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46 Chapter 46 : Operation Abraham Lincoln

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Kenji gathered the three team captains and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the akatsuki, basically the run down of what to do when faced with a certain foe. Itachi stood by, ready to add anything that Kenji missed. Two captains were pretty reliant and trustworthy towards the Hokage, therefore tolerated the younger captain of the force. But one didn't. A brawly, bearded man with a temper questioned Kenji's intel, but the boy ate the words until the right time. Kenji figured someone wouldn't like him, so he knew exactly when to expel that ignorance.

Then, came time for the briefing, as every member of the task force gathered around a small fire, slightly away from the crowd so the citizens didn't become anxious. Kenji stood around the fire, facing his force. His white eyes were activated, he was surveyed every face closely that he would be fighting with. He needed to make sure who was on his side. His subordinates watched his straight, blank expression with mixed emotions. Some felt sorry. Others didn't like the Uchiha to begin with. A few began to smirk and chuckle, what a sight. The supposed great clan of Uchiha reduced to this.

They didn't know it, but Kenji watched them show disdain. Assuming that he wasn't much, they didn't realize he knew what they were doing.

"If you don't think I'm capable, since I can see all your faces, then come up here. I'll kill you right now. I have no use for idiots on this team."

The faces around him lit up, surprised at his first words to them. Kenji's blank stare didn't change.

He flexed his eyes with that same look that gave fear.

Kenji felt that same brawly captain stand up behind him. He smirked.

"I do have a bit of distrust in you, our 'captain', but Could you please explain our infiltration plan already? I'll try not to laugh kid." The deep voice stopped. Kenji saw his face behind him curl up. Trying to hold in laughter. His other squad mates laughed. Punching his arms in satisfaction.

"Hm. Or..." Kenji turned to the man. "I could not explain it at all. I'm sure your fellow teammates would love dying on account of your selfish grudge going on right now." Everyone looked at him with anger. Looks of 'shut up dude' gathered.

"Hmmm! No matter what you come up with, surely some will die. It's not like your lack of brains will change anything!" He seemed content with his answer. Placing his hands on his hips, sticking out his chest.

Kenji's patience was gone. He teleported behind the man, kicked his knees in, and started choking him out. "I could maybe just kill you right here. Then we won't have a problem. Does anyone object?" His voice was so dark, everyone COULDN'T answer. No one even saw Kenji get over there, barely even processing what he did to submit the man.


"Are you?" Kenji increased his strength.

"YES CAPTAIN....I"m sorry." He was released, choking on the air he desperately tried to get.

"Alright. Let's get started." Kenji walked back to the fire. Everyone received chills. He didn't even look at the man the whole time. They had to admit, the blank stare into nothingness made Kenji even scarier.

"This route was planned with Itachi and myself, so If you don't like it, just leave. I don't want you."

Kenji paused. It seemed he got their attention.

"The encampment is in the middle of a field, so they'll see us coming a mile away, we won't be going straight in." Faces gathered confusion.

"Instead, one team will stay back beyond the mist and act as a decoy. One will emerge from the ground in the middle of the camp. One will drop in from above. The other will walk right through the front door."

"Captain." A woman stood up. One of the captains. "Are you sure they won't be expecting something like that?"

"Let me finish." She sat down.

Kenji refocused. " They will expect it. But only if Pain, Kisame, or any Kage's are there. They have the most battle experience and will know more tactics than the others. I'm banking on no."

"Why is that sir?" Another voice sounded off.

"Because they kidnapped the Hokage's daughter seperately." Everyone heard Kenji's voice fuse with anger. "That must mean they have important plans for her. That also means that the big dogs of the akatsuki will be where she is. Since she's important, I doubt she'll be at a slave camp with a bunch of civilians." He paused. Everyone seemed content with his answer.

"But that doesn't mean they couldn't be there. If pain or zetsu is there, they'll detect us the moment we use chakra. So that's why we have a 60 second window to infiltrate. This mission will be quick, but that's the only way to be sure enough that they won't retaliate with full force. Your captains have the information on akatsuki members still alive, they'll brief you on the way. Our main objective is to rescue the civilians, but if you have the chance to kill an akatsuki, do it. But if you see one, immediately radio for backup." Everyone nodded with confidence. Kenji gave them confidence with the tone of his voice.

"Let's make this quick and clean as possible. If you die, I'll never forgive you. Let's go." Everyone sprang up at the same time. Determined. Following the slightly shorter than them teenager into hell.


The force stopped about two miles out from the location.

"Alright, everyone into position."

Team one transformed into three civilians acting as slaves. They were restrained and pulled along by the Lady captain, who was transformed into Deidara. The akatsuki couldn't find his body and only had the confirmation from Kenji of his death, and he was slippery, so his return wouldn't be surprising. Team two was ready to set up in the trees, one other member sported the byakugan, the only one still here, so he remained as recon with his team. The brawny man prepped his team of earth style users to burrow under the ground to the objective. And team four, including Kenji hopped onto his Crow summon. Itachi was happy to let Kenji make that contract.

"Move out."

Everyone sped through the trees. When the clearing was near, about a mile out, Kenji sounded over the radio. "Everyone ready?" Each team captain radioed back, ready for action.

"Each team has sixty seconds max. On my mark." Tension filled the trees. Like the anticipation of the gunshot during a track competition.


Each team moved with haste. The three infiltration teams flew towards the large compound. Three "In positions" flew to everyone's ears.

Kenji didn't wait. "Go!"

His team descended with speed into the north edge of the place. Team one subdued the two guards at the front. To their surprise, they were Hidden Stone Ninja. It seemed every hidden village was being turned to slaves. Team Three emerged from the ground, quickly getting three knocked out Cloud ninja under their belt.

On team four's side, Guy and Asuma subdued two Hidden leaf ninja quietly. Kenji stood on the ground, quietly surveying the land. Kurenai looked around the place. "Where is everybody?" She turned and asked.

Kenji walked passed her and placed his hand on the metal building. "Ha. They may be slaves, but their still human. They're all eating....in both buildings." His byakugan pulsed through the walls. There's ten guards....in each building."

Kenji went to his earpiece. "Team One with Team Three, infiltrate building two. Team Three lead. Team two, continue to watch the exterior."

Everyone moved. Kenji crept to the door. Asuma looked at him. "Playing their strengths with each other. You seem to be calm. Not bad for your first lead."

"I was taught how to lead a team since I was Five. Of course I'm calm."


"Let's go."

Team four burst through the door. Kurenai hit two Ninja with Genjutsu immediately. They were dumb enough to just look at the door. Guy and Asuma funneled in, getting into close quarters with a few. Kenji also Genjustued his way past two of them. The other two, he flung his marker between them towards their faces. He emerged to their side in the middle of the air. He was already spinning when he teleported. Two kicks to the head did the trick.

"Team three Captain. Building clear."

Kenji went through the mission in his head. This was too easy.

Something had to be wrong. Why would they leave this place so lightly guarded. Why was it even here in the first place. What were they doing?

"All teams search for evidence or anything useful. You have two minutes. Team two, continue to monitor." Kenji relayed.

Kenji narrowed his vision to the basement.

"What he saw made him shiver."

Asuma saw his face light up. "Kenji, what do you see?"

Their attention was thwarted by a loud voice booming over the compound.




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