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782 Armed with Chang“an to Fight Part II

At the bottom of the sinkhole in the Western Wilderness lived many serfs who had served the monks in the Xuankong Temple and maintained the society. In Haotian's eyes, all the humans living in the world were serfs, like ants who lived boring lives without complaint.

Over the span of many centuries and millennia, a few very distinguished ants among the crowd would, out of enigmatic reasons, decide to strip their gazes from the rotten leaves and, just for once, gaze up at the crystal blue sky.

Since that time they saw the sky, their lives had changed. Some of them saw hope; some were angry at the unreachable sky; some were afraid because of what they had discovered, so they knelt down on the ground, being thankful for the gift from the sky.

No matter how they ended up, these ants were no longer ordinary ants. In a sense, they had evolved and they learned how to fly.

Over the past thousands of years, there was no doubt that the Headmaster and Ke Haoran were the two most amazing flying ants. When Ning Que praised the Abbey Dean as a flying ant, he was respecting him rather than mocking him.

"Actually, I have been wondering... Since you have gone beyond the Mortality State and stopped caring about the world, why haven't you taken a look at the sky?"

Looking at the end of the street, he asked him sincerely.

"The concepts of Haotian Taoism and the Academy have never been connected, the views of the Headmaster and my own are not the same. Every beginning will be followed by an ending, and all the cycles will be closed. That is the real circulation."

The Abbey Dean spoke through the wind and snow.

"Just like this city, the Headmaster left in this world has been isolated from Haotian. No matter how powerful it can be, it is only a dead pool. The same as your Talisman of "Yi", which is violent and aggressive, but leads to nowhere. Without harmony, it will have no choice. So how can you stop me?"

Ning Que asked from inside the snow, "If it has no choice, isn't it free?"

The Abbey Dean answered, "No choice doesn't mean not to choose."

As his aura constantly crashed with the array, countless tiny and slender cracks appeared on the avenue, sending out soft popping sounds, and talismans were broken.

The Abbey Dean's voice got closer.

"Even if being supported by the God-stunning Array, a weak man like you is unable to protect the entire city. You should have escaped from the city. When I saw you on the street, I was surprised."

"Because teacher left the city to me, I have to stay here. And if I could have figured it out sooner, maybe I would have fixed the God-stunning Array two days ago."

He added, "However, unfortunately, she had lived inside the city for a long time. Due to my sloth, she did almost everything and went everywhere for me, leaving behind so much aura. From this point of view, the dangers of Chang'an are our responsibility.

"You are right that I should have escaped from the city. However, she is gone and left the responsibility to me. I have to stay to save Chang'an. She was my wife and the bill has to be paid."

"Even if you know you can't protect it?" asked the Abbey Dean.

"Even if I can't protect it."

Ning Que added, "That's my style."

He then looked at the figure in the wind and snow, tightly holding his hilt, slightly kneeling and bowing, and then suddenly chopped down.

He knew that the Abbey Dean was right.

He had not found the character, so he was unable to perfectly mobilize the God-stunning Array.

The only Divine Talisman he had learned was the Two-Horizontal Talisman, which represented cutting and absolute obstinance, as well as parallel opposition, and was isolated from the world.

The Talisman of "Yi" that he came up with last night connected the two parallel lines and it could borrow the power of the God-stunning Array, which was as powerful as the one of the Five States. However, when the four ends of the two lines fell down on the ground, they gradually drifted away and never returned, dissipating in the end.

Anyway, he had to try, because he did not believe that there was someone who could resist this majestic city.

He wielded his podao and chopped toward the Abbey Dean.

The Abbey Dean calmly covered his face with his palm and summoned his aura, which then rushed into the sky.

His perfect combination of the Boundless and Quietus had changed the battle.

The Array Eye Pestle in Ning Que's hand was as hot as the magma in a volcano.

He looked at the swaying figure and spouted out his Psyche Power.

The lakes were boiling and the black bricks were quivering. It seemed that all of the Qi of Heaven and Earth in Chang'an had been summoned to Vermilion Bird Avenue by Ning Que and was rushing toward the Abbey Dean.

The sky over Chang'an suddenly cleared. The clouds hovering in the sky dissipated in an instant, revealing the blue sky.

The pressure of the entire city fell on the Abbey Dean.

Almost at the same time, countless thunderbolts fell from the sky and struck the city.

The Abbey Dean swayed in the wind and snow.

The anger of Haotian and the power of humans collided through their bodies.

Although there was no snow, it sounded like a blizzard.

There was no wind but it sounded like a cyclone.

The violent Qi of Heaven and Earth smashed all over Chang'an and cracked numerous buildings. No sound could be heard aside from the horrible wind and snow.

The wind and snow stopped and the clouds returned. The sun over Chang'an was blotted out.

Vermilion Bird Avenue was silent where the Abbey Dean and Ning Que were standing face to face.

The distance between them was only a few hundred meters.

Ning Que could even clearly see his face, including the wounds on it.

The Abbey Dean walked toward him.

The small round stones on the street quivered and rolled to the sides.

Ning Que lowered his head and coughed badly in pain, bleeding from his mouth.

All of sudden, he raised his head and turned to the Abbey Dean, reaching out from nowhere to punch him.

He looked both calm and cruel.

Like a young male tiger on the grassland staring at its prey.

He threw a punch and his fists showed up hundreds of meters away, right in front of the Abbey Dean.

His body had become stronger and stronger and his power had become greater and greater since he began to cultivate the Great Spirit. He was never worried about a melee, so he had been waiting for the Abbey Dean.

The fists carrying the mighty Great Spirit were just like the tiger's claws in the night.

Sharp and deadly.

The Abbey Dean lifted his hand and caught Ning Que's fists, which could knock down a small building.

However, facing the Abbey Dean's palm, they seemed to be blowing at a mire in the Wilderness or falling down into a sea.

Even Yu Lian could not threaten the Abbey Dean, let alone Ning Que.

The Abbey Dean laughed.

The Array Eye Pestle held in Ning Que's left hand suddenly shone.

All the Qi of Heaven and Earth in Chang'an poured into his body through the Array Eye Pestle, bursting out from his fists!