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"Hey Listen!" A loud shout woke me up and a blue light flew in front of my face.

"N.A.V.I? How is this possible? wait no this must have been the work of that old geezer, is this some kind of apology?" Navi shined brighter for a moment before forming a tiny loli with glass-like wings flapping at high speeds. she had a pout on her face and shiney green eyes and emerald hair, if I had to describe her it would be a human version of an emerald.(Oh wow)

"Ever since we came to this world I have been trying to get you to wake up, you've been asleep for an entire year and alot has happend! You're vitals were dormant and if not for the mana surrounding your body I'm sure everyone would have thought you were dead!" Damn does she have to be so loud? you know I can hear you inside of my head right so why must you do this?

"Navi tell me everything that happened in the last year" she went silent before a series of images flooded my head and forced me back to sleep. Waking up again I had to process the information that I had. Apparently my mother was said to have been a traitor to the crown and had killed her own child who was a full elf with the Tri-force of Courage and then escaped. She was then killed by the Elven General Ganandorf who then fell to the depravity of his actions and became the new Dark elf king as its ruler. Because he was the holder of the Tri-force of Power he has been at constant war with the Kingdom of Hyrule to kidnap the young Princess Zelda who holds the Tri-force of wisdom.

All this complex political baloney gives me a much unneeded headache. There is obviously so much more to this situation that I'd seriously not want to deal with so I won't even continue to think about all the underlying plots and conspiracies. The king has already made the public claim that I am to be trained to be the personal bodyguard of lady Zelda and my 'Identity' is that of the youngest son of the Master Swordman Zolaa and her husband the Master Swordsmith Deliora. Even though Deliora is a human he had been raised among dwarfs and had an affinity with all creatures that allowed him to traverse to world relatively unharmed until he met Zolaa.

"Well I geuss that would explain the amount of girls peering at me through the crib now wouldn't it." Four elf girls and two Fay were all staring at me through the green stalks of my crib with shining eyes as the one in the middle started bouncing up and down before running off while yelling.

"MOOOOOOM, DAAAAAD HE'S AWAKE!!!" the other girls started babbling to each other and cooing towards me while I put on my best adorable act, posing grasping and giggling the whole works. The middle one returned with her red hair bouncing over her elf ears revealing her bright green eyes and squealed "Oh my God he's so cute, Liah can I hold him?" The one furthest to my left who was one of the two Fay and had white hair and sapphire blue eyes responded "Not yet Emi, wait until mom and dad get here ok you dont want to make them mad right? So be good and patient."

The redhead seemed deflated but just as quickly cheered up "Fine but I want to hold him first let me do it oh please." The one right next to her also had red hair but calming blue eyes held her hand and nodded silently before looking back at me and poking my face. "Gah! Rei your getting a head start! none of us have touched him yet!" Now on the far right an almost identical girl to the one known as Emi, minus her ears which were noticeably shorter panicked and cast a blaming look at the silent Rei. "Hey Navi how come nobody is commenting about you right now." I couldn't help but be thankful that I could communicate with her in my head because it would be a major flaw for me to have to wait until I had fully formed vocal cords before we could talk.

"Right now you can only see me through the virtual reality funtion, meaning I only exist in your eyes, unless you constantly channeled magic to fully maintain a physical form I will technically only exist in your head." Ah man Its so interesting seeing what mutations came of my technology since arriving. In my own planet I had planned for everyone to have some form of N.A.V.I then everyone could see each others avatars, but this is much better I will admit.

"Hey little one my name is Zalna and we are your older sisters, we will make sure to protect you so please take care of us." She had silver white hair and green eyes and had the most maternal look of all the sisters. They all looked at me before introducing themselves in which I found out that their names were as follows from oldest to youngest, Khaliah the white haired fair skinned Fay, Reina The red haired and cream skinned Elf, Zalna The white haired and cream skinned Elf, Emily & Emilia the redhead and fair skinned Fay/Elf twins, and the quietest and most docile one who was Naadia who I found the cutest. Her face still had some of baby fat but she had heterchomatic green and blue eyes and braided red hair while the others either had theirs tied up or flowing loosely. She was just so gentle and nervous when introducing herself to a baby that I had an extra laugh at her expense, and then some more when she blushed at me laughing at her.

I have to say, Even though I hate this aunt of mine whom I've never met, I cant help but be thankful to grow up surrounded by these various beauties! Even though the first two are basically adults, Elves live for thousands upon thousands of years, it's not like age is a problem with these adopted sisters of mine.

As I was getting further into my future harem fantasies I heard some footsteps along with a chaotically loud voice that would haunt me for the rest of eternity. Along with a gentle one that would... also haunt me for the rest of eternity.