chen must rely on his memories of divine pill refining arts and a mysterious cultivation technique, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, in order to part the layers of misleading fog and solve a heaven-shaking rid...
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 1: Dragon Soars From the Shallows
Chapter 1 Memories of a Pill God
Chapter 2 Despicable Scum
Chapter 3 Revealing his Sharp Side
Chapter 4 Condensing the FengFu Star
Chapter 5 Imperial College
Chapter 6 Collecting Interes
Chapter 7 Training in Battle Skills
Chapter 8 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 9 Alchemist Guild
Chapter 10 Disciplining the Bra
Chapter 11 Flawless Beauty
Chapter 12 A New Goal
Chapter 13 FengFu Initial Condensation
Chapter 14 Seventh Prince
Chapter 15 Split the Heavens
Chapter 16 Enmity With a Princess
Chapter 17 Cold Killing Inten
Chapter 18 The Savage Marquis
Chapter 19 Facial Rejuvenation Elixir
Chapter 20 Line of Credi
Chapter 21 Assessmen
Chapter 22 Wilde
Chapter 23 How Bold
Chapter 24 Revenge in Just a Day
Chapter 25 Grand Xia's Prince
Chapter 26 The Terrifying Wilde
Chapter 27 Flamecloud Palm
Chapter 28 The Secret Behind the Princess
Chapter 29 Long Chen's Shock
Chapter 30 Stubborn till Death
Chapter 31 Another Clash
Chapter 32 Huayun Pavilion Invitation
Chapter 33 Phoenix Cry Lantern Festival
Chapter 34 Start of the Lantern Festival
Chapter 35 Sparks Fly
Chapter 36 The Princess's Hear
Chapter 37 Pill Battle
Chapter 38 Lose
Chapter 39 Obtaining the Beast Flame
Chapter 40 Huang Chang's Challenge
Chapter 41 Long Chen's Fury
Chapter 42 Anger Shakes the Nine Heavens
Chapter 43 Beast Cultivation
Chapter 44 Deathbed Struggle
Chapter 45 Defeating a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 46 End of the Lantern Festival
Chapter 47 Refining the Beast Flame
Chapter 48 The Story of Yun Qi
Chapter 49 Pill Valley
Chapter 50 Busy as a Marketplace
Chapter 51 Tenth Level of Qi Condensation
Chapter 52 Trapped Birds
Chapter 53 Flesh Bone Restoration Pill
Chapter 54 Auction
Chapter 55 Golden Striped Tiger
Chapter 56 Starfusing Grass
Chapter 57 Marquis Ying's Methods
Chapter 58 Mountain Splitting Battle-Ax
Chapter 59 Earth Class Battle Skill
Chapter 60 Shocking Methods
Chapter 61 Striking Back
Chapter 62 End of the Auction
Chapter 63 Huayun Sec
Chapter 64 Visiting Chu Yao
Chapter 65 Starfusing Pill’s Qi
Chapter 66 Treacherous Intentions
Chapter 67 Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf
Chapter 68 News of His Father
Chapter 69 The Secret Troubles of Long Tianxiao
Chapter 70 Little Snow
Chapter 71 Twelfth Level of Qi Condensation
Chapter 72 Wilde Shows his Migh
Chapter 73 Beheading Xia Changfeng
Chapter 74 Caught in a Crisis
Chapter 75 Fighting Against Marquis Ying
Chapter 76 The Terrifying Marquis Ying
Chapter 77 Pursuit Deep in the Fores
Chapter 78 Long Chen's Gif
Chapter 79 Sending a Lump
Chapter 80 Final Showdown
Chapter 81 Both Sides Heavily Wounded
Chapter 82 The Fourth Prince's Lofty Ambition
Chapter 83 Mysterious Voice
Chapter 84 You're My Man
Chapter 85 Forest God
Chapter 86 Killing With the Wave of a Hand
Chapter 87 Spirit World
Chapter 88 Heavenly Punishmen
Chapter 89 Three Style Parting Wind
Chapter 90 Little Snow's Return
Chapter 91 KingKong Fury Ape
Chapter 92 World Binding Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 93 Painful Farewell
Chapter 94 Extreme Urgency
Chapter 95 Execution Ground
Chapter 96 Crisis
Chapter 97 Brothers
Chapter 98 Chu Yao Takes Action
Chapter 99 Phoenix Cry's Strongest Man
Chapter 100 Everything Hanging By a Thread
Chapter 101 Looking Down Disdainfully
Chapter 102 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 103 Fierce Battle
Chapter 104 White-Robed Man
Chapter 105 Terrifying White-Robed Man
Chapter 106 Divine Ring Shocks
Chapter 107 Split the Heavens Reappears
Chapter 108 One Blow Shocks the World
Chapter 109 Core Flame
Chapter 110 Long Chen, Transform
Chapter 111 Dreamland
Chapter 112 Alioth Star
Chapter 113 Secre
Chapter 114 The Truth
Chapter 115 On the Eve of Departure
Chapter 116 Battle of Tongues
Chapter 117 Sect Selection
Chapter 118 A Solo Journey of Ten Thousand Miles
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 2: Great Peng Spreads its Wings, Hating How Low the Heavens Are
Chapter 119 Fourth Level of Blood Condensation
Chapter 120 Giant Desert Scorpion
Chapter 121 Flame Salamander
Chapter 122 Neidan
Chapter 123 Earth Flame
Chapter 124 Robbers Blocking the Way
Chapter 125 Little Snow's Migh
Chapter 126 Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 127 Know-it-all
Chapter 128 Three Heroes Two Beauties
Chapter 129 Inviting Self-Humiliation
Chapter 130 Gathering of Monsters
Chapter 131 Invited by Both Beauties
Chapter 132 Little Snow vs Qi Xin
Chapter 133 Beginning of the Trial
Chapter 134 Doused with Ice Water
Chapter 135 Divergen
Chapter 136 Immortal Chrysanthemum
Chapter 137 Wonder Carp
Chapter 138 Taking the Place of the Heavens
Chapter 139 Plentiful Harves
Chapter 140 Nine-leaf Orchid
Chapter 141 Another Beast Transformation
Chapter 142 I Want to See if I Can
Chapter 143 Blame Yourself
Chapter 144 Fanning the Flames
Chapter 145 Sinister Method
Chapter 146 Give me Mouth-to-Mouth
Chapter 147 Refining Thunderforce
Chapter 148 Failure to Steal
Chapter 149 The Finch Follows from Behind
Chapter 150 Jade Butterfly Bees
Chapter 151 Acting Commander
Chapter 152 Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal
Chapter 153 Fierce River Blocks the Way
Chapter 154 Ice Fairy
Chapter 155 Profound Spirit Frui
Chapter 156 Intense Struggle
Chapter 157 You're Very Dull
Chapter 158 Inherited Rune
Chapter 159 Sent Flying With a Single Kick
Chapter 160 Long Chen's Grand Dream
Chapter 161 First Mention of Corrupt Devils
Chapter 162 Terrifying Trial
Chapter 163 Guo Ran's Perseverance
Chapter 164 Boosting Morale
Chapter 165 Shocking Pass Rate
Chapter 166 Core Disciple Trial
Chapter 167 Corrupt Path's Old Demon
Chapter 168 Cave Age
Chapter 169 Most Difficult Trial in all of History
Chapter 170 Three Heroes Fighting an Old Ghos
Chapter 171 Long Chen's Peak State
Chapter 172 Revived Ancestral Mark
Chapter 173 Divine Ring Once More Shocks
Chapter 174 Split the Heavens Destroys Mountains Dissipates Clouds
Chapter 175 Immortal Cave
Chapter 176 Healing Hall
Chapter 177 Can You Not Heal Yourself
Chapter 178 Let Me Treat Your Illness
Chapter 179 Heaven Earth Faction
Chapter 180 Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood
Chapter 181 Deciphering the Medicinal Formula
Chapter 182 Everyone Advancing
Chapter 183 Blow Them Away With a Single Palm
Chapter 184 Fierce Fight with Law Enforcers
Chapter 185 Strict, Impartial, Incorruptible
Chapter 186 Receiving Rations
Chapter 187 Gathering Medicinal Ingredients
Chapter 188 Absorbing the Neidan
Chapter 189 Flame Salamander’s Blue Flame
Chapter 190 Refining Tendon Firming Pills
Chapter 191 Spiritual Space
Chapter 192 Faction Competition Starts
Chapter 193 Battle Deploymen
Chapter 194 Contes
Chapter 195 Fierce Figh
Chapter 196 Traitors
Chapter 197 Killing People
Chapter 198 Sect Leader Arrives
Chapter 199 Exiled
Chapter 200 Graveyard of the Exiled
Chapter 201 Shadow Devil Leopard
Chapter 202 Absorbing Essence Blood
Chapter 203 Slaughter You
Chapter 204 Sly Killer
Chapter 205 Tenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation
Chapter 206 Long Chen Returns
Chapter 207 On the Verge of a Huge Battle
Chapter 208 Blowing Them Away
Chapter 209 Revenging Enmity
Chapter 210 Ancestral Blood Suppor
Chapter 211 Fighting Gu Yang
Chapter 212 Your Fist Isn't Strong Enough
Chapter 213 Lightning Refinemen
Chapter 214 Crazy Method
Chapter 215 Embryonic Thunderforce Rune
Chapter 216 Overflowing Killing Inten
Chapter 217 Furious Wilde
Chapter 218 I’ll Bring You to Kill People
Chapter 219 Heaven Earth Alliance Gathers
Chapter 220 Killing Intent Dashes Against the Heavens
Chapter 221 Group Fighting Law Enforcers
Chapter 222 Abusive Authorities
Chapter 223 No Rest Until Death
Chapter 224 Death-Deciding Stage
Chapter 225 Asking to be Killed
Chapter 226 Killing Wu Qi
Chapter 227 Forging a Weapon
Chapter 228 Corrupt Devil Trial by Fire
Chapter 229 Helping Increase Strength
Chapter 230 Yuan Spirit Pill
Chapter 231 Ling Yun-zi’s Grand Be
Chapter 232 Thirteenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation
Chapter 233 Saber Cry Shakes the Heavens
Chapter 234 Move Out, Battle Between the Righteous and Corrupt Paths!
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 3: Blood-Soaked Saber Trudges Across a Path of Bones
Chapter 235 Kill!
Chapter 236 Bloodied Saber
Chapter 237 Soul Attack
Chapter 238 Explosive Crossbow
Chapter 239 Mysterious Man
Chapter 240 Mo Nian
Chapter 241 Treacherous Bloodnet Sec
Chapter 242 Go to Hell
Chapter 243 Big Bird Kills Small Birds
Chapter 244 Fighting Fiercely Against Bone Forging
Chapter 245 Powerful Chu Yao
Chapter 246 Favored
Chapter 247 Facing Fear
Chapter 248 Unrivaled Tactic
Chapter 249 Shameless
Chapter 250 Buried Alive
Chapter 251 An Evil Man’s Accusations
Chapter 252 Everyone Shocked
Chapter 253 Prologue to a Great Battle
Chapter 254 Mo Nian Reappears
Chapter 255 Battle of Favored
Chapter 256 Lei Qianshang Falls
Chapter 257 Beating a Favored
Chapter 258 Corpse Devouring Insec
Chapter 259 Seizing Dao-mark
Chapter 260 Fighting Against Eight-Temper Bone Forging
Chapter 261 Caught in a Dangerous Situation
Chapter 262 Wood Spirit Union
Chapter 263 Xiantian Power
Chapter 264 Terrifying Hand
Chapter 265 Sword Qi Surges into the Sky
Chapter 266 End of the Great Battle
Chapter 267 Condemnation
Chapter 268 Unexpected
Chapter 269 Returning Home
Chapter 270 Father's Advice
Chapter 271 Special Presen
Chapter 272 A Secre
Chapter 273 True Character
Chapter 274 Chosen Disciple
Chapter 275 Nine-Vein Soul Calming Jade
Chapter 276 A Trade
Chapter 277 Grand Masterpiece
Chapter 278 Voidbreaker Crossbow
Chapter 279 Obtaining Medicinal Ingredients
Chapter 280 Furious Elder Sun
Chapter 281 Cheated Once, Cheated Twice
Chapter 282 Superior Must Kill Rebel
Chapter 283 Die Aggrieved
Chapter 284 Something Big Has Happened
Chapter 285 Overbearing Arrogant Bully
Chapter 286 Poisonous Mouth
Chapter 287 Anger to Death
Chapter 288 Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill
Chapter 289 Undaunted, Unafraid of Death
Chapter 290 Let the Core Disciples Figh
Chapter 291 A Sword Cultivator’s Migh
Chapter 292 Gu Yang Battles a Favored
Chapter 293 Despicably Shameless
Chapter 294 Wind Blades Fill the Sky
Chapter 295 Fledgling Chosen
Chapter 296 No Stop Till Death
Chapter 297 A Big Slap in the Face
Chapter 298 Beast Merging Ar
Chapter 299 Beast Image Merges With the Body
Chapter 300 Blood Ignition Ar
Chapter 301 Recovering His Unyielding Character
Chapter 302 Luo Bing Lowers her Head
Chapter 303 The First Monastery
Chapter 304 Wilde's Ancestral Mark
Chapter 305 Before it Rains, Make Your Preparations
Chapter 306 Xiantian Blood Giant Pill
Chapter 307 Little Snow Breaks Through
Chapter 308 Xuantian Supermonastery
Chapter 309 Han Tianyu
Chapter 310 Domineering Ling Yun-zi
Chapter 311 Entering the Secret Realm
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 4: First Appearance of Primal Chaos Shakes Jiuli
Chapter 312 Bloodfilled Poison Snake
Chapter 313 Contemptible Entrapmen
Chapter 314 Courting Disaster
Chapter 315 Battling Yin Luo
Chapter 316 Illusory Bone Robe
Chapter 317 Voidbreaker Crossbow’s Power
Chapter 318 A Weakened Tiger Can Die to a Dog
Chapter 319 A Beauty Capable of Stealing One’s Soul
Chapter 320 Running Into Lightning Tribulation Again
Chapter 321 Advancing to the Tendon Transformation Realm
Chapter 322 Get Down to Business
Chapter 323 Mysterious Tomb
Chapter 324 Not Distinguishing Right and Wrong
Chapter 325 Shocking Both Paths
Chapter 326 Terrifying Mechanisms
Chapter 327 Courting Death
Chapter 328 Play You All to Death
Chapter 329 Icecold Blackvein Iron
Chapter 330 Want to Die? Then Come!
Chapter 331 One Versus Three
Chapter 332 The Stone Coffin Opens
Chapter 333 Forging Table From Ancient Times
Chapter 334 Golden Page
Chapter 335 Being Duped
Chapter 336 You Can Touch, But You Can’t Use Her
Chapter 337 Continuing Forward
Chapter 338 Seeing Injustice on the Way
Chapter 339 The Power of a Brick
Chapter 340 Long Chen’s Name
Chapter 341 Beheading A Chosen
Chapter 342 First Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation
Chapter 343 Huge Wind Spirit Stone
Chapter 344 Barbaric Wind Beas
Chapter 345 The Black Hand Scheming Behind the Scenes
Chapter 346 Using Kindness to Repay Enmity
Chapter 347 Terrifying Barbaric Wind Beas
Chapter 348 Obtaining the Wind Spirit Crystal
Chapter 349 Han Tianfeng Vomits Blood
Chapter 350 Unrelenting Chase
Chapter 351 Speed and Enthusiasm
Chapter 352 Only I, Mo Nian, Will Rise to Glory
Chapter 353 Forest of Darkness
Chapter 354 I Guess I’ve Finally Caught You
Chapter 355 Seeing Senior Apprentice-Brother Qi Again
Chapter 356 Violet Lightning Spear
Chapter 357 Who Let You Not Wear a Ha
Chapter 358 Once More Running Into Lu Fang-er
Chapter 359 A Resounding Slap In the Face
Chapter 360 Meng Qi's Situation
Chapter 361 White Jade Soul Grass
Chapter 362 Scarlet Blaze Lion
Chapter 363 Justice Warriors?
Chapter 364 Yin Wushuang
Chapter 365 Conflic
Chapter 366 Malicious Woman
Chapter 367 I Needed a Reason to Kill You
Chapter 368 Bewildering Phantom Images
Chapter 369 Ancient Bloodline
Chapter 370 Strange Mark
Chapter 371 A Golden Saber Tears Apart the Void
Chapter 372 Seeing Her Again
Chapter 373 Honeyed Tender Feelings
Chapter 374 Yin Luo’s Whereabouts
Chapter 375 A Decisive Battle to the Death
Chapter 376 Once More Fighting Yin Luo
Chapter 377 Chasing After Him
Chapter 378 Dividing the Spoils
Chapter 379 A Difficult Problem
Chapter 380 Violet Phoenix Sparrow
Chapter 381 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 382 Violet Phoenix Sparrow Eggs
Chapter 383 Guests Should Eat Firs
Chapter 384 Pill Tower Disciple
Chapter 385 Battle Intent Breaks the Dome of the Sky
Chapter 386 Fighting Top Experts
Chapter 387 One Saber Shakes Enemies
Chapter 388 Phoenix Sparrow Violet Flame
Chapter 389 Refining the Alioth Pill
Chapter 390 The Alioth Star’s Migh
Chapter 391 Chance Encounter With an Old Friend
Chapter 392 Fury Ignites
Chapter 393 Abyss of Fiends
Chapter 394 Yue Xiaoqian
Chapter 395 Winged Devil Skeleton
Chapter 396 Immortal Characters
Chapter 397 Ethereal Crafting Secret Record
Chapter 398 A Mountain of Skeletons
Chapter 399 The Bronze Skeleton
Chapter 400 Devil Shakes the Sky
Chapter 401 A Bit of Good Fortune
Chapter 402 A Dragon’s Reverse Scale
Chapter 403 An Eye up in the Void
Chapter 404 Her Departure
Chapter 405 Compass Mountain
Chapter 406 Fuck Off!
Chapter 407 Blooddrinker Shocks All
Chapter 408 Beheading Han Tianfeng
Chapter 409 Getting Revenge
Chapter 410 Gif
Chapter 411 Four Beauties Mee
Chapter 412 Happiness and Emotion
Chapter 413 Complete Tempering
Chapter 414 Amazing Armor
Chapter 415 Bone Connecting Pill
Chapter 416 Preparations
Chapter 417 Disturbance
Chapter 418 Ruthless
Chapter 419 Slaughter Machine
Chapter 420 Die
Chapter 421 Next Goal
Chapter 422 Sending Off With a Gif
Chapter 423 Harsh Denouncemen
Chapter 424 Four-Temper
Chapter 425 Dividing Treasures
Chapter 426 Hua Biluo
Chapter 427 She Must Die
Chapter 428 Successful Alliance
Chapter 429 Powerful Enemies Appear One After Another
Chapter 430 Hua Biluo vs. Han Tianyu
Chapter 431 Two World Mountain
Chapter 432 Xue Wuya
Chapter 433 Displaying Strength
Chapter 434 Treacherous Hearts
Chapter 435 A Saber That Thirsts for Blood
Chapter 436 Mind Reading Skill - Fake?
Chapter 437 Han Tianyu Arrives
Chapter 438 Zheng Wenlong
Chapter 439 Taking Revenge for Brothers
Chapter 440 Divine Skill Once More Appears
Chapter 441 Combination Technique
Chapter 442 Ten-Temper
Chapter 443 Battling Fiercely
Chapter 444 Nine Line Qi Explosion Ar
Chapter 445 The Dragon Wars, the Tiger Battles
Chapter 446 Heaven Class Battle Skill
Chapter 447 Crystal Bone vs. Dragon Scale
Chapter 448 Exhaust You to Death
Chapter 449 Hua Biluo’s Fury
Chapter 450 Heroes Fight a Bloody Battle
Chapter 451 The Heaven Splitting Divine Sec
Chapter 452 Split the Heavens vs. Split the Heavens
Chapter 453 Fierce Tigers
Chapter 454 Have Free Rein to Kill
Chapter 455 Smash You to Death With a Single Club
Chapter 456 Unrivaled Battle God
Chapter 457 Caught In a Crisis
Chapter 458 Wind Flame Combination Attack
Chapter 459 Mysterious Sphere
Chapter 460 Fairy Dies
Chapter 461 The True Meaning of Hegemon
Chapter 462 Blood Dyes the Jiuli Secret Realm
Chapter 463 I’ll Teach You What Pain Is
Chapter 464 I Want to Kill Her
Chapter 465 Ten Thousand Ants Devouring Your Hear
Chapter 466 Confrontation Between Sect Leaders
Chapter 467 If I Don’t Kill You, I’m Not Human!
Chapter 468 Chased Down Desperately
Chapter 469 Terrifying Earth Flame
Chapter 470 Primal Chaos Bead Displays Its Power
Chapter 471 Miraculous Primal Chaos Bead
Chapter 472 Hiding the Truth From the Public
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 5: Smiling Arrogantly, Rising to Fame Within the Seven Prefectures
Chapter 473 Contemptible Mother and Son
Chapter 474 Incomparably Domineering
Chapter 475 Contemptuously Looking Down on Experts
Chapter 476 Domineering Mo Yunshan
Chapter 477 Experts Appear One After Another
Chapter 478 Monastery Head
Chapter 479 Mysterious Exper
Chapter 480 Settling Accounts
Chapter 481 Kill His Way Into the Wind Spirit Pavilion
Chapter 482 Furious Long Chen
Chapter 483 Soul Seed
Chapter 484 Big Business
Chapter 485 Thousand Star Devouring Soul
Chapter 486 Razing Down the Wind Spirit Pavilion
Chapter 487 Lightning Python
Chapter 488 Narrowly Surviving
Chapter 489 A Few Things to Tell You
Chapter 490 Ling Yun-zi’s Departure
Chapter 491 Blessings Should be Shared
Chapter 492 Fifth Tier Pill Furnace
Chapter 493 Dragonblood Legion
Chapter 494 Flame Serpent, Lightning Serpen
Chapter 495 You Dare Strike Meh?
Chapter 496 Let Me Show You Something
Chapter 497 Slapping a Sect Leader’s Face
Chapter 498 Everyone Stunned
Chapter 499 Ling Yun-zi’s Challenge
Chapter 500 News
Chapter 501 Refusing to Join
Chapter 502 Bloodkill Hall
Chapter 503 Red-Robed Woman
Chapter 504 Fury Soars
Chapter 505 Twenty-Temper
Chapter 506 Little Snow’s Terror
Chapter 507 Slap Yourself in the Face
Chapter 508 Furiously Cursing a Sect Leader
Chapter 509 Breaking Stones on Abdomens
Chapter 510 Smashing a Sledgehammer on the Crotch
Chapter 511 A Human Fountain
Chapter 512 Countering Every Move
Chapter 513 Crap Pool
Chapter 514 The Aftermath of the Vicious Move
Chapter 515 Little Snow Undergoes Tribulation
Chapter 516 Lightning Against Lightning
Chapter 517 Challenged to a Figh
Chapter 518 Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Frui
Chapter 519 Open the Death-Deciding Stage
Chapter 520 The Difference is Too Grea
Chapter 521 Departed Ghost Devour Ar
Chapter 522 Killing Han Tianyu
Chapter 523 Celestial
Chapter 524 Fighting Across Realms
Chapter 525 Lightning Rushing Hand
Chapter 526 Assassins
Chapter 527 The Pill Tower’s Sorrow
Chapter 528 Dragonblood Legion, Attack
Chapter 529 Bloody Battle Within the Monastery
Chapter 530 Drawing Enemies Away On His Own
Chapter 531 The Power of Lightning Rushing
Chapter 532 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 533 Cry of the Heavenly Daos
Chapter 534 Wind Flame Attack
Chapter 535 Failure in the End
Chapter 536 Frantically Rushing the Whole Way
Chapter 537 Sharp Weapon
Chapter 538 Heavenly Tribulation Descends Again
Chapter 539 Lightning Monster
Chapter 540 Devouring the Lightning Rune
Chapter 541 Life Fate Pill Formula
Chapter 542 Muxue Mercenary Uni
Chapter 543 Hidden Ground Spider
Chapter 544 Leading the Monster
Chapter 545 Obtaining a Corpse
Chapter 546 Ironwing Horned Eagle
Chapter 547 It’s Not Easy Minding Your Own Business
Chapter 548 Subduing a Steed
Chapter 549 The Immortal Intoxication Pavilion’s Ladies
Chapter 550 Really, Why Bother
Chapter 551 Blood Splashes Through the Air
Chapter 552 Obediently Plundered
Chapter 553 Bastard Mo Nian
Chapter 554 A Cloudless Sky
Chapter 555 The Weather’s Not Bad
Chapter 556 Taking Action
Chapter 557 Blooddrinker Revives
Chapter 558 Publicly Criticized
Chapter 559 Mo Gate
Chapter 560 Strange Woman
Chapter 561 Exploding Killing Inten
Chapter 562 Ancestral Inheritance
Chapter 563 Rather Die Than Submi
Chapter 564 Shui Wuhen Arrives
Chapter 565 Peak Grade Brother and Sister
Chapter 566 Mysterious Paintings
Chapter 567 Fake Playboys
Chapter 568 What is the King Dao
Chapter 569 Inhumane People
Chapter 570 Running Into Yin Wushang Again
Chapter 571 Devil Star
Chapter 572 Different Daos
Chapter 573 Fellow Brothers in Hardship
Chapter 574 Timely Assistance
Chapter 575 Condensing the Life Fate Star
Chapter 576 Divine Soil
Chapter 577 Kill Without Mercy
Chapter 578 I Came Here to Kill
Chapter 579 Hidden Dragon Abode
Chapter 580 I’ll Help You Ou
Chapter 581 Once More Battling Yin Wushang
Chapter 582 Undefeatable Dao
Chapter 583 Heaven’s Wrath
Chapter 584 Shocking Change
Chapter 585 Bloodthirsty Soulseek Thorn
Chapter 586 Slash After Slash
Chapter 587 True Body
Chapter 588 Zi Yan’s Thoughts
Chapter 589 Assassination
Chapter 590 True Hear
Chapter 591 Discovering a Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 592 The Yin Family’s Fury
Chapter 593 Demanding an Explanation
Chapter 594 The Decisive Battle
Chapter 595 Gambler
Chapter 596 Killing Intent Soars Into the Sky
Chapter 597 Divine Ring Shakes the Firmamen
Chapter 598 Great Battle Begins
Chapter 599 Continuous Self-Mutilation
Chapter 600 Mo Mountain Seal
Chapter 601 The Ones to Die Will Be You
Chapter 602 Sweeping Through an Ancient Family
Chapter 603 The Yin Family’s Patriarch
Chapter 604 Soul Devouring Strike
Chapter 605 Jade Sea Gold Bell
Chapter 606 Killing the Yin Family’s Patriarch
Chapter 607 Dragon Blood Body Tempering Ar
Chapter 608 Returning From a Long Journey
Chapter 609 Aftermath
Chapter 610 Emotionally Moved
Chapter 611 Heavenly Dao Frui
Chapter 612 Secret Weapon
Chapter 613 Exploding Temperamen
Chapter 614 Cursing in the Nose
Chapter 615 Completely Unexpected
Chapter 616 Stimulation
Chapter 617 Timely Assistance
Chapter 618 Burning Money
Chapter 619 Training in the Second Form of Split the Heavens
Chapter 620 Sent to Serve a Penal Sentence
Chapter 621 Chaos Region
Chapter 622 Entering the Region
Chapter 623 Pow Pow to the Face
Chapter 624 Chaos City
Chapter 625 Bloodfiend Vermillion Frui
Chapter 626 Intimidating the Corrupt Path
Chapter 627 Calling on Somebody
Chapter 628 My Rules
Chapter 629 As Many Come, As Many I’ll Kill
Chapter 630 Terrifying Celestial
Chapter 631 Mighty Fairy
Chapter 632 Kill Them All
Chapter 633 Sinister Plo
Chapter 634 Collective Tribulation
Chapter 635 Little Snow’s Tribulation
Chapter 636 Aura Concealing Pills
Chapter 637 The Powerful Enemies Finally Appear
Chapter 638 Eight Grand Celestials
Chapter 639 Killing a Celestial With a Single Blow
Chapter 640 Fighting the Corrupt Army
Chapter 641 Shui Wuhen Appears
Chapter 642 A Truly Peerless Move
Chapter 643 Invoking Xiantian Tribulation
Chapter 644 Someone From the Huo Family
Chapter 645 Human-Shaped Lightning
Chapter 646 Dark Gold Assassins
Chapter 647 Phoenix Blood Black Gold
Chapter 648 New Journey
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 6: Dragon Roars Through the Eastern Wasteland, Unmatched
Chapter 649 Ugly Face
Chapter 650 Consequences
Chapter 651 Entering the Treasure Region
Chapter 652 Registration
Chapter 653 First Tier Heaven Class
Chapter 654 Junior Master Fang
Chapter 655 Imparting the Divine Ability
Chapter 656 Junior Master Chai
Chapter 657 No Problems
Chapter 658 Once More Seeing Huo Wufang
Chapter 659 Alchemists Battle
Chapter 660 Unexpected
Chapter 661 Continuous Slaps in the Face
Chapter 662 Selecting a Beast Flame
Chapter 663 Raising Beast Flames
Chapter 664 Shameless Old Thing
Chapter 665 Deliberately Clumsy
Chapter 666 Spiritual Pill Upgrade Ar
Chapter 667 Medicinal Ingredient Repository
Chapter 668 Crazy Transplantation
Chapter 669 Repeated Failures
Chapter 670 The Secret Behind Refining the Pill
Chapter 671 Another Slap in the Face
Chapter 672 House of Pleasures
Chapter 673 Encountering the Corrupt Path
Chapter 674 Same Race as an Old Friend
Chapter 675 News of Yue Xiaoqian
Chapter 676 Blaze Eruption Ar
Chapter 677 Nirvana Scripture vs. Cry of the Heavenly Daos
Chapter 678 Perfect Timing
Chapter 679 Putting All the Cards on the Table
Chapter 680 Snatching Money or Snatching Women?
Chapter 681 Conquered Just Like This
Chapter 682 The Mess Grows
Chapter 683 Imminent Battle
Chapter 684 Tower Ancestor
Chapter 685 Above Sea Expansion
Chapter 686 Merging the Ingredients
Chapter 687 Let the Finals Begin
Chapter 688 Flame Merging Ar
Chapter 689 First Place is Mine
Chapter 690 Blood Soul Upgrade Ar
Chapter 691 First Place
Chapter 692 Surprise Attack
Chapter 693 Jumping Clowns
Chapter 694 Rank Two Celestial
Chapter 695 Absolute Strength
Chapter 696 A Sudden Attack
Chapter 697 Returning
Chapter 698 Xuantian Dao Sec
Chapter 699 Provoking Dragonblood Warriors
Chapter 700 Kneel
Chapter 701 Punishmen
Chapter 702 Xuantian Dao Sect’s Martial Gathering
Chapter 703 Four Heavenly Geniuses and Three Peerless Beauties
Chapter 704 Shui Guanzhi
Chapter 705 Running Into Zhong Wuyan
Chapter 706 Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 707 Third Heavenstage of Xiantian
Chapter 708 War of Words
Chapter 709 Xuantian Sea
Chapter 710 The Mysterious Tide
Chapter 711 Red Zone
Chapter 712 The Core Storm Zone
Chapter 713 Don’t Regret I
Chapter 714 Resounding Face-Slap
Chapter 715 This is Domineering
Chapter 716 Despicable and Shameless
Chapter 717 Fighting Shui Guanzhi
Chapter 718 Skywater Prison
Chapter 719 Strongest Defense
Chapter 720 Defeating His Enemy With a Single Saber
Chapter 721 Pulling People In
Chapter 722 The Pain of Shattered Bones
Chapter 723 Nine Netherworld Path
Chapter 724 Goofing Off
Chapter 725 Future Lake
Chapter 726 Warmth, Then Blood
Chapter 727 Reincarnation Mirror
Chapter 728 Condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star
Chapter 729 Failure to Refine
Chapter 730 Netherworld Heaven Staircase
Chapter 731 Weapon Forging Diagram
Chapter 732 Brilliant Feather Dress
Chapter 733 900th Stair
Chapter 734 Sadis
Chapter 735 Terrifying Formation
Chapter 736 Surpassing Themselves
Chapter 737 The Only Way to Pass
Chapter 738 The Younger Generation Will Surpass the Previous Generations
Chapter 739 Heaven Defying Karmic Luck
Chapter 740 One Against Four
Chapter 741 Fighting Against Heavenly Geniuses
Chapter 742 The Great Earth’s Protection
Chapter 743 Four Star Battle Armor
Chapter 744 Ancestral Spirit Blessing
Chapter 745 Win At All Costs
Chapter 746 Space Lock Talisman
Chapter 747 Defeating the Heavenly Geniuses
Chapter 748 Heavenly Water Pearl
Chapter 749 The Agreemen
Chapter 750 They Still Haven’t Given Up
Chapter 751 Instantly Killed
Chapter 752 World Piercing Jade Talisman
Chapter 753 Leaving For the Spirit World
Chapter 754 Azure Scale Horned Eagle
Chapter 755 Battle of Magical Beasts
Chapter 756 Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix
Chapter 757 Matchless Dragon Migh
Chapter 758 Irreplaceable
Chapter 759 Mysterious Giant Tree
Chapter 760 Terrifying Existence
Chapter 761 Charmingly Beautiful
Chapter 762 Catching a Turtle in a Jar
Chapter 763 Would They Still Have Done I
Chapter 764 That Fellow Finally Returns
Chapter 765 Wilde Returns
Chapter 766 Seclusion Break
Chapter 767 Silvereye Fish
Chapter 768 Preparing to Move Ou
Chapter 769 Arriving
Chapter 770 Irritating and Shameless
Chapter 771 Song Mingyuan Fights
Chapter 772 Sword Offering
Chapter 773 Demon Asura Qiuyu
Chapter 774 Old Friends
Chapter 775 Terrifying Assassin Huang Junmo
Chapter 776 Enemies Often Cross Paths
Chapter 777 Feather Race Exper
Chapter 778 Beheaded
Chapter 779 Mysterious Rune
Chapter 780 Obtaining the Rune
Chapter 781 Enemies Inside the Ancient Cave
Chapter 782 Xue You
Chapter 783 Peak Trial Cave
Chapter 784 What the Fuck
Chapter 785 Peak Grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir
Chapter 786 Conning People
Chapter 787 Yama King Blood Curse
Chapter 788 A Fair Figh
Chapter 789 Indigenous Aboriginals
Chapter 790 Red Spider Lily Nectar
Chapter 791 Conflict Once More Arises
Chapter 792 Going to the Xiao Tribe
Chapter 793 Punishmen
Chapter 794 Challenge
Chapter 795 Mysterious Riddle
Chapter 796 Incomparably Domineering
Chapter 797 Seven Star Sea Lock
Chapter 798 Reward
Chapter 799 Secrets of the Immemorial Path
Chapter 800 Yuan Spirit Stones
Chapter 801 Magical Arts
Chapter 802 Guo Ran’s Golden Yang Finger
Chapter 803 Golden Battle Armor
Chapter 804 Corrupt King Devil Empress
Chapter 805 Killing Fullmoon Disciples
Chapter 806 Dying With Eyes Open
Chapter 807 Magical Art: Raging Flame Prison
Chapter 808 Caught in a Crisis
Chapter 809 Peerless Assassin Huang Junmo
Chapter 810 Bonethorn Bloodmoth King
Chapter 811 Dividing Loo
Chapter 812 Lightning Body Blink
Chapter 813 Nine Stars Accompanying a Moon
Chapter 814 Levelling Up the Movement Ar
Chapter 815 The Eighth Level
Chapter 816 Eight-Arm Horned Devil
Chapter 817 Terrifying Devil
Chapter 818 Mysterious Figure
Chapter 819 The Final Level
Chapter 820 Another Long Chen
Chapter 821 Nothing at the End
Chapter 822 Legendary Divine Item, Eastern Wasteland Bell
Chapter 823 This Time I’ve Caught You
Chapter 824 Enemies Truly Do Often Cross Paths
Chapter 825 Once More Fighting Xue You
Chapter 826 A Battle Between a Dragon and a Tiger
Chapter 827 A Treasure Item’s True Body
Chapter 828 The Furious Xue You
Chapter 829 Devil Empress Leng Yueyan
Chapter 830 A Bitter Battle
Chapter 831 Falling Into the Abyss
Chapter 832 Spatial Blades
Chapter 833 Nethergod Protection
Chapter 834 Let’s Have a Proper Conversation
Chapter 835 Leng Yueyan’s Pas
Chapter 836 The Reason I’ll Kill You
Chapter 837 Ten Thousand Beast Fores
Chapter 838 Seven Stamen Seaheart Frui
Chapter 839 Blood Python Race
Chapter 840 Mercilessly Killed
Chapter 841 Ji Changkong
Chapter 842 A Beauty’s Head
Chapter 843 Giant Body
Chapter 844 Killed With a Single Smash
Chapter 845 Time to Refine the Sea Merging Pill
Chapter 846 Twelfth Heavenstage of Xiantian
Chapter 847 Eighth Rank Magical Beast, Earth Dragon
Chapter 848 The Earth Dragon’s Power
Chapter 849 The Greatest Treasure
Chapter 850 Blood Incinerating Lion Flame
Chapter 851 The Origin of the Ancient Races
Chapter 852 Once More Running Into Her
Chapter 853 Robbing
Chapter 854 Secret Troubles
Chapter 855 Cultivating Backers
Chapter 856 Dressing Like a God to Play the Devil
Chapter 857 Your Soul is Light, So There’s Destiny
Chapter 858 The Miserable Huang Junmo
Chapter 859 The Usage of the Immemorial Altar Lamp
Chapter 860 Arming the Alliance
Chapter 861 Blood-Colored Ancient Castle
Chapter 862 Ancient Murals
Chapter 863 Riddle
Chapter 864 I’ll Subdue Her
Chapter 865 Suppressing Everyone Presen
Chapter 866 Digging Holes and Filling Mounds
Chapter 867 Trying to Show Off But Failing
Chapter 868 Who Let You Be a Poser
Chapter 869 The Coffins’ Formations
Chapter 870 Top Grade Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill
Chapter 871 Crazily Snatching Treasures
Chapter 872 True Arrogance
Chapter 873 Thousand Years of Death
Chapter 874 Destroyed Bu
Chapter 875 Bringing Death Upon Themselves
Chapter 876 World Extermination Hibiscus
Chapter 877 Killing the Rest in One Move
Chapter 878 Each Side Taking Out Trump Cards
Chapter 879 Flame Devil Breaks the Seal
Chapter 880 Terrifying Flame Devil
Chapter 881 Stone Tribe
Chapter 882 Checking the Spoils
Chapter 883 Spiritual Qi Eruption
Chapter 884 Familiar Aura
Chapter 885 Three Thousand Mile Qi Sea
Chapter 886 Lightning Tribulation Begins
Chapter 887 No Matter What Happens, I’m Here
Chapter 888 Terrifying Lightning Tribulation, Long Chen’s Fury
Chapter 889 Lightning Sea Devours the Heavens
Chapter 890 Lightning Dragon Devours All Beasts
Chapter 891 Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors
Chapter 892 Ancient Heroic Spirits
Chapter 893 Qiankun Lightning Chains
Chapter 894 Tearing Apart the Dome of the Sky
Chapter 895 The Chanting Guo Ran
Chapter 896 A Small Test of Power
Chapter 897 Search
Chapter 898 Finding a Clue
Chapter 899 Earth Spirit Bead
Chapter 900 Huge Skull
Chapter 901 Refining True Dragon Essence Blood
Chapter 902 A Storm Approaches
Chapter 903 Trouble
Chapter 904 Sinister Scheme
Chapter 905 Meng Qi Displays Her Power
Chapter 906 Stall Tactics
Chapter 907 Arriving One by One
Chapter 908 Soul Martial Dual Cultivation
Chapter 909 Fantasy Blade Storm
Chapter 910 Tang Wan-er Arrives on the Scene
Chapter 911 Explosively Powerful Wilde
Chapter 912 Collision of Explosive Power
Chapter 913 The Storm’s Fury
Chapter 914 I Look Favorably Upon You
Chapter 915 One Point, One Slap in the Face
Chapter 916 Killing Their Way Out of the Encirclemen
Chapter 917 All Out Killing
Chapter 918 One Shot Instant Kill
Chapter 919 Sneak Attack
Chapter 920 Full Firepower
Chapter 921 Peak Battle
Chapter 922 Double Dragon Destruction Reappears
Chapter 923 Devil Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 924 Terrifying Trump Card
Chapter 925 Little Snow’s Sacrifice
Chapter 926 Green Dragon Battle Armor
Chapter 927 Preparing to Leave
Chapter 928 The Change in the Sec
Chapter 929 Absorbing Ten Thousand Spirit Blood
Chapter 930 The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 931 Unable to Bear a Single Blow
Chapter 932 Do You Want to Play It Big?
Chapter 933 Killing Their Way Into the Corrupt Path’s Hive
Chapter 934 Blood Dyes the Ground Scarle
Chapter 935 The Corrupt Path’s Terrifying Strength
Chapter 936 Half-Step Kings
Chapter 937 Green Dragon Battle Armor vs Half-Step King
Chapter 938 The Might of King Items
Chapter 939 Capturing Him Alive
Chapter 940 The Plan for Vengeance
Chapter 941 The Overbearing Ancient Races
Chapter 942 Terrifying Eastern Wasteland Bell
Chapter 943 Devil Execution Conference
Chapter 944 Condemnation of the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 945 Five Heart Living Lotus
Chapter 946 Kings Descend
Chapter 947 Expert Reinforcements
Chapter 948 Feng Xinglie
Chapter 949 I Don’t Care What Illness You Have
Chapter 950 A Person Should be Magnanimous
Chapter 951 Kill Them All
Chapter 952 Put Down Your Burden
Chapter 953 Continuous Sinister Schemes
Chapter 954 Killing Xue You
Chapter 955 Not Having Any of I
Chapter 956 The Essence of Greed
Chapter 957 No Need to Pay When You Play Someone to Death
Chapter 958 Split the Heavens’ Divine Runes
Chapter 959 Punishing Guo Ran
Chapter 960 Departing One by One
Chapter 961 Fury Soars Into the Heavens
Chapter 962 Suppression
Chapter 963 Cooperation
Chapter 964 Condensing the Divine Runes
Chapter 965 Aunt Yu
Chapter 966 Down Below, There’s Nothing
《Nine Star Hegemon Body Art》 Volume 7: Heavenly Geniuses Rise Within the Central Plains
Chapter 967 Move Out, Target: the Central Plains
Chapter 968 A Show of Power to Blunt Their Arrogance?
Chapter 969 Only Imitated, Never Surpassed
Chapter 970 Fool
Chapter 971 Extorting a Confession.
Chapter 972 The Unimaginable Central Plains
Chapter 973 Don’t Forget Your Original Hear
Chapter 974 Rampaging Sea Demons
Chapter 975 Hunting Region
Chapter 976 Don’t Say Anything
Chapter 977 Stunning Attack
Chapter 978 Blood Dyes the Blue Sea
Chapter 979 Ninth Rank Sea Demon
Chapter 980 Now It’s Troublesome
Chapter 981 Dragon Blood Intimidates Demons
Chapter 982 Terrifying Existence
Chapter 983 Azure Dragon Reverse Scale
Chapter 984 Arriving at the Xuantian Dao Sec
Chapter 985 Discrimination of the Other Regions
Chapter 986 How Can You Tell
Chapter 987 Hanging and Beating Someone in the Air
Chapter 988 All-Encompassing
Chapter 989 Not Even a Celestial
Chapter 990 Heaven Tier Soul Energy
Chapter 991 Crush You Like a Dog
Chapter 992 Divine Ice Palace
Chapter 993 Astonishment and Shock
Chapter 994 The Patriarch Speaks
Chapter 995 Fighting Han Yunshan
Chapter 996 Playing a Stimulating Game
Chapter 997 A Rare Commodity
Chapter 998 Once More Fighting Han Yunshan
Chapter 999 Ferry Boa
Chapter 1000 Just Kill Him
Chapter 1001 Seducing My Woman
Chapter 1002 Direct Slap
Chapter 1003 Darkwing Tiger
Chapter 1004 Unexpected
Chapter 1005 You’re Too Filthy
Chapter 1006 Terrifying Pressure
Chapter 1007 Walking Alone Amongst Geniuses
Chapters 1008 Information About the Skywood Divine Palace
Chapter 1009 Rejecting a Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1010 Quell Them Through Viciousness
Chapter 1011 Contest of Strength
Chapter 1012 Inner Sect Trial
Chapter 1013 Merged With Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1014 The Difference is Too Grea
Chapter 1015 First Encounter With a Flame Cultivator
Chapter 1016 Ancient Ar
Chapter 1017 Each Displaying Their Divine Abilities
Chapter 1018 Extending a Helping Hand
Chapter 1019 Core Disciple Spots
Chapter 1020 Genius? Or Madman?