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380 Gender is something meaningless!

Chapter 380: Gender is something meaningless!
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

This was a battle with no concept of justice on either side, commenced for the sole purpose of realizing each side's desires.

Both sides were famous video game characters. They fought with their all, using all sorts of techniques in order to defeat their opponent. Apart from using their own powers, they even used various items that appeared on the stage such as flamethrowers, poison, bombs, projectiles, arrows, curses… anything they could pick up.

There would be no surrender. There would only be fierce battling until one of them was defeated.

Death wasn't the end, as they began a second match, then a third match, and a fourth match…

They repeatedly battled to the death for no noble reasons whatsoever. They only battled for pure desire—how pitiful.

And at the end of this pitiful battle between two famous video game heroes, the result was...

"Hahaha, it's my victory! I'm the one who won!!! Hahahaha...!"

The plumber was maniacally laughing in front of the green hat hero's corpse… whoops, Kanna had her hands on her hips and was laughing heartily, completely unlike a daughter of an illustrious family.

"Wah… I… actually lost…"

Seiji painfully lowered his head, giving off an aura of helplessness.

"Harano-kun, you have to admit your defeat and follow the terms of our bet."

"I know…"

Seiji sighed as he lifted his head again and smiled wryly.

It was a pity that he didn't win, but that was fine… he had plenty of fun.

In situations where he absolutely had to win, he could use his power to save and load and do it over again. However, he didn't want to abuse his power for something like this.

"I shall cosplay as you requested of me. Just, please don't have me and Izawa-kun do something together that's too…"

"Heh heh, losers don't have the right to speak!" Kanna clutched her arms and lifted her head proudly. "But as the winner, I shall show mercy on the loser so that you may retain some pride."

Although she was saying so, her eyes were sparkling so brightly that Seiji felt a chill in his heart.

Perhaps it would be better for him to load now after all?

Just as he was struggling with himself whether to load or not, it was finally their turn to enter the doujinshi convention.

Once they entered, it would be time to purchase doujinshi books.

"Harano-kun, please don't mind me at all and set your desires free. Go ahead and purchase adult doujinshi!"

"Thank you… is that what I should say here?"

"No need to be reserved, feel free to display all your fetishes!"

"Hey hey, a lady from an illustrious family like you shouldn't be shouting something like this in a public location."

"Even if you show me your perverted fetishes like exhibitionism, I don't mind!"

"I'll mind! Who wants to show… No, wait, I don't have such interests to begin with!"

"This is a place to let yourself free and be true to one's desires! Come, Harano-kun, take off your clothes!"

"The hell with that!"

Kanna Fujihara was getting all excited and running out of control.

As Seiji retorted, he was infected by her excitement as well. He did let loose and honestly purchased the adult doujinshi that he was interested in.

Izawa silently served as the background scenery, watching his master and friend having fun together.

By the time Seiji finally recovered his senses, he discovered that he had already bought a large sack of ero adult doujinshi books, and was even on a first name basis now with Kanna.

There was a saying that womanizing together with male friends was a fast way to improve friendship… He felt like the way he was touring the doujinshi convention together with Kanna was similar to such a situation.

Kanna Fujihara was a true scion from an illustrious family as well, but a different type from Natsuya. Seiji felt like being together with Kanna was just as if he was together with a male friend. She felt like Chiaki, but there was still a difference as well.

Kanna herself purchased many adult doujinshi books as well, with almost all of them being boys' love books. Every book that she purchased would receive a review from her, and she kept strongly recommending some to Seiji.

Seiji received some mental damage from this. However, that was just how she was, and he was completely unable to dislike her for it when he saw how passionate she was about the things that she loved.

After they finished touring the vendors' stalls, it was time to head to the cosplay area.

Seiji was requested by Kanna to cosplay as a popular female side character from "Chronicles of the Demon Sword."

That's right, a female character!

"No, no! This isn't good! With my body figure, it'll only be a destructive result if I act as a female character!" Seiji attempted to resist.

"That would be the case for normal female characters, but you're more than suited to cosplay as 'Renha!'"

The female side character named "Renha" from "Demon Sword" was a female character disguising herself as male. She was depicted as rather androgynous and her clothes had the sharpness of male clothing as well as a seductive allure that still retained some of her femininity. The clothing's design was excellent.

Indeed, this character was both handsome yet alluring and she had a unique personality, which was why she was quite popular with this series' readers.

"You can do it! I give you my word that the effect will be wonderful and it'll become a memory that you'll never forget!"

"It'll be a memory of a dark history that I'll never forget!" Seiji retorted energetically.

Could he really trust the words of such a fujoshi scion?

"You're a reader of 'Demon Sword' as well, so you should know just how charismatic Renha can be. It's your honor to cosplay as her!" Kanna declared in a spirited manner. "No need to pay the differences between gender any mind! In the world of cosplay, gender is something meaningless! Abandon it, forget it, and become something neither male nor female, oh venerated cosplayer! You can become Renha! Believe in me, and believe in yourself!!"

Seiji was rendered speechless.

She was being serious… she seriously wanted him to cosplay as a female character, and was even seriously trying to convince him in a chuunibyou manner.

The hell!

Seiji didn't know what he was feeling right now, nor did he know what expression he had anymore. He just felt as if there was a herd of ten thousand alpacas stampeding through his mind.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but was unable to say anything when faced with Kanna's resolute expression and shining eyes. Finally, with a helpless tone that indicated he had given up, he said, "Fine."

He didn't want to be a sore loser, and he would do what he had promised.

And so, for the first time in either of Seiji's two lives, he put on a "female attire."

The effect was astonishingly good.

Although he was cosplaying as a female character, since this character was a "girl disguised as a boy" to begin with, the clothes were mostly male with only a few female elements.

His outfit was a mystical martial arts uniform with dark-red edges and exquisite black embroidery. He also had a longsword sheathed in a red scabbard and had some makeup put on him which turned him into a complete beauty of a swordsman. At first look, he seemed like a handsome boy, but taking an extra look at him would give others the impression of something soft and beautiful, which had a mysterious charisma to it.


Kana's eyes began sparkling with stars after she saw how Seiji looked after changing into this outfit. Then, she suddenly jumped him!

"Renha-sama Renha-sama Renha-sama definitely should be a boy after all!!!"

The tawny-haired girl hugged him tightly and kept rubbing her face against his chest.

Seiji was so surprised by this that he almost reflexively pushed her away.

Kanna Fujihara kept rubbing against him with an addicted expression on her face as if she was a kitten or puppy that was acting spoiled. If she had a tail, it would definitely be wagging vigorously right now.

"Er… Kanna, it's not good to hug like this…" Seiji felt awkward from feeling the sensation from her body and inhaling her scent.

However, this scion just kept hugging him tightly without letting go.

Seiji looked over towards Izawa, requesting assistance with his expression.

However, the eyepatched handsome Spirit-branded Retainer merely smiled faintly and averted his gaze.