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Nine Astra Skies

Author:Mad Snail

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A mystical presence known as The Flying Dagger brought him, an orphan in his world into the realm of the Nine Astra Skies. Ye Chen is a teenage boy tasked with saving his clan — the Ye Clan — from the complete annihilation by their sworn enemies — the Yun Clan.

Join Ye Chen as he embarks on a journey to grow stronger and discover the world in which humans, Beasts and Celestial Beasts coe...
《Nine Astra Skies》 Volume 1
1 The Eighteen Houses of Lianyun
2 Nexus Pill?
3 Father
4 Nine Astra Skies
5 Cousin Ye Xuan
6 The House of Yun
7 The Ocean of Celestial Chi
8 Seven Days!
9 A Chi Deposition Pill
10 The Grand Ancestral Worshipping Ceremony
11 Challenges !!
12 The Sixth Stage!
13 Primordial Thunder Body!
14 The Thunder Emperor Technique
15 Advancing to the Sixth Stage!
16 An Admonishmen
17 Toy making?
18 Go or No Go?
19 A Unihorn Lizard
20 Yun Yixuan Has Come To Visi
21 A Tussle Between Ninth Stage Fighters
22 Taking In A Concubine?
23 Astral Projection
24 Little Tanuki
25 The Fourth Tail
26 Surplus Celestial Chi
27 Little Tanuki’s Abilities!
28 Three Enigmatic Books
29 Encounter
30 Concerted Effor
31 Gale Storm Talon
32 The Four Lords’ Arrival
33 Blood Oath
34 The Amendment of A Martial Technique
35 The Chief of The Ye Clan
36 Marrow Absolution Pills
37 Astral Knigh
38 Ye Chen’s Prowess
39 One’s Absolute Martial Truth
40 The Dao
41 Crimson Clouds Searing Skies
42 The Daemon King of Celestial Beas
43 Lord Mo
44 Master Li
45 A Prodigy?
46 Little Tanuki the Magnificent Thief
47 A Berserk Yun Yiyang
48 Earth Quintessence Pill
49 Chi Construc
50 Three-Way Celestial Chi
51 The Great Ancestor of Ye Clan?
52 Forced Hands
53 The Second Challenge
54 The Yin Yang Fishes
55 The Dragon’s Eye
56 Li Xu’s Appease
57 An Escape Plan
58 In Grave Danger
59 Niu Er the Ferocious
60 The God of War!
61 The Aftermath
62 An Opportune Momen
63 Fury of Shattering Earth
64 Scarlet Sky Tiger
65 Stormphantom Panther
66 Docile Beasts?
67 Fluffy One & Fluffy Two
68 A Beautiful Sigh
69 A Pangolin?
70 Rebel?
71 Tenth Stage Combatant?
72 The Thousand-Year Physic
73 The Peak of Ninth Stage
74 The Rise of the Ye Clan
75 Different from Before
76 The Second-Rank Prince of Donglin