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606 I hope that you can live

Chapter 606: I hope that you can live
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Spiritual creatures kept endlessly appearing. They were far more numerous than in the other areas!

"I'm already doing my best to control them, but this is all I can do," Kazuko told everyone.

Right away, many spiritual creatures started rushing towards Lloyd in the corner. Then, after Lana appeared, more and more spiritual creatures appeared as well.

All the monsters were trying to charge at Lloyd and Lana! Seiji didn't know why this was, but he had a feeling that if they came into contact with the two, something terrible would likely happen to them. He wanted to protect them.

Seiji did his best to swing his spiritual sword in as large an arc as possible to kill the most monsters he could. Hisashi continuously used "Thunderboom" as support. Their teamwork was highly efficient in clearing the monsters, but there would always be a few monsters which slipped through.

Shika acted as the final line of defense to deal with any remaining spiritual creatures that slipped through. She used "Ice Wall" to protect Lloyd and Lana who were in the corner… although she couldn't even see where they were.

Gradually, the spiritual creatures began decreasing in number. However, their average strength started increasing.

[Evolved Body-strengthening technique, Fire element]!

Seiji activated the strongest attacking form of his [Body-strengthening technique]. In exchange for much higher Mana consumption, he greatly increased his attack strength!

The golden glow covering his body transformed into flames instead. His hair even started lighting up on fire, making him appear like a golden torch.

Seiji lifted his longsword and slashed everything before him!

All Hisashi saw was a golden flash followed by white streaks that he couldn't even see clearly. This was followed by some giant spiritual monsters instantly shattering into mist! There was nothing to say except one word: awesome.

After clearing out the tremendous number of basic monsters, the boss monsters appeared right after… There was a total of five black lion monsters with green spots on their bodies!!

"I'm really doing my best to hold them back." Kazuko sighed.

Seiji already expected that boss monsters would be appearing soon. He instantly cast the ultimate ability that he had prepared beforehand.

He used his [Mika character reward card]'s first ability [Overload] to strengthen his ultimate skill, along with borrowing power from his bonded spirit Yomi...

Mega-evolved sealing technique, [Demon Suppression Bell]!


An ear-piercing clang rang out as a giant golden bell suddenly appeared and covered this entire area. It instantly covered all five of the lion monsters!!

Hisashi felt like his eyes were beginning to water from constantly being wide-eyed in amazement.

The monsters roared fiercely within the bell. It was easy to imagine them fiercely struggling inside.

Seiji grit his teeth and continued spending Mana to maintain the power of his spell. His Mana was draining at an extremely quick rate.

When his spell finally finished, three of the boss monsters were reduced to mist.

"Brother, leave the rest to me." Shika came over from behind and took over the fight with the two remaining lion boss monsters.

"I'll leave them to you." Seiji had spent much of his energy, so he retreated to the back and let his adopted younger sister handle things.

Hisashi was delighted that he was able to absorb so much mist. His attack power and casting speed had both greatly improved. He was now even able to paralyze a boss lion monster.

Thanks to his support, Shika found it quite easy to deal with the two remaining lions.

Seeing this, Seiji was finally able to free some time to check on Lloyd and Lana's conditions.

He saw some faint dark-green mist being emited from both their bodies as they sat against a wall next to each other.

Lloyd's mist was thicker, while Lana's was lighter… but it was evident that there were problems with both their bodies.

Seiji saw that both of them had expressions of calmly waiting for death.

Seiji thought about the earlier scene with the headless spearman and felt that he understood what was going on.

Lloyd and Lana must have been infected with the sickness from the headless spearmen!

They didn't have a way of curing themselves and could only wait for death.

Seiji couldn't bear to watch such a scene of despair.

Would it be effective if he tried to use [Cleansing] on them?

He decided to give it a try.

Just as he was about to cast his spell, Lana raised her head and looked in his direction.

She opened her mouth and said something. However, Seiji couldn't hear what she said.

"I wish that the two of you can live," Seiji mumbled to himself.

Although he wasn't sure if they were even real or just a hallucination, and despite the fact that they might be in an entirely different world altogether, knowing that he might just be wasting his efforts in trying to protect them…

Still, hope was hope.

Seiji cast [Evolved Cleansing] upon both of them.

A golden spell formation imprinted itself upon the two's figures… and seemed to have zero effect.

'I can't help them…' Seiji got depressed thinking about it.

'No… I can't give up just like this. Let me try again!'

The [Mika character reward card]'s [Overload] ability could be used twice per day. He had just used it once on [Demon Suppression Bell] earlier, so he figured he could use the other usage here.

Seiji activated his ability once more and cast [Mega-Evolved Cleansing]!

An even larger golden spell formation imprinted itself upon Lloyd and Lana's bodies. Blinding light sparkled around them in a mystical manner.

The next second, thick dark-green mist erupted from their bodies and was dispelled by the golden light!

The spell was effective!

Seiji was overjoyed to see this.

Lloyd and Lana were evidently astonished as they watched the dark mist dissipate from around themselves.

Then, their figures started becoming hazy.

"I'm glad that I could help you… I wish you well." Seiji smiled.

The boy and girl both looked at him as they gradually disappeared.

The Green Poison was actually cured!

They no longer felt any pain or heat in their bodies. Their consciousnesses returned to clarity as the poison runes all vanished… This was a miracle!

This miracle was created by that "ghost."

Lloyd didn't see him, but Lana did.

The "ghost" cast a golden spell that cleansed the toxins within their body!

Lloyd only saw him for one instant at the last second.

That unfamiliar person's handsome face was smiling warmly and gently. He appeared to be saying something.

Although Lloyd couldn't hear what he was saying, Lloyd could guess that it must have been blessings of some sort judging from the friendly expression.

Lana was correct, this person definitely wasn't some type of ghost! He must have been some type of higher-level existence.

Could he have been a… God? Or an envoy from the Holy White Goddess?

Well, it wasn't important anymore what he really was.

The important thing right now was the girl before him and her smile.

Lana was both crying and smiling. She was smiling brilliantly.

Lloyd felt like he had a similar expression right now.

The Green Poison had been cured.

They could still continue living!

Even though they were still stuck in a forbidden district in dire circumstances, receiving such a miracle gave them the motivation to work hard until the end. They absolutely couldn't give up after their benefactor helped them so much!

No matter if he was a person or a God… Lloyd etched the gratitude of having his life saved during a time of utmost despair deep into his heart.

Lloyd and Lana embraced each other once again with tears streaming down their cheeks. However, their emotions were completely different.

"We need to properly live on."


The boy and girl set out again now that they had hope in their hearts once more.

After Shika killed off the two remaining lion boss monsters, Seiji felt something heat up within him.

This was the feeling of himself leveling up, just like last time.

Shika and Hisashi also received level ups. Their training in the Domain had now ended.

"Some mysterious things happened this time… But I didn't have a full understanding of my own abilities to begin with. I suppose that I've learned more now." Kazuko adjusted her eyeglasses.

"Thank you for everything," Seiji told her.

He then looked towards Hisashi.

"Hisashi, you now need to pay attention to your own body's condition. Let me know immediately if you feel like something's wrong."

"Got it."

Things appeared to be fine for now. If nothing happened to Hisashi after a while, Seiji would take others to train in the Domain.

Would he still see scenes from another world the next time?