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20 Chapter 20 : One Down

Wow. Twenty chapters already. This is fun. Esketit.


Kakashi gathered everyone around into a circle and repeated his plan through his head. Informing his team of what's to come.

"Listen up, We are rescuing an important target, probably the most important mission I've ever done and you too will ever do."

He glanced at his pupils, reassuring them of their talents.

"But you wouldn't be on this mission if you couldn't do it."

Kakashi flexed his eye with comfort.

"Now. Aya you move with me. We'll follow along the perimeter of the Mist and try to pick up clues. Rei, you and Sasuke head the opposite way. He may have headed towards the Land of Fire. Sasuke, Use your Sharingan to pick up the most subtle clues and lead the way. If you find him, do NOT turn off your sharingan. You'll need it. Try to reason with him since you two are close already."

Kakashi gave Sasuke a smile. He felt excitement in his heart. He wondered if he actually had someone left in this world. He stoned his face and nodded.

"Rei, if push comes to shove, try your best to restrain him until we get there, you're probably the only one who can."

Rei nodded.

A stubby looking dog flashed into Kakashi's view.

"Anything Pakkun?"

"Yes, there's a dirt road ahead. About ten minutes from here. His trail ends there."

"Ok thanks for the help."

The dog dissipated into a cloud of smoke. Kakashi lead his team to the dirt road. Two long paths stretched towards the Mist and one opposite.

"Ok, Me and Aya will head towards the Mist. You two follow the road that way. If you find him, fluctuate your chakra as powerfully as possible."

Rei stopped him. "Wait! Sensei, who are we even looking for?"

Kakashi looked at Sasuke, who knew exactly what his sensei implied.

"Sasuke knows. Besides, you'll know when you see him."

Rei, of course, scowled at her sensei's defiance.

Kakashi laughed at patted her head, much to her refusal to allow his move.

"Be careful ok?"

Both kids nodded, and the two teams flew off.


Only a small flame flickered in the depths of a lone cave. Shadows bounced off the wall and a pop of a small fire awoke the commander from his slumber. Kenji had his back turned to the man, stoking the fire. The Commander hung by his feet to the top of the rocky structure.

Kenji couldn't knock the evil grin from his face. He said, "I took the liberty of cauterizing that wound. It looks pretty nasty. Did mom give that to you?"

The Commander only stared, slightly spinning through the air. He didn't like this at all.

"Personally, I think Mom went a little soft on you. You two have a history I bet. Right?"

Kenji stood from his log. He turned and absolutely loved the fear on the man's face. His hands were secured behind his back. He couldn't do a thing.

Kenji leaned closer to his face. "Did you ever 'touch' her?" He whispered coldly.

The Commander said nothing, desperately looking for a way out of this. "I said DID YOU EVER TOUCH HER!?!?!?!" The commander winced. The truth was sucked straight out of him. Seeing the red and black swirl in Kenji's eyes. Kenji's head pained a little from the extensive use, but he couldn't do anything about it.

"Yes" He whimpered. The once evil looking man was now at his students mercy. Kenji's face never left blank. "Oh." He said.

Kenji turned around and whipped a kunai from his pouch. "This will be that much sweeter then." Kenji smiled and turned back to his captive. The boy was almost in tears. Like he was about to achieve his dream. The Commander was sure they'd made this kid go crazy, and he was about to regret it.

"I think you're about to regret teaching me this." Kenji said, walking towards his prisoner.


Sasuke and Rei sped along in the edge of the woods, following the road.

"Hey Sasuke. Who are we after?"

Rei had never seen her teammate this alive before, so this person had to be special. She really didn't care for her teammate. Unlike a certain pink haired idiot in her class.

Sasuke was silent for a few seconds. He stopped on a limb, Rei dropping in next to him.

"I'm almost positive what sensei meant."

He paused some more. "We're after an Uchiha."

Rei could see the urgency and yearning in his eyes. She didn't really care about the target, she just wanted to go sleep.

"Well lets go."

The two kids continued on until coming across a small village. It looked as poor as any place could be. They stopped and stared along the houses. Rotting and sad looking repairs were all they saw. Sasuke came to his senses first. A woman came walking along the road with a basket of fruit. She looked radiant with love. She was looked upon as the savior of the village. Always helping children and the wounded. Trying to help her home thrive.

Sasuke approached her. "Excuse me, have you seen a ninja with black hair and black eyes. Similar to me I guess?" The woman was astonished before he even spoke. Her husband told her of his patient, and this boy looked so similar.

She approved of her husbands antics. She often helped him care for people. She was an honest woman, but her suspicion came into play.

The woman played it cool. "Um...I'm not sure. Why? Did something happen?"

Her strategy was plain as day, but Sasuke let it go. "We are looking to bring him home. Is there anyone in town that could help?"

The woman breathed out. "Fine. But if you hurt anyone, especially in our village, I won't tell you anything."

Sasuke nodded and Rei approached from the rear.

"My husband helped bandage his wounds, but the kid flew off out the window. He started towards that way I think." She pointed further into the woods as eyes followed her finger.

"Thank you ma'am. We'll be on our way then." Rei said.

The two kids flew into the trees. The woman watched them disappear, hoping she made the right choice.



The commander struggled in his binds, using all his strength to break free but it wasn't happening.

"Come on Commander, I thought you were tougher than that?" Kenji laughed.

The commander began crying. "Please....please....I'll do anything you want. I'll pledge my life to you! PLEASE!"

Kenji's amusement disappeared instantly. His icy red eyes slimmed. "I don't need you're allegiance. I need to hear you scream." He said through his teeth.

Kenji grasped the kunai and cut carefully through a specific point in the commander's arm, all the way around. When he did this, the Commander knew what was coming for him. He closed his eyes..... and accepted it. He deserved it. A gruesome death by the one person that could inflict it. Kenji grabbed the skin from his cut and pulled. The commander screamed, trying to hide the cracks in his voice. His skin trailed down to his hand. His arm was bare ligaments and muscle now. Kenji was using the ultimate torture. That HE taught him. Kenji cut the skin, leaving only his hands normal because of the restraints. He grabbed the shell of the man's forearm and carried it to his face.

"That's one down." Kenji smiled. He was enjoying this too much.


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