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15 Chapter 15 : The Hype

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Kenji stood by his team awaiting their third and final trial. The problem is, he had never killed anyone, let alone a rogue ninja.

"I actually have a pair of shinobi that need to be purged. If you four work together, then I'm sure you'll succeed."

The team stared towards the soldier and nodded.

"Um are you going to tell us who they are?" Asami whimpered.

"In reality, you'll never have all the information of your enemy. If I did, would that change the way you feel? Would you decide not to kill them if you knew who they were? I don't think the Commander trains pu*****, so do it or learn their names and die." He lowered his voice and decreased the opening of his eyelids.

"Yes sir." Asami straightened back up. She had learned her lesson long ago.

"Then lets go."

The group followed the guiding Anbu out of the village.


Aya was dead tired. She had been running almost all day. The sun was about to set, awakening the array of night-treading animals in the woods. She galloped through the trees endlessly. When her eyes were struggling to stay open, she came up on it instantly. She ran into a peculiar wooden gate leading into a growing but still rural village. She walked towards the beauty with her back heaving up and down trying to catch her breath. Aya gazed into the distance and saw four stone faces carved into the mountain. Part of her was excited but the other felt fear. She was all alone approaching a village that was obviously hostile towards her own.

"For Kenji." She said to herself.

Aya approached the gate and was surrounded by three upper-jonin. The shinobi guarding this particular gate. Aya didn't need hostility, she needed urgency. She didn't have time to be playing around with gatekeepers.

One guard with bandages around his face calmy asked, "State your business. You have five seconds." He emerged a short, thick looking sword and waited. Aya didn't want to ruin her chance. She went to her knees, placed her head on the ground, and stretched her arms toward the men.

"Please. I need to speak with the Hokage. I have information on the Hidden Mist Village and a certain predicament I need to speak about. I will cooperate fully. PLEASE!" Aya was practically crying while begging with all she had.

The guards looked at each other in confusion. Trying to figure out what to do. They refocused themselves while the bandage guy said. "I don't believe you."

Around this time, a certain gray-haired man was walking without a care in the world. He stuffed his face with his Icha Icha book. He heard a commotion with the guards and quickly snapped up to look at the action, but quickly snapped back to his novel. His one visible eye widened and he stopped in his tracks.

He heard the guard state, "I don't believe you."

He quickly yelled, "Stop! Wait!"

The guards turned. "Kakashi? What is it?"

Aya stared a hole into his one eye. He looks so familiar, she thought.

"Let her through. I'll take her to the Hokage myself." Kakashi sternly replied.


Kakashi ghosted past him and helped Aya up.

"Lets go." Kakashi squinted his eyes and walked with haste, dragging Aya along with him. Kakashi always wondered when this day would come.


Kenji brushed through the trees followed by his team. The night sky was upon them as they were approaching the location given to them by the Commander's subordinate. They stopped short of a river closing off an opening between the trees and could see a dying fire in the distance with a tent pitched next to it.

Kenji took a breath and gathered his teammates. He held up his necklace and they did the same.

He smiled and said, "Showtime."


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