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They entered the room and it has a long semicircular table with three chairs on either side each.

At the head of the table sat the Principal, and one side of the table was occupied by the head of the department of physical education of ANS University, HOD of their Chemsitry department, Dr. Kiranmai who is also their class incharge.

The principal asked the guardians if the students to take their seats while the students stood behind their respective guardians with tensed faces.

The man who asked them to enter earlier also joined them and occupied the seat next to their colleagues.

Shriya stood next to Sony while on the other side stood Naveen.

They greeted the principal and he nodded at them and said "Hello Mr. Malhotra, Mr. Kaur and Ms. Yadav. Good morning all".

Everyone sat silently waiting for the principal to say something. Atlast seeing the situation he said "Well, you must have already heard why we are meeting here today. Let me tell you again.

Miss Sheren, Ms. Kaur, Ms. Yadav and Mr. Hooda played a basketball game yesterday against the college rules against another group of girls from the same class and not only that it was a bet match and they even had a verbal fight the present match was a result of that too. It was also that the match was supposed to show the dominant group."

He then looked at Abhi who was looking at him with a calm but a cold gaze and he mumbled to the students "Well, this is what I heard and what came to my notice. Will you please explain me the exact situation ?".

It's not that the principal is afraid of the Abhi or something. It's just that the principal already know this group is not at fault but he had to maintain and follow the rules.

He also know about Abhi's means of delaomv with trouble. That man alaredy asked him to care for Shriya explaining her situation. But she faced so many problems in the campus.

Shriya was the first to talk as she know, it will be hard for her friends to talk infront of their parents.

So she stepped forward almost touching the chair in front of her in which her man was sitting for some confidence.

She said "We are sorry sir. But what actually happend was Kiran was the one who blocked our way and she slandered me" And Sony corrected her by saying "Us" and when the Principal looked at her she stood back and stopped.

Shriya took a deep breath and said "Us saying we were responsible for whatever happened to Aksha Khan and her family. She was spreading some rumors about my fiance behind all this and badmouthing and cursing us. She even slandered my friends".

Sony stepped forward and fabricated a beautiful story "We asked her not to spread those false rumors in a polite manner but she dared us to compete with her and mocked us for being poor and good for nothing."

What Sony told was not false at all. She told the truth but just exaggerated a little by adding some spice.

A smile formed on Abhi's face when he heard this while all her three friends looked at her with some amusement and surprise. Her father had a proud smile on his face too when he saw Abhi's amused expression.

Brahmini who got the hint also said though she was afraid of saying anything infront of her mother "Well we were angry at her words and said we did better in last semester examinations better than her and her friends and also good at cultural events and fest. We just tried to prove our stance".

She emphasized exams results, fest and other activities to show their discipline and activity in college.

Brahmini's mom was still in trance and she was trying to take in all the information into her brain and trying to comprehend it.

Shriya again took lead and continued the freshly cooked up story "Then, Kiran all of a sudden started cursing us and she dared us to win in the game infront of all the students."

Sony took the point "We were not so interested but she proposed that she will not disturb us again if we win and so are her friends".

Brahmini said "We just wanted to have a peaceful collage life and when she said those words we accepted to it without thinking much of the consequences."

All the while Principal looked at each of their faces trying to analyze the situation. Dr. Kiranmai smiled at them to continue and assured them that they are doing great with her eyes only.

The other lectures are still trying hard to find out the relationship between Abhi, Naveen and Shriya.

They couldn't understand if Abhi was related to Shriya or Naveen or both of them, if he is then what is their exact relationship ?

Guazing from the situation, Principal and Dr. Dr. Kiranmai seemed to know something as they are calm and also Mr. Pratap. While Brahmini's mother had the same confused expression as them.

Shriya said atlast completing their version of the story "We are very sorry. We should have come to you instead of doing all this. But at that moment our emotion took over our rationality. We sincerely apologize to you sir".

Principal looked at his staff and asked "Well, what do you think gentleman ?"

The HOD of Physical Education said "Do you have any evidence or witness to prove your stance ?".

The other man nodded saying "Yeah, we can't just believe your version of the story just because of your words".