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643 Just how much of a misunderstanding do you have about me and him!?

Chapter 643: Just how much of a misunderstanding do you have about me and him!?
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The next morning, Seiji was just about to call Hoshi when Hoshi happened to call him.

"I remember now."

Seiji raised his eyebrows upon hearing this.

He had just wanted to discuss the matter of recovering his junior's memory. He didn't expect that Hoshi would regain his memory on his own.

"Last night, I had a dream… well, perhaps it wasn't really a dream. I then recalled what I've experienced," Hoshi stated in a low voice.

"It's good that you remember… did you fight against other humans at that time?"


"Did they see your face?"

"They didn't."

"That's good, then." Seiji heaved a sigh of relief. The situation would be much better as long as Hoshi's identity wasn't exposed.

"Let's discuss the specifics at school."


Seiji then finished his breakfast and headed out for high school.

He attended classes as usual. Seiji met up with Hoshi and the others during lunch break.

"When I was surrounded by those sticky fluid monsters, Lilith descended upon my body and used a powerful ability to deal with all those monsters."

"Lilith? Is that the golden-haired girl's name?"

"Yeah… Lilith is an elf. The place that we saw—that beautiful garden with the large red-leafed tree—is the place she resides in," Hoshi explained. "And, those people with the red weapons have constantly been destroying her home."

"Destroying?" Seiji blinked. "Why?"

"Lilith doesn't know why they keep destroying her home, either. She kept trying to hide her garden or to chase them away. Yet, she was unable to stop them."

"So she descended upon your body and made use of you to fight against those people?" Seiji furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

"That's right. It wasn't her intention to cause me to lose my memory. It was just that I was unable to fully bear her power, which was why I had a short-term memory loss," Hoshi explained calmly.

Seiji looked carefully at Hoshi's expression.

"Judging from your expression, you've completely accepted all of this."

"Indeed. I'm willing to help Lilith and fight for her cause!" Hoshi had a look of resolution.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"You're so cool, Amami-san," Chiaki spoke up. "You feel just like Seiji."

"I think so as well." Mika nodded in agreement.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Hoshi smiled and was about to say something else when tomboy Chiaki continued, "However, you're obviously being overly naïve… Can you really trust this Lilith who's a mysterious existence from another dimension?"

Hoshi's expression froze over. "Wakaba-senpai…"

"Perhaps I shouldn't be saying so much… if Seiji decided to help a mysterious girl, I probably wouldn't worry at all. But since it's you, Amami-san, I'm rather worried." Chiaki looked directly at him and spoke seriously, "You should really consider and think more about what exactly you're doing."

Hoshi fell silent.

"Those red-weapon-wielding individuals belong to a dangerous organization known as the Messengers." Seiji spoke up. "As for how dangerous, I think that perhaps they can be equated with the mystical society's version of terrorists. I killed three members of their organization and am already opposing them. Although I might have went overboard, I don't regret what I did at all. However, it's one thing to be enemies with them whenever we meet, but it's another thing entirely to proactively become their enemy. Hoshi… I can sense your resolution. But just as Chiaki said, you really should think more about this."

"Senpai…" Something flashed in Hoshi's eyes.

Seiji smiled gently.

"Once you've thought things through, and if you're still determined to help her, I will support you." Seiji reached out and patted his junior on the back.

Hoshi felt a warm feeling in his heart and smiled once again after he felt Seiji's encouragement.

"Is this really alright?"

Chiaki asked Seiji this question after lunch was over and Hoshi left to go back to the middle school section.

Seiji fell silent for a moment.

"I don't know." He ended up sighing. "I've never met or seen that Lilith individual before. Judging from her actions, she's not too friendly towards humans… Is this because of the Messenger organization's influence? Or is her nature simply like that? It's impossible to tell.

"Hoshi is the only person who can see her. He obtained power from her and she descended upon his body, taking advantage of him to achieve her own purpose.

"If you think about it in a negative fashion, Lilith is basically using Hoshi like her personal tool. If you think about it in a positive fashion, Hoshi is a special existence for her, and she's an excellent chance for Hoshi to speedily become stronger.

"Whether this is good or bad for Hoshi is impossible to know. I can only leave it up to Hoshi himself to decide. As for whether this is good or bad, I—"

"That's not what I'm asking," Chiaki interrupted. "What I'm asking is, is it really alright to let your cute junior jump into someone else's arms?"

"Eh?" Seiji paused in confusion.

"Amami-san has always been so devoted towards you all this time. Now, someone else is in his heart—a mysterious and beautiful girl. Aren't you afraid that he'll soon escape from your harem?"

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Right now, you're still definitely the number one in Amami-san's heart. As long as you prevent him from having any contact with that girl, he'll definitely obey you! And yet you're choosing to let him do as he wishes. You have no self-awareness as a harem leader at all. Honestly!" Chiaki pretended to pout.

"Honestly? The hell!!" Seiji finally reacted as he understood what she was talking about. "Just what are you talking about here! Hoshi isn't a member of my harem at all, okay!!??"

"Tsk, you're still being blind to the truth here." Chiaki ignored his outburst.

"Blind? Yeah, right!! Just how much of a misunderstanding do you have about me and him!?"

"I don't think I have any misunderstandings at all. What do you think, Mika?"

"Chiaki is quite right." The twintailed girl had a serious expression.


"Just admit it, Seiji. Hoshi is an important member of your harem!"

"Is it really alright for the two of you to give a boy the same status as you!?" Seiji retorted forcefully.

"It's not the same at all, right, Mika?"

"Yep, it's not the same."

"Just what type of tacit agreement did the two of you come to just now!?"

"We think that you did something stupid just now. You should have severely scolded Amami-san and shown off your dominance as the harem king! You should have completely removed all his thoughts of cheating on you!!" Chiaki made a sharp comment.

"That's right, that's how it should be." Mika nodded and added that.

"I'm not a harem king!! He's not cheating on me at all!!!" Seiji commented with all his might.

Forget about Chiaki joking around, even Mika was joining in this time? Just what was going on!?

"When he really starts cheating on you and leaves your side, just you wait and cry." Chiaki folded her arms.

Seiji reflexively wanted to comment further upon hearing this, when he suddenly realized...

"Your real meaning is that Hoshi might leave our team?"

Chiaki revealed an expression of "now you finally understand."

Mika had an expression of "that's exactly what I meant."

Indeed, Seiji hadn't thought of this possibility before.

Seiji giving Hoshi the freedom to choose might cause Hoshi to leave his team in the future… that was indeed possible.

No… not only might Hoshi leave, when considering the amount of Lilith's influence on Hoshi, in the worst-case scenario, it was even possible that… Hoshi might become an enemy!