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541 Medicine of Light II

The sound of loud, solemn music could be heard in the capital of the Kingdom of Qi. 600 papal cavalrymen of West-Hill Divine Palace dressed in steel armor rode their horses on the streets, looking straight ahead. In the middle of this formation was a luxurious palanquin draped with heavy swaths of satin that fluttered in the wind. No one could see the face of the person sitting inside.

However, even if they could see clearly, no one would dare to anyway. The papal cavalrymen rode on with solemn expressions, keeping their gazes straight in front of them. The people knelt piously on either side of the streets. Their faces were filled with excitement and passion even as they looked at the ground. Some people even fainted from happiness.

The palanquin slowly stopped in front of the white Divine Hall. The priests and Taoists from the West-Hill Divine Palace who were stationed in the Kingdom of Qi silently knelt by the two sides of the steps. The red-garbed pries,t who was of the highest ranking in the temples of this kingdom, said respectfully: "Welcome, Great Divine Priest, to this land on earth."

The solemn music started again as the autumn breeze quietened. However, the swaths of satin surrounding the palanquin danced even though the wind had stopped. They lifted slowly, and an extremely beautiful girl descended from the palanquin. She wore a bejeweled crown, and the jewels glittered and reflected the setting autumn sun. The light shone on her beautiful, yet blank, face, and she exuded a noble aura that was not of this world.

This was the first time Ye Hongyu left the West-Hill and visited the mortal world after succeeding the position of the Great Divine Priest of Judgment. She was no longer the genius who was obsessed with cultivation. Instead, she wielded utmost power. She did not wear red dresses or green Taoist robes, but the robes of a Divine Priest.

The robes of the Divine Priest of Judgment were red. It was not bright, but rather the darkest of reds to the point that it is almost black. It seemed to be tinged with the blood of sinners and looked like a piece of ink that would combust in the setting sun.

Unlike what was imagined, her robes were not heavy and thick. There weren't any gold threads on it. Instead, it was simply cut and was very thin.

There was a red carpet laid outside the temple and flowering trees were placed by the steps. Ye Hongyu walked between the trees with an indifferent expression and entered the temple. She brought the wind with her as she walked, causing her light robes to dance behind her, occasionally revealing the silhouette through their seams.

This painted a beautiful and seductive picture. However, no one dared to even look at the palanquin, much less at the body of the Divine Priest of Judgment.

The elderly priest in red followed beside Ye Hongyu. Like the other priests from the Judicial Department, he kept his head lowered, even hoping that he could blind himself. The armored papal cavalrymen got off their horses and began guarding the temple. Similarly, none of them dared to look toward the trees.

Beautiful objects and people were meant to be admired. Alluring seductions should be revered passionately. However, once the beauty and seduction were in regards to a Great Divine Priest of West-Hill, this became dangerous.

The subordinates of the Judicial Department and the priests in the Qi Taoist temple all remembered that dozens of highly decorated commanders of the cavalryman of Divine Hall had had their powers removed because they looked at the Divine Priest of Judgment from afar. Then, they were booted out from the West-Hill and became the infamous fallen knights.

They did not want to end up like that, where it was a fate worse than death. As such, they did not dare to look.

Only one person could look at Ye Hongyu's beautiful face and alluring figure beneath her robes. His expression was serene, but he could not hide the pleasure and desire in his eyes.

Ye Hongyu looked at the young man in black Academy uniform standing behind the temple doors. A trace of a smile appeared on her beautiful face, which had stayed inscrutable before her subordinates.

Her smile was complicated. It was filled with mocking, lament, disdain, and scorn. It wasn't just a simple smile, but her smile transported her from the solemn divine land of light to earth and from the high and mightly Divine Temple to the house by Yanming Lake in Chang'an City.

Ye Hongyu walked into the temple.

The heavy temple doors slowly shut behind her.

The subordinates and priests of the Kingdom of Qi looked at the tightly shut doors in surprise. They did not know why the Great Divine Priest had left them outside. Beside the palanquin, below the steps of the temple, stood a large man. He slowly raised his head and looked at the doors with a vicious expression on his face. Moments later, this turned into a look of fear and loss.

"Even though the world acknowledges that you are the most beautiful girl in Haotian Taoism, you will become a statue if you keep acting like you're lonely and desperate. They would find you grim no matter how beautiful you are."

Ning Que looked at Ye Hongyu and said seriously, "You are more beautiful when you smile. I like seeing you smile."

Ye Hongyu took off the bejeweled crown from her head and passed it to him. Then, she rubbed her aching neck and said, "Are you flirting with me?"

Ning Que took the crown and realized that it was indeed very heavy. He thought about how he was currently holding on to the Divine Priest of Judgment's crown and felt somewhat nervous. He said, "How could I dare to flirt with you?"

Ye Hongyu walked into the hall while untying her exquisite braid. Her hair flowed behind her shoulders like a waterfall, making her look relaxed.

Ning Que followed behind her with her crown.

Ye Hongyu took out a handkerchief from her robes and tied her black hair up simply. She listened to the footsteps behind her and said, "You are the bravest person on earth. You hug the future Divine Priest of Light to your chest and flirt with her daily. How could you be afraid to flirt with me?"

Ning Que listened to her words and lamented, "To think of it, not even in my wildest childhood dreams had I imagined that I would marry a Great Divine Priest of West-Hill. I have never thought that I would hug a divine crown and talk about such intimate topics with another Great Divine Priest of West-Hill."

Ye Hongyu turned to look at him impassively, "I have to warn you, never behave too intimately with Sangsang before the believers of Haotian Taoism. Just like before, if you had told me I looked better with a smile before the temple doors were shut, the believers and subordinates outside would think that you are blaspheming Haotian. They will chop you into pieces, even if you are a core disciple of the Headmaster."

Ning Que said, "I am flirting with you because I have gotten used to it. As for Sangsang, she is my wife. Not even the Hierarch Lord can interfere with what I do with her. What can your subordinates do to me?"

Ye Hongyu looked at him quietly and said, "Is that really what you think?"

Ning Que thought about the hundreds of cavalrymen he saw earlier, especially the dozens of Judicial priests who were in the Seethrough realm. He could not help but stay silent, especially because of the large, muscular man beside the palanquin. Even though he was already in the Knowing destiny State, he could still sense how powerful the man was. He could even sense the distinct danger that the man represented.