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191 Familiar Faces

Vy, in her Dark Kyu form, dug deep into the soil. She knew that there were a few hours of darkness left so she needed to act quickly. With her paws, she dug deep into the soil. Once she was happy with it, she touched on her spatial bracelet and brought out a long wooden box. 

Carefully, she placed the Baron's unconscious body into it and closed the lid. Using her teeth, she carefully picked up the box. She lowered herself partially into the hole she had dug to place the box in it. 

Once that was done, she covered the deep hole back up with soil she had dug up. When the hole was finally levelled with the ground, she used her tail to pat the soil down. It looked as if nothing had been buried ten metres beneath it. 

By the time Vy was done, the sun had begun to rise. The rays of light shone through the forest cover and onto the horrific pit. Vy grimaced as she could see all the corpses in it. Now that she had looked at it, there seemed to be at least thirty or more bodies in it. None of them died peacefully. 

Vy took to her human form once more, a little happy that she seemed to have gained better control over her Dark Kyu form. 

-With a bit more practice, I'm sure I would be able to use it to its fullest capabilities.- she said to herself. 

Just then, Vy's ears picked up the sound of footsteps coming towards her direction. She could sense their heaving breathing too. They had travelled hastily and at a quickened pace, causing their laboured breathing. 

Vy toyed with the idea of hiding to see who it was, but she decided to go with her adventurous gut and remain out in the open. Soon enough, the mystery guests arrived. Vy turned to look at the group that had arrived. 

She did not greet them with a smile. There was nothing to be happy about.

The leader of the group was a familiar elder gentleman that Vy had met on separate occasions before. 

"Vyrena Blackfire." the elder gentleman called out, keeping a safe distance between them. 

Though he had the protection of the guards he had brought, the elderly gentleman was not about to take chances. 

"Oh, Old Chon. What an interesting place for us to meet, don't you think?" she turned over to greet him. 

Vy pointed to the pit of corpses and asked, "Would you care to explain what's going on here?"

Old Chon could feel the sweat trickling down the side of his face. As it stung his eyes, he hastily wiped them off with the sleeves of his shirt. Seeing it in the light of day was a lot worse than in the cover of the night. 

The darkness of the night hides the misdeeds of the guilty. 

"That.. is a pit of corpses." Old Chon finally said. 

Vy walked up to the pit and pointed at Coral's corpse. She turned back to look at Old Chon as she asked. 

"I find this person to be terribly familiar. Do you care to tell me who that is?" she snapped. 

"I don't know…"

"You don't know, or you are in denial? It's a fine fine line, Old Chon," Vy rebutted. She was not giving him chances. 

Old Chon cleared his throat, "We're looking for the Baron. We believe he had been kidnapped."

Vy raised an eyebrow, "Kidnapped?" 

"Yes, have you seen him?" Old Chon asked cautiously. 

"Hmm nope, can't say I have," Vy replied as she shook her head. 

Old Chon turned to the guards he had brought with him and instructed them to search the surrounding area. If Vyrena was here, there was a chance that the Baron could be nearby. The guards did as they were told. But it was difficult for them to ignore the pit of bodies. 

Not to mention, all the horrifying faces of death that stared back at them. Vy, on the other hand, paid them no mind. She was focused on her task at hand. As she was about to remove one of the bodies from the pit, Old Chon saw and immediately came up to her. 

"What... What do you think you're doing?!" he exclaimed. 

Vy placed the first corpse down on the ground and turned to Old Chon. 

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm giving them a proper burial," she replied. 

Not waiting for a response, Vy tapped on her spatial bracelet and brought a few large wooden boxes. She opened one of them to place a body in it. After closing the lid, stood there in a moment of silence before moving on to the next one. 

Old Chon and the guards searched for signs of the Baron but to no avail. He even told the guards to dig up the nearby ground to see if he might have been buried. While they do so, Old Chon watches Vy's every expression and her every move. 

He hoped that as they searched the surroundings, she might give away a sign of where she might have kept the Baron. Vy's expression never changed at all. No matter where the guards were looking, her face did not give the answer away. 

Getting increasingly impatient, Old Chon could not take it anywhere. He walked up to Vy and grabbed her by the arm. Seeing him eye to eye, Vy could tell that he was losing it. He had seen the slip of paper she had left on the table in the Baron's room. 

All the guards had no idea what was going on. They were surprised by the old butler's actions. They had never seen him act like this before. 

"Vyrena Blackfire, where did you keep the Baron?" he asked her. 

Vy never broke her gaze from him as she replied, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't play games with me!" Old Chon shouted, causing all the guards to flinch. 

They certainly had never seen the butler lose his temper before. He had always been calm and collected. Whenever a maid made a mistake, he might raise his voice from time to time, but never in this manner. 

Why was he so certain that Vyrena knew?

"Play games? Who's the one playing games?" Vy smirked as she confronted Old Chon, "It's a pit of corpses of quite a number of the people who were at the trial, Old Chon."

Vy pointed at the pit once more, "Is it such a big coincidence that they all ended up here, together?"

Old Chon had no words to reply. He avoided Vy's gaze. But Vy forced him to look her directly in the eyes. 

She continued, "Someone has to pay the price. Someone has to pick up the pieces."

With that, she continued what she had done before and tended to the corpses. Old Chon had no words to rebut her. He had nothing to say. Watching as Vy continued to place each corpse in a box, he knew she was right. 

He knew that everything had gotten out of hand. But as the butler of Koufer Estate, he could not stop searching for his master. Old Chon took one last look at the pit and at Vy before walking away. 

The guards ran up to him. 

"Butler Chon, where are you going?" one of them asked. 

He sighed, "Let's look elsewhere."

With that, he brought the guards away from the pit and disappeared into the forest. Vy shook her head as they left. Vy wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand. 

She muttered to herself, "They could have at least helped."