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18 Chapter 18 : The Devil Made Me Do It Part 3



Kenji and Hansuke shot towards each other with anger. Hansuke swiped back and forth, twice as fast than his normal one sword style. Kenji flicked his eyes around, barely catching the movements of his deathseeker, even with the sharingan. Hansuke switched his playstyle at the last second and slashed at the speed of light. Another tear in the skin on Kenji's hip, added to the collection.

Kenji retreated. "Fire Style : Dragon Flame Jutsu!"

Hansuke glanced towards his chest. A glimmer of wire attached to his shirt began to heat up. A rush of fire facilitated by Kenji shot across the wire. Straight towards Hansuke. The boy hesitated, then he spun the dual daggers in his hand, Shink! He dealt a blow to Kenji's wire in one hit, causing a build-up of flames with no where to go. A mini explosion sounded off throughout the woods. But Hansuke and Kenji were unaffected.

Hansuke weaved some signs. His daggers started glowing a diamond blue. Water emerged and traveled up the blades. Hansuke now had two scythes. He still held the daggers, but they extended with a piercing glow of blue about two feet past his original blade. The newly developed water blade shot from the side and angled slightly downward with intimidation. Hansuke's hilt changed. He held on to the piece closer to him while another gaurded his knuckles with spikes.

Hansuke flipped the weapons backwards in his hands. Stopping them into the same position he had before.

Kenji looked on with admiration. It looked like Hansuke lost zero speed also. Kenji glanced at his sword. He weaved signs with one hand and channeled fire into his blade. Half of it glowed red like coals under a fire. The top half stayed black, only radiating the flames into the air. He looked at his best friend. He didn't want to kill him, so deciding to cancel his water out with fire, rather than using lightning was a choice he had to make.

Off to the races again. Kenji collided with Hansuke's new weapons. The two opposing forces created a smoky playing field with every collision. Kenji grabbed another small cut across his left eyebrow, down his cheek. He narrowly missed his eye. Hansuke was in no better shape. He had burns on his forearms, a black eye from an unsuspecting punch, and a blood oozing shoulder.

Kenji wondered how he was even standing a chance. His consciousness was waning since the beginning. The back of his head still throbbed. He was about to lose it. After trying to stay awake for so long, he couldn't do it anymore.

The two boys stood close to each other, hands on their knees, and staring each other down.

Kenji never suspected this at all. When he looked down, trying to gather himself. Hansuke picked up his only remaining scythe and began to swing. Kenji felt the movement through his senses. He picked his head up and slung his sword. On the brink of severe blood loss, Kenji's rationality was gone. His sword headed straight towards Hansuke's stomach, both were looking to gut each other. Kenji's sword followed through. When both weapons became centimeters away from contact....

Hansuke smiled.


In the middle of the woods, Kakashi's remaining Team 7 and Aya stopped to have a break. The kids couldn't keep up to speed. Even the Adults were a little winded.

"Wh....WHY DID....I HAVE....TO....WAKE UP....SO LATE ANYWAY!!" Rei managed to say through her wheezes. She closed her mouth and swallowed. Rei smacked her lips and finished. "It's not like you need me." She looked down. "We are only genin, why did we get put onto an S rank mission? I thought that was for jonin."

Sasuke leaned against a tree and only looked at his teammate. He turned back to focus on himself.

Kakashi stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Actually, I need both of you. For good reason too. We will address how the situation is when we get there and I'll tell you if it's necessary for the help too." Kakashi seemed stressed and let out a long breath. "And Rei, please at least try to be quiet don't get us killed."

Rei eyed her sensei. "I'll try but no promises you know."

Kakashi slumped. Only he could hear it, but he said "Great" with the highest sarcasm.


Hansuke smiled. He stared into Kenji's eyes and retracted his weapon extension. His dagger only flew by Kenji's stomach. Missing completely. Kenji's face turned to shame and darkness. For himself. He couldn't stop it. His sword pierced Hansuke all the way through his stomach. He never stopped smiling. Kenji's waning consciousness ceased. His adrenaline kick started even more and brought him back.

Without any disbelief, Kenji pulled his sword out, threw it, and held on to Hansuke. He hugged his friend tightly, not letting him hit the ground. Kenji cried through his red eyes.

"No. No. No. No. No. No. We...why...." Kenji had no words. Until Hansuke spoke up.

"I'm..sorry. Please....do...don't...hate me." Hansuke felt at peace.

Hansuke pulled away from Kenji, but he still supported his stance. They just looked at each other.

"Hansuke!" Kenji's support wasn't enough and Hansuke plummeted to the ground. Kenji grabbed his friends hand and noticed the scar on his forearm. Hansuke knew Kenji felt it. As Hansuke stared at the scar on Kenji's forearm. Brothers. And one had just killed the other.


Kenji followed his instruction. Anything for his friend.

Hansuke grabbed Kenji's head and angled it sideways. He whispered into Kenji's ear... "They...made...me do..it"

Kenji felt the fire in his heart extinguish.

About that time, Anbu soldiers surrounded his backside. At least fifteen stood in the ready to strike position while one approached Kenji's back, stopping a few feet away.

"Kenji Uchiha! The Mizukage requests your return immediately."

Kenji stared at his dead friend. His last words, Kenji knew everything. Information comes with a price and he had just paid it. All but One person that meant anything to him in this world, were dead.


Through the tears and the suffering. Kenji found the only peace he could find. Death.

His eyes spun furiously, before resting in a swirl resembling a three pointed shuriken. He understood. Information came flooding into his mind and he was eager to test it.

The boy stood up and slowly turned around. Blood seeped from his right eye. The man in front of him was motionless with fear. Only the sound of screaming in agony could be heard over the roar of black and hungry flames.

Kenji utilized his new control of Amaterasu like a master. After his campfire in front of him calmed down. He fixed his gaze on the rest of the men. fifteen men died instantly. By the eyes of a now eleven year old boy. At this same moment, eleven years had past since his birth and he was murdering his own peers. Not only that, but he was smiling. He enjoyed this, and this time, he didn't feel bad about it.

The moon was at it's peak. A young boy had done what no one his age should have.

After Kenji's test run of new power, he returned by his friend's side. He removed his bloody shirt and place it over Hansuke's upper body, covering his face. Kenji had a new determination. A new mission.

"I promise. I'll make you proud. Thank you for being my best friend." Kenji lowered his face, but he couldn't cry. He was too angry.

Before the inevitable faint could catch up to Kenji, he felt, undeniably, the worst pain he had ever felt. His forehead hit the ground. He closed his eyes and screamed. Kenji's hand cupped his closed eyes, smearing in the trail of blood. He opened them slightly. They stung like crazy. And they wouldn't stop. He forced them open a tiny bit more and gritted his teeth, wheezing.

"What the hell!" Kenji exclaimed

The glow of his eyes were bouncing off the darkness of the grass. Except they weren't exactly red, but flickering quickly between red and white.


Note : I'm definitely going to watch Naruto again to give me some ideas on fight scenes. Cause that shit was garbage. lol. On the other hand, getting answers only leaves with more questions. Double lol. You might be thinking oh... yay...amaterasu and Itachi's Mangekyo. But if you catch the last sentence....hehe.....lets just say that's not all folks. If you guess what the last sentence means, I'll suck your d... I mean you're cool. I'm out. YERRR!