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26 Chapter 26 : The Start of Something Grea

Just woke up from a nap. This weeks been rough. Esketit.


Before Kenji knew it, Hiashi had lured him into his home. Kenji didn't know what the man meant at first, but the clear, light purple in his eyes gave him a few hints. He felt giddy, filled with wonder if this was his mother's actual relative. He willingly followed Hiashi, strutting towards a couch, sitting with fluid motion. Before Kenji even sat, Hiashi couldn't help himself.

"So boy, whose your parents?" Hiashi tried to hid a smile.

Kenji viewed his plan of attack for his questioning. He had learned things like facial emotions in training, but he was only supposed to be graduating for the Mist Anbu. He wasn't that adept in reading people yet.

"Um... Eiji Uchiha and Haruka Hyuga. Supposedly." Kenji barked with nothing to lose.

Hiashi laughed. While Kenji raised an eyebrow, Hiashi began to explain. "I had a feeling you existed." His eyes sparkled. "My oldest daughter insisted on marrying that Uchiha boy. I disapproved. I'm probably part of the reason she left."

Kenji stood there, bored. He didn't care for sympathy gathering statements.

Hiashi continued. "I suppose after loosing her, and myself starting to age, I finally convinced myself. Your father was a great man, but I judged him just for the pronunciation of his last name. I soured his name in front of Haruka, and most of all, I wasn't there to protect her."

Kenji felt warmth. Sort of. His grandfather didn't feel like he was good at affection. Maybe he was trying it for the first time or something. Hiashi stood. "You don't have to, but I want to at least develop a relationship with my first grandson. Just think about it."

Kenji hugged the man. "I don't have to."

Hiashi smiled, thinking of his beloved daughter.

Kenji didn't see a problem. He had few chances to meet and form relations with actual blood relatives. He welcomed it. Pulling away from the boy, Hiashi kept his smile. "Go. I assume you have a mission for tomorrow. He pointed to his right pants pocket, containing his headband.

"Thank you, I'm really glad to meet another family member. If I could, may I ask if you could train me on the specifics of the byakugan when I return?"

Hiashi smiled. "Of course. Whenever You're ready."

"Thank you."

One more hug sufficed as Kenji ran out the door. Sleep was often a good friend of his. Hiashi watched him disappear into the darkness. "He acts just like you sweetie." Hiashi glossed his eyes. Only speaking in his own vicinity. He didn't know if he'd ever forgive himself.


Kenji had to feel a little excitement. He followed his team, inching closer to family everyday, with a snug headband over his forehead, flowing in the wind. They were off. Racing through the gate and into the trees. Kakashi questioned his sensei, for he gave them a C Rank mission. Completely bypassing the D Ranks. And beyond that, it was located near the Mist. He immediately tried to refuse the mission, but Minato gave him that look. The look that painted, I know its weird, trust me, so he let it go.

The team traveled silently behind the lead of Kakashi. At the border of trees, the night sky was upon them, so Kakashi contemplated the next move.

"Lets make camp for the night. We can review the mission in the morning."

His students nodded. Rei and Sasuke gathered a small amount of firewood. Not enough to paint a target on them in the woods, but enough to keep warm. It was unusually cold that night. Breath became visible. Kakashi and Kenji set up the sleeping bags for everyone. The night was set. They decided to mingle a little before sleeping. Trust and fellowship and teamwork would always be a big part of Kakashi's plan to make Konoha great again. (lol) fourth wall break. Esketit.

Sasuke laughed upon Kenji's smile and low key roast (lol) which was suprising to Rei. He had really loosened up at Kenji's presence. Kakashi read his perverted book while idly listening to the chatter. Rei decided it would be good, so she joined the conversation and interjected a few times. The night was reduced to four bodies sleeping, two, being Kakashi and Kenji, were grasping weapons, ready to awake at the drop of a hat. But nothing happened, that night at least.

Kakashi woke at the crack of dawn. He sensed Kenji's light sleeper habit, his hand curled beneath the headrest, cupping a blade. Kakashi frowned a little. Kenji was developing the same habits as him already. He let this one slide until their return. It was only their first mission together, He had time to better the kid for himself. Kenji sat up at Kakashi's awakening ruckus.

"Wake up the other two. I'll get the mission details together." Kakashi smiled under the mask. Kenji relayed one back and nodded. Sometimes he could feel the fake in his smile. This was one of them. On the other hand, Kenji suddenly felt the urge to reveal his sensei's face. His curious nature couldn't contain itself, but it would have to wait. This would definitely have to become a major objective for him in the future.

Sasuke woke up pretty easily. But Rei required several nudges and motion.

Still half asleep and rolling around, Rei shrieked, "What!". Her eyes focused and saw Kenji fake smiling, actually kind of close to her face. She couldn't hide her blushed face. "Sorry." She said.

"Kakashi Sensei said to get ready. He's about to go over the mission details." Kenji stood.

"Okay." Rei said. Her heartbeat struggled to calm down.

Kenji walked away chuckling. Sasuke noticed the interaction. He closed in to Kenji and whispered, "Go for it man."

Kenji wondered for a moment what he meant. When it hit him, he reddened up slightly but kept his composure. "Dude, I'm only eleven. There's plenty of time for that later. And it's not really a concern of mine right now." He glanced into the distance.

Sasuke did the same. "We'll get them. We just have to get stronger. Together." Kenji nodded. He appreciated the value of family Sasuke had. Which only made him mourn for his uncle and the pain his cousin must have felt of having them taken from him. By his own brother too.

"Alright my sweet genin. Gather around." Kakashi flipped up a piece of paper.

The team gathered around the dying fire and set their plans.

"Ok, the Hokage gave this a C Rank mission, but I'm certain it's much more than that. I assume he knows we're capable so He gave a C Rank to woo it by the council. I think he has great ambition for you three." Kakashi didn't stop. "Our mission is to infiltrate a supposedly abandoned mine." Kakashi glanced at Kenji. "This mine was used by the Mist Anbu at one point for torture purposes. The Hokage asked to gather more information on their goals, since they clearly have an angle and we need to know what that is. It's unknown territory towards the north of the Mist Village. It's pretty far away, so I doubt we'll see any resistance from them as long as we stay quiet. Anything you see that might help, take it. But don't take too much. We don't want them to know we were there. We'll find an entry point, hopefully not the front door. Scope out the place, then devise a plan. We'll strike tomorrow. Remember, only reconnaissance today. Got it? The Leaf Anbu is a little stretched thin and having some...internal struggles...so we do recon ourselves for this one. Ready?" The three brand new shinobi nodded, trying to swallow the tension and pressure of a first mission.

"Alright, one more thing I'm going to tell you. This message has followed me my whole life and it should always stay in the back of your mind." Kakashi hardened his face. The kids listened carefully. They harbored mounds of respect for the man.

"Those in the ninja world who break the rules are scum, that's true...but those who abandon their friends...are lower than scum." His students hardened their resolve. "Remember that." Kakashi squinted his eye. He turned and scoped out the path to their objective. "Alright, let's go." He flickered into the trees as his team followed.


Just to clarify, this mission isn't some filler bs. It'll be tied into the main story. It's about to go down next chapter though. I'm out. YERRR!