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38 Chapter 38 : Rasengan

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Rei felt the surge of pain, blood escaping her body, feeling the weak tug of death pulling towards her.

"Lady! Are you ok?" The child she saved screamed at her in the distance. Rei was in her own world, the distinct buzzing in her ears. The throbbing brought her back. Tons of stone and wood cluttered around them. She found herself on top of the kid in an attempt to keep her safe.

"I'm.." Rei swallowed a lump of stress down her throat. "I'm fine. Let's get to the others." When she attempted to stand, that feeling hit her. She looked behind herself and winced at the metal bar driven into her calf, pinned into the ground.

Curses. Why did she have such bad luck with hurting her legs.

She took a deep breath. This was nothing. Rei cracked her teeth together and pulled upward. The blood and muscle squeezed and sputtered up the spike. Finally, the relief hit her hard. When her calf was relieved, the calm feeling of sleep set in. This was tiring. She still needed to train her stamina.

Movement stove her sleep. Rei's eyes darted to the right. Four images fluttered into view. Along with four more to the right.

"Hmmmmm." A shark-man sporting a Mist headband brought fear to Rei's mind.

She quickly stood with weight on her uninjured leg, Covering the child behind her.

"If it isn't the esteemed Hokage's daughter." The shark teeth surfaced beyond his creepy grin. He licked his lips. "Not bad actually."

Rei kept her cool despite the urge to kill him right there. Disgusting. She was still a child.

The eight Mist shinobi slowly began to surround Rei. The moved closer and closer. With each step, Rei doubted herself. Could she really do this? Was she really strong enough to save this child?


Rei pictured her father. She was barely able to walk. She vaguely remembered Minato sitting in their home, drunken, broken, guilty, that he couldn't save his beloved wife. Her only terrible memory of him. Minato later realized she saw him and completely stopped drinking, for Rei, but that memory would forever be burned into her mind.

Her father couldn't save her. What made Rei think she could save this little girl.

The flash of Kenji mercilessly killing his classmates in the mine came. He grabbed her face. "GROW UP!!" "Just realize what this world really is."

Rei imagined walking with Kakashi, moments before coming to this town. "Rei."


"Your next lesson. Find out why you became a ninja. Someone who doesn't know what their fighting for, won't last long in this world."


Rei stoned her face. Her resolve had found a new wind. She glanced at the child, struck with fear, latching onto her shirt. She thought, "Even in this dark world, there has to be light. And I'll be that light. To protect those who can't protect themselves."

"Come here." Rei grabbed the girl and held her close, balling her into an embrace.

The eight enemies closed in cautiously. "I found it sensei." She whispered.


"Lava Release : Melting Apparition Technique"

An acidic trail of liquid rushed towards Kakashi.

"Earth Release : Mud Wall"

Kakashi's wall held, but the nasty corroding liquid ate right through it.

Kakashi sprang from the wall. "Raikiri!"

He flashed across the ground and plunged his lightning infused arm into the enemy. The enemy exploded into lava, burning through Kakashi's vest and hand. He grimaced and backed away.

"Who are you?" He asked. Cuffing a kunai around his face.

"hahaha. Looks like you're having a little trouble there. Could you maybe take your mask off for me." A sadistic, flirting voice said. "I reallllllyyyyyy want to see how handsome you are."

Kakashi caught the edge of another kunai blocking a barrage of incoming knives. The mayor moved everyone further into the trees, trying to avoid the battle.

His lone sharingan eye scanned the area, until he focused on the volcano in the distance. Chakra was mixed into the lava.

He turned around in fury. "Did you erupt this volcano?!"

"Hmhmhmh. Maybe."

Finally, a tall, slinder woman appeared in front of the copy ninja. Her auburn hair seemed refreshed in the heat of the night. "Mei Terumi, jonin of the Hidden Mist. Nice to meet you Kakashi Hatake."


"I found it sensei." Rei whispered. Eight chains rocketed into the ground below her causing the halt of her opponents.

"Lets see if that training paid off." She thought.

Cracks formed in the earth while the small debree and pebbles cluttering the ground shook wildly. Rei closed her eyes and focused.


Flashback bruh.

"Sensei! There's no way I can do that!" Rei breathed with frustration, staring at Kakashi who was absorbed in his reading. He looked up. "Listen. Think of your chains as an extension of the body. Like Kenji. Have you seen him swing his sword?"


"And did you see any wasted movements or kinks in the flow of his strikes?"

".....No. But I feel like I'm inferior to him. Sasuke too." She sadly lowered her face. "Every time we go on a mission, I feel like they overshadow me. I'm not even needed on the team and-"

Kakashi gripped her shoulder. "You aren't inferior in any way. Do you think you would have graduated early if you were inferior?"


"Look." Kakashi looked into her eyes. "You're just like your mother." He smiled. "You're a loud mouth. Annoying, hot-headed and crazy" Rei felt even worse.

"But that's why I know you can be even greater than she was. Believe in me and your teammates. And believe in yourself the most. When you do that, I know you'll get it. And when you do, your dad asked me to teach you something else that I'm sure you'll love."


Eight chains burrowed from the ground with haste. They were too fast. And apart from that, after everything was in place, Rei had changed out the sharp edges for something else. Instead, each chain had a spiraling ball of chakra attached to the end. Two chains pummeled the enemy straight into the back, while three more whipped around ankles, throwing them to the ground. The other three wrapped around bodies at the speed of sound.


All at once, the spiraling balls of chakra seeped into the skin of each Mist shinobi, driving them into the ground and surrounding buildings.

Rei smiled. But she was also spent. She used her remaining chakra to build a prison cell out of her chains for each individual. Another skill she thought of. There was no escaping the prison cell either. She decided to leave them. They wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. The people came first.

"Let's go." Rei limped holding the girls hand. With burning buildings and fear all around.

Another powerhouse was beginning to take shape.


Note: I really feel like the past two chapter could make it into the actual Narutoverse because I feel like I'm writing an actual shonen with all the flashbacks and stuff. lol. Some explaining about how the Mist found them and maybe some future Mist plans will be in the next one. Hope you enjoyed. It only gets better from here. I'm out. YERRR!