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14 Chapter 14 : Sanic. Gotta Go Fast!

BIG NOTE!!!!!!!!

So I've been contemplating this for a while and I've decided....no harem. I know I just lost a bunch of people but I guess I'll have to deal with it. All the romance comes later anyway, so it's not like it changes the impact of the story. A herd of women all over the MC just isn't what I want this story to be. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! YERRR! I guess if you're still here, I love you, and enjoy this chapter. Esketit.


Kenji and his team eventually made it to the bunker. It turns out, the part they came through was only an abandoned part of the place itself. The kids stood next to the entrance, all four were quiet. Taking in the challenge and preparing mentally for what's to come. Kenji looked around. He engraved the walls into his brain. He felt like his whole life had been spent here. All the pain and sweat was about to pay off.

The Commander didn't appear. After waiting for several minutes, he didn't show, which tipped off the team. Something had to be happening. The Commander never stood up the ultimate chance to mess with his dear pupils.

While waiting, the Commander's right hand man emerged from the darkness. Kenji hadn't even noticed him. 'I guess I still have a long way to go.' he thought.

"Trial one completed." The shady man said. Hansuke feared for his future. This guy sounded like a robot. Right then, he looked at Kenji and silently vowed never to become a puppet.

"Trial two is easy, but you must be willing...." The man took a step forward. "...to learn!"

A shadow of nothingness flashed behind Kenji. He felt the slick finger-less gloves wrap around his neck. The man's cold fingers instigated Kenji's fear even further. Without time to react, the Anbu grasped Kenji's neck with all his strength and threw him to the ground.

The man wasn't playing games. The ground shook on impact, leaving an outline beneath Kenji's body. Kenji's left arm was grabbed with force, leaving him on his stomach, helpless.

"Are you right handed?" The man asked.

After Kenji recovered his breath, his face mushed to the ground said, "Yes."

"Good. Now break your left arm to break out of my hold."

The man tightened Kenji's left arm around his back and pressed down.

Everything that just happened took place in less than five seconds. Hansuke and the girls stood defensively. They almost wanted to be shocked when they heard this, but assumed something like this would happen. They were basically immune towards pain anyway. If a civilian saw this scene, they would probably throw up.

"Is this the second trial?" Hansuke asked.

The man looked up and eased his eyes beyond the white mask. "Yes."

Kenji closed his eyes. Breaking his arm was easy a piece of cake to him, but that's what bothered him. He threw his eyes open and yelled.


His left arm flopped into a ninety degree angle. Kenji flipped around with his right arm pulling a blade from his lower back. He slashed with swiftness, but only managed to scratch the man's mask.


Aya was exhausted. Blood flowed from the top of her head. The blood seeped from her red locks as she continued to breath heavily. Two figures flashed through the trees while the one in back inched closer and closer to the front.


Aya didn't say anything, but she couldn't go on. She needed rest.

"Dammit" she thought. "I'm so out of shape."

She stopped on the top of a branch. The Commander stood opposite of her within a second.

"What are you doing Aya?" The Commander asked furiously.

"What? I'm...just going on vacation." Aya was quick to speak between breaths.

The commander squinted his eyes. "Right. Why did you take in that 'Uchiha'. He's an enemy of our village you know. If he wasn't young when I got to him, he would have killed us all!"

The disgust on the commander's tongue lit a fire in Aya's heart.

"Uchiha or not! He is my son. And if you lay another finger on him I'll fu***** kill your ass.

Aya gripped her sword once again. The deep cut along the Commander's arm put him on alert.

"Aya. I never had the heart to tell you this, but you know, it's been fifteen years. I know what I did was wrong, but You know I still love you right?" The Commander lowered his sword and face simultaneously, feeling sorrow. He then gazed back at Aya who floated towards him slowly, with a unbelieving face.

"Really?" She asked with curiosity.

"Yes, more than anything."

Silence fell over both of them. Aya couldn't help it. She grabbed his neck and pulled him towards her lips. The Commander was excited but also confused. He couldn't resist his past lover's gesture. He closed his eyes and let her guide him.

Without a second thought, Aya went into action. The Commander suddenly felt cold. He opened his eyes to see an angry Aya driving her blade into the middle of his chest. He sputtered over his words with blood, but he couldn't speak. The man fell to his knees.

Aya leaned in closer. "You think I would still love you after you put those scars on my son's body?"

The man grunted with anger.

Aya removed her sword and stood there. She knew she needed him to die, but despite her feelings now, she loved him at one point. He can't do anything to Kenji right now unless he messed up, and Aya knew Kenji was better than that. She shed a single tear and left him to die.

Aya made haste towards the meeting place. She then realized, her friend wasn't enough. Maybe this is the time to put it all out in the open. She altered her direction slightly, and headed into the Land of Fire.


Kenji and his team stood with slings holding their non dominant arm. Each stood with no emotion or hint of pain. The Commander's stand-in was pleased.

"Next, for trial three, this team will leave the village and will exterminate the shinobi of my choice from the bingo book. The mission begins in twenty minutes."


Note : The Commander got rekt. That whole past lover thing came out of left field. lol. Right when I came to that part, I said "hey! Lets do that." I'm happy the way this is turning out. Bout to get into some sheet. I'm out. YERRR YERRR!